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Chapter 6: Rampage

Time: 7:28 p.m.

Everyone was enjoying their relaxing night. Shizuka was actually washing everyone's clothes that they wore before their new outfits. Alice was playing around with little Zeke by chasing him throughout the household. Kohta, Takashi, Rei, and pretty much everyone else except for one person, were sitting in the living room chatting with each other. Naruto was standing out on the balcony only wearing the jeans he picked out from the store and his sandals. Shizuka was washing his upper clothing since she 'claimed' they were filthy. The blonde actually saw in fact that they weren't messy at all, which is why he got the impression that she just wanted him to walk around shirtless. Before he came out to the balcony, he could feel everyone's attention was on him. When he came out here, he could hear them talking about him and how he was well built. He leaned forward against the railing and looked out at all the buildings. His body began to heat up, as he was starting to feel a bit light, "D-Damn it. Why's this happening now?" He thought to himself.

He stood back up and placed a hand on his forehead. His hand instantly got warmer than usual after feeling how warm his head was. His forehead began to sweat and he could feel himself getting hotter. Turning around, he looked inside to see everyone still talking to each other. He slowly made his way back inside, which caught everyone's attention, "Are you okay?" Takashi asked.

Naruto slowly took a couple steps forward and came to a stop, "Y-Yeah. I'll be…" His eyes closed, as he fell to the ground.

"Naruto-san!" They all shouted and rushed to him.

Takashi and Saeko flipped him onto his back. The blonde's mouth was partly open and his breathing was going at a quick pace. Saeko placed her hand on his forehead, "He's burning up."

"Quick! Go get a cold wet rag." Takashi called out.

Yuuki was the fast one to respond to the statement and ran to the kitchen.

Naruto's eyes opened and he found himself sitting in a sewage looking place. A deep laugh echoed through the area, which he then easily picked up of who it was. He got up to his feet and began to walk forward, until he came upon a cage, "I've begun to wonder where you've been at." Naruto said.

"Naruto. Naruto. Naruto."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, "Why have you been so quiet this whole time?"

"Why haven't you paid me a visit? I'm sure if you came, you would've seen me awake."

Naruto clenched his fist, "Tck."

"I've been sealed in you ever since you were born and now that we're in a different world, you haven't paid me one visit. I'm hurt Naruto boy."

"Shut up."

The fox tilted its head to the side a bit and a mischievous grin crept on its face, "Oh? Is little Naruto getting mad?"

The blonde gritted his teeth and clenched his fists so hard, that the palm of his hands began to bleed. The fox's grin widened seeing the blood sliding dripping down from his fists, "What's the matter? Am I really getting on your nerves? I bet you won't undo this seal and go for round two now that Kushina's gone."

"Shut up!"

The fox raised its head, as its eyes looked down, "You're still easy to anger. Why would you tell that boy you saved about your life? You don't know these weaklings."

Nothing came from the blonde, but his anger was boiling, "You know Naruto boy. We both don't know how we ended up here, but if we're going to be staying in this world, you mustn't get close to these people."

Naruto's anger began to slowly die down hearing that the fox had said something that he already knew from the start, "I know. I just…"

"Just what? Want to protect them? Make new friends? You need to leave these people. They're nothing to worry about. You need to worry about how to get back to our world."

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "I know and believe me, I want to get back to our world too."

The fox lied down and rested its head on its two front legs, "Glad to see that we're on the same page here."

"You wouldn't happen to know why these flashbacks I'm getting hurt, would you?"

"I'm afraid I don't. But you need to somehow maintain them from interrupting your battles. If you get another memory coming back to you and it leaves you open, whoever it may be you're going up against won't hesitate and kill you when they see the chance."

"Thanks for the advice." Naruto replied, as his gaze avoided from looking at the fox.

"Hmm? Another thing, why the hell are you trying to act all cool around these insects? You're usually all sheepish and happy back in our world."

Naruto crinkled his nose and pointed at the fox, "Shut up!"

The fox began to laugh once again, "Are you trying to impress these insects by your attitude? You know you could still be acting like your normal self since they're impressed by your skills."

Naruto's anger began to start up again, "They're not insects!"

The fox lifted its head up once again and glared at the blonde, "Think about it. They're just normal people that can't do anything. As I said, they're insects!"

"They're normal people!"

