Asami and there group are on the second floor of the mall. As for where exactly… they're in a First Aid Center. On with the chapter!

Chapter 7: Second Meeting

Time: 11:28 p.m.

"Why did you shoot him!" Takashi shouted.

Hiro jumped back a bit from the sudden outburst, "I thought he was going to kill you if I didn't shoot him."

Takashi and his group, while Hiro, along with Shimada were sitting in a lobby. Asami and Matsushima were tending to the unconscious blonde.


"Naruto!" They all shouted.

"Stay away from him!" Hiro shouted, as he and his group approached the unconscious blonde.

However, Takashi and the others didn't listen, "What the hell was that for!" Rei asked.

Thunder cracked above once again, "I said stay away! He's a demon!" Hiro shouted, as he approached the unconscious demon and pointed his gun at Naruto's forehead.

Kaji pulled out the Desert Eagle and pointed it at Hiro, while Takashi pointed his shotgun at him as well, "What are you doing? I saved you all and you're pointing your guns at me?"

"Hiro!" The group all looked back.

"Asami. Matsushima. Shimada. Help me get them away from this demon." Hiro said.

"He's not a demon!" Rei shouted.

Hiro glanced back at the group, "He is! You weren't here when he used his powers to completely wipe the floor with 'them'."

"Because he's not from this world. But it doesn't mean he's a demon!" Kaji yelled.

Matsushima saw the purple haired girl trying to lift the blonde up by putting his right arm around her shoulders. She quickly rushed over to her and helped her by putting his left arm around her shoulders, "Let's get him inside."

Saeko looked at her and smiled, "Thank you."

Hiro looked at Matsushima and saw her helping the girl taking the so-called 'demon' to the mall, "What the hell are you doing!"

Rei, Asami, Shimada, and Kaji followed them, while Takashi clenched his fists, "Why are you taking that demon inside? He's going to kill…"

"Shut up!" Hiro turned around, but then received a deadly punch right to his face. Takashi then ran after the others leaving Hiro behind.

Hiro dropped the gun and placed his hands on his face, "You bitch!" Groaning sounds came from afar, which Hiro removed his hands and saw that there were more of them coming, "Shit." He grabbed the gun and ran back inside.

End of Flashback

"You're an idiot! Naruto's from a different world and he can use some sort of power. He wasn't going to kill us, because he's our friend." Takashi said.

"See? He's not from this world and he uses some sort of power. He was sent from hell! Meaning that he is a demon!" Hiro barked back.

"He's not!" Everyone turned to Kaji, "I know where he's from and I'm sure once he wakes up, he'll explain everything."

"Kaji's right." Everyone then turned to look at Saeko this time, "Naruto-san isn't a demon. He's just as much as a human like any of us."

"No he's not! In fact," Hiro got up from his seat and turned his back to everyone, "I'm going to finish off that demon."

Saeko and the rest of her group instantly got up and quickly came in front of Hiro to prevent him from going on, "No you're not." Kaji said.

Hiro growled in frustration and then pointed his gun at Kaji's head, "Move!"

Takashi pointed his shotgun at Hiro's chest, "You're not going to kill anyone."

Hiro was starting to get frustrated to where his arms were shaking, "You damn kids don't…"

The doors that led to the room where Naruto was being taken care of slammed open, which drew everyone's attention to see Naruto storming out of there, "Wait! You should be resting!" Matsushima shouted from the room.

Hiro's eyes widened seeing that the 'demon' he calls right back on his feet in such a small amount of time. Hiro pushed past the group of survivors and pointed his gun at Naruto, "Stop!"

The blonde stopped in his path, while Takashi and the others looked at Hiro, "What the hell are you doing!" Takashi asked.

Shimada sighed, as he remained in his seat the whole time and watched the scene before him, "Hiro's losing it again."

"I'm going to kill this demon!" Hiro shouted.

Naruto continued and walked towards Hiro, "I'm getting tired of hearing you call me a demon."

Hiro took a step back; as his emotion went from being angry to being scared, "Stop!"

The blonde didn't listen this time and suddenly appeared right in front of Hiro. Just before Hiro pulled the trigger, Naruto quickly swiped the gun out of his hand and now pressed it against his forehead, "I've never used one of these, but I'm sure if I'm this close, I won't miss."

All eyes were on Naruto this time, "Wait Naruto. Don't do it." Kaji said.

Naruto stood there glaring at the frightened Kaji, while everyone else was looking at the blonde, "H-How did you recover so fast?" Kaji asked.

Naruto narrowed his eyes; "I had a discussion with someone."


Naruto was lying on a table in a first aid center he was brought to after being shot. Luckily the shot didn't kill him, but it did manage to knock him out.


"Foolish. Your body couldn't handle a shot from that?"

"You stupid fox! You used my body and wore me out. Of course I'm going to go out like that."

Kurama chuckled, "I'll tell you what. I'll heal you now, if you give me another night of slaughtering those creatures.

"If you can actually listen, then yes. Just heal me already."

Kurama began to laugh, "I'm on it."

End of Flashback

Naruto shook his head from the memory and pointed the gun at Hiro's left thigh, "I'll let you live." He pulled the trigger, which in an instant; Hiro fell onto his right knee and nearly screamed in pain.

"Hiro!" Shimada and the rest of his group called out, as they rushed to him.

Naruto dropped the gun and looked down at Hiro, "Next time I see you and if you're still like this, I'll kill you."

Takashi and his group just kept watching Naruto, but the blonde came up to them, "Come on. I was hoping you all wouldn't see me like that earlier, but I'll explain it on the way home." The blonde looked back at the other group, "I have a feeling that we'll see each other again sometime."


Naruto and the others were back outside in the parking lot of the mall. There time spent in the mall managed to have more walkers show up. It wasn't much, but it was like a small group of them with an estimate of twenty. Also, with there time spent in the Aid Center, the storm managed to move off. After Kurama's massacre, all you could see were corpses, body parts, blood puddles scattered the lot, and holes in the ground due to Kurama's chakra arms coming from below. You could say that, it was a complete disaster.

Saeko hacked her wooden sword against one of the walker's head, "There's not much of them left."

Takashi and Kaji both shot a couple of them in the chest a few times. The group of walkers quickly reduced to half. Naruto stood up in front and summoned his sword into his hand. In a quick flash, he appeared on the other side of them. The remaining walkers dropped after their heads fell first. Saeko and the others walked over to the blonde, "You know, I'm used to seeing you easily take them out like this. I've seen you do it so many times that it just doesn't surprise me anymore." Takashi mentioned.

