Double and Vampire

Hey, everyone! If you are reading this, then I'm glad I finally got somebody who pays attention to my work. Now, this is a Kamen Rider/Rosario + Vampire Xover, so I am going to change the storyline so I can add my own characters into the story. But don't worry all of you Tsukune/Moka romance fans, he will appear in here, but I'm not gonna say what he does in the story just yet, so you will have to read and find out what happens to him.

This story's main focus is on him and my created character, Satoshi Yamamoto, who is starting school the same time as Tsukune.

I really feel sorry for those two, but let us see how their lives in Yokai unfold!

"Gaia Memory"

"Satoshi talking while Double"

I don't own Kamen Rider or Rosario + Vampire


Chapter One

Tsukune rode on the bus to Yokai Academy, ready to enter high school. 'I wonder what type of school Yokai Academy is,' Tsukune thought to himself, but was pulled out of his thoughts when the bus suddenly stopped and let one more passenger on. The passenger was a young man, around 16, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore the same Yokai Academy uniform, and, along with his normal bags, had a black metal suitcase. He walked to the seat in back of the bus and sat down without saying a single word.

When the bus finally stopped, there would be only one thought that would enter a sane person's mind; 'THIS is a school?'

Tsukune looked at the young man. "Hey, my name is Tsukune Aono," he said as he held out his hand. The young man looked at him, then shook his hand. "My name is Satoshi Yamamoto," Satoshi said, "c'mon, we better hurry if we don't wanna be late."

Satoshi and Tsukune walked down the path to the school when they heard someone yell, "Look out!"

Satoshi managed to dodge, but Tsukune wasn't as lucky. He was hit in the back by a bicycle. "That had to hurt," Satoshi said as he ran over to check on Tsukune. Satoshi arrived just as the owner of the bicycle, which happened to be a beautiful pink haired girl, bit Tsukune on the neck. "Well that is interesting," he said as Tsukune freaked out. The girl blushed and stood up and apologized to Tsukune as Satoshi pulled a bandage out and put it on Tsukune's neck so he wouldn't pass out from blood loss. "I'm so sorry, I just couldn't help myself," she said. "It's alright," Tsukune said after he calmed down. "C'mon, you two, we gotta go or we're gonna be late," Satoshi reminded them as they started walking towards the academy.

"My name is Moka Akashiya; what are your names?" Moka asked. "My name is Satoshi Yamamoto," Satoshi said. "My name is Tsukune Aono," Tsukune said with a smile. "Tsukune, Satoshi, do either one of you hate vampires?" Moka asked. "I can't answer for Tsukune, but I don't hate vampires," Satoshi said. "Well, you are the first vampire I met, Moka, and I don't hate you, so I guess I don't hate them," Tsukune said.

"Then can we be friends?" Moka asked. "Sure," Satoshi answered. "Yes," Tsukune answered.

When they got to the Yokai Academy, Moka was soon separated from Satoshi and Tsukune. But they were both relieved that they had the same class together. "At least we will have a friend in class, right?" Satoshi asked. Tsukune nodded, but was still wondering about Moka.

They got to class and sat down, Satoshi sitting behind Tsukune, and waited for the teacher to arrive. When she got there, Satoshi wondered about her choice of attire, but didn't say anything about it. She wore a tank top, a skirt that seemed to have a tail growing out from under it, and her hair was styled up to look like cat ears, at least he hoped that they weren't cat ears.

"Welcome to Yokai Academy!" she said. "I am you homeroom teacher, Ms. Nekonome!" Ms. Nekonome said. "As you all know, Yokai Academy is a school for monsters!" she added. When she said that, one thought ran through Satoshi's and Tsukune's minds: 'A school for MONSTERS!'

"Like it or not, humans rule the world," she continued, "That means we have to co-exist peacefully with them. That us the mission of this school! Peaceful co-existence with humans!"

"That brings us to rule number one!" Ms. Nekonome continued. "You will retain human appearances at all times!"

'Well, that might help,' Satoshi thought, 'at least no one will ask me to transform.'

"Does everyone understand this?" Ms. Nekonome asked. "This is our first key to survival among the humans. To practice your disguise, please do not reveal your true nature, not even to your fellow students."

"But can't we just eat the humans?" asked one of the students. He had long brown hair that reached his neck and had piercings on his face, "I would start with the girls."

'Is he serious?' Satoshi thought.

"That's just silly!" Ms. Nekonome sighed "You don't have to worry about humans here though. All the faculty and students are monsters. This school exists behind a barrier so no human has ever seen it. Well, seen it and lived."

'Not good!' Satoshi thought, then looked at Tsukune and saw him almost literally shaking in fear.