"Shut up kid! You shouldn't care about them anyway, we don't know them, and they don't know us. And as soon as we get back to our world, you'll completely forget about them."

Naruto's eyes narrowed again, "No."

The fox growled in annoyance, "Fine! If you won't leave them, then I'll make you myself one day. Just remember that, when you start getting too close to them, then I'm taking control."

"I've already told you. I'm not going to get close to them!"

"Like hell you're not! Look at you! You've told a lot about yourself to that boy you saved and that purple haired girl. That shows me that you're getting close to them!"

"Why do you even care if I get close to them or not?"

"Because! Your emotions will get the better of you to where you'll sacrifice your life for one of them!"

Naruto didn't say anything in response since the fox was right. If it did come down to where he got close to everyone and they were in danger, he knew that he would sacrifice himself to save them so that they could live on. The fox sighed, "You see? You know I'm right, so you need to leave these worms and find a way to get us home."

"I know… Now hurry up and do something about this fever!"

The fox chuckled, "Calm your horses boy. I'm on it."

Takashi, Saeko, Kaji, and Shizuka were standing around the bed that they had placed the blonde in. He lied there with a cold wet rag sitting on his forehead, "I don't know how long he's going to be out. But his fever is way too high. He just needs to rest." Shizuka mentioned.

"How did this start?" Takashi asked.

"I don't know. He looked to be just fine when he was up." Shizuka answered.

"He did. But why did it come all of a sudden?" Kaji wondered.

"Why don't we leave so he can rest and discuss this outside?" Shizuka asked, as she walked out of the room, followed by the others.

The door closed, which the blonde's eyes opened in an instant. He leaned up to see he was the only one in the room. A sigh escaped his lips, "The fox is right."

"Kid! Change in plans, you can stay with these worms for now, but don't get close like I said. I'm going to be watching you still and trying to figure out ways to get back home. Got it?"


"Good, but if you think of anything having to do with returning home, speak up."

The blonde looked out the window to see that it was dark out, "I will."

"Ah, one more thing. I've seen you fight those things and it's making me wanting to see you kill more and more of them. Why don't you go out and slay some more?"

"Will it shut you up?"


Naruto threw the sheets off of him and got out of bed. Thunder roared outside, which drew the blonde's attention to the window again. Droplets of rain began to pour down, while the blonde looked down to see that he's still shirtless. He shrugged and held out his left arm, which then his sword appeared in his hand. Holding the sword out in front of him, he stared at it.

"How about you let me take control and slay them myself? I want to give it a shot."

"Damn it Kurama!"

"I promise, once I'm done, you won't hear another word from me for the rest of the night. I just want to bathe in blood."

Naruto's grip on the handle of his sword tightened, "Fine."

The blonde's eyes closed and opened after a second to reveal his now reddened eyes. His pupil was slit, while the rings in his eyes still remained to show his dojutsu. His hair stuck out more and the whisker marks on his cheeks darkened. His fangs grew, while his other teeth sharpened. The now possessed Naruto quietly laughed and walked to the window, "I'm going to take the window so that we won't have to go pass those worms to get out."

Naruto found himself in the sewage place again and just sat in front of the cage, "That's fine."

The fox opened the window and jumped out and landed on the street (going to be using 'fox' or Kurama since he's in control of Naruto's body for the time being). The landing caused him to land in a crouching position, but he slowly got back to standing straight up. His arms were resting on his sides, while the sword in his left hand was pointing downward and being dragged, as he walked up to the giant wall of dead. The rain began to pick up, as it poured down on him, which caused some of his hair to go down. The fox looked up at the wall and grinned, "As bad as I want to destroy this wall and have those things overrun this joint, I'll respect the fact that you're also sheltering here. So, whenever you do leave, we'll destroy this wall so that they can die here."

Naruto had his eyes closed and still sat in front of the cage, but didn't say anything. The fox looked up at the dark clouds above, as red chakra formed below his feet. The red chakra shot up, which caused him to rise up as well. A grin came to the fox's face, while the chakra stopped at the top of the wall. He took a step and now stood on top of the wall. Looking down at the other end, he jumped down and once again landed in a crouching position. He got back to standing up straight again and began his path, out to seek for 'them'. The spot he landed on ended up to form a small crater. Kurama began to laugh deeply, "Tonight! I'll show you a true disaster!"