Naruto turned around to face them and chuckled, "I knew you all would get used to seeing this."

Takashi then figured that this time would be the time to start getting some answers, "So, Naruto."


"What was that earlier? You were completely different back there."

Naruto's eyes narrowed and formed a straight face, "Well, Kaji is aware of this and what you saw was the work of what's sealed inside me."

"Sealed inside you?" Saeko asked.

"I'll try to keep this short. Inside me is a Bijuu named Kurama. A Bijuu is a certain tailed beast. There are a total of nine of them and each of them has a certain amount of tails depending on there number. For instance, the one-tailed Bijuu has one tail. The one I have is the strongest of them all, the Kyuubi, which is the nine-tailed fox."

Saeko tilted her head slightly, "Is that why you have those whisker marks?"

"No. I was born with them. Anyway, back in my world, there's a man after the Bijuu inside me. His name's Madara Uchiha. He has managed to capture seven Bijuus, but now he's after a teacher of mine that has the eight-tails inside him and myself. He plans on summoning the ten-tails once he retrieves all nine of them and use it to have the world in his hands. The last thing I remember doing in my world before I some how arrived here was that I was fighting him on my own. We clashed a special move of ours with each other and that's all I remember. I went unconscious and woke up in some alley."

"You ended up in this world from some sort of collision?" Rei asked.

"Yeah. We both used a powerful move of ours and since we collided, it must've been too much."

"That must've been something then." Kaji mentioned.

"What about those eyes? I've never seen eyes like those before." Takashi asked.

"Well, these eyes give me a special power, which is only for people apart of a clan that I'm in. You have to have the blood of an Uzumaki."


Naruto nodded, "Anyway, can you four make it back home without me?"

"What? Why?" Rei asked.

"When I had Kurama have his little fun, there was this monster that was two stories tall. I'm going to investigate around and find out how it ended up like that. I saw where it came from, so I'm going to go to where it once was."

"A two story tall walker? It truly is no longer our normal world." Takashi said.

"I don't want anyone coming along, because I'm afraid that I might not be there to protect you and I don't want anyone getting hurt."

Takashi sighed, "I understand." The teen then looked at the others, "Are you all ready to head back?"

They all nodded and wished the best of luck to the blonde, as they walked past him to head home. Naruto sighed, as he performed a few hand signs and slammed his hand on the ground, which a pouch and a sheathe appeared. He grabbed the pouch and opened the flap to see that it was full of his kunais and shurikens, "Good." He attached the pouch to the back of his jeans and attached the case to his hip and sheathed his sword. A thought came to him and he couldn't believe he hasn't done this earlier. He performed a few hand signs, "Summoning Jutsu!" He slammed his hand on the ground, but nothing happened, "What the hell?"

"You idiot. You can't summon the toads in this world." Kurama said.

"Why not?"

"Because, they're not apart of this world. You can't do any summons."

"Damn it!"

Naruto sighed once again, "Then how can I get a hold of them? That could've been my chance to send a message."


The blonde turned around to see none other than the purple haired beauty, "Saeko? What are you doing?"

A smile formed on her face, "I want to go with you."


Saeko's smile faded and turned into a straight face, "Naruto-san. If you have any of those memories coming back to you and they weaken you to where you can't do anything, then what are you going to do?"

Naruto was silent since he knew she was right, so he walked right past her and started his path to where the giant walker came from. Saeko turned around to watch him, but she refused to listen to him and went after him. Right when she was about to come right next to him, Naruto turned back around, which caused her to stop, "If you're wanting to come, what do you expect to do with that wooden sword?"

"I plan on using it like I always have been. And plus…" Saeko reached to the back pockets of her khaki shorts and brought out the Desert Eagle that Kaji was given, "Kaji gave me this to use."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Do you even know how to use that?"

Saeko grinned, "Yes. You think a lady can't handle a firearm?"

The blonde tilted his head, "Fair enough. But, that wooden sword's not going to do." He walked up to her and took the wooden sword from her. Tossing it away, he removed the sheathe from his side and handed it to her, "Use this."

Saeko gratefully took it and unsheathed the sword. She waved it around slowly to examine it. Shortly after checking it out, she sheathed it, "Thank you, but since you're giving me this, I won't be needing this." She held out the Desert Eagle.

Naruto looked at it and took it from her, "I really don't know how to use that. You saw how I used that guy's gun on him, right? I can only use it when I'm really close."

Groaning sounds came from the path Naruto was going to take. They turned to look at the road and saw another small horde of walkers. Saeko smiled seeing how far they were and decided this would be the best time, "Aim at them."

Naruto grunted and pointed the gun at the horde. He pulled the trigger and not knowing how bad the recoil was, it almost made him hit himself in the head. He looked at the horde and saw that not one of them went down, "Damn it."

He fired a couple more times, but once again, none of them fell, "How the hell do you work this thing?" A frustrated Naruto asked.

Saeko giggled lightly and came up from behind him. She snaked her arms around him to where she placed her hands over his own. The blonde could feel her breasts pushed up against his back and felt her resting her head on his right shoulder. Saeko's lips were right next to his ear, as she helped him with the gun, "All you have to do is simply aim and focus." She whispered.

A faint blush came upon his face, but he took in the words she said and aimed at the walker that was in front of the horde. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger, as the bullet ended up right at the walker's head. The walker fell, which made Naruto and Saeko smile, "All right." He said.

"Good job." She said.

Naruto chuckled, "Thank you." He replied and aimed at a couple more oncoming walkers. Bringing back his bored look, he pretty much got how to use it and fired at them.

Saeko decided to stay back and watch the blonde's performance. In a short amount of time, one walker remained. The purple haired beauty saw the blonde just standing there absolutely still. She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Naruto?"

The blonde turned around to face her, "Last one's yours." He said and walked passed her.

Saeko unsheathed the sword that he had given her and then looked out at the last walker closing in on them. She walked up to the last walker and when it was in reach, she lined the sword up with its neck and swung. The head of the walker dropped to the ground, followed up by its body. She slowly sheathed it, while Naruto came up to her with a hand on her shoulder, "Good job."

Saeko sheathed the sword and turned to face him with a smile, "You're right. Much better than using a wooden one."

Naruto smiled lightly, "I…"

Saeko yawned, which prevented the blonde from finishing his reply, "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just getting tired."

