To the readers that thought chapter 4 was too short. Of course it was short, it would've been a lot longer if I hadn't deleted the scene of Sasuke and Kabuto's arrival. But, whatever, I had a lot of ideas for it, but seems a lot of you didn't like it.

Chapter 5: Guard Duty

Time: 11:46 p.m.

Takashi sat in the living room with the TV on. He kept going through the channels to see that none of them were on air. A sigh escaped the boy's mouth. He was the only one awake due to not being able to sleep. A knock came from the door, which drew Takashi's attention. Another knock came from it, as he grabbed his bat, he got up and walked to the door. He quietly approached the door and looked through the peephole. All of a sudden, the door busted open which hit the poor teen smack on the face. He was forced to drop the bat, as he placed his hands on his face and hunched over, "What the fuck!" He nearly shouted, but not too loud to where it woke the others up.

"Maybe you should learn to lock doors."

Takashi froze for a second and recognized that serious voice, as he stood back straight up and removed his hands off his face, "Naruto?" The teen asked, as he examined the blonde's new attire; Blue jeans, gray short sleeve shirt with a sleeveless leather jacket, and his black sandals, "Nice look."

"Ugh… thanks. I've actually haven't seen clothes like these before." He mentioned, as he looked down at himself.

Takashi cocked an eyebrow, "Wait. You're saying you don't know what jeans are? And leather jackets?"


Takashi gently face palmed himself, while Naruto walked past him. Takashi quickly turned around and saw the blonde walking into the living room. He shook his head and went to join the blonde. Naruto plopped down onto the single chair and let out a tiring sigh. Takashi stood in front of the blonde, "Where did you go?"

Naruto closed his eyes, "War."


"Yes. When I went to the clothing store, I ran into a couple of thugs. Then shortly later, there was a bunch of noises outside and then we all went out. That's when I saw several of the living fighting against the dead. It was like a war. It didn't take long for them to overrun the living. Some ran to safety, while some of them stood to fight. Those that stayed went down laughing like maniacs."

Takashi's eyes narrowed, "So you took care of them on your own? Like an one man army?"

Naruto shrugged, "I guess you can put it that way."

Takashi was at awe, "You really are something else."

"Let me fill you in with something. When I took care of them, there were two more that came from nowhere. These two weren't like the others. They were massive and pretty tough. I couldn't cut through any part of their body, except… their head."

"So, there aren't just normal walkers?"

"Right. There seems to be some more 'special' ones out there."

"I see. It's even more dangerous than I expected."

Silence roamed through the area, but since the blonde's been gone for the whole day, he was curious of what happened here when he was gone, "So, did anything happen?"

Takashi shook his head, "No. We all just stayed here and had the day to relax."

"Sounds fun."


The blonde looked at the teen, "Hmm?"

"I'm sorry for the way I jumped you earlier today when you kicked Mr. Shido's group out."

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "It's fine. I'm just trying to protect you all."

Takashi smiled weakly, "Where are from?"

The blonde cocked an eyebrow and then began to remember of the conversation he had with Saeko the other night, "All you need to know is that I'm not from around here."

Takashi chuckled, "Well, we all kind of figured that by the way you handle 'them' so easily. And with those little tricks you do, that's not normal."

Naruto sighed, "In your world, of course it's not."

Takashi questioningly looked at the blonde, "Where were you from then?"

Naruto sighed, "I really don't feel like going through this again."

"Again? Whom did you talk to about this?"

"That's none of your concern. But, I will tell you this, I'm not from this planet."

"Where are you from then?"

A sigh escaped the blonde's mouth, "I don't feel like repeating myself."

Takashi frowned, "Looks like I'll have to ask everyone and find out the harder way."

A growling sound alerted the teen, "What was that?" Takashi asked, as he looked at the blonde to see that his eyes were slightly widened and saw a faint of red across his cheeks.

"Is there anything to eat?"

Takashi couldn't help but laugh seeing the blonde feeling slightly embarrassed, "Y-Yeah…" He continued laughing, "I think…" His laughing began to die down a little, "There might be some left over ramen."

Even though Naruto kept his cool around the group, his mood brighten hearing 'ramen' and shot to the kitchen with incredible speed that it managed to knock Takashi to the ground.

Time: 9:46 a.m.

Saeko stirred in her sleep, but then her eyes opened. She had the look on her face that showed that she was still half asleep. She wrapped her arms around the pillow and planted her head back on it, but little did she know that the door to the room opened. A smile formed on her face, as she snuggled her head against the pillow. All of a sudden, she was hit on the head and immediately jolted up and saw that a pillow hit her. She looked at the door entrance to see someone she hasn't seen all day yesterday.

"Get up." Naruto said.

Saeko frowned at him, "Was that really necessary?" She asked, as she stared at his new outfit.

Naruto kept his normal bored expression look on his face, "Yes." He answered, as he walked out of the room. If the blonde had stood there any longer, he would've seen her uncover herself from the sheets to show him that she was wearing nothing but a thong. Saeko sat on the side edge of the bed and looked down at her clothing lying on the floor.