Time: 8:34 p.m.

Everyone was back in the living room and chatting about whatever they could think of. Earlier, Shizuka managed to finish washing the clothes, so she placed them in the drier. Alice was still running around playing with Zeke. The others just as I said, were sitting in the living room. However, Rei and Saya were starting to get sleepy. Rei was sitting next to Takashi and rested her head on his shoulder. Saya got up decided to call it a night and went to her room that she shared with Rei and Shizuka. Kohta of course was fidgeting with the guns. Kaji was lying on the floor once again, while Yuuki was sitting with Saeko and kept talking about Naruto. Saeko could see that she was like a fan girl of his, "I think I'll go check on him." The purple haired beauty said, as she got up from the couch.

"Wait, I'm coming too." Yuuki said, as she quickly caught up to Saeko.

It didn't take long, as the two came up to the door that Naruto was resting in. Saeko opened the door and that instant; they both saw that he was gone. They rushed in, "He's gone!" Yuuki stated.

Saeko looked around, but then felt a breeze. She looked at the window to see that it was open; "He left. Come on we need to tell the others." The purple teen said. Yuuki closed the window and ran out the room to catch up with Saeko.

Saeko came back into the living room and stopped in the hall just outside of it, "Naruto's gone." She stated.

Everyone turned to look at her in an instant, "What!" Takashi nearly shouted.

Yuuki came up next to Saeko and saw that she had already told them since they were all looking at her, "We went to go check on him and he wasn't there. The window was open though, which means that he obviously left." Yuuki said.

"Why? It's storming out and it's going to be harder for him to see." Kaji mentioned.

"I don't know, but I'm going to go look for him." Saeko mentioned, as she grabbed her wooden sword that was leaning against the wall and ran to the door.

Takashi and Rei got up to and grabbed their weapon that was leaning against the same wall that Saeko's weapon was. Kaji hopped up to his feet and also ran for the door, but before he was out of sight from the others, he turned to look at Yuuki, "Stay here with the others. Tell Ms. Marikawa where we went if she asks." He said.

"Kaji wait!"

The teen looked at Kohta and saw him coming up to him with a gun, "Here. Take this." Kohta said, as he handed Kaji the Desert Eagle with a couple of clips, "Oh, also…" Kohta quickly ran back to the guns and grabbed the Ithaca Riot Shotgun, along with a little box containing ammo. He came back to Kaji and handed them to him, "Give this to Takashi."

Kaji placed the Desert Eagle in his pocket, along with the clips and took the rest, "Thanks." He said and ran outside.

Kaji ran out the gate and saw that the others were standing in front of the wall, "Hey Takashi, here." Kaji called out.

Takashi turned to Kaji and saw that he was carrying firearms. Kaji handed him the shotgun and the box of ammo, "Thanks."

Kaji looked up at the wall, "How are we going to get past this?"

Takashi looked around and then he saw that this wall was lined up right in the middle of two gates, "We can climb those gates and get around it." (Here's a picture of what it looks like sort of with the dotted lines resembling the wall and the L resembling the gates, l-l)

"Let's go then." Saeko said.

"Bah Hahahahahaha!" Kurama laughed evilly, as he sliced a walker in half. The fox ended up deep within the city.

Two giant ones came after him like a couple of bulls. Kurama glanced at them and grinned, as he slammed his hand on the street. Below the giants, a giant red chakra hand came from the ground and grabbed them both. Kurama held out the same hand he slammed on the street and clenched it into a fist, as the chakra one did too, which the two giants were now smashed up into bits and pieces.

Kurama's smile widened to show that Naruto's teeth were now sharp ones and looked around to see hundreds of more walkers coming after him. Red chakra formed around his arms, as he swung his arms around, which the red chakra extended and took on an arm. The chakra arms bashed against several of them and the fists pounded down on a few of them, "Even though we're in this world, I can still enjoy crushing something!" Kurama shouted and withdrew the chakra arms back into him. He crouched down and jumped high up into the air. Looking down at the massive horde, he grinned and pointed the palm of his right hand down at them, "You will all give me the joy of blowing every single one of you to pieces!" A reddish and purplish colored ball of chakra formed in his palm and slowly grew to the size of an Odama Rasengan, "Suffer." The fox said and fired the ball of chakra down at the horde. Once it hit down on them, a massive explosion completely covered a hundred-yard radius and expanded a hundred feet in the air.