Naruto sighed since he had someone here wanting to go with him. He knew that she wouldn't allow him to go on his own no matter what. The blonde scratched the back of his head, "Do you just want to head back to the house and go on our investigation tomorrow?"

Saeko smiled and nodded, "I would like that."

Naruto placed his hand on the swords sheathe and added a little chakra to it, which it then vanished in a puff of smoke. Saeko tilted her head a bit and then looked at him, "Don't worry. I can always summon it back."

Saeko's lips formed into an 'oh' formation for just a split second, "So, is there a way for us to get home faster?"

The blonde smiled and placed the non-loaded gun in his pocket, "There is."

The purple haired beauty grinned at the slightly younger blonde, "Then by whatever means, please do it."

Naruto quickly picked her up bridal style and jumped onto a nearby roof. He then jumped from roof to roof, while Saeko looked down at whatever was below them. Her smile remained on her face and enjoyed being high up. The wind blew against them, which caused her to feel more relaxed, but what made her even more relax, was when she decided to look up and saw the moon along with a few stars. The night scenery was beautiful to her. She was loving how calm and relaxing this is and only one person she knew could make this happen. Her eyes shifted to the side a bit to see the blonde's face with his hair blowing back a bit from the wind. Sure she has dated a couple other guys back when they were in their 'normal' lives, but none of those guys could give her a time like this right now. None of them even bothered to just take her on a walk to see a beautiful sight. All they wanted to do was go out and party with her. Sure she didn't mind to, but she just didn't feel right doing it all the time.

She mainly just wanted to look for some alone time with a special someone and enjoy a time watching scenery. Sadly, none of those guys gave her that time. She got the picture that they just wanted to party with her and try to get in her pants. That's when she told herself that she would just remain single for the rest of her life, but now that Naruto came into her life, she slowly began to see that he wouldn't be one of those guys. She hasn't seen him try to make a move on her yet, even though she has tried a couple times. With the time they've all been together, she began to wonder if he even had feelings for her or not. Seeing how Yuuki threw herself at him a few times, and seeing Naruto turn her down made her wonder if he was simply turning her down or too shy to make a move back on her.

Now, Saeko was no virgin. No, the first guy she dated ended up taking that from her. She thought he was the right one since he was always so kind to her. He was always a gentleman and took her out for dinner and then a movie. Sadly, when they were about three months into their relationship, he ended up taking her to a party. Later during the party, that was when he ended up taking her to a private room. Saeko knew what was about to happen and she didn't refuse to do so. She thought that this guy was right for her after all. However, the next day at school, he told her it was over and left her heartbroken without even giving her an explanation. Ever since that happened, that's when she began thinking that the other guys she has dated after him just wanted to party and get laid with her.

She looked up at the blonde's face again and saw the moon just above him. A smile formed on her face again, "Maybe."

"We're here." Naruto said.

Saeko looked to the other side and saw that they were now standing on top of the wall of walkers. Naruto then jumped down into the safe zone and placed her on her feet, "That was actually a beautiful sight." Saeko mentioned.

The blonde looked at her and cocked an eyebrow, "Hmm? What was?"

Saeko smiled and shook her head lightly, "Nothing."

Naruto shrugged and walked to the house they were staying, with Saeko right behind him. He knocked on the door, which it was instantly opened to show that it was Kaji. Naruto and Saeko were astonished from the door being opened so quickly, "So, you two decided to wait?" Kaji asked.

"Ugh… Y-Yeah…" Naruto answered, still shocked from such an answer.

Kaji backed up and allowed the two to walk in, which then he closed the door when they were. Naruto realized how quiet it was and walked to the living room to see Takashi and Kohta asleep, "So, is everyone asleep?" Saeko asked, as she looked into the living room too.

Kaji remained behind the two and yawned, "Y-Yeah. I was about to head to sleep myself, but something told me that you two were coming back."

Naruto turned back to look at Kaji, "Is anyone using the bed where I used?"

Kaji shook his head, "Everyone is pretty much used to where they sleep and stuck with it."

"Did Marikawa-san finish the laundry?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. Everyone's clothes are clean." Kaji answered.

"Okay. I'm going to have to change before heading out tomorrow." Naruto mentioned and looked down at his still topless body.

"You've been out there while it's storming with no shirt on this whole time. How aren't you sick?" Kaji asked.

Saeko too was curious of how he isn't sick as well, "Yeah. Most people would have a cold."

Naruto chuckled a bit and placed a hand on his gut, "Kurama here prevents that."

"Don't you get all comfy with me boy!"

Naruto ignored the fox's rant from within and looked at Saeko, "You can get some sleep if you're still tired."

"I will in a second. I need to talk to Kaji here for a moment."

Kaji was confused as to why she would want to talk to him, but could tell it was something private since she was trying to dismiss Naruto from the group. Naruto shrugged, "All right." He walked to the room that he's always been using when here.

The two watched the blonde until he was out of sight, which Saeko looked at Kaji, "This stays between us, okay?"

Kaji nodded, "Okay? What is it though?"

"Has Yuuki been saying anything about Naruto-kun? Like, how she wants to get with him and all."

Kaji saw where this was going and smiled, "So you have a crush on him too?"

"Too? So Yuuki has a crush on him as well?"

Kaji nodded, "She keeps talking about how she wants him to herself for the rest of her life. She told me that it's not only because he has a nice figure, but also she said that the way he's so protective and all is what makes him more attractive."

Saeko frowned and sighed, "That's going to be a problem."

Kaji tilted his head to the side a bit and grinned lightly, "If you really want to win him over, just be yourself. Just don't be shy around him and then he'll pick it up. Look at Yuuki, she's not afraid to show him anything, but if you've noticed every time she tries. You see that he doesn't show any love back. He just acts like his usual self. So why not show him your feelings?"

Saeko shook her head, "I can't yet. You remember the guys I used to date back in school?"

Kaji raised his head a bit, "Ohhh. So you want to wait and see if he's actually the right one?"

Saeko nodded, "So far, he's what I'm looking for. But there's still more that I need to see."

"I see. Well, try not to wait too long. The longer you hide it, the sooner he might make a move back on Yuuki."

Saeko nodded, "Thanks." She said and walked to the same room that Naruto's sleeping.

Kaji smiled and closed his eyes, "Yuuki won't like this."

Morning: 10:38 a.m.

