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Rose and Scorpius huddled together on the dewy banks of the black lake. The setting sun turned the clouds pinks, reds and purples that swirled across the sky. A cool autumnal breeze made a few leaves fall from the surrounding trees onto the red curls and the straight blonde heads. Rose felt Scorpius shiver against her.

"How long left?" He asked. Rose checked her gold watch that she'd inherited from her favourite Uncle, Charlie, who had been killed by a dragon a couple of months before. She felt the inscription on the back as if it were burned in her skin.

'Watch for the second star, so the first is not alone.'

It was a strange message to come from her never married uncle Charlie. It sounded like the sort of thing her 'Auntie' Luna would say, she had been alone once, and then found the D.A and it was all ok. Her Uncle Charlie had always been alone, except for the dragons that were his passion. Rose snapped back out of her trance.

"Not long now, not long...Scor?" She replied.

"Mmmh?" His voice was somewhat muffled by the fact that he was being squashed by Rose; he didn't look like he minded. Much.

"Make me stay." She pleaded, quietly. More leaves fell down on them. Only Scorpius knew how much grief this brought her, she'd always watched for the second star with her uncle.

"Of course I will, I always do." He answered, acting as though it annoyed him, her waiting for the second star. She knew better, she knew that he loved it.

"I'll always make you stay." Rose informed him, making it known that she was in charge of their friendship.

"I do... have we got time to dash up to the castle? Only I..." Scorpius was cut off by Rose who grinned and rolled her eyes.

"Get your jumper? I know." Hr nodded at her true words.

"Exactly, come on then." He began to trudge up the slope towards the tall castle.

"I'll never stop, you know." Rose told him. She heard his breath catch a little, she was being mean.

"Never stop what?" He asked carefully.

Rose raced ahead of him; as she ran she called over her shoulder.

"Going to get your bloody jumper."