With Naruto

The blonde stood in the middle of the living room, while Takashi, Alice, Saya, Rei, Shizuka, Kohta, and Kaji sitting around examining the blonde's new attire. Naruto was already getting impatient waiting on the other two to join them.

"What is it you called us out here for?" Saya asked.

"I'll tell you when the other two get in here." Naruto answered.

Shizuka yawned, "But why did you have to wake us up this early?" The busted nurse asked, as she rubbed her eyes.

Nothing came from the blonde, while the others frowned at him, "You mean to tell me that you woke us up early just for the hell of it!" Rei asked.

"I'll explain soon." He answered.

"I want to know now! I was enjoying my sleep!" Rei nearly shouted.

Naruto tensed a bit from the brunette's shouting, but waved it off and remained standing waiting on the other two. A couple of seconds later, Saeko came walking in wearing the same clothing from yesterday, "Why did you have to wake me…" The purple haired beauty looked around the room to see almost everyone sitting around, "Up?"

Shortly after Saeko's appearance, Yuuki came in wearing her school uniform. The look on her face looked to be rather frustrated. She instantly glared at the blonde, "You're lucky you're hot or else I would be beating the shit out of you!"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, but then decided to get with the task at hand, "Okay, listen. This is only optional if you want, that's if you want to keep wearing the same smelly clothing you all have."

Saya smiled lightly seeing where this was going, "Do you mean?"

"Yes. There's a clothing store not far from here. I'll take one group at a time though."

Shizuka was the first to respond, "I won't have to go. I'll just use my friend's clothing."

Other than Shizuka, the guys, and Saeko, the other girls cheered among themselves, "However, I'll be choosing the group."

"Fine, fine, whatever." They all said at the same time.

Naruto looked at everyone, but remembered that he didn't get everyone's names, "Actually, first four out the door goes…" Naruto was forced to be spun around in a full three sixty. He shook his head and saw that Rei and Yuuki were the first ones out. Everyone was pretty shocked at how the two girls were so fast that it made Naruto fully spin around. Kohta and Alice were next to get up, "Meet you outside then." Kohta said, as him and the little girl ran for the door.

"I guess we'll go when you all get back then." Takashi said.

Naruto was still a bit shocked at the two girls, but then rubbed it off, "All right then." He said, as he went after them.

Rei and the others all stood in front of the giant wall of the dead and looked up at it, "How are we going to get over?" Yuuki asked.

Rei pouted and grunted, "I want to get some new clothing."

Kohta sighed, "We know. But please stopping acting like…"

Rei glanced at where Kohta was and saw that him and Alice were gone, "Huh? W-Where did they go?"

Yuuki looked around, "I don't…" The two of them both felt an arm wrap around their mid-section and felt themselves being pulled. They each looked to their side and saw Naruto holding onto them. They both slightly blushed, "Naruto, what are you…" Yuuki couldn't finish what she was about to say, as they were now both high above the ground. The two girls looked down and couldn't believe that Naruto could even jump this high. A smile came upon the two girl's face and enjoyed looking down at whatever was below. Their little enjoyment came to an end, as they landed on the other side of the wall.

The blonde let go of them and walked on out ahead, "Let's go." He said.

Kohta and the others stayed back a bit, "That was so cool!" Kohta shouted, as him and Alice followed the blonde.

Yuuki and Rei looked at each other for a quick second and then followed the others.

Moments later, the group came upon the building, but they didn't go in right away. They all looked around the area to see all the dead bodies lying around, "Jeez, it's like a blood bath here." Kohta mentioned.

Naruto walked into the store not wanting to see the results of yesterday's war, while the others slowly followed him, but were more into looking at the scene around them, "This is… a disaster." Rei said.

The others remained quiet, as they eventually found themselves walking into the store. Naruto was standing in the middle of a path, but then he was forced to spin in a full three sixty once again. His eyes were slightly widened and turned around to see Kohta with Alice just standing there. He turned back around to see that the two girls were out of sight, "Sheesh. They're just like…"


"Come on hurry!"

Naruto walked slowly with his hands in his pockets and kept his sight on the two girls ahead of him. He saw Ino and Sakura standing there waiting for him, "You two are hard to keep up with."

Ino and Sakura couldn't wait for the sluggish blonde. They ran up to him in a blink of an eye, as they both grabbed his wrists and ran for the store up ahead. Naruto couldn't keep his feet in sync with the girls and instantly tripped onto his stomach, which the poor blonde was now officially being dragged. His face sliding on the dirt road was starting to burn his face, "S-Stop!" He tried to shout, but the two girls were too excited and didn't hear him.

In a matter of seconds, the blonde felt that they came to a stop. Before he got to look up, his face was forced to hit the ground. Naruto placed the palm of his hands on the ground and shot himself up to his feet to see that the two girls were gone, "Sheesh. Now I see why Shikamaru says that girls can be troublesome at times." The blonde said to himself, as he dusted his hands off.

End of Flashback

Naruto squinted his eyes and placed his right hand on his forehead. Kohta jumped a bit, "Naruto!" He called, as he and Alice ran over to him.

