Chapter 4: World War Zombies?

Naruto stood there with his sword tightly in his hand. The scene before him just kept reminding him of how the army of Zetsus' just kept on coming. The group of living was falling one-by-one. The blonde's attention came to a man that had been tackled to the ground by a couple of the walkers. The man screamed in pain, as the walkers all began to tear his stomach open and pull out his organs. The others witnessed the man being torn apart, which caused a few of them to run away. Some stayed and wanted to kill them all since they pretty much went psycho. Before the blonde's eyes, several of the walkers slowly came towards him. His grip tightened on the handle of his sword, as he took a couple steps toward the oncoming horde.

Location: Fujimi Airport (Not sure if that's the name to be exact)

"Beasts obliterated."

Two people lied on top of a small building. One is a tanned female with purple hair and wore a black combat suit with a bulletproof vest. Also, she is shown to be wearing a white choke collar along with shooting glasses. The woman stood up and grabbed her breasts, "Phew…"

A man that wore the same First Squadron police uniform as the woman, which consists of a full-body suit, knee and elbow pads, and a bulletproof vest. He also wears a white cap. He has a scar just above his right eye. The man looked at her, "…What are you doing?"

The woman stretched her arms out, "I wasn't able to get any sleep this morning. So I was starting to feel numb."

The man grinned, "I can give you a massage if you'd like Rika."

"If you can shoot better than me, then sure."

The man held his arms out, "Then count me out."

"Don't be ridiculous. Weren't you the one who was inducted into the best five of all the police officers in the country? Tajima."

"Anyway, we're not allowing ships to dock, but people can leave the offshore airport." Rika mentioned.

"Is it because of the new regulations?"

"Yeah, blame the people up top. The Indispensable Engineers who were in charge of the airport maintenance are returning home to their families in droves. Anyone could leave next."

"Who knows what would've happened if we hadn't come along. They would've been fucked." Tajima mentioned.

"We have enough hands for now, but it'll only last for so long. We haven't been able to do much damage to those monsters. And since Hokkaido and Kyuushuu airports are starting to accept passengers again, we may have to send some support to strengthen their defenses." Rika said.

"But we don't have an unlimited supply of ammunition."

Rika smiled, "Are you going to run away?"

Tajima kept a straight face, "No, not yet."

Rika kept the same smile on, "I'm going to go to the city eventually."

"What? You got a boyfriend or family members there or something?"

Rika removed her vest and then began to unzip her suit. When her suit came unzip, she revealed to wear a white sports bra, "I have a friend there."


"Bless you Marikawa-san." Kohta said.

"T-Thank you." Shizuka now was wearing brown hot pants with her white shirt.

Takashi just stood in the living room and took quick glances at the sleeping girl that he had saved from last night. She has shoulder-length pink hair with bangs reaching down from the side of her temples stretching outwards, burgundy colored eyes, a mole under her left eye, and wears a white headband on her head. She was wearing a white jacket, a pink dress top and a light blue skirt, black socks and shoes.

Rei looked at her childhood friend and began to worry. She was now wearing her school uniform again, but she stopped wearing the black, thigh-high socks she had on and replaced them with knee and elbow pads. The brunette realized ever since Naruto had sent Shido's group out, that her childhood friend has been rather frustrated lately. She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Takashi."

The boy didn't say anything and kept an irritated look on his face, "Taka-"

The boy snapped his head to look at her, "What!"

Rei jumped a bit, but then her worried look turned into an angry expression, "You need to stop worrying about Mr. Shido! He would've killed us if him and the others were to continue staying with us."

"And how would you know? They're alive just like we are and I'm sure he would've wanted to stick together and live!"

"Did you not hear what happened to Kaji? Mr. Shido almost killed him!"

"She's right." Kaji said, as he joined in, while everyone turned to face him. Kaji still wore his school uniform, "I was running behind because I managed to drop my books, but when I started to catch up to them, I tripped and sprained my ankle. I fell and somehow slid far enough to end up right below him. I asked him to help, but he just looked down at me and said that the weak don't deserve to live. That's when he kicked my face and left me behind."

