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Summary: Ron and Hermione seeing how close Harry and Ginny are try and help Harry overcome his shyness and look for a spell to use to give him the push to confess his feelings. Unbeknown to them, it isn't Ginny who Harry loves.

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The sun was just starting to rise at the burrow where everyone apart from Molly Weasley who was making breakfast, was sleeping. Except for one person who was stood outside and had been since the sun had come up. It was to be a busy day, Harry Potter ran a hand through his messy locks, he was to go into diagon alley today along with Ron, Hermione, Ginny and they were to meet Neville, Luna, Dean, Seamus and Hannah.

Together they were to buy their books. They were all returning to do their seventh year again and take their NEWTS. Harry was in two minds whether to go back because of what happened at the end of the war and his friends, so many he cared for had died that night, but with Hermione nagging saying he had to go back to finish school and Ron telling him to just say yes and save himself the earache he decided to go back.

So here he was awake and up before anyone else, not really looking forward to it as the more he thought about going back, the more he didn't want to. "Oh Harry dear you're up. Can you help me and feed the chickens please?"

Harry looked over his shoulder and saw Molly Weasley on the doorstep in her dressing gown. "Okay mum."

Molly beamed at what Harry called her and hurried on back inside. Harry smiled at the look on her face and remembered when he called her 'mum' for the first time. It was just after Fred's funeral and after everyone had either gone to bed or gone home.


Harry walked out of Ron's room and down the stairs, Fred's funeral had been the last one of many. Molly was to say something but broke down so Bill took over. All of the Weasley's were broken when Fred had gone, George more than the rest as he hadn't said anything until he said something today, saying goodbye to not only his twin, but his best friend as well.

Harry was on his way downstairs when he heard a noise come from the twins room, George had gone home as had Bill and Charlie was sharing with Percy and him with Ron and Hermione with Ginny, so as far as he knew, the twins room should be empty.

He put his hand on the handle and pushed the door open and saw Molly sat on Fred's bed. "Mrs Weasley?"

Molly sniffed and looked up. "Harry dear, are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Harry walked over and sat next to Molly on the bed and put an arm around her. "I know this is a daft question, but are you alright?"

"No Harry. I know I will be in time, but not for a while yet. I have lost my son Harry." she said, crying harder onto Harry's shoulder.

"I know I could never replace Fred, and I don't want to, but you have gained a son in me. If you will have me...mum?"

"Mum?" Molly whispered and lifted her head to look at Harry who gave her a weak smile. "If you will have me."

Molly sobbed and hugged Harry close. "I have always thought of you as my son Harry. Of course I will have you."

End flashback.

Harry was feeding the chickens when someone walked up to him. "Mum said you was feeding the chickens and that I was to come and help you."

"Morning Ginny."

"You do know that she has only sent me out here in hopes that our fling thing will pick up again don't you. You need to tell everyone you are gay Harry."

"I know Ginny but not yet."

"Do you have your eye on anyone then?"

"Not really. I'm glad I told you though. Ron, I dread to think how he will react, Hermione will be there for me and then get on at me to either find someone or tell everyone, whereas you. I can talk to you and you will just listen and help."

"As long as I can talk to you over my crush for Dean."

"You know you can."

"Then we can help each other out."

Harry laughed and drew Ginny into a hug.

Back inside the burrow, Hermione and Ron were stood at the kitchen sink, Hermione smiling at the sight at the chicken coop. "They are getting close again Ron."

"Ron, go and fetch Harry and Ginny. Breakfast is ready." Molly said as she set the table and turned back to the food to place it all on the table so everyone could help themselves.

As usual in the burrow, breakfast was a noisy affair, all the Weasley's plus Harry and Hermione visiting. Once breakfast was over, Arthur had kissed Molly on the cheek and flooed off to work and Ron, Hermione and Ginny rushed upstairs wanting to get to the bathroom first. Harry who had already showered and dressed before the others got up, stayed downstairs and help Molly clear up. "You're a good boy Harry."

"Well I am all ready to go mum so I might as well help you clear up instead of sitting and waiting for the others."

It was mid morning when Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione walked into the leaky cauldron and saw Dean and Seamus laughing with Neville who had his hand entwined with Luna's who was talking quietly with Hannah.