Naruto held his left arm out and waved back at the two, which made them stop, "Don't worry about me, just go change."

"But, you're…"

"Just go. I'm fine."

Kohta stood there for a bit and then nodded, as he looked down at Alice, "Come on Alice, let's go get you some clothes."

Alice smiled and began to laugh lightly, "Yay!" She shouted, as her and Kohta went ahead.

Naruto shook off the minor pain and brought his arm back down to his side, "Why does this hurt?" The blonde turned around to watch and make sure that nothing comes in. His arms folded across his chest, "Man, now I feel like I'm back on guard duty when we were at the Kage summit."


All the Kages were in the meeting room discussing on what to do for the war. Each Kage had their bodyguards hiding high above them, all except Naruto. The blonde decided to stand outside of the room and watch the hall. After a few seconds, the blonde would stomp around a bit. He kept getting impatient of how long this meeting was actually taking. Before they ever came here, Tsunade was determining on whom to take with her to the summit. Her first choice was Shizune of course since that was her assistant. When it came down to the last one, she couldn't think of whom to take. In her office, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, and Gai stood around. The busty Hokage looked at each and every one of them and thought deeply of whom to take. It was real quiet, but that didn't last long, as Naruto volunteered himself. Now, he's stuck here standing at the entrance of the meeting room.

A sigh escaped the blonde's lips, "This is taking forever." He complained.

A light chuckle came from behind him, "You sure haven't changed a bit." A feminine voice said.

Naruto turned around to see a familiar face and smiled, "Temari? Shouldn't you be in there?"

The blonde woman lightly shook her head, "I thought you could use some company. After all, I could see that you were bored since you kept walking back and forth."

Naruto lifted his right arm up and scratched the back of his head, "Oops." He chuckled.

"Plus, I never got to actually thank you for rescuing Gaara. Not once, but twice. Back at the Konoha invasion, when you beat him, you opened his eyes and realized that he had people that actually cared for him. He's been so calm and relaxed since then."

Naruto lightly smiled, while listening to the blonde, "And when you saved him from the Akatsuki. Not only did Granny Chiyo sacrifice herself to bring him back, but if it wasn't for you, I don't think we would've retrieved him at all."

Temari backed the blonde up away from being seen from the people in the meeting room and placed her hands on the blonde's shoulder, as she gave him a seductive look, "For that…" She slid her arms up to where she wrapped them around his neck and closed the gap between them slowly, "Thank you. Na-ru-to." The sister of the Kazekage closed her eyes, as she tilted her head a bit, while Naruto was pretty shock to see Temari coming onto him. His brain registered the moment and reacted, as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He closed his eyes too, as the two blondes lips were just a mere inch from each other.

End of Flashback

Naruto sighed, as his arms came unfolded and rested on his sides again. Instead, he brought his hands up slightly and slid them into his pockets. His head hung low a bit and stared down at the ground. Another sigh came from him, but then a scream came from within the store. He quickly turned around and was gone in an instant. The blonde walked around looking for the source of the scream. He knew who it was since he found Kohta, Alice, and Rei all together helping the child look for some clothing first, but due to the scream, the three of them worried of what happened to Yuuki. Naruto found himself now standing in front of an entrance, which lead to the changing rooms. He never came upon this the first time he was here, but he walked in and the first thing he saw was a couple of corpses lying around, "Shit. I should've scanned the building first before letting them go off."

Looking around, he saw some of the doors open. Some of the rooms were empty, while some of them had blood and organs in them. His eyes fixed themselves on one room, which he could see, someone in there. The door was slightly open and yet, there was no sign of blood or anything. He walked over to it quietly and placed his hand on the door. Slowly, he pushed the door open and walked in. His eyes slightly widened, as he was looking at something he hadn't been expecting. Yuuki stood before him wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a dark green tank top, which seemed a bit short since it showed her belly and not to mention, that it was a bit tight to where her breasts were highly noticeable. Naruto blushed lightly, as Yuuki smiled at him, "So you do have a weak side." She said.

The blonde just stood there, while his eyes kept glancing at her tits. Yuuki caught him and smiled even more, "You like what you see?" She asked.

Naruto began to swear to himself in his mind, "Damn it Pervy sage! I'm really starting to pick up his traits more."

Yuuki crossed her arms and grabbed the shoulder straps, as she slid them down her shoulders. Naruto quickly placed his hands over hers to prevent her from continuing. Yuuki tilted her head a bit and gave him an innocent look, "What's wrong? Did you want to help me instead? Is that why you stopped me?"

Naruto just looked at her and lightly shook his head, "Why did you scream?"

Yuuki frowned slightly seeing that he was trying to avoid her actions, "Because of the mess around here. I don't know why I screamed actually, but it seemed like my body did on its own."

A sweat formed on the back of the blonde's head. He then examined her up and down her body, which she blushed lightly seeing that he was basically checking her out. His eyes then looked her in the eyes, "Find a different shirt." He said, as he turned his back to her so that he could leave.

Yuuki got herself lost by looking at his strange eyes. She thought they were beautiful, but then she shook her head, "What? Why?" She asked.

The blonde remained standing there and didn't turn to face her, "It's too revealing."