Once the explosion died down, Kurama lowered himself back down on the street and looked around to see body parts all over the place. The street now had a red color to it instead of black. He knew that the rain would wash it out, but he enjoyed the scene before him. Groaning sounds echoed the streets, as a grin came upon his face again, "More and more! Hahahaha!" Kurama laughed and with immense speed, ran to the sound.

In just a split second, he found himself standing at an entrance that lead to a parking lot, which was completely covered with walkers. Kurama laughed insanely and charged into the horde with the sword tightly in his grip.

Takashi and the others came upon the clothing store that they had picked their new outfits from. However, the explosion earlier caught their attention and completely left them blank, "W-What was that?" Rei asked.

Takashi was way lost, "I-I have no clue"

Kaji knew exactly who it was, "That's Naruto all right. But what the hell was that he just did?"

Saeko usually wasn't the type to show that she was scared, but after seeing something like that, she was starting to get that feeling.

"We need to go toward that explosion." Kaji mentioned.

The others looked at him with 'Are you crazy?' look, "Are you kidding? Did you not see that?" Rei asked.

"I did see it, but I'm not kidding. That explosion is Naruto's doing."

"Naruto? How the hell can he do that?" Takashi asked.

Kaji's eyes narrowed and promised Naruto that he wouldn't tell anyone, but he knew that they wouldn't go toward it without knowing what caused it. Not to mention, they wouldn't go without hearing an explanation from him how he knows, "Listen, I'm sure Naruto will tell you everything if we just go get him."

Takashi and Saeko then remembered that when they were at the clothing store that him and Naruto had a chat about something, "Fair enough. I'm going to confront him one last time." Takashi said.

"Hahahahaha!" Kurama laughed, as he decapitated one of them and then shot a chakra blast at a group of them, "This is what I needed! I will kill anything in my sight!"

Mall Rooftop

A small woman with short, light brown hair and blue eyes looked down at the parking lot to see the massacre going on down below. The front of her hair is pushed to the right side of her face, partially obscuring her right eye. She wears a female police uniform of the Tokonosu Higashi Police station, which consists of a white shirt, a black tie, a blue jacket, and a blue skirt. She also wears a green band around her left arm with two white stripes on it and gold earrings in the shape of stars, "W-What's going on down there?" She asked herself.


The girl turned around to see a man wearing a black torque, white shirt, work boots, and a black jacket with black pants, "What's wrong Shimada?"

"What the hell's going on!" Shimada asked, as he came next to her and looked down below, along with Asami.

"I have no clue. I've never seen anything like this before."

A man with short, light hair, wearing glasses, and earrings came up next to Shimada. He also has a goatee and some other light facial hair. He wears a large, unzipped jacket over his shirt, tan cargo pants, work boots, and fingerless gloves. He also wears a pair of headphones around his neck and a necklace with a skull on it, "What's going on down there?"

Shimada looked to his left, "Ah, Hiro. We have no idea."

Asami looked at Hiro, "Where's Matsushima?"

A woman with short black hair and light blue eyes came next to Asami, "Right here." She said, as she looked down at the scene below. Matsushima wore the exact same outfit that Asami wore.

"Ah! Do you know what's going on down there?" Asami asked.

"No. I just know that it's someone that isn't normal." Matsushima answered.

The four of them all looked back down and saw a blur of red, "Is that the person?" Hiro asked.

The red blur expanded and engulfed the walkers around it, "It has to be." Shimada said.

Kurama cleared the blur and looked around to see all the walkers scattered all over the lot, "Hahaha! This is too easy!" The ground Kurama stood on began to shake a bit. He looked down at it and then toward the way he came from to see several of the giants charging at him. A grin crept upon Kurama's face; "You can't do a thing to me!" Kurama held out his arm and had his right palm facing the incoming giants. Another ball of chakra formed in his palm and grew. The giants were now about fifty yards from the possessed blonde, while Kurama smirked and fired the ball of chakra. It caused another massive explosion when it made impact with the giant up front. Kurama stood there with a grin on his face, but the ground below him began to crack open, which he looked down to see an arm coming out to grab him. He easily jumped aside to avoid it, but saw the ground opening to see more of those giants coming out, "So you can come from the ground too? It's like you're coming from hell!"

