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Summary: Ron and Hermione seeing how close Harry and Ginny are try and help Harry overcome his shyness and look for a spell to use to give him the push to confess his feelings. Unbeknown to them, it isn't Ginny who Harry loves.

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The eighth year common room was all done and ready and everyone was waiting for Ginny to come with Dean, there was Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Blaise, Theo, Pansy, Neville, Seamus, Luna, Hannah and a few other seven years that were friends with Dean.

Draco had told Ginny that everything would be ready if she got Dean to the common by eight.

"But Draco if we are having a meal in the room of requirement, how do I get Dean to the common room only to go back to the room of requirement again?" she had asked him earlier.

"Just tell him you want sex and you won't do it unless he has a condom, Dean doesn't strike me as the kind of bloke who carries them in his pocket wherever he goes, he will come back to his dormitory to get some."

"Why would we need a condom when there are spells to stop me getting pregnant?"

Draco sighed. "Will Dean be your first?"


"Then tell him you want to do things proper, no spells, just the two of you."

"Thank you Draco."

"It's alright, just don't tell your brothers about this conversation."

Some people were sitting talking, others were dancing and others were waiting for the birthday boy to arrive. Everyone went quiet when a silver horse came charging through the wall and stopped in front of Draco, speaking in Ginny's voice, "five minutes."

"You heard that everyone, get into position."

Draco ordered as the music was turned off and one by one, the candles went out.

It was just over five minutes later when the common room portrait opened and they all heard Dean's voice. "Why is everything in darkness?"

"I don't know Dean, light the candles, I can't see where I am going."

Dean flicked his wand for all the candles to be lit when everyone jumped up shouting out "surprise!"

Dean actually jumped back, banging into a laughing Ginny. "I see that you are surprised then. Happy birthday Dean." Ginny said, smiling as she kissed him.

Dean pulled back and leaned his forehead against Ginny's. "Does this mean I am no longer on a promise for tonight?" he whispered, only meaning for Ginny to hear.

"Promise! With my baby sister, if that relates to sex in any way, birthday or not, you're dead." Ron snarled.

"Ron they are both adults." Hermione said, trying to calm her boyfriend down.

"No they are not, it's like Harry said this morning, you are not of age until you are eighteen, and Ginny isn't, plus she isn't married."

"Ron you can not expect Ginny to follow that rule when you didn't with me." Hermione snapped.

At this point Draco started laughing and pointed at Ron, "he's gone almost as red as his hair."

Apart from that little hiccup at the start with a protective Ron, the party was going as Draco promised. Smoothly, better then Draco could have hoped for as the eighth years that shared the common room and weren't talking to each other before were actually laughing and joking together. Pansy was actually giggling away with Seamus' girlfriend Hannah. A Hufflepuff. This was one of those things that you had to see to believe, Draco decided.

Neville, who Draco always had down for the shy and stupid Gryffindor until last year when he stood and argued against Voldemort in his cardigan, spent most of the night either dancing with his girlfriend Luna or stood and watched as she danced on her own, either shaking her hips or waving her arms around in the air, much like at Bill and Fleur's wedding, going to Neville for him to spin her occasionally, which he was happy to do.

Draco noticed that after a few dances which started to get heated up, Blaise and Theo had retired to a chair with Theo straddling Blaise, playing with each others tonsils using their tongues, although Draco did tell them to take it somewhere more private when he saw Theo grinding down against Blaise who was holding Theo's arse tightly with both hands.

After making his rounds, so to say, making sure everyone was having a great time and happy with the results, Draco made his way over to Harry who was talking to Dean, Ginny, Hermione and Ron.

Coming up to him from behind, Draco slid his arms around Harry and pulled him close so his back was against his chest. He moved his head forward and placed a kiss on Harry's neck. "Hello." Harry said with a small smile.

Draco kissed Harry again in answer and looked at Dean, "Enjoying your party?"

"I really am, thank you for organising it all."

"My pleasure, I enjoyed doing it."

