So, this is my first Hell on Wheels fanfiction. It's mostly going to be about the past of some of the characters, and the chapters aren't going to be very long. I hope you all enjoy.

I do not own Hell on Wheels.

First story up is Elam's.

That man was a monster. Did he not already have a wife? Why did he have to chose her?

A slave must do what her master tells her. A slave mustn't fight back. He took her away one day, and now, now he was taking away her son.

She could not hate her son. He was not the one who did this to her. She had wish she could hate him. That would have made things so much easier, but she can't. She hated him at first, before he was born. She hated him so much, or that was what she wanted to do, but when she saw her little Elam and his innocent looking face, she couldn't. After all, he was just a poor baby. And he was going to grow up to be a poor man because he was nothing more than a slave.

He got older, and he was very bright. He was also very obedient and did what he was told. He learned what would happened if he disobeyed. He saw the results.

He looked so eager to be with that man, his father (monster). With his eyes all awe like, and she was crushed because of how much hope they had in them. Even if Elam knew that the man was rotten to the core in the back of his mind, his child thoughts told him to he was getting special treatment. It told him that master loved him.

He talked and talked about what he was learning from that monster. She had to scold him a few times. She had to tell him to not be so loud. If the master were to ever find out...She didn't want to think about what he might do.

He obeyed her. She was his mama after all.

She started to notice that Elam's eyes weren't as eager as they used to be whenever master would take him away. They had a hint of dread in them, and she hated that, she hated seeing him in pain. He was only a child, but he was not human.

They all were not human. Subhuman. Slaves. Only fit for obeying their master's whims. They could not ever hope to question their master nor actually truly think for themselves and make the appropriate choices.

She hated that man so much. She could not wait for the day in which he died.

She was so very afraid of him.

The whip. Cracking and cracking on the workers' back whenever they "disobeyed". There was so much blood and scars. She did not want that to happen to her son. Her brother got the whip a couple of times when they were younger. And she was always forced to watch that horrible scene over and over because her mind never stopped replaying that. Just liked how her mind won't stop replaying that rape. Monster.

He came back with a bruised face after spending some time with the monster. Elam just sat in the corner and cried. She let him cry; she even hugged him.

He wanted to scream, to hurt that man back, but all he could do was cry. That man was his father. Why then, did his father treat him poorly? Why didn't his father love him?

He tried reading for his father. He was really good at reading. Mimicking was what his father called it. He was beaten because he had embarrassed his father. Slaves weren't supposed to comprehend. They were supposed to stay stupid and obey.

Elam's mind made that connection. Knowledge was a dangerous thing to show around his father (he doesn't even deserve the title "father"). It would be better if he faked stupidity. Even if it hurt his pride.

It was only a matter of time before the fiend started to use the whip on the boy.