Kurama charged at them with the sword tightly in his grip. He flipped the sword to where he was holding the sword backwards, as red chakra formed around the sword. Jumping in the air a bit, he dashed down at them and sliced his sword once, as he then appeared behind them. His eyes closed, as he stood up straight with the same grin on his face. The giants coming from the ground all came to a stop, while their bodies split in half. Kurama turned to look at all the corpses lying around and started laughing.

"What the hell!" Shimada stated.

"I don't know what it is, but to me, it looks like some sort of demon from hell. But whatever it is, it took care of those things like it was nothing." Hiro mentioned.

Everyone couldn't quite get a good look, but then Asami quickly ran back to the door that led to the stairs. The others turned to see her leaving, "Where are you going?" They all asked.

"I'm going to go get a telescope so we can get a better look!" She answered, as she opened the door and rushed off to find the device.

"Okay Kurama. I think you've had enough." Naruto called out.

"Not a chance. The night's still early and did you not notice?"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Notice what?"

"The people on the roof up there. They've been watching us and I can't have people seeing you like this. So I have to kill them."

Naruto quickly got up to his feet, which made a minor splash from his movement, "No! We're not going to kill anyone except for those creatures."

"Fine. Fine. Oh! How about you let me seek out those people that were pretty shady and kill them?"

"Not yet. I actually want to find out more about them first."

"Tck. Fine. I'm going to continue slaughtering these weaklings."


Kurama looked around and saw that the rain was washing up the blood. A sigh escaped his lips, "Hmm."

Groaning sounds started to close in, which Kurama quickly glanced to his left and saw another horde of them coming from a different path. A grin once again crept upon his face, "More!" He gripped the sword tightly and added his chakra to it again, "More!" The chakra around the sword darkened into a crimson color, "More!"

Asami came back outside with the telescope she had mentioned and joined back with the others, "I got it." She said, as she extended it.

"Hurry. What do you see?" Matsushima asked.

Asami looked through the little lens and scanned the area looking for the figure. It was dark and since the red blur faded, it was making it harder for her to find it. However, that blur formed again and she locked it down and saw that there was someone within it, "It's a person that's doing this."

Hiro and the others looked at her with a shocked expression, "You're kidding? What kind of human can do that?" Hiro asked.

"You know… since these people have been rising from the dead and feasting on the living, this world hasn't been normal since this started. So, this 'person' must be someone sent from hell. It's impossible to be a normal human to do such a thing." Shimada mentioned.

Everyone looked back down, "Now that I think about it, you could be right." Hiro replied.

"Wait a second." Everyone turned to face Matsushima, "If someone's sent from hell, wouldn't it be helping 'them'?"

Shimada was quiet now since that it should seem that way, but it wasn't, "You're right. Wouldn't Satan want whomever he sends to help destroy the world? Then why would that thing down there be demolishing the walkers?" Hiro asked.

That question left them in a puzzle situation, so they went back to watching the scene below.

Takashi and the others finally approached the scene where the explosion occurred and saw corpses all over the place, "Yeah. This is defiantly Naruto's doing." Kaji stated.

"Where could he have gone?" Takashi asked.

A beam of red light shot up at the darkened clouds, which drew their attention, "He's near the mall!" Rei mentioned.

"Let's go!"

"Hahaha!" Kurama was going crazy, as he decapitated several of them with one swing. Kurama's mood changed from having fun slaughtering these creatures to boredom, "This isn't even a challenge! Maybe I should just crush this entire world."

"Okay Kurama, you've had enough!"

"Shut up kid. I'm going to continue slaughtering them."

"You're just about to lose it."

"I was just playing around kid. If I were to destroy this world, I would be off task of how to find a way home."

Naruto was starting to get annoyed of how the fox was taking too much time in demolishing the walkers and wanted to get back home so he could rest.


"Hey you!"

Kurama looked at the mall's entrance and saw some man standing there with a gun in his hand, "Put your hands in the air Demon."

Kurama and Naruto's ears perked up at hearing a familiar word, "Demon? Hahahahaha!"

The man began to shake in fear just by hearing the deep demon voice, "What do you plan on doing with that puny weapon? Do you honestly think…"

The man pulled the trigger, as the bullet closed in on Kurama, the red chakra melted it, "W-What?"