Saeko had managed to hear the conversation going on and walked into the living room. She wore female battle boots with heels, long lace purple stockings, purple gloves, her school uniform top, a skirt that shows the string of her thong and her entire right thigh, and a special belt to hold her sword. Since she managed to hear everything, she decided to chip in, "Takashi. Naruto kicked them out to protect us. I don't see why you're upset with him."

Takashi remained quiet, while absorbing everything being said from the others, "Yeah. Why are you upset with him?" Rei asked.

Takashi sighed, "I… I just…"

"What? Do you think that Naruto would end up kicking us out?" Rei asked.

Kohta and all the others eyed him curious of what his answer is, "I…"

"No, he won't."

Everyone turned their attention out to the hallway to see Yuuki in her school uniform, "I was in Mr. Shido's group since it all started at school. I felt for his foolish words… and then… I saw him leaving students behind for their death."


Screaming rained the halls and classrooms. Student and teachers stormed down the halls trying to find a way out of the school. When the announcement was made and the person that had made the announcement ended up screaming for their life through the intercom, which is what caused this massacre. Students were being shoved aside, attacked by others. It was just a disaster.

Yuuki was trying her best to get past the wave of students, but then she was instantly knocked down. Her back hit the wall pretty hard and when someone stepped over her legs, the person's knee accidentally hit her across the head. The hit was rough, but it didn't completely knock her out. The hall began to die down, while Yuuki sat there and looked at the direction she came from. She saw someone slowly walking and that the person was covered in blood. The person was groaning and she spotted a student with Mr. Shido running from that person.

"Mr. Shido, it's going to catch up to us." The student mentioned.

The teacher looked back at the person, "You're right. Which is why…" Shido tripped the student and watched how he ended up going face first to the floor, "You'll buy me some time." The teacher decided to walk.

The boy tried to get up, but was pinned to the ground, as the person he was running from began to rip open his body. Shido looked down to his left to see a girl sitting against the wall. He grinned seeing that it was the sexy Yuuki Miku. He knelt down, "Yuuki, come with me. We will get out of here together." He said, as he placed his hand on her thigh and began rubbing up and down. Shido stood up and held his hand out to her.

Yuuki had no expression after seeing how he used a student to buy him some time. She was still a bit out of it after taking a hard hit to her head. Looking up at him, she took his hand, as the two of them began to walk away looking for an exit.

End of Flashback

"Naruto did the right thing by sending them off on their own." Yuuki said.

Takashi sighed and scratched his head, "Okay. I just can't help but think that there's something up."

Naruto swiftly spun around one of the 'them' and in the process; he managed to cut the body in half, followed up by decapitating another one. He stood straight up to see that there was just no end to them. The group of living was decreasing immensely. The people that stayed to fight weren't showing any sign of leaving. They all laughed like maniacs, even those that were being torn apart went down laughing. Naruto stood there watching the dead devouring the living. Just in a matter of seconds, the blonde was the only one left. The dead managed to take out every last one of the living. Naruto looked at the direction from where he came from and saw that there was another road that led to a different route. He looked closer and saw that there was a bridge with a pond just below it.

"Perfect. I'll just lure them to the bridge and knock them all over." Naruto spun one of the dead around and grabbed it by the back of the head, "Shinra Tensei." The force was so strong that Naruto still had the head in his hand, but the body was completely gone. The blood from the head poured out of it and onto the street, which would attract the other ones that at a good distance. The blonde grinned and began running toward the bridge with the massive horde right behind him.

Time: 6:58 p.m.

"Onee-chan!" The little girl that Takashi saved shouted.

The boy looked at her, "Yes Alice?"

The little girl's stomach then began to growl, "I'm hungry."

"I think we all are. But Busujima-san should be about done with dinner."

"Actually, you can all come in now. It's ready!" Saeko called out.

Everyone's ears perked up and they all rushed to the kitchen. Since it's been a couple days since the breakout started, they were all focusing on surviving then having to feed their bodies. Once everyone came into the kitchen, they saw bowls and a pair of chopsticks sitting on the counter, one for everyone. Every single one of them (except Saeko) dashed to the bowl and grabbed the chopsticks. Since it's been awhile since they've actually eaten, their reaction that they displayed would be expected.

They all looked into the bowl, "Chicken ramen? It looks delicious!" Rei mentioned.