The door suddenly opened, cutting off the grim conversation.

"I'm sorry!" a familiar voice apologized, "I got lost after the welcoming ceremony…and…sorry I'm late!"

"That's okay," Ms. Nekonome said, "just take an empty seat anywhere."

Stepping into the classroom, both Satoshi grined when he saw Tsukune smile as Moka Akashiya walked into the classroom. The male population of the class soon went nuts as they saw her. The way she walked down the aisles of the desks put a lot of supermodels to shame.

"Who is that?" one boy gasped.

"The silky hair, those beautiful eyes," added another

"That can't be a disguise," another added, "she's too…too…BEAUTIFUL!" the general male population yelled.

Moka seemed surprised at how the class reacted to her entry. It never occurred to her that she was beautiful. As she walked to an empty desk, she noticed a couple of familiar faces. "Tsukune, Satoshi, is that you?" she asked

"Yes, Moka, it is us," Satoshi said before both he and Tsukune were enveloped in a bone crushing hug.

"Huh? Who are they?"

"Why do they get a hug?"

"How do a couple of weirdoes like that know her?"

Obviously the males in the room weren't happy at how Moka was being so friendly with Satoshi and Tsukune. Saizou was also giving Moka a lecherous look as well. He'd just found his target. Those guys were of no consequence and would be collateral damage anyway.

When class ended, Moka decided to explore, dragging Satoshi and Tsukune along.

While Moka was taking in all the sights in the school with sparkling eyes and happy smile, Satoshi had noticed the people around them. Males were all stopping and staring at Moka as she went past them. It was obvious that they were lusting after her from the way they stared at her.


"What a babe!"

"I've gotta date her!"

"Who are they?"

"Who cares?"

"If they get in the way, they're dinner!"

Moka finally stopped at a vending machine to get a drink. Satoshi, Moka and Tsukune drank their drinks while talking. "Man, I gotta work out some more if I'm gonna be your friend Moka," Satoshi said. "I'm sorry," Moka said. "Don't worry, I was just joking," Satoshi told her. 'Well, at least we have some peace from those idiots,' Satoshi thought as he remember the way the boys acted around her. The peace did not last long, because Moka wanted to continue exploring. "Hang on Moka, I gotta go to the bathroom," Satoshi told her, "you and Tsukune keep exploring, I'll catch up later."

Walking back in the halls, Moka and Tsukune were confronted by Saizou. "Hey babe," he said as he leaned against a wall with his arms crossed and looking at Moka. "Moka Akashiya, right? Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're cute."

"Um, thanks," Moka nodded. "Who are you?"

"Ah, the name's Saizou," the boy introduced with a grin. "I'm one of your classmates."

"Oh…um," Moka nodded. "Good to meet you…I suppose."

"I'm sure. By the way," Saizou grinned before he reached out and suddenly grabbed Tsukune by the lapel of his jacket. Moka gasped in shock as Tsukune struggled against Saizou's grip. "Why is a girl like you hanging out with a complete wimp like this?"

Just then, Satoshi saw Saizou. "Hey, ugly! Leave my friends alone!" Satoshi yelled as he ran towards Saizou and kicked him in the stomach, forcing him to drop Tsukune. "Let's get outta here!" Satoshi said as they ran off.

While running away, Satoshi got separated from Moka and Tsukune. "Well, I guess that this is a good a time as any to get it," he said as he ran towards the dorms.

When he got out of the dorms, he was holding the metal suitcase. Just then, he heard Moka scream. 'What the heck was that?' Satoshi wondered as he ran towards the direction of her scream. When he got there, he saw Saizou's true form going to attack Moka and Tsukune. Satoshi acted on instinct and hit Saizou in the head with the suitcase, but the result was Satoshi being tossed towards Moka and Tsukune. When he landed, he hit the ground hard.

"Satoshi!" both Moka and Tsukune yelled as they went to check on him.

"I know Philip asked me not to use this, but I have to." Satoshi said. "Tsukune, look in the metal case," he told Tsukune. Tsukune walked over to the case and opened it to reveal an odd shaped belt buckle with six items that looked liked usb flash drives beside it. They each were a different color: green, black, red, silver, yellow, and blue.

"What do you want me to do with this?" Tsukune asked as Satoshi stood up. "Put it on," Satoshi said as he stood up. Tsukune put it on his waist as a belt wrapped around his waist and one appeared on Satoshi. Satoshi handed Tsukune the black usb flash drive. "What is this?" Tsukune asked as Satoshi grabbed the green one. "Just follow my lead, and protect my body," he said as he held his item out and said "Henshin" before pressing a button on it. "Cyclone," it called out