"Pathetic." Kurama slowly walked towards him.

"S-S-Stay away!" He shouted and fired more shots at the demon. However, like before, all the bullets melted when they were in reach of the red chakra.

Kurama stopped his path since the man was now looking at something behind him. He turned around and saw a small building being smashed. His eye locked on another giant, but this giant wasn't like the ones he's been fighting. This one was enormous, standing at two stories tall and the muscles were massively huge that it was just heinous. Kurama's grin formed back on his face, "Now that's going to be a challenge!" He shouted and charged at the freakishly large giant. The giant slowly walked toward the mall and saw a red blur coming toward it. Kurama jumped up to where he was face-to-face with the giant. Just as he was about to cut down on it, the giant quickly backhanded him, which sent him flying back to the lot.

The man that had shot at Kurama ended up going back inside and re-barricading the doors. Kurama wiped the blood leaking from his mouth and looked at the incoming giant, "That was rather rough."

Kurama grinned and held out his hand, as a red Rasengan formed in his hand. His grin widened and threw the ball of chakra right at it. In a blink of an eye, the ball of energy hit the giant, but it didn't turnout quite like the fox imagined. The giant was only forced to take a couple steps back, "What? Fine, I'll just crush you then!" Kurama shouted, as he slammed his hands on the ground. Where the giant currently is, two large red chakra hands came out from below the ground it stood on and reached up toward it. The freakishly large giant walker looked down, but the chakra hands made their way up to the giant's head and grabbed it by both sides of it. The giant's arms slowly came up, but then it came to a stop, as the chakra hands squeezed hard on the head. In a matter of seconds, the giant's head was completely smashed, as blood came pouring down.

Kurama's chakra arms vanished, "Too easy!"

Asami and the others couldn't believe their very eyes. First, they saw a massive walker that they didn't think was possible for it to become so huge. Now, they saw this so called 'demon' completely smash it.

"I-I can't believe it." Hiro announced.

"Can't believe what? The giant? Or the demon smashing the giant?" Shimada asked.

"Both!" Hiro answered.

Asami stared at the demon far below them, but then her eyes locked onto a group of people approaching the lot, "Look!" She shouted.

Matsushima and the others looked around the area and then they all saw what she was calling out, "Survivors?"

"No! They need to get away from that demon!" Hiro shouted and ran for the door.

Asami and the others turned to see Hiro out of their sights, "Hiro!" They all shouted and ran for the door.

"What the hell is that?" Takashi asked, as they approached the mall parking lot.

Kaji and the others looked at the red glow and saw someone within it, "I don't know." Rei answered.

However, the red 'glow' turned to them, which shocked them all. Saeko narrowed her eyes and examined closer. She recognized that it was standing on two legs and that it has blonde hair, the clothing was torn up a bit, black sandals, whisker marks, which Saeko's body jumped a bit finding out who it was, "It's Naruto!"

Rei and Takashi looked at Saeko with shocked expressions. Kaji knew already and was shocked himself to see this look, "You!" Kurama shouted and walked toward them.

"What the hell? That didn't sound like Naruto." Rei mentioned.

"Yeah. It sounds more demonic." Takashi said.

The red chakra around Naruto faded, while Saeko looked at his eyes to see that they were red now. Takashi and Rei were once again shocked to see that it is Naruto, "You worms!" Kurama shouted.

"Naruto?" Kaji questioned.

Kurama glared at Kaji, "No! I'm not Naruto you pathetic weakling."

"Huh?" Takashi and Rei both questioned.

"Naruto, what's wrong with you?" Saeko asked, as she took a step forward.

Kurama then glared at the purple haired beauty, "Are you humans this stupid? I've told you that I'm not Naruto."

"Then who are you?" Rei asked.

Kurama smiled, "I'm…"

"He's the Kyuubi that's sealed in Naruto."

They all looked at Kaji to see that he had answered for the possessed Naruto, which made Kurama's smile widened, "Clever. You actually remembered."

"Kyuubi?" Takashi and the others questioned.

"I'm sure Naruto will explain." Kaji answered.

"Hahaha! You're all pathetic! You all rely on Naruto to protect you weaklings. You just use him to be your guard! Just like those weaklings back at home used him as a weapon!"