Elsewhere within the City on a rooftop of some building

Five people just stood around looking around the area. The first person is a tall man standing at about six foot seven. He has long spiky silver hair in a style that looked similar to Naruto's, but most of it stayed down. He has tan skin and his body is well built, also like Naruto's. He has blue eyes and this guy also usually has a bored expression on his face. The man wore black pants, black shoes, and a black trench coat that was open to show that he wore no shirt underneath. His name is Shiroi Inazuma, age twenty-eight.

The second one is another man that has a pretty big build compared to the first one. However, this guy has dark skin, dark brown eyes, no hair, and has a Russian look to him. He wore black shoes, blue jeans, and a dark green with a picture of a two-headed eagle on the back. His name is Kozlov, age thirty-two.

The third one is a rather young looking woman around the age of twenty with light skin. She has emerald eyes and long black hair, but had it tied up in a ponytail. She wore a black skirt that stopped just an inch above her knees, a white blouse that she had unbuttoned a bit to show a little cleavage, and black battle boots. Her name is Hikari Majikku.

The fourth one is another man that looked to be around the age of twenty-four or three. He has blue eyes, tanned skin, and has black spiky hair that mainly stuck out upward or back. He mainly kept it from the front since he didn't like it that way. This man wore white shoes, white slacks with a black belt, a gray sleeveless shirt, and a white long sleeve shirt that he didn't fully wear. He didn't have his arms in the sleeves and instead, he wore it like a cape by only having the highest button actually buttoned. His name is Kaze Suchiru.

The last person is another woman with light skin at about the age of twenty-six. This woman was from the United States of America. She has long brown hair that went down to the middle of her back and has hazel colored eyes. She wore short blue jean shorts with a belt that held her sword to her right hip, dark brown boots, and a red mixed with white long sleeve shirt that didn't cover her stomach. Her name is Claire.

Kaze sighed, "So, how long are we going to stay up here?"

"We can go now. Whatever that was last night apparently cleared hundreds of them." Kozlov mentioned.

"Good. We can't keep staying up here. We'll eventually die from starvation." Kaze continued.

"Where are we going to go then?" Claire asked.

"Anywhere but here." Kaze answered.

"So you want to go out there recklessly and not know where to go? You're going to get us killed like that!" Claire nearly shouted.

Kaze growled and glared at the country girl from the States, "It's better than staying up here!"

Kozlov closed his eyes and kept shaking his head, while Hikari just stood there looking down at the streets completely ignoring the fighting.

"You're an idiot! Going down there without a plan is suicide!"

Kaze had about enough and reached to the back of his pants, while Claire grabbed her sword, "Enough!"

Everyone turned to the voice to see Shiroi had interrupted them, "You two arguing isn't going to help. In fact, it's best you two just stop talking for awhile."

"What do you think we should do then?" Kozlov asked.

Shiroi kept that bored expression on his face, "We're going to the Takagi mansion."

Everyone except for Hikari went wide-eyed, "Are you serious? Do you even know what you're putting us up against?" Kaze asked.

"Yes. Souichiro Takagi, the leader of a right-wing nationalist group in the Tokonosu District. I'm aware of him having excellent swordsmanship. And I'm sure his group there are also skilled."

"But what about the wife? What was her name…?" Claire tapped her chin, but then quickly remembered, "Yuriko Takagi. She's quite skilled at firearms. And I'm sure she has a group of her own."

Shiroi narrowed his eyes, "I'm fully aware of that. But, we're going there."

Kozlov had nothing to say about it and neither did Hikari. Kaze sighed, "Okay. But they're going to be a major pain."

"Don't worry. We can easily take care of them."

Naruto was up and wore his orange pants with the tight black muscle shirt. Saeko was standing at the front door waiting on him. She wore her school uniform this time and put her other outfit in the washer. Naruto yawned and stretched his arms out, as he came up to her, "You ready?"

Saeko nodded and grabbed the handle, "Wait!"

Naruto and Saeko looked behind them to see Saya, "What?" Naruto asked.

"I've been thinking. My house isn't that far from here and I was hoping we could go there. It's a mansion and my dad is pretty strong, and always has a group of well trained men with him. I'm sure they're alive and taking shelter at home, but I really would love it if we could all go there."

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Well, I don't mind. But Saeko and I are going to do some research. Just tell the others what you want to do and I'm sure they'll agree with you."

Saya smiled, "Okay." She turned her back to them, but quickly looked back at them, "You two better join back up with us soon." She said and went to the living room.

Naruto turned to Saeko, "Ready?"

Saeko opened the door, "I believe I've been waiting on you this whole time."

The blonde chuckled, "Let's go then." The two quickly walked out and opened the gate. They came up to the wall, but Naruto had another idea, "Since they're more than likely wanting to move, I'll just clear this." Naruto held out his hand, as his sword appeared in his grip.

Saeko tilted her head curious of what he was up to, "How are you going…"

"Just watch." He said and added a good amount of chakra to it. He stabbed his sword down on the ground and in a split second, the wall of bodies shot in the air. Saeko looked up to see how high they went, but when they slowed down, she saw that they were raining down. Naruto quickly grabbed her and vanished.

Time Skip: 2 hours

Location: Within the city

(This scene will be reduced and changed a bit compared to the anime.)

Saya and the others had all agreed about going to her parent's house. However, right now, they were in a major problem. Shizuka was driving the Humvee that her friend had in the driveway, but right now she wasn't. She ended up coming to a halt since a wired fence is blocking their path. To make things worse, a horde of walkers was coming toward them. Kohta was on top of the humvee sniping them one at a time. Takashi decided to go into the horde and shoot them up close with the shotgun. Not only did he use it to blow their heads off, but he used it as a combat weapon as well. Kaji was crouching down next to the humvee and taking them out one-by-one with the rifle, but when he was first using it, he had no luck of hitting any of them. Thanks to Kohta's advice earlier, he managed to get the hang of it. Rei, Saya, Alice, Shizuka, Yuuki, and Zeke were staying the humvee.

Kohta shot at another walker, but when he was going for the next one, nothing happened, "Damn it. I'm out of ammo completely."

The same thing happened to Kaji, "I am too." He announced.

Takashi kept swinging the shotgun at them and then blew one of their heads off by shooting right up at one of their chins, "Me too!" He said, as he began retreating back.

Kohta sighed and pulled Alice on top of the humvee, "Alice, I want you to jump over this bridge and run. We'll be right behind you."

"No! That's what daddy said and now… he…"

Kohta narrowed his eyes, "Don't worry. I promise, we'll be right behind…"

"Get them out of there!"