"Eh?" Yuuki cocked an eyebrow and stared at the back of the blonde's head, "You're starting to sound like my father."

If the blonde didn't have his back facing her, she would've seen the light smile on his face, "Well, we're in an all out war here and you want to wear that? This isn't your normal world anymore. Plus, if we ended up running into a group of living, they'll surly try to take you, even though they probably would even if you weren't wearing that. Not to mention, I don't want you wearing that around the others. Surly you don't want to see that little girl see you wearing that, would you? That would be a bad example."

Yuuki's eyes were widened from listening to his little speech, but she narrowed them and smiled, "You really remind me of my dad."

This time, the blonde turned around to face her, "See, my dad would always be on me of what I would do."


"Bye dad!" Yuuki called out, just before she opened the door to leave for school.


The teen stopped before she opened the door and turned around to see her dad, "Yes father?" She asked, as she saw the disappointed look on his face.

Her father is a light colored man that was pretty lazy, but he deeply cared for his daughter. He wore a pair of glasses and wore a robe colored dark blue and green with checkerboard-like patterns. The waist of it was tied to keep it on securely and he also wore a pair of dark gray slippers. He pointed down at her, but she didn't follow his point, "Button that up."

Yuuki then looked down and saw that her blouse was opened to reveal a lot of cleavage. She looked back up at him, "But it's hot outside. If I wear it buttoned up, I'm going to get exhausted from the heat."

Her father's eyes narrowed, "Sweetie. I understand, but you're showing too much. You're making yourself look like a girl with a lot of needs."

Yuuki sighed, "But dad… what else can I do? It's so hot outside." She whined.

Suddenly, her father walked away leaving his daughter in a confused state. Shortly though, he came back with a bottle of water and handed it to her, "Simple. Just take this to cool off."

Yuuki took it and smiled, "So you want me to make it worse by pouring this on me to cool me down?"

Her father laughed, "Now you're just being a smart ass."

Yuuki kept her smile on, as she placed the bottle down and buttoned the rest of her blouse up. She picked the bottle up and opened the door, as she glanced back at her father with a smile, "Thanks dad." She said, as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

End of Flashback

Naruto kept a straight face on, while Yuuki actually had a small smile on, "I loved my dad so much, but, I don't know where he is." She said, as her smile slowly turned into a sad frown.

"What does your dad do?"

"Well, I don't exactly know. When it comes to work, he usually works in his office room and he never lets me in. I've never seen it before and when I'm home alone, it's always locked."

"Must be a big secret."


An awkward silence came upon the two that only lasted for a split second. "Wait here." Naruto said, as he walked out of the changing room.

Yuuki crossed her arms across her chest to prevent them from standing out so much. Her face was a bit saddened and somewhat happy, "Not only is he sexy, but he even listens. He cares for us and even though he hardly knows us, I feel as if I can talk to him about anything." A smile came upon her face, as she quietly giggled to herself, "His eyes, I've never seen eyes like those before, but they're so… beautiful." She leaned her back against the wall and slid down to where she sat down on the little corner seat. Suddenly, the blonde stepped in again with a shirt in his hands. The shirt is short sleeved that's colored dark red, but not only did he bring a shirt, he brought back a bra with matching panties. She looked up at him to see a light embarrassing blush across his cheeks. Yuuki couldn't help but laugh at the blonde, "W-Why did you bring me those?" She laughed.

Naruto's blush began to darken lightly, "I… thought you could use some clean undergarments."

"I already changed into a different set." She laughed, but then stopped, as she got up and went up to him. She grabbed the bottom of the tank top she wore, "I can show you if you like." She said seductively, as she began to lift it up her body.

Naruto began to curse at himself in his head again and felt his little friend waking up. He shook his head and handed her the shirt, "Just change." He said, as he walked out.

Yuuki pouted, "I was so close!" She shouted quietly.

Naruto walked back out to his post and kept an eye out of whatever would show up. His bored expression had managed to take back over after what had happened back at the changing rooms, "H-Hey. Naruto?"

The blonde turned around to see the short chubby boy. Kohta was now wearing a pair of camouflage cargo shorts with a black t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, "What is it…" The blonde came to a stop trying to remember if he had heard his name from the others or not.

"It's Kohta."

"Oh. Oh, you're the one that said that Shido would always pick on you, right?"


"Why would a teacher want to pick on a student?" The blonde then began to remember how he was a child and how he got picked on or hated by teachers in the academy.

"Well… Mr. Shido was a teacher of mine and when class was over…"


Kohta was sitting in his desk even though class was over. When the bell rang, the door to the class was closed. Only him, a couple of other students, and Mr. Shido were inside. The students grabbed a desk and surrounded the chubby boy and all began to make fun of him.

"Why don't you ever work out?"

"You need to quit eating like a pig and drop that fat."

"If you learned how to quit being a pussy and if you weren't such a fat ass, we wouldn't be here making fun of you. But you're so weak and you just absorb it all in."

Footsteps drew closer to the group, as everyone looked up to see Mr. Shido, "Now Kohta. You know… they're right. If you weren't so weak, they wouldn't be making fun of you. But, you choose to be the weak, lazy, fat ass that you are."

