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Chapter 8: Departure

Time: 7:08 p.m.


"Hmm? What is it kid?"

"You're right."

Kurama sighed, "Naruto, back then, why did you let him tear you up like that?"

"Because, if I were to fight back, then they wouldn't believe anything I said. I don't want that to happen. They need to know the truth. And when I get out of here, I'm going to tell them exactly that."

"You know, that might not be the only thing you'll have to explain. The way you made your entrance caused several questions to be asked about you."

"Yeah. That too."

"Wake up!"

Naruto's eyes opened and now he was looking at reality. His eyes scanned the area and saw that he was locked in the same cage as the walker that Souichiro had killed. Looking around one more time, he realized that the cage was sitting on top of a steel platform. He also realized that he's been sitting on his knees the entire time he was unconscious.


Naruto turned his head to see one of Souichiro's men standing in front of him, "What?"

"Here." The man held out a bowl of soup for the blonde.

Naruto tried to grab the bowl, but he couldn't withdraw his hands from behind, "What the hell?"

"You're cuffed, which is why I'm feeding you the soup you sick bastard."

The blonde held back his anger, but decided to cooperate, as he placed his lips on the edge of the bowl. The man then tilted it, that way Naruto could get every last bit of what's left. Once the blonde finished, Souichiro's dog withdrew his arm out of the cage and walked back to the manor.

"Remember, if you want to tell them the truth, just hold in that anger. If you let loose, they won't believe you at all." Kurama mentioned.

"I know."

The blonde remained sitting there on his knees with his head hung low, while staring down at the base, "Naruto?"

Naruto lifted his head up and saw a dark man standing in front of the cage, "Who are you?"

The darker man chuckled, "I'm Kozlov."

"How do you know my name?"

"Well, how do I not? After all, your friends were yelling your name when that event happened."

Naruto kept his usual bored expression, which Kozlov chuckled. Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "What?"

"You remind me of our leader."


Footsteps drew the blonde's attention, while Kozlov stepped aside. Naruto saw a man with silver spiky hair come up to him. He saw that this guy has the same expression on his face too. The two stared at one another, while Kozlov kept glancing back and forth between them, "This man here is…"

"Shiroi Inazuma. And you must be Naruto."

"You don't say? Kozlov here told me how pretty much everyone knows my name now."

"Well, let me introduce you to," Shiroi placed his hand on Hikari's head, "This is Hikari Majikku."

The blonde gazed to the man's left and didn't even realize the shorter girl standing next to him in the first place, "And this is," Two more people came in, "Kaze Suchiru and Claire."

Claire tilted her head a bit and walked up and got closer, "He sure does act like you Shiroi."

"He sure does. You both have the same hairstyle and expression." Kaze mentioned.

Naruto didn't say anything and was still pretty shocked about Hikari, "How did I not see her? She was there the whole time, but how did I not see?"

Claire smiled, "He's even cute." She slid her arm into the cage and placed her hand on the blonde's left cheek. Naruto didn't say anything, as Claire then began to trace his whisker marks, "And these whisker marks make him even cuter."

A tick nerve struck Kaze, while the other three just stood there, "He's cuter then you Shiroi." Claire mentioned again and withdrew her arm.

Claire stepped back, as Shiroi was the one to step up this time, "The reason why we're here is because I would like you to join us."

"Why would I join you?"

"Simple. We can get you out of there and why not? Do you honestly want to be around these people?"

Kaze stepped up, "Yeah. You didn't deserve that…" Kaze looked closely at the blonde's eyes, "What the hell's with those eyes?"

"Hmm?" Claire shoved Kaze aside and went back up. She looked at his eyes and smiled, "They're beautiful!" She said.

Kaze whipped his body back and placed his hand on Claire's shoulder, "You're starting to…"

Claire glared at Kaze, "Get your hand off me."

Kaze grinned, "Oh? Are you finally ready to go?" He asked, as he used his free hand to reach around his back.

Claire grabbed the handle of her sword, "Enough!"

The two looked at Shiroi and bowed their heads, "Sorry Shiroi." They both said.

"Anyway," Shiroi looked back at Naruto, "What do you say?"

Naruto shook his head, while Shiroi closed his eyes, "Very well." He said, as him and the others walked away.

A sigh escaped the blonde's lips, as he maneuvered himself to where his legs stretched out in front of him. He leaned back against the cage and closed his eyes.