"Harry." Neville said, looking up and seeing the small group enter the pub with Harry in front.

After greeting, they all moved on and into diagon alley. Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Hannah had gone off together leaving just the boys to wander around. "So Neville, did you introduce Luna to your grandmother then?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. I don't know what I was so worried about. Afterwards when I asked her what she thought of Luna she said 'for someone who doesn't seem all there, she talks a lot of sense. You would do well to keep hold of that one.'"

"I bet if your gran didn't approve that wouldn't stop you would it."

"No mate. I love her. Nothing, not even my Gran will stop me from being with Luna."

Harry laughed and continued walking with Neville as they neared the book shop, not looking where he was going, Harry bumped into someone, making him stumble back, having the wall stop him from falling, but the person he bumped into was just getting to their feet, brushing their clothes down. "I'm sorry." Harry said without looking at who he knocked over as he was crouched down picking up their books.

"I can pick up my own books Potter."

Harry looked up to see Malfoy looking down at him, books in hand, Harry slowly stood up and handed them over, but not before catching the cover of the top book. "You're taking muggle studies this year? Why?"

Malfoy snatched his books from Harry. "My business is my own Potter." he snapped before walking away.

Draco stopped when he reached Blaise who was shaking his head at him. "You said this year is going to different. 'The war is over, I don't have to be afraid anymore, I can let people see the real me, more importantly I can let Harry see the real me and hopefully things will develop from there.' And what do you do as soon as you see Potter? You snap at him. Clever."

"Shut up Blaise, so I panicked, I have all year."

Harry entered the book shop and started to collect the books he needed for his final year when Ron walked up to him. "I saw you. Why was you talking to ferret?"

Ginny who was not far from them, pretended to look for books whilst listening.

"Ron don't call him that. There is no need for petty name calling, we're not twelve anymore."

"He is still a git."

"Not to me, we lost too many people in this war, we have all moved on from it and grown up, there is no need for name calling any more."

"I'm not going to be nice to him."

"I didn't say you had to."

"It was his choice for people to hate him and join the dark side."

"If Voldemort threatened to kill you and your family unless you joined what would you do? Malfoy had no choice. You could see he didn't want any of it. He could have easily have gave us away at the manor but he didn't."

"I don't care Harry, you always have a choice and the ferret made his." Ron said before walking away.

Harry sighed and watched his friend walk away before looking out of the shop window, locking eyes with those stony grey ones of a certain Slytherin before he broke contact and turned to face Blaise.

"Oh Harry you don't."

Harry turned and saw Ginny stood there. "I'm afraid I do Ginny."

"Out of all the men to fall for you would have to pick him wouldn't you."

Harry laughed. "You know me Ginny, never pick an easy task do I."

It was the evening before they all returned to Hogwarts, Ginny returning for for her final year and Harry, Ron and Hermione returning for their eighth year to do what they missed in their seventh.

Molly had Charlie, Bill, and George set the tables out in the gardens whilst Ron, Hermione and Harry were to set the table and Fleur and Ginny were to help Molly as she made the food and laid it all out on the table.

Once everything was set and ready, everyone was sat and talking amongst themselves whilst helping themselves to food, Hermione who was sat next to Ron, nudged him and told him to look further down the table where they both saw Harry and Ginny sat next to each other, talking and laughing. "Why don't they just kiss and get together already?"

"They will in their own time Ron. Is Harry blushing?"

"I wonder how lover boy would fit in with this lot." Ginny said, pinching a stick of celery off Harry's plate.

"He is not my lover boy."

"Not yet he isn't. But he will be. Not only did I see how you looked at him, I also saw how he looked at you. What do you think he will be eating? Treacle tart?"

"Draco doesn't eat that."

"Oh it's Draco now." she said, teasing Harry. "What about whipped cream?"

"Draco hasn't got a sweet tooth Ginny."

"I bet he soon would if the whipped cream covered your co-"

"Ginny! Just what are you and Harry talking about down there? He has gone redder than your hair." Hermione shouted.

Harry ducked his head when he heard Charlie and George laugh out loud at his awkwardness whereas Molly looked at her son and daughter and beamed. Talking and blushing, just how her and Arthur had started out.

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