The students began to smile, "Yeah fat fuck." They all said at once.

Kohta just lied his head down on his desk wishing that they would just leave him alone.

End of Flashback

"It would happen every day. I even tried telling the principal and she even spoke with Mr. Shido herself. But, he would tell her that he has no clue what she was talking about. And since then, they've been pushing me around physically and kept calling me a cry baby for telling on them even though it didn't work."

Naruto felt bad for the boy, "Kohta. How long has this been going on?"

"About a year."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly, "A year? And you've been dealing with them? Wow. I'm pretty impressed. I used to be picked on all the time when I was younger. People always avoided me; no one ever wanted to be my friend. They all accused me of doing something that I didn't do."

"Really?" Kohta asked.

"Yeah. But I dealt with it and when time passed on, I ended up making plenty of friends. However… I can see that you want revenge." The blonde walked to him and placed a hand on his head, "When it comes down to when we see him again and if he's being taken down by them, you're going to have to kill him."

Kohta smiled widely, "I've been planning on that for quite sometime now."

"Okay! We're ready to go back."

Naruto looked past the blonde to see Rei wearing a pair of dark blue short gym shorts (not too short, but just short), with a white t-shirt and black sneakers. He then saw little Alice wearing dark pink pants with a dark purple shirt that had a picture of a dog's face on the front of it. She also wore a pair of black shoes and she had three blue bracelets around her left wrists. They didn't say anything, but the little girl found them pretty and just wanted to wear them. Yuuki was next to them wearing the same jean shorts with the red shirt that he picked out for her. He saw her smile and lightly smiled back at her to see that she chose his picking.

Kohta turned around and looked at Yuuki to see that the jean shorts were hugging tightly onto her bosom that it showed her curves. The chubby boy blushed, "Okay. Are you all ready to head back?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. Just one more thing though." Yuuki said, as an evil grin came upon her face.

Time: 1:28 p.m.

Takashi sat in the living room with Saeko, Kaji, and Saya. Shizuka ended up going back to sleep since she didn't like being waken up. It was just quiet throughout the living room. Nothing came to any of their mind of what to talk about. Saya sat with her leg crossed over the other, while Saeko sat on the couch and just stared at the TV that was turned off. Takashi sat next to her and leaned forward so that he could just stare down at the floor. Kaji on the other hand was just lying on the floor.

The door opened, which the three heard and looked toward the hall. They heard voices, which weren't hard to pick up who they were. Rei, Alice, Yuuki, and Kohta came into the living room. Rei giggled just a bit and ran at Takashi. Rei sat on the boy's lap, which made him blush, "Y-You look comfortable in that." He mentioned.

Rei smiled, "Yeah. I can move more freely in this."

Alice came in all cheery and heard barking coming down the hall. She turned to see Zeke running at her and just when he was in reach, he jumped up at her, which she caught him and laughed.

Kohta jolted back to the safe where he had put the guns back and went into his little world. Yuuki came in with a big smile on her face and sat next to Saya. The pinked haired teen was confused of why she was so happy, "What's got you all so happy?"

"Oh… nothing." She said.

Naruto finally came in and everyone looked at him. They all started to laugh at him since he had carried all their old clothes back. He had a bunch in both his arms, while the rest of them were sitting on his head. The blonde lifted his arms up, which caused the clothes to fall from his hold and then leaned his head forward, which caused those clothes to fall. He saw that they were all laughing at him, but he couldn't help but smile a bit.

"Oh wait." Yuuki said, as she walked up to the blonde. Naruto's smile turned into his straight look. Yuuki smiled at him and stared into his eyes, as she snaked her arm around him and reached up to his neck. She slid her hand into the back of his shirt and pulled out her black-and-red lace bra, "You forgot this." She said, as she dropped it to the pile.

Everyone began to laugh again, as Yuuki went back to sit next to Saya. Naruto stood there with a faint blush on his face, luckily the others didn't see, "Okay, okay, enough. Are the rest of you ready?" The blonde asked, but no one answered since they were still laughing.

Naruto's right eye began to twitch and got tired of waiting, as he walked out of the household. The blonde walked to the gate and stopped, as he heard the others calling him, "Wait Naruto! We were just having a little fun." Takashi said.

The blonde turned his head and looked to the side to see Takashi, Saya, Saeko, and Kaji joining him, "I know. I was just getting annoyed."

"Annoyed of what?" Saya asked.

"Annoyed of you four not coming when I asked if you were ready." He answered, as he slid open the gate and walked past it with the other four right behind him. Once they were on the outside, the blonde closed the gate behind them and saw that the four were just staring up at the wall of dead.

"Wow. You made this that one night?" Kaji asked.

"Okay. Just how do you expect us to get over this wall if we're going…" Saya was cut off, as she was now in the air. She looked down and saw Saeko and Takashi still in their spot. Looking to her right, she saw the blonde holding onto her. In just a split second after finding out she got up so high, she was now on the ground, along with Kaji. She dusted herself off, "Just whom the hell do you think…" She stopped to see that the blonde wasn't in sight.