Naruto was now standing in front of Kurama's cage, "Just one whole day in here and then I can explain everything."

"Yeah. One whole day that we have no clue what'll happen." Kurama mentioned.

"Shut it."

Kurama sighed, "Just a fair warning, if tomorrow gets real bad… I will force my way of taking control to get us out of here."

"You won't do anything."

"You fool! Why would you let them treat you like that?"

"Don't worry about it."

Kurama growled in frustration, "You're pathetic! You act so tough and all, but you're too soft! You let people like them push you around and mistreat you! Why? Why are you being so soft?"

Naruto stood there with his arms crossed and stared up at Kurama. The blonde didn't say anything and decided to turn his back to the cage. This infuriated Kurama, which the fox banged its head against the cage, "Take this seal off and let me out! You obviously don't know what the hell you're doing!"

"Anger like that will get us nowhere. You always want to kill and make things worse. You don't even stop to think what that would cause."

"Shut up! It's not like anything will happen! They'll be dead and can't do anything!"

Naruto placed his hands in his pockets, "There's other ways to take care of situations like this. And killing could be one, but that doesn't make it right. If we're going to go back to our home world, these people deserve to know what's causing all this to happen. Once they know, then they can take care of themselves. I don't like killing people, but…"

"Bull shit! You've killed several of them ever since we came to this world!"

"Wrong. I haven't killed one living person. I've only killed the dead."

Kurama went silent, "Those people were human, but now they're not. By the looks of it, if those things bite you, that person will eventually die and come back as one of them. That's not living. They're already dead."


"We're done discussing this. Let me handle this."

Kurama was once again silent. The fox just sat there in the cage watching the blonde walk off, "You better know what you're doing."

Next day

10:17 a.m.

Naruto's eyes opened and he first saw people walking around. He remained leaning against the cage and closed his eyes once again. The blonde just wanted today to be other with quickly so he could warn these people.


The teen opened his eyes to see Takashi, Saya, Saeko, and Kaji, "What is it?"

"How are you feeling?" Kaji asked.

Naruto closed his eyes and remained leaning back, "I'm feeling fine. You don't need to worry about me."

Saya stepped up and looked at him, "I-I'm sorry my father did that to you yesterday."

Naruto kept his eyes closed, "Why are you apologizing? He just thinks I'm apart of something that I'm not. Tomorrow, I'll explain everything to him."

"Naruto-san…" The blonde opened his eyes and glanced at the purple haired beauty, "I tried telling Mr. Takagi."

"Tried?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yeah. He didn't believe any of it one bit."

Naruto's eyes widened slightly.


Souichiro walked away from the unconscious blonde that was being held prison now. Saeko didn't like this one bit and ran up to Souichiro, "Mr. Takagi, you can't do this."

Souichiro stopped and looked down at Saeko, "Come. We'll talk more about this."

Dojo room

Saeko was sitting on her knees on a mat with a sheath in her hands, while Souichiro was sitting cross-legged across from her.

"What do you think of it?" Souichiro asked.

Saeko kept staring at the weapon, "I've heard the rumor that Busujima-sensei believes his daughter is the sword user and believes that the daughter is every bit as skilled as Sanoko Chiba. Therefore, you must be a pure and graceful maiden. Even if you touch the sword directly, it won't be stained."

Saeko held up the sheath and drew the sword out a bit, "This is…" She then unsheathed it and held it out, while staring at it, "It's truly unusual."

"Do you see it?"

"It has a slightly curved blade pattern. This is a double edge Kissaki Moroha." Saeko then sheathed it and looked back at Souichiro, "I think this is a Murata sword."

Souichiro smiled, "Indeed it is what you say. During the Meiji era, Major General Murata, who's known for the Murata rifle, had it made at the Tokyo Army Arsenal. He cut a pig's head in half without even scratching the blade."

Saeko placed the sheath down in front of her, "It was an honor to have seen it, but…"

"It belongs to you now."

Saeko was astonished for a split second, but looked back at him, "With all due respect, I cannot accept this without a proper reason."

Souichiro rested his head on his fist, "Busujima-sensei has taught me many things. Accept it as a token of my gratitude."

"Then I shall pass it to my father."

Souichiro placed a hand on his knees and began to laugh, "You really are fitting to be the daughter of the Busujima family. You are very straightforward."

Saeko smiled lightly and looked off to the side, "Please forgive me for that."

