"Who are you talking to? Me? Or Sora?"

It was like looking at two sides of the same coin. They were completely different in every respect, yet somehow they were 2 halves of a whole.

One was blonde, his hair the color of warm sunlight, sticking up in a manner that looked like it was done on purpose. One was brunette his hair, reminding people of golden brown sand, just sticking up in all directions.

They both had similar blue, blue eyes, though one was a darker sky blue and one was Deep Ocean blue, with a reflection like the sun off water.

"I dunno, I can't just look inside. But you gotta figure, if there is something there, inside all of us, we'd feel it, wouldn't we?"

One boy radiated a feeling of quietness and buried insecurities that he probably didn't realize; the other boy was loud and bold, racing headfirst into things, laughing to hide his fear.

"We're... best friends, right?"

One wondered what a friend was exactly, the other made friends wherever he went.

What are you talking about? I'm me! No one else!

The blonde boy held a slight resentment for the other when he discovered the truth, the brunette, well he was still trying to figure out who the hell this other person is, and why people keep calling him that.

"I don't get it, why has everyone been calling me Roxas?"

And when they met in the deepest place in their shared heart, well like all brothers they fought, but in the end they were brothers all the same.

"I'm sure Sora'll find the answer. Because... he's me."

"Roxas... I wish I could meet him, too..."