Naruto appeared back on the other side to see a shocked Saeko and Takashi. He walked in between them and wrapped an arm around their waist. "Hold on." And in a split second, they were on the other side. Naruto let them go and walked on ahead to lead them to the store. They all looked at each other, but decided not to ask any questions and followed him.

A few minutes later, the group approached the store. Saeko and the others looked around the scene to see a total mess, "Is this what you meant?" Takashi asked.

Naruto kept walking ahead, "Yeah. This was an all out war."

"Wow. It's like a blood bath here." Kaji mentioned.

"Come on. Enough looking around, just please hurry up." Naruto said.

They all thought they had enough examining anyway and walked past the blonde. Naruto turned around watching the outside to make sure there were no 'intruders'.

Time Skip: 15 minutes later

Kaji saw Naruto just standing outside keeping watch and decided to take this chance to know his savior a bit more. Kaji now wore a pair of black khaki pants, black and gray shoes, and a dark blue short sleeve shirt. He still wore his glasses and was now carrying his previous outfit. He approached the blonde and realized how serious he was keeping watch. His body was so still, no sign of movement. His legs were slightly separate, but mainly stood up straight. He walked up and stopped next to the blonde, while looking outside like him, "So, you're obviously not from here. Where exactly are you from?" Kaji asked.

Kaji looked at the blonde to see that he had his arms crossed and that he had that same bored expression on his face. The wind picked up a bit, which blew his hair to the side, "I'm from a different world. As I told someone before, your world is completely different."

"So a different world huh? Do you know how you ended up here?"

The blonde shook his head, "All I know is that I woke up in an alley."

"That's it? Do you remember anything from your world?"

"I do, but I can only speak of so little of it."

"Oh. Well, what was your world like?"

"My world, the majority of people, including myself grew up to become shinobi."


"Yes. We were always at war and I was apart of it. There have been three shinobi world wars, but then there was this man named Madara. He's apart of an organization called the Akatsuki. Their goal was to capture these beasts called Bijuus. There are nine of them and they've captured seven. One day, we were called to a meeting…"


"Oh. Yeah, I'm from a place called the Elemental Nations. To be more exact, the Fire Country in the village of Konoha. Now, there are four other lands, the Land of Earth has Iwagakure. The Land of Lightning has Kumogakure. Land of Water has Kirigakure. And the last one, the Land of Wind has Sunagakure. Each of these villages has a leader that's ranked 'Kage'. We were all divided equally in order to create a balance to our world."

"Okay. So, when it came to the meeting, was it just the Kages?"

"You're somewhat right. It was the Kage from their village, with two bodyguards. I happened to be one of those guards for our leader. Anyway, we were all gathered at a place called the 'Three Wolves', which is where the Land of Iron resides. The Land of Iron didn't have shinobi, but instead they had Samurai and instead of a Kage, there was a general named Mifune. He called an alliance and wanted to get all of us on the same page to stop the Akatsuki. As the meeting went on, Madara decided to make an appearance. He started talking about this plan of his and demanded the two remaining Bijuus, but we simply didn't hand them over. That was when he declared the Fourth Great Ninja World War."

"A Fourth War just because he couldn't get these two beasts? What were these beasts like?"

"Well, these beasts were special. As you know, there are nine of them. Each one of them had special abilities. They had their own names and depending on what number they were, they had that many tails exactly. For instance, Ichibi is the one-tailed beast, Nibi the two-tails, Sanbi the three-tails, Yonbi the four-tails, Gobi the five-tails, Rokubi the six-tails, Nanabi the seven-tails, Hachibi the eight-tails, and finally, Kyuubi the nine-tails, which is the strongest of them all. Each of these beasts was sealed in a person. And since the Akatsuki has captured seven of them, they captured that person and extracted the beast from within, which ended up killing the container."

"That's awful! Why were they after those beasts?"

"They're after them because, once they capture all nine of them, that's when they can merge them all together to form the Juubi."


"Yes. Known as the ten-tails. All nine of the tailed beasts are but portions divided from the Juubi. Madara wants to bring back the Juubi so that he can become the Jinchuuriki of it and have the entire world in his control."


"Jinchuuriki is the container of the Bijuu."

"I see. So, the Hachibi and Kyuubi are the ones he's after?"


"Who are the containers of those tailed beasts?"

"The Hachibi is sealed into a friend of mine and a trainer of mine. His name's Killer Bee."

"Killer Bee? What's with that name?"

"Too be honest, I don't know. He's actually a really cool guy. Just that, he raps and that it can be a bit… strange, but at times I tried it out. It didn't come out too great, but for some reason, he liked it."

Kaji laughed a bit and smiled, "He sounds fun to be around."

Naruto chuckled a bit, "He is."

"What was his town like?"

"He lived in Kumo. His brother is the Raikage."

"Raikage must be the leader of that village. What's the other Kages?"

"Well, there's Tsuchikage of Iwa. He's a short old man that happens to have back problems. There's Kazekage of Suna. He's a very good friend of mine that used to be the container of the Ichibi."