Souichiro stopped laughing and put on his serious look again, "I'm certain you're already aware of this, this is also for my foolish daughter."

Saeko smiled again and looked down at the floor, "It's true I saved her once back at the school," She looked back up at Souichiro, "If you want to protect her so much, why don't you keep her by your side? The daughter of the Takagi family loves and respects her parents a lot from the bottom of her heart."

"A child resembles its parents."

"The more reason to do it then. Maybe instead of me, you could have Naru…" She blinked once, "You could have Naruto-kun hold it. After all, he's the reason why we're all still…"

"No. A friend of mine named Rika told me to hold him captive."

Saeko's eyes widen, "Shizuka's friend?" Saeko thought.

"I can see how much you care for him, but…"

Saeko frowned sadly, "But he's not. We've been with him ever since we left the school. He protected us all. He put his life on the line for us. So, why would you think he's the reason for them?"

"I'm sorry, but he'll more than likely be terminated."

Saeko's eyes widened, "No! You can't!"

Souichiro closed his eyes, "There's nothing you can do to change this."

Saeko's eyes narrowed, "I'm sorry Naruto-kun." She thought.

End of Flashback

Naruto looked at Saeko's left hip and saw that she now carried the weapon that Souichiro gave her, "I see."

"I'm sorry Nar…"


"Wait, what?" Kaji asked.

"Leave." The blonde repeated.


Naruto sent a burst of his energy, which caused the group to step back, "Leave."

The group looked at him and felt hurt, but then they walked away. The blonde closed his eyes, "Oh? So you're going to ditch them?" Kurama asked.

The cuffs holding Naruto's wrists together broke, "Yes. I'm going to leave them and let them realize 'who' is really responsible for this."

"Oh? So you got this all figured out?"

Naruto looked to his right to see Shiroi's group coming out of the manor and coming towards him, "Yes."

The cage broke, as each wall of it dropped flat and made clinging sounds when it hit on the platform. All the people outside looked to the source and saw the blonde standing up, "He broke free!" Someone shouted.

Souichiro stood at the front doors that led inside the manor, "No! Don't let him get away! We need answers first!"

A group of Souichiro's men charged after him, but they all stopped once they were getting closer. They saw red aura whipping around him, "W-What is that?"

"So, are you going to kill them?"

"No." Naruto stood there and glared at Souichiro's men, "Don't you even try. I don't want to have to kill you all."

The blonde then looked at Takashi and the others to see their shocked faces, N-Naruto-san…" Saeko said.

Naruto closed his eyes and then hopped off the platform, "Get him!" Souichiro shouted.

Some of his men stood their ground, but a couple of them found themselves to charge at the blonde. Naruto quickly turned around and held out his hand, which the red aura shot out towards the men. The two dogs felt themselves being wrapped up, "W-What the hell is this?"

They felt themselves being pulled toward the blonde and began to panic, "No! Please!" The other one shouted.

Naruto landed a deadly punch on one of them, which sent him flying back. He then looked at the other one. Performing a few hand signs, he grabbed the man's neck, as a seal appeared on him. The man didn't feel any pain from it and then looked at Naruto, but was instantly punched like the other one.

Souichiro and everyone else were shocked at what the blonde could do, but that was when the red aura began to grow. It then spun around the blonde, trapping him inside.

"Stop him!" Souichiro demanded. However, his men couldn't find themselves to go after him.

The red energy then vanished to show that the teen was gone. The courtyard was absolutely silent, "Damn it!" Souichiro yelled in his head.

"T-That kid… he's… a monster." A woman stated.

Saeko felt a major pain coming from her heart. She placed a hand against her chest, "H-He left…" She held back the small amount of tears wanting to escape her eyes.

Shiroi grinned lightly, "This'll make everything easier."

Naruto appeared on a roof of a rather small building. However, Naruto had his sage cloak on this time, "So, you plan on going alone for now on?"

"For now, yes."

"You seem… irritated."

"You could say that. I'm tired of people falsely accusing me of problems."

"I see. What are you going to do then?"

Naruto shrugged, "Guess I'll just…"

"Help me!"

The blonde looked down to see a woman backed up against a wall with a couple walkers coming towards her. The woman seemed to be in her mid-twenties. She wore some short white colored shorts with a red short sleeve shirt. She has long blonde hair and blue colored eyes. Naruto also spotted a couple of walkers piled on someone not to far from her. He looked closely and saw that it was a man being devoured by them. Naruto looked back at down toward the woman and held his hand out facing down at her.