Kohta, Kaji, Takashi, and Alice glanced at the fence and saw a group of firefighters being commanded by a woman. She has long, light purple hair and eyes of matching color. She wears her hair down and has it much shorter in the front and pushed to either side of her face. She has a slender figure and dresses in a style which resembles the typical aristocratic attire which consists of a thin red dress, a white cloth wrapped around her arms and mid to lower body, and a silver necklace with a small charm on the front.

"Come on, jump over the fence." One of the firefighters said.

The group didn't have to wait any second and all got on top of the humvee, as they jumped over the fence. Once everyone made it over, the firefighters placed the hose on the fence and shot a blast at the incoming walkers, which sent them flying back.

"Mommy!" Saya yelled and jumped at her mother with open arms.

"That's Saya's mother?" Takashi asked.

Kaji was pretty shocked to see Saya's mother for the first time, "Apparently she is."

Kohta was smiling with drool leaking from the corner of his lips, "She's a goddess!"

Shizuka, Rei, Yuuki, and Alice (with Zeke by her side) were talking with the mother of Saya talking about how they've been living through this. Saya's mother wanted to hear more of this, but she realized where they were wasn't the best of places, "Come on. We'll head back to the manor."

Naruto and Saeko found themselves in front of a garage lot that's completely destroyed. They could tell that it used to be a garage due to the vehicles scattered everywhere. Next to the garage was the hospital. It seemed to look like that it's still in one piece. They walked towards the hospital and looked around as they did. With caution, they picked up the pace to the entrance. In just a matter of seconds, they were at the doors and began to wonder, where are all the walkers?

"Not one." The blonde looked at the glass doors and saw blood staining the floor inside, "This has to be the place."

Saeko pushed open the door and walked in with Naruto right behind her. Once they walked in, they looked to the counter on their right and saw a person's arm lying there, "Be careful." Saeko said.

Naruto nodded and walked a little ahead. Coming to a stop shortly after, he looked ahead and both of his sides to see pathways, "Three paths. We should split…"

"I don't think that's a good idea in a place like this." Saeko quickly said.

"Maybe, but aren't we wanting to make this quick so we can join back up with the others?"

"Well, yeah. But…"

"Wait a second." Naruto crossed his fingers, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Two clones appeared before them, "Okay. Clone one, you go straight and clone two, you go right. Busujima-san and I are going left."

"All right." They both said and quickly went down their assigned path.

"So you can make more than one clone?" Saeko asked.

"Yeah. Come on though, let's get down to this."

Shiroi and his group came up to a humvee sitting in front of a wired fence, "It looks as if another group came here too."

"Yeah." Kozlov replied and looked around to see all the bodies of the dead, "And it looks like they fought these to make it over."

"Hopefully that group isn't from that strange shady one. They tend to part themselves and do whatever they want." Kaze mentioned.

Shiroi placed his hands in his pockets and closed his eyes, "Even if it is, they still can't do anything."

Claire groaned, "Let's just go!"

A tick mark appeared on Kaze's forehead and glared at her, "Quit being impatient!"

"You keep standing there talking and not wrapping this up!"

"Because we're thinking of a plan you psycho!"

"Enough!" Shiroi shouted, which drew everyone's attention, "Here's what we're going to do. We're going to act like a normal group of survivors wanting to take shelter for the mean time. Whenever 'his' group decides to make a move on the manor too, we'll strike."

"Fine! Can we go now!" Claire asked.

Kaze was just about to say something to her, but Kozlov knocked him on the head. Kaze rubbed his head and glared at Kozlov, "What was that for!"

"What do you think?"

"Okay. Let's go." Shiroi announced.

Takagi's Manor

"Where's papa?" Saya asked.

"He's out doing business dear, but he should be back here soon." Saya's mom answered.

Takashi and his group were standing outside next to a fountain. Saya, Yuriko, Rei, Shizuka, Yuuki, and Alice were the ones sitting on the benches discussing about how they've been holding up here and all. They weren't the only ones out front since there was a large amount of people walking around and talking to each other. Little kids were playing laughing and playing with a soccer ball.

"Takashi." Kaji called out.

The teen looked at his friend, "What is it?"

"How do you think Naruto and Saeko are doing?" He asked and looked up at the sky.

Takashi smiled, "I'm sure they're…"

"They're just fine." Takashi and Kaji looked to see that Kohta had joined in, "Naruto and Saeko are the strongest of our group. They'll be just fine." Kohta stated with a big smile on his face.

Kaji smiled, "I'm sure they are. It's just, the thing I'm worried about is Kurama."

Takashi and Kohta cocked an eyebrow, "Kurama… that's the fox sealed in Naruto, right? Why are you worried about him?" Kohta asked.

"Because, that night when Kurama was in control of Naruto's body, Kurama was forced to submit. I'm sure Kurama isn't happy at all and will refuse to aid Naruto if something were to happen."

"Come on. This is Naruto we're talking about." Takashi reminded them.

"Yeah but…"

A group of Yuriko's men charged up front to the closed gate, which drew everyone's attention. Yuriko got up from the bench and walked over to the gate, while everyone remained standing behind. Takashi and everyone else could see that there was a group of five people outside the gate.

Yuriko approached the gate with her men up front, "Are any of you bit?" She asked.

The guy with the long spiky silver hair shook his head, "We're all perfectly fine. We came here hoping to seek shelter here and assist you all."

Yuriko stood there for a brief moment, "Let them in."

One of the men went to the side of the gate and hit the switch, which caused the gate to slowly open.


Clone 1

The clone of Naruto came to a stop from his search since a door that was half closed was the only thing in his way to continue. There weren't any windows to show what would be inside. The clone placed its hand on the door and slowly pushed it open, as he took a step forward. The door fully opened to show that the room was a complete mess. The room wasn't entirely big, but there's a desk that's completely smashed down the middle and a couple more on the opposite side, a couple of chairs tossed around, papers everywhere, bloodstains throughout the floor and walls, and a couple corpses leaning against a wall. The clone took a couple steps forward, "Hmm, this doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for." The clone walked around the room examining closely. After the clone gave the place a good thorough look, it dispelled itself.

Real Naruto

The blonde came to a stop after feeling his clone return to him. Saeko stopped behind him and looked at him. Naruto sighed and looked at Saeko, "The first clone found nothing. The second one's still out there, so hopefully he'll find something."

Saeko placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder and looked passed him, "Well, maybe we'll find something."

Naruto turned back around and saw a couple doors up ahead, one on the left and one on the right. Earlier, the two have been seeing nothing but patient's rooms, but now they found something. Up ahead, the hall kept going, "Okay, I'll check the room on the left."