"Wait, the Kazekage used to be a container? How is he still alive then?"

"Someone from his village named, Chiyo sacrificed her life to bring him back to life. I ended up bringing his body back and that was when she decided to bring him back."


"Anyway, there's the Raikage, which happens to be a reckless guy at times. Mizukage of Kiri, might I say is a beauty. And then there's the Hokage of my village. She's a drinker and a gambler, but she knows what she's doing."

"I see. So who's the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi?"

Naruto didn't say a word and didn't want to tell him, so he decided to change the subject, "So, Kaji, how did you end up to be in Shido's group?"

Kaji wasn't expecting the blonde to change the subject, but thought that he heard quite a bit of him and decided to tell him his side, "Well, I was in the school with a couple of other students."


Kaji was still in his classroom gathering his books after he heard the screaming from the guy that was using the microphone. The other students didn't waste time after they heard it and all made a run for it.

"Kaji!" A student called out.

Kaji gathered the rest of his books and turned to the source of the voice to see his friend Shin (Not going to describe him since he's only going to be seen in this scene) with some other student, "I'm coming." He said, as he rushed to them.

The three of them were the last ones out of the classroom and stopped outside the doorway to figure out which way everyone went. They glanced right then left, but then they heard groaning sounds coming from their right. Glancing to their right, they saw a group of people coming towards them. They were pretty pale looking and they had blood covering throughout their body, "W-What the hell?" Shin asked.

"Why's there blood all over them?" The other student asked.

"I don't know." Shin answered, as he faced the group, "Hey are you all right?"

No answer came from the group, but all they did was just groan and reach out when they got closer, "Hey, what's…" The person ahead of the group grabbed Shin's arm and held it up, as it bit down on his arm. Shin screamed out in pain, while Kaji and the other student were shocked. The others came up to join the person and all grabbed a part of Shin, as they all munched on him.

"What the fuck!" The student shouted, but one of them walked to him faster than usual and grabbed him by the head. It then bit down on his shoulder, which he then screamed out in pain.

Kaji was panicking and decided to run the opposite way. He turned around the corner and quickly ran down the stairway. Once he was halfway down the stairs, he turned to run down the next flight, but he ended up slipping on the first step he took on them and tumbled down to the bottom. His books were all scattered around the floor, but they were close to him. He weakly gathered his books again and got up to one knee. A shoe was in his sight, which he then looked up to see Mr. Shido with Yuuki, Taniuchi, Tsunoda, Miura, Kawamoto, Yamada, and Kurokami. The teacher held out his hand, which Kaji took it and was helped back up to his feet, "Come with us Kaji. We're going to get out of here."

Kaji bowed his head, "T-Thank you Mr. Shido."

End of Flashback

Naruto looked at Kaji, "So he helped you up and that's what made you want to join him?"

Kaji looked at the blonde's eyes, "Well, yeah. I had no one else to go with, so I thought that if I went with them that we would be fine."

"I see." Naruto replied, as he buried his hands into his pockets.

"Might I ask what's with your eyes? I've never seen anyone with those before."

Naruto chuckled a bit and looked back outside, "Perhaps another time I'll tell you."

Kaji looked back outside for a second and then back at the blonde, "So, who was the host of the Kyuubi?"

Naruto's body tensed, which Kaji then began to register it. His eyes slightly widened and turned his body around so that his whole front was facing the blonde, "Y-You're the host?"

Naruto nodded, "Yes." The blonde placed a hand on his stomach, "The Kyuubi is sealed in me, but I haven't heard from him lately."

"Wow. How long have you had it sealed in you?"

Naruto looked up at the sky with his eyes half open, "Ever since I was born."

Kaji's eyes widened, "What!"

"Yeah. My dad was the Hokage back then and when he was helping my mom give birth to me. Now, back then, my mom was the host of the Kyuubi. So, they had to find a secret place to give birth."


"Because, when you give birth, the seal that keeps the Kyuubi sealed weakens, which gives it the opportunity to break free. So, right when I came out, an intruder broke in and used me as a hostage. The intruder was Madara and he held me hostage just so he can have the chance to take the Kyuubi. My father didn't know what to do, but of course, he saved me and got us out of there. He took me home thinking that it would be safe there, but since he saved me, Madara took my mother and freed the Kyuubi. He managed to gain control of it and he teleported the nine-tails and himself to my village. That night was when the Kyuubi attacked the village. But, later my father managed to stop Madara from controlling it, but that was when the Kyuubi was free on its own. The Kyuubi was just about to wipe the village completely, but my dad teleported it with him to a more open area. That was when he brought mom and me. He realized he couldn't stop the Kyuubi and both my mom and dad decided to sacrifice their lives by sealing it in me."

Kaji couldn't think of anything to say since his savior lost both his parents in order to protect everyone else, "And ever since they sealed the Kyuubi in me, as I grew up, people hated me. They called me a monster and anything else you can think of." Naruto continued.

"Why? You didn't do anything."

"Because I have the Kyuubi inside me. They say it's my fault my father and mother died."

"That's awful. But, if you were just a baby when all that happened, how did you find this out?"

"A good teacher of mine."