"Somebody, please…." She yelped when she felt that she wasn't standing on the ground anymore. Her eyes widened and then she began to scream, but she then found herself on top of a building in someone's arms. She was let free and then she looked at the person that saved her. She saw that it was a teen that saved her. Blonde spiky hair, whisker marks, muscular frame, strange outfit, and then those strange eyes of his. Before she could say anything, she began to think if this boy really saved her. Most of all, did he use some sort of trick to lift her off the ground.

"You should be safe up…" The blonde was cut off when he felt the woman hug him tightly.

"Thank you. Thank you."

Naruto placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her off gently, "Okay, but…" He was cut off once again, but this time she lunged herself at him and began kissing him.

"Hahaha! She's already in your debt. You saved her life and she practically wants you."

Naruto placed his hands on her shoulders again and gently pushed her off, "You really don't need to be thanking me like that." He said with a faint blush spread across his cheeks.

The girl smiled, "My name's Jessica."

"I'm Naruto. So, what were you doing?"

Jessica turned to look back down at the man being devoured, which Naruto looked down too, "A friend of mine and I were headed to a stronghold. We heard on a radio that the football stadium is safe."

"Football stadium?" The blonde asked.

Jessica turned to look at him, "You don't know what that is?"

Naruto shook his head, while Jessica tilted her head a bit, "You're not from here, are you?"

Once again, Naruto shook his head, "I see." The woman said.

"Yeah, I don't know my way around this place."

Jessica pouted, but then smiled, "You should come with me!"

Naruto tilted his head back, "And just where exactly is this stadium?"

Jessica's smile widened, "It's about a twelve hour travel by walking if we run into a lot of those things." A nerve struck her remembering what she was going to ask, "By the way, how did you do that?"

Naruto closed his eyes, "Something I can only do. You don't need to worry about me."

Jessica frowned a bit, but shook it off, "So, you want to come? I would love some company."

Naruto looked at her and saw her staring at him. He closed his eyes, "Fine."

"Thank you." She said and looked past him, "It's that way."

Naruto turned around and then looked down at the street to see a horde of walkers, "Well, we're going to avoid the streets and plus, we'll get there quicker than you think."


Naruto bent down and held his arms back behind him, "Hop on."

"Huh? Are you crazy?"

"Do you want to get there or not?"

"I do, but how are you…"

"Just shut up and hop on."

The woman frowned, but she went up to his back and gently wrapped her arms around his neck. She rested her chin on his left shoulder and felt his hands firmly grab her upper thighs. Naruto shot up and jumped to another roof. Jessica's hair flew back from the wind, as Naruto kept hopping from roof-to-roof, "H-How…"

Naruto didn't answer her and kept focusing on what's ahead. Jessica was still in her shocked state, but then smiled, "We'll be there in no time." She said.

Half an hour later

After jumping from roof-to-roof and changing directions, Naruto saw a large dome building just up ahead of him, "That's it!" Jessica yelled, which Naruto lowered his head from her sudden outburst.

The blonde stopped on the next building and examined the dome. Jessica leaned to her right and looked at the side of his face, "What's wrong?"

Naruto saw the entrances from his far position completely barricaded. However, his eyes looked at the top of the dome to see that the top was partially open, "Hold on tight."

The woman didn't ask why and simply obeyed, as she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. Naruto squinted his eyes from the lack of breathing, "Not that tight!"

Jessica quickly loosened her hold, "Sorry."

Naruto bent down and launched himself off the roof, while holding tighter onto the woman. In just a matter of seconds, he landed on top of it, which made a loud enough sound to be heard from within. The blonde walked over to where it was opened and saw that he could easily jump down. He hopped and let himself fall down into the stadium. Jessica closed her eyes, but shortly opened them due to the fact that they landed without any problems. Naruto slowly let go of her, which she got off him from his action. They both looked around to see that it was completely empty.

"Are you sure that there's supposed to be people here?" Naruto asked.

Jessica walked around looking all over the place, "Y-Yeah."

"It doesn't look like it. Come on, I'll drop you off at a place I…"

"Freeze!" The two blondes turned to their left and looked up at the seats to see a man holding a rifle that's aimed right at them, "I knew I heard something. Everyone!" More people came out, all with different sorts of firearms aimed at the two blondes.

"This can't be good." Naruto mentioned.

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