As the night went on people made birthday speeches and gave Dean his presents, Dean had thanked everyone for their gifts, Ginny for the party and Draco for organising it. And then Ginny got up to say something. "Just a couple of things. Firstly: I want to wish my gorgeous boyfriend here a very happy birthday." Dean moved over and kissed her cheek, "secondly: Thank you Draco for doing this for me and also thank you Harry for giving me the courage and push to tell Dean how I feel, a small thank you, I will thank you proper later, but for now, I want everyone to clear the small dance floor for Harry and Draco as I have a song that fits them perfectly, other couples can join in but let them have it alone for a bit first."

Everyone either moved to the sides or sat down as Draco dragged a reluctant Harry behind him. "What's wrong?"

"I don't dance Draco."

"You've danced with me loads of times."

"On our own yes. I don't dance well in company."

"Harry, if you just look at me whilst dancing you will soon forget those around us."

Harry smiled and nodded as he let Draco tug him onto the dance floor, wrapping his arms around the blonds neck. Draco smiled and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, pulling him close and started to kiss him as the music began.

I can't win, I can't reign

I will never win this game without you

Without you

I am lost, I am vain

I will never be the same without you

Draco's hips moved with Harry's as the occasional lyric drifted through their haze and made Harry pull away enough to smile at Draco, looking deeply into the grey eyes, and all Harry could think of was how much he loved the man before him, the man that Draco had become.

Without you

I won't run, I won't fly

I will never make it by without you

Without you

I can't rest, I can't fight

All I need is you and I, without you

Draco moved his hand down from Harry's back to cup his arse, bringing their cocks together, Harry moaning when he felt Draco's hardness press against his own. Harry started to sway his hips along with Draco's in a sensuous rhythm that left him panting and wanting more.

Can't erase, so I'll take blame

But I can't accept that we're estranged

Without you, without you

Draco saw how Harry was and smirked, determined to get Harry to cum right then and there, it wasn't until he heard Blaise shout out, "Harry's face, he looks like he is close. Go on Draco!" with Theo whistling to cheer him on.

Draco jerked back and stopped dancing which caused Harry to moan. "Why did you stop?"

"You are close to cumming."


"We have an audience, no-one but me gets to see your face and how you get when you cum." he growled, pulling Harry close again and walking them both from the dance floor.

As Draco sat in one of the nearby chairs and pulled Harry down to sit on his lap, others walked on the dance floor to dance to the rest of the song.

It was the following morning when Harry and Draco were stood on the platform. Draco was saying good bye to Blaise, Theo and Pansy, promising Pansy to write over the holidays and reassuring her that she will get her Christmas present off him and she will get it Christmas morning and no earlier. Draco knew what she was like, she wouldn't be able to wait.

Harry was hugging Ron and Hermione, Ron telling Harry to warn Draco that he should expect a hand knitted jumper from their mum and that Harry shouldn't be too surprised if he had a howler the following day from their mum asking him why he didn't tell her that he was in love and why he felt he couldn't tell her that he was gay.

"Well if mum does do him a jumper, tell her he is slightly thinner than me and that I want him to have a dragon on the front of it."

Ron frowned. "Why a dragon? I thought if he had an animal then he would have a snake to match his house, or a ferret to match his Patronus."

"The name Draco or Draconis is the constellation for dragon, and Draco's Patronus is a doe."

Hermione gasped. "And yours is a stag. Have you told each other?"

"Each other what?" Ron asked looking from his girlfriend to his friend. "Ron Harry's Patronus is a stag and Draco's is a doe. It shows that they love each other."

"That we do." Draco said, joining in the conversation as he said bye to his friends and held Harry from behind. "Harry was teaching me how to do a Patronus and I focused on my happiest memory, which is Harry and a doe erupted from my wand, Harry couldn't believe it and then showed me his Patronus."

"What happened then?" Ron asked.

"You're gonna regret this Weasley. We hurried back to our dormitory where I took Harry to my bed and fucked him into the mattress."