"We're not using him! He's…"

"He's what, your ultimate weapon? Stop acting like you care about him! I've been watching you all and as Naruto here tries becoming your friends, I see you all wondering why is it he tries? He's just a monster on your planet, so why not act as if we like him and use him? I see that's how you all think, so stop the acting!" Kurama shouted, which cut Rei off earlier.

Kurama pointed at Rei, "You! You're just a stupid little girl! Your whining drives me nuts!" Kurama then pointed at Takashi, "You! You're a little prick that likes to go against things that Naruto does at times. For instance, how you went against him when he kicked that other pathetic group of humans out." He then pointed at Kaji, "You! You're a suck up! Just because Naruto saved you doesn't mean you can act as if you're in debt to him!" Last but not least, he pointed at Saeko, "And you! Quit trying to move onto him! He doesn't need a girl to act like she's interested in him when she's not and just wants to use him! I'm tired of all of you acting like he's your friend! What is he to you!"

A smile formed on all their faces, "He's our friend." Saeko answered.

"Yeah. Sure there were times we didn't get along, but there was still times that we goofed around and had a good time." Takashi also answered.

Kurama's eyes widened, "You're all liars! Which is why…" Kurama held out his right hand, as a giant red Rasengan formed in it, "I will dispose of you all!"

Saeko and the others eyes widened and were shocked from Kurama's outrage and couldn't find themselves to move. Kurama aimed for the group, but came to a halt. His eyes shut, as the ball of chakra vanished from his hand. Kurama placed his hands on his head, "Damn it! Why don't you understand that I'm trying to help you!" Kurama yelled and took a couple steps back.

"No! We agreed that you could just kill those creatures! I'm not going to let you kill these people!"

"You don't understand! I don't want them using you! I'm tired of seeing my host suffering!"

"I'm not suffering! I know what I'm doing!"

"No!" Red chakra formed on the ground around Naruto and shot up in the air, as it spun around him like a spiral, "Stop it!" Saeko and the others stepped back a bit, as the red chakra came down and engulfed the blonde. The red chakra then vanished to reveal Naruto standing there back in his normal form.

"Naruto?" Kaji asked.

The blonde stood there with his usual bored expression and scratched the back of his head, "Sorry about that."

Saeko and the others all smiled and rushed to him, which caused the blonde to cock an eyebrow, "Don't go off like that again!" They said.

Naruto leaned back since they all got up close to him, but then he realized how worried they were and actually smiled, "I won't."

They all were relieved to see the same Naruto coming back to them, which Rei hugged him tightly. Takashi felt a little hunch of jealousy hit him, but he couldn't find himself to get mad at the blonde. Kaji placed his hand on the blonde's shoulder and chuckled, "Glad to have you back."

Naruto looked at Kaji, but then he felt another hand on his other shoulder. He turned to see Takashi with a smile on his face. Naruto's smile extended a bit, "Thanks."

Rei backed off, which Takashi and Kaji saw why and also backed off. Naruto looked in front of him to see Saeko coming up to him. He saw a small smile on her face, "You had us worried Naruto-san."

The blonde scratched the back of his head and chuckled, "Sorry. That won't…" His eyes then widened to see that she wrapped her arms around him.

"Never leave your friends like that again." She said.

Naruto was still a bit shocked, but then he smiled once again and wrapped his arms around her too, "I won't."

Takashi and the others stood there with a smile on their face and were glad to have their friend back. Saeko unwrapped her arms, which gave the sign to Naruto to unwrap his too. The purple haired beauty just smiled at him, as did the blonde. Takashi then remembered what he was going to ask, "Hey Naruto."

Saeko and Naruto looked at the teen, "Yeah?"

"What was that just now by the way?"

Naruto closed his eyes and chuckled, "I'll explain on the way home."

Takashi smiled since he's finally going to be able to hear the story and turned around deciding to lead once again. Rei, Kaji, and Saeko were close behind him, "Okay. I mean, I've seen you use some weird tricks, but what we just saw was…"

A gunshot echoed through the area and they all realized that it wasn't far from them at all. Instead, it sounded as if it was real close. Thunder boomed from above, as the group turned around to see Naruto standing there with wide eyes, but then the blonde fell forward and the others saw that he was shot in the back, "Naruto!"

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