"What was his name?"

"Jiraiya. He was known as one of the legendary sannin."

"What was he like?"

Naruto then looked at Kaji, "How about we talk about the rest later? I think I've told you enough for now."

"Oh. Ugh… okay. I'm glad that I got to know you a bit better now." Kaji said, as he smiled.

Naruto just kept looking at him and actually smiled back, "Hey!"

Kaji and the blonde turned to see Takashi, Saya, and Saeko. Takashi was now wearing black jeans, black sneakers, a white short sleeve shirt, and the same jacket he wore with his school uniform. Saya wore lime green shorts, turquoise tank top, and yellow low cut sneakers. Saeko wore light gray khaki shorts that stopped just a bit over her knees, a dark purple sheer blouse, and her same black battle boots with heels. Everyone held onto their old outfit, "You're all done?" The blonde asked.

"Yeah." Takashi answered.

Naruto looked back at Kaji, "What we discussed stays between us." He said quietly, but apparently, not quiet enough.

Kaji nodded, while the others had a questioning look on their faces, "What did you talk about?" Saya asked.

Naruto started to walk back to their household, "Don't worry about it."

They all looked at him, while Takashi and Saya went up to Kaji, "What did you two talk about?" Saya asked.

Saeko respected that the blonde didn't want to tell them and decided to go join him, while Takashi and Saya bugged Kaji about whatever it was they talked about. Just when she was about to talk to him, she saw that he came to a stop. She came to his side and looked at him, "Why did you stop?" She asked, as Takashi and the others stopped just a bit behind them.

Naruto looked ahead at the road, but then his eyes scanned the buildings to the right. A large group of shady people, wearing clothing that covered pretty much their entire body (except their eyes) came out from an alley. They all had some sort of blade, whether it be a dagger, machete, katana, you name it. The group consisted of about twenty of them, as they all came up to the blonde's group and surrounded them. They all looked around, except for Naruto since he was just staring at the person that stood in front of him, "Well, well, well. Looks like we got a bunch of kids that are lost." The one in front of Naruto said. The blonde easily picked it up that this guy is the leader of them. Obviously it was a man due to the fact that his body looks well built and that he stood a bit taller than the blonde.

Naruto, as usual, stood there with a bored look on his face. The leader of the large group tilted his head and examined the blonde, "You look as if you're high and mighty."

Naruto blinked once and continued to walk, "I have no time for this." He said in a cool tone.

One of the shady people went up to him and grabbed the blonde by his wrist, which Naruto broke the grip and placed his hand against the person's stomach, "Shinra Tensei." He said quietly to where only the person could hear it and was instantly sent flying back.

The entire group watched in shock as one of their own was sent soaring, but then they quickly glanced back at the blonde, "What the hell was that!" The leader shouted, as he looked the blonde in the eyes, "And what's with those eyes?"

Saeko, Takashi, and Saya then remembered that the blonde has been with them for a couple days now and not once have they asked anything about them, "What do you want?" The blonde asked.

"Well, we were going to capture you and have you work for us," The leader pointed at the blonde, "But how about you join us and leave these weak kids?"

Saeko and the other's eyes widened, "You can't just make a proposal and take him from us!" Saya shouted.

"Why not? He seems to be the reason why you're all alive. Plus, he deserves to be in a group to where everyone can fight. Not with a bunch of kids that can't do anything." The leader said.

Takashi clenched his fists, but Naruto walked up to the leader to where they were just a foot apart, "Tell you what. If your buddies here can manage to land a hit on me, then I'll join you."

The leader grinned behind his mask, "All right everyone, you heard him!"

Saeko and the others backed away to where they were now standing outside the circle. Naruto was now the only one that's completely surrounded by the shady group of people. Every single one of them charged at the blonde. The first two both attempted to stab him, but he easily caught their wrists and slammed them together. Another set of two came in, but they both wielded swords. They both started to swing at him, but he swiftly and easily dodged them all, "I said if you could hit me, but it looks like you're trying to kill me." The blonde mentioned, as he held out his right arm, while a metal rod formed in his hand. He quickly blocked one of the incoming strikes with his rod and kicked the other person hard on his chest, "If you want to try and kill me, then I'll just kill every single one of you."

Naruto broke his own block and attempted to stab the other one, "Stop!" The blonde stopped, which his weapon was just a mere inch from stabbing the person's chest. The man he was about to kill was standing straight up with his sword held back and his eyes showed fear since he was just about to be killed, "Enough. I don't want anyone getting killed." The leader said, as the group all backed away from the blonde.

"What's wrong? That didn't last long at all." Naruto mentioned.

The leader chuckled, "What's your name kid?"

The blonde grinned, "Naruto Namikaze."

"All right, Naruto Namikaze. We'll meet again some other time." The leader said, as he grabbed a ball from his pocket and threw it down on the ground, which made a huge smoke screen.

A few seconds later, the smoke died down to show that they were all gone. Saeko and the others came up to him, "Were you really going to join them if they actually managed to lay a hit on you?" Saya asked.

Naruto kept his stare to where the leader once was and then decided to continue the path home, "No."

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