200 years into the future. Much has changed, but one thing remains the same.

Humans are still trying to destroy each other.

And Earth has finally given in to their brutal battles.

The only source of civilization is a place called Savannah.

Savannah is the only city that holds a sun crystal. With the sun crystal, light and warmth can be spread, and people—us—can rejoice.

But the rulers of the giant city were corrupt.

And so they abused the power of the crystal.

The fiery gem could take no more damage.

And so it shattered.

The corrupt rulers gathered the blackened ashes of the crystal and used it for their evil ways.

But one, just one, minute fragment survived.

It drifted off onto the seas, onto an unknown land called Amour.

And this is where the story begins.

About the four brave teens who destroyed Savannah.

And brought light and warmth to the planet again.