Saeko smiled, as she grabbed her own bowl, "Thank you."

Naruto stood on the railing of the bridge and looked at the sunset. Earlier, he had managed to knock all the dead over and into the pond. They couldn't swim and eventually all drowned. The wind started to pick up and he needed to get back home before it got dark. He jumped back off the railing and onto the road. The road he stood on began to have mini quakes. He looked down to see that the road wasn't opening, but then he looked to his right and saw a couple of giant mutated walkers. They stood at about ten feet tall and were completely buff. The arms were all muscle and it wasn't just like any ordinary arm with muscle, but their arms were just complete muscle and disgustingly huge. The legs were also wide in muscle, but they were nowhere near as big as the arms. Their heads were a normal size for any human being, but their eyes were completely yellow.

"What the hell?" Naruto asked himself.

The two giants charged at him like a couple of buffalo. They closed in on the blonde and attempted to slam their fists down on him, but the blonde easily jumped back to avoid them. He flipped his sword in his hand to where he held it backwards and once his feet hit the ground, he charged at the two with incredible speed. In a flash, he appeared behind the two giants, as blood shot out in the air. He ended up cutting them in the stomach, which took a form of an 'X'. Just as he turned around, he was hit hard against the gut and sent soaring back. His back hit the ground rather roughly and ended up sliding a few feet. When he came to a stop, he leaned up and saw the giants coming at him again. Since his assault didn't work, he knew that he was going to have to start cutting off their arms or legs. The giants closed in and like last time, they attempted to smash him, but Naruto spun around them and attempted to cut their legs off. However, that didn't quite happen. Their muscle was immensely massive that it was too hard to cut through. Naruto looked up at the giants and was instantly kneed up against his chin. The blonde was sent in the air and due to how hard the impact was, he was forced to let go of his sword. The giant grabbed the blonde's ankle before he was too high to reach and then slammed him hard on the ground. A sharp pain shot throughout his back and then he coughed up some blood. The giant let go of him and attempted to punch down at him, but the blonde vanished in a swirl of leaves. Just a few yards away, Naruto reappeared with a little trial of blood coming from the corner of his lips.

The other giant charged at the blonde, while Naruto held out his arms and formed a Rasengan in each hand. Quickly jumping over the incoming giant, the blonde dropped behind it and slammed both Rasengans on its back. It managed to cause to the giant to go sliding forward, but it didn't last long, as it stopped itself. Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "What the hell is with…"

The other giant came from behind the blonde and punched down at his head, but Naruto vanished once again. The blonde reappeared right where he had dropped his sword, which he quickly picked it back up. Looking at where he once was, he saw the two giants looking around for him. He swung his sword horizontally, which ended up shooting a powerful gust of wind towards them. The wind caused the two giants to stumble a bit, but then they both glance to where it came from and saw their target. They charged towards him, while Naruto flipped his sword once again to where he held it backwards. Seeing how the giants were at a good distance from him still, Naruto had enough and held out his free hand facing the first one, "Bansho Ten'in."

The giant out in front came hurling towards the blonde. Its arms and legs were useless and since Naruto saw that it was close enough, he flicked his wrist down, which caused the giant to hit the ground face first right in front of him. Naruto quickly lined his sword up with its neck and with a quick swing; he decapitated it. Since he couldn't find anything else to work, he easily removed its head. He knew that there was several other ways to get rid of it, but he wanted to continue working on his swordsmanship. Quickly looking up ahead, he saw the other one just about to pounce on him. The last one tried to smash down on the blonde's head, but Naruto easily shifted to the side. The blonde jumped up with some speed and quickly appeared behind the giant. He whipped his sword to the side, as blood hit the ground. The blonde stood there with a bored look on his face, as he heard a thump hit the ground. Turning around, he saw the giant's head lying there and then saw the body fall next.

"So, be heading them seems to be the only trick with swordsmanship." He said to himself and then realized that it was completely dark now. He looked up and saw that half of the moon lit the area. Naruto's typical straight bored lips slowly turned into a saddened frown, "Where is everyone?"

He looked around the area to see all the corpses lying around. A sigh escaped his mouth, as he sealed his sword away and began to head back to the others.

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