Saeko nodded and ran passed him, as she took the door on the right. Naruto walked to his door and saw that it was actually opened slightly. He placed his hand on the door and pushed it opened and saw that the room isn't that big, but he did see a blood trail that led behind a desk. Calmly, he walked in toward the bloodstain on the floor and came around the desk to see a walker devouring a corpse. The corpse's legs were completely gone and its stomach was torn open. Naruto sighed, which drew the walker's attention. The walker turned around, but just as it did, it was pushed down on its back. It struggled to free itself from being pinned by Naruto's foot. The blonde turned his body to where his other foot hovered above the walker's head. Naruto lifted his foot up a bit and then slammed it down crushing the walker's head, as blood completely poured out all around it.

Naruto walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Saeko also came out from the room she checked, which the blonde looked at her, "Anything?"

Saeko closed the door behind her and shook her head, "Nothing."

"Let's keep going then." Naruto stated.

Clone 2

The last clone of Naruto came across a dead end, but a couple doors, one on each side. The one on his right had a tag on it saying, "Faculty Only." The one on his left seemed to be the last patient room of the hall. Pushing the door on his right open, the clone stepped in and saw that this room turned out to be a stairway. The clone walked over to the railing and looked down to see that this is a one-way only going down. Shaking his head, the clone stepped back, "Okay then," He paused, but grabbed the railing, "Only way to find out." The clone then jumped over the railing.

Takagi Manor

Takashi and the others were on the balcony looking over the courtyard and talking to each other, except for Alice since she found a bed to take a nap on, "So, who are those guys?" Yuuki asked.

Everyone shrugged, "I've never seen them before." Takashi answered.

Kaji stared down at the new group standing by the fountain that they once were, "Yeah. But hey, did you notice the guy with the silver hair acts a bit like Naruto?"

"What do you mean?" Rei asked.

"Look at him." The others looked down toward the new group and mainly looked at the guy Kaji's referring to, "He has that same expression."

With Shiroi and his gang

Kaze and Claire were once again arguing as usual, while Kozlov kept trying to break them up. Shiroi had his hands buried in his pockets and had his eyes closed. Hikari was standing next to him and felt like she was being watched, "Shiroi." She quietly said.

"I know." He quickly replied and opened his eyes to look at the argument going on, "Kaze. Claire."

The two quickly stopped their fussing and looked at their leader, which Kozlov stumbled forward a bit from their sudden stop, "Yes?" They both asked.

"Go up and meet the group watching us."

Kaze and Claire didn't look up since they knew that they were being watched, "Yes sir." They both said and walked to the manor's entrance.

Kozlov turned around to look at Shiroi, "What if they're suspicious about us?"

"Just let those two take care of it."

Takashi and the others

"Where are those two going?" Rei asked.

"They're going inside obviously." Saya answered.

"Another one of them is also going somewhere." Kaji announced, which everyone looked back towards the fountain to see the darker guy of the group parting himself from the other two.

The darker one of the group approached a group of Yuriko's men that were talking at the gate and decided to jump in a friendly conversation, "He's just talking with other people, so what?" Saya stated.

"Saya's right. He's just getting to know people." Kohta mentioned.

"Shut up fatty. I don't need anyone saying I'm right. I'm always right."

Shizuka just stood behind the others a bit and just remembered something, "Do any of you have a phone on you?"

They all turned to look back at her, while Takashi reached into his pocket, "Yeah, but why do you need it?"

He handed it to the nurse, which she took it and began to punch in a number, "To call my friend and let her know that we borrowed her humvee." She placed the phone up to her ear and began waiting for an answer.

After a couple rings, a feminine voice was heard, "Hello?"

Shizuka squealed a bit, "Rika-chan!"

"Shizuka? Where are you?"

"We're here at the Takagi manor."

"We? Who's with you?"

"Oh, a few students from the academy. Oh! And we met this boy when we left the academy."

On Rika's end, she quirked an eyebrow, "Boy?"

"Yeah, we've never seen him before, but he's been protecting us. I haven't seen anyone else fight like him."

"Shizuka, be careful around him."

Shizuka groaned, "Why?"

"Well, we got Intel that there's some group running experiments on the dead and the results are turning out horrible."

"What? Naruto wouldn't be apart of that. He's young and so protective."

"Just be careful. I should be there in a couple days and I'll question him when I get there."

"Rika-chan!" Shizuka called out, but there was no voice coming from the other end. The nurse handed the phone back to Takashi.

"What happened?" Kaji asked.

"My friend is on her way here and is wanting to meet Naruto." The busted blonde answered.

"Okay? She'll like him." Takashi said.

Shizuka shook her head; "She thinks he's apart of this group that's working on the infected, which those experiments turned them into something far different."

The others went wide-eyed, "What? Why would she think he's one of them?" Saya asked.

"I don't know, but…"

"Hello there." A voice from behind them caused the group to turn around and see the two people that left from Shiroi's group.

The group was astonished at first, but they waved it off, "You're the two from that group." Rei mentioned.

Kaze nodded, "Yep, my name's…"

The woman stepped forward, "My name's Claire."

Kaze's anger began to boil once more, but he managed to keep it under control, "And I'm Kaze Suchiru."

Claire's eyes fixed on Saya, "You must be the daughter of the Takagi family. Saya Takagi, right?"

The pink haired girl was curious of this, but decided to hold it off and to go with it, "Yes."

Claire smiled widely and grabbed Saya's hand, "It's finally nice to meet you."

Kohta's eyes were glued to Claire due to her outfit. The country-dressing woman noticed, but she ignored it. Shizuka, Yuuki, and Rei moved over to Saya's side, while Takashi and Kaji went up to Kaze, "So, how did you and your group find this place?" Kaji asked.

Kaze placed both of his hands on the back of his head, "Well, someone else in our group knew about this place and knew exactly how to get here. So, here we are."

"Did you happen to run into a lot of them?" Takashi asked.

"Nope, only a couple of them here and there, but not many. Something happened last night and we couldn't see from where we were staying, but we did manage to see a red glow from the mall."

Takashi and Kaji tensed up wondering if they knew about Naruto, "We saw that too." Kaji said.

"Yeah, it's kind of hard not to see it." Kaze rolled his eyes, "Bodies were all over the city and not to mention, that two story giant. You wouldn't happen to know what that red glow was, would you?"