"Thank you for putting that image in my head." Ron sarcastically said as he said bye to Harry and boarded the train causing Draco to shout, "you asked Weasley," after him.

Draco woke up first on Christmas morning and smiled at the sight his lover made, sprawled out naked in bed. Draco couldn't help but stare at Harry and thank whoever was listening up there that gave him this fantastic chance to be with the man lying asleep beside him.

"Why are you staring?"

Draco blinked in surprise. "How did you know?"

"I can feel your eyes on me."

"Sorry, how about feeling this instead." Draco said huskily as he ground his morning erection against Harry's hip making the brunet moan. "Ah Draco."

"What Harry?" Draco teasingly asked,

"You know what. Oh you better doing something to me with that now or-"

"Or what?" Draco asked as he lowered his head and started to kiss Harry's neck, making him moan as he held the blond's head in place. "I'll...I'll...snap it off."

"Oh I don't think so Harry." Draco murmured into his neck as he lay fully on top of Harry who opened his legs more for his Slytherin to fit between them. "You enjoy it too much."

Harry growled in frustration and cupped Draco's face in his hands and pushed his head back to stare in those grey eyes. "Enough teasing Draco. I am hard and wanting you. Fuck me hard and fuck me now."

"Don't you want to open you presents first? It is already late morning?"

"Draco I am warning you."

The blond smirked, how he loved winding his Gryffindor up. He leaned over and picked his wand up and pointed it at Harry's entrance, magically preparing him. Draco smiled and attached his lips to the man's underneath him as he pushed forwards and into Harry as the Gryffindor lifted his legs and wrapped them around the blond's hips, making the blond go deeper into him.

"Merlin Harry how are you still tight." Draco asked as he drew back until only the tip of his cock was inside Harry before slamming forwards. "Oh gods Draco. Right there." Harry moaned out loud as he managed to hit the sweet spot inside of him.

Draco smiled as he started to move more, picking up his pace as he started to pound in and out of the man under him.

Harry tightened his legs around the Slytherin's waist, the heels of his feet digging into the globes of the arse that was constantly moving back and forth as the man above him slammed into him, Harry's blunt fingernails dug into Draco's back as he raked them downwards. "Oh Draco I'm close. Oh I'm cumming."

"Cum baby."

Harry yelled out Draco's name as his cock twitched before cum erupted from his tip in spurts, covering his stomach and chest, Draco following shortly shouting out Harry's name, filling the brunet up with his cum as he felt the legs drop from around his waist.

Draco had just enough energy to use a cleaning spell on them both before dropping onto Harry who was still panting, causing Draco to shiver as he felt the hot breath against his ear.

"Well when two of the remaining students were missing from the breakfast table this morning I started to worry, I started to go searching. What a stupid idea that was." said a stern voice from the doorway.

Draco rolled off Harry and keeping them both covered up, he cleared his throat. "Well at least we are somewhere private Professor and not in a corridor." he said when he saw Headmistress McGonagall stood there.

"Guessing what you two gentlemen have just done I should think so as well. I understand that being the only two eighth years here and having the common room and dormitory to yourselves you want to make the most of it, but you have two weeks to do so and I expected you downstairs in the great hall for breakfast this morning. Make sure you are there for dinner."

"Yes Professor." Draco and Harry said in unison.

McGonagall nodded and turned to leave, pausing at the door. "Happy Christmas." she wished them both and left without giving them any chance to reply.

They both laid there for a couple of minutes in silence before they both started to laugh. "It gets more graphic each time she sees us." Harry said, calming down.

Draco nodded and leaned up on his elbow, looking down at Harry. "Happy Christmas Harry."

"Happy Christmas Draco."

"I love you."

Harry smiled and reached up, winding his arms around Draco's neck, pulling him down to him. "I love you too." he whispered and then joined their lips together once more. Harry decided then and there, out of all of his years at Hogwarts and his Christmases, this year and this Christmas was by far the best. Not knowing that the blond above him was thinking the exact same thing.

Song was 'Without you' by David Guetta feat Usher

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