"Is he trying to figure out if there's more of us? They're up to something." Takashi thought.

Just before Kaji could answer, people on the courtyard began to gather around, as a few vehicles came driving in. They all looked down and watched what was going on, "That's…" Kohta couldn't finish.

The vehicles came to a stop and the door to the black one up front opened, "Yes. He's the former lord of Tokonosu. The head of the Takagi family." A tall man with an intimidating gaze of a predatory animal stepped out of the truck. He has orange colored eyes and has jet-black hair. A sword was tightly gripped in his left hand. He looked forward at Yuriko with a few of her men standing next to the fountain. Her men bowed their heads, while she just stared at the man, "The man who judges everything by his rules… my father."

Souichiro walked up onto a steel platform that was placed in front of the fountain. The platform gave him a good height to where everyone looked up at him. A forklift came driving in with a caged walker that has black hair and wore the standard uniform of Souichiro and his men inside, which had everyone's attention, "This man's name is Tetsutarou Doi. He's the former retainer of the family, which served the Takagi family. He is also my best friend." The forklift came to a stop in front of the platform, which the cage was lined up in front of him, "Today, during the rescue operation in effort to save his associates, he was bitten. This is the ultimate case of self-sacrifice. What he did was something noble, something any human being could do. However, he is no longer a human. He's become something extremely dangerous." The walker lunged forward groaning and grabbed the cage, which a few people gasped. Souichiro drew his sword, "That's why…" He raised his sword high in the air with both of his hands firmly gripping the handle, "As a man of the Takagi family, I shall fulfill my obligations of the retainer." The forklift driver came to the side of the cage and unlocked the cage. The walker lunged forward groaning once again and broke out of the cage, as it charged at Souichiro.

Glass shattered, which drew most of the people's attention to the other way to see a broken bottle and a woman with a baby in her arms. She knelt down, "So sorry, my baby is just…" She wiped it up and looked back toward Souichiro, as she gasped, which people were astonished. They were now looking at a headless Tetsutarou lying on the platform and his head was now floating in the fountain. Blood began to stir in the water, while some people couldn't find themselves to look.

"This is the present we're facing. And so! Even if they're your wonderful friends, beloved family members, and people you once loved… You must defeat them without hesitation. If you want to survive, you must fight!" People were silenced, while back on the balcony; Saya just angrily stared at her father walking off the platform and right pass Yuriko, which she followed closely behind him.

Kohta looked down feeling disgusted, "What's the matter Hirano? You don't look so well." Takashi asked.

"Sword's are incredibly efficient."

"What are you talking about?"

Kohta glanced at Takashi, "I said they're inefficient!" A Japanese sword can break if it hits bone. It's useless after slicing three or four people!"

Claire stepped in, which Kohta looked at her, "You can't say that for sure. Even in the way of a sword, numbers determine your strength. The swordsman technique, the quality of a sword is meant of strength. If these elements are at high levels, you won't lose your fighting strength. No matter how many people you have to fight against."

"But once the sword has blood on it, then it's impossible to…"

Takashi stepped towards Kohta and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Hey Hirano, that's enough."

Kohta instantly shoved it off and glared at him, "Don't touch me! And don't interrupt me, you can't even shoot a gun properly without being right up in front of someone."

Saya had heard enough, "Hirano! You need to back off!"

Kohta ran back inside not wanting to hear anymore, "Hirano!" Takashi called out and went after him.


Clone 2

After what seemed like forever, the clone made it to the bottom, "Such a long way down here." He saw that the door in front of him was slightly open and he could hear chatting coming from inside.

"Come on! We can't afford another accident like last night."

The clone quietly approached the door and peaked through the little crevice to see some people wearing lab coats. That wasn't all though, the clone also saw a couple shady people that looked all too familiar, "It's those people from that group, but what are they doing here?" The clone whispered to himself. He looked closer and saw a table with a walker strapped down on it. A couple people went up to it and had a syringe in their hand.

The clone tensed up, "They're making them different!" It quietly shouted.

A clapping sound came from behind the clone, which he quickly turned around to see one of the shady people, but was instantly stabbed by a blade, "Bravo, but you won't live to see…" The clone puffed away, "What the hell?"

Naruto and Saeko came to a dead end, but there was just a single door in front of them, "Just one room at the end of such a long hall?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, usually there was a guard back there preventing anyone from coming down here." Saeko answered.

"Then let's see what's in here." The blonde opened the door and stepped in with Saeko right behind him.

They looked around and saw that this room was completely clean. To their right, there's a desk with a computer monitor on it. On the left, there's a door, but they didn't continue just yet, "Strange…" Naruto mentioned.

Saeko went up ahead of him and saw a computer that's turned on. She walked over to it and saw some strange notes, "Naruto-san, come look at this."

The blonde turned to her voice and came to her, "What?"

"On here it looks like some experiment results."

The blonde examined the notes closely and began to read one of them, "Subject A was injected with Substance B. The Subject didn't seem to change in appearance, but some how it turned out to spit some kind of acid from it's mouth."

"That's what blinded me back at the household." The blonde mentioned, but continued on.

"Text Subject B was injected with Substance C and the subject became far more aggressive. We let it outside and it grew larger in size. The muscles were heinous looking."

"This is…" Naruto didn't bother to finish and read the last one.

"Text Subject C was injected with Substance A and showed no sign of reaction. So, we threw it outside since it was useless. However, the men that took it outside said it began to grow like Subject B, but far more and faster. They said it grew to be about a two story giant."

"They're…" Naruto then felt his last clone return to him and registered everything it saw, "Shit!" Naruto turned back around and jolted for the door they came from, "Why did this come so late?"

"Naruto-san! What happened?" Saeko asked, as she remained where she is.

The blonde stopped just before the door and looked at her, "My last clone found where they're testing on the walkers. And not just that, those people that were dressed all shady are in on this!"

The door opened, but not just the door that let them in here, the other door that they were curious about opened as well. Naruto was forced to step back to the middle of the room, while Saeko looked to see that a group of those shady people came in from both sides with all sorts of blades in their hands, "Bravo, bravo, Naruto Namikaze." The leader clapped.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "How did you know I was coming?" The blonde asked.

"More like, how didn't I know you were? You're the one that wants to get down to things and find out about stuff. So, I easily knew you would come. That two story giant was what led you here."

"Why are you making the dead worse? You're putting yourselves at risk too."

"Simple, I just want people to perish. I love seeing them be killed. Let me ask you Namikaze, have you ever killed someone?"

The blonde went back into his mind trying to remember and found out that he hasn't, "No."

"I see. Well, once you kill someone for the first time in your life, you get this feeling within you. That feeling wants to make you kill more and more. So, I did, then after hearing and seeing about this breakout, I decided to have the dead become far more."

Naruto held out his hand, as his sword appeared in his hand, which the leader knew what was coming, "Don't even try." Another shady person came in, but with a gun in their hand pointed right at the blonde.

"Naruto boy, after that performance you showed me last time we met, we've got word that someone wants you captured. You interested that person so much, that we have a special test just for you. So, how about you just come with us and…" The leader motioned his hand toward Saeko, which the armed character pointed their gun at Saeko this time, "We won't have to kill her."

Naruto sighed, as his sword vanished. He looked back at Saeko and called her to him, which she came to him. The blonde looked back at the leader, "At least let me say bye to her."

"Very well."

Saeko came up to him and looked at the blonde questioningly, "What are you doing? You're not going to go with them are you?"

Naruto looked at her and leaned towards her ear, "Follow my lead." He whispered and pulled away, but then he leaned closer to her. Saeko caught onto it and leaned towards him too, with their lips closing in on each other.

The leader had about enough, "Let's go!" He shouted and walked toward them.

Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a smoke bomb, as he slammed it to the ground. The leader and his crew couldn't see a damn thing. The smoke expanded to where the crew couldn't even see their teammates, "Get them!" The leader ordered, which they jumped in to where they last saw the blonde.

The smoke began to die down, which everyone could see now. The leader saw that his men were piled on top of one another, "Where did they go?"

The pile of men got up and looked around. The doors were shut, but then the leader decided to look up and saw a hole in the ceiling, "Damn it. Let's go! They're probably going to the Takagi manor now."

Outside the Hospital

Naruto and Saeko were back out in front of the hospital building, "We need to get back to the others." The blonde mentioned.

Saeko nodded, "I know how to get there from here."

"Good." Naruto replied and quickly picked her up bridal style, which caused the purple haired beauty to gasp from his sudden action. He then jumped up high to the nearest roof and jump to the next one, so on, so on. However, coming around the hospital, a group of vehicles came speeding out and making their way to the manor.

Takagi's Manor

Time Skip: 26 minutes later

Shiroi and his group were back together again and once again; they're standing next to the fountain. Shiroi was on his phone, "They're coming your way!"

"Okay, we'll just continue fitting in for now. However, don't attack just yet."

"Why not? That brat's going to rat us out."

"We can't earn their trust in this little time. I want you and your men to go back and remain there until I say so."

"But what if he informs Souichiro and they come after us?"

"Don't worry, I'll keep him from doing so and if he manages to tell him, I'll tell you. That's when you leave quickly to the next place."

A sigh of annoyance came from the other end, "Fine!" Shiroi hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket.

"What was that about?" Claire asked.

"They should be here any second."

"What? We haven't even…"

Right in the middle of the courtyard, Naruto appeared with Saeko still in his arms. People gasped wondering how he got in here, but then Souichiro's men ran after him and quickly surrounded him. The blonde placed Saeko down on her feet, as they both stood straight up. The two of them looked around to see that they were surrounded, "Stop!" Naruto and Saeko looked toward the direction where the voice came from and saw Saya coming to them, "They're my friends." She said.

Souichiro came from behind his daughter and pushed her back a bit, "Move aside." He said coldly.

Saya nearly tripped, but she gained her balance and glared at her father, "Who are you two?" The leader asked, as he stepped into the circle.

"I'm Naruto." The blonde said.

Souichiro then looked at Saeko, "And you?"

"I'm Saeko Busujima."

Souichiro felt a nerve strike, "You're Mr. Busujima's daughter."

"You know my father?"

"Yes, please come." Souichiro invited her, which she looked at Naruto and saw him nod. She followed the head of the Takagi family out of the circle.

Naruto tried to follow her, but was still surrounded, "Am I not able to leave?"

"No." Souichiro came back into the circle.

"Father!" Saya shouted, "Naruto's been with us for a long time now. He protected me the entire time!"

Souichiro ignored her, "Wait! Mr. Takagi!" Takashi and the others came running to join Saya's side, "She's right. Naruto's been with us this whole time protecting all of us."

"You children are foolish. I've got word from a friend saying that this boy could possibly be responsible for making the dead worse. That friend also told me that you came from nowhere and that no one has ever seen you around the city before."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Wait a minute! I just got back from investigating on how they were getting worse!"

"He's telling the truth!" Kaji shouted.

"Naruto-san and I really did get done with investigating." Saeko said.

"Father! He's telling the truth!" Saya chipped in.

"Enough!" Souichiro shouted and then walked up to the blonde. The men surrounding the two remained aiming their guns at the blonde.

Souichiro glared at the boy and delivered a deadly right hook to the blonde. Naruto's head was forced to turn his head to the left, "Father!" Saya shouted even louder, while everyone gasped.

Naruto looked at Souichiro, but then once again, he received another deadly right hook, "Mr. Takagi! Stop!" Takashi yelled and ran toward the circle, but one of the men stopped the teen.

"You disgust me boy. If people are dead, why turn them into monsters?"

Naruto spat out blood and looked back at him, "I told you, I…" Souichiro then kneed the blonde's gut, followed by an uppercut. Naruto quickly recovered himself and this time, he caught an oncoming punch from him. However, he heard sobbing from outside the circle. He looked behind Souichiro and saw Saya crying, but that wasn't it, he saw her shaking her head and saw she was hoping he would get the message.

Naruto closed his eyes and let go of the man's fist. Souichiro punched the blonde hard on his chest a couple times and then delivered a deadly punch to his gut. The blonde's eyes went wide slightly and coughed out some blood, "Why does this feel so familiar?" He asked himself in his mind.

Souichiro kicked the blonde hard against his stomach, which caused the boy to slide back a bit, "Because. This is how you were treated when everyone knew you had me sealed in you." Kurama answered.

The former leader of Tokonosu then held out his sheathed sword and slammed it hard against the blonde's stomach. The wind was literally knocked out of the poor boy from such a hit like that and fell to his knees, "You're right. I remember now. Now, these people here think I'm the reason that the dead are far worse than usual."

Souichiro looked down at the blonde, while Naruto looked up at him with a blurry vision, "Yeah. I told you…" Souichiro spat on the ground next to the blonde and kicked his head hard causing the blonde to fall on his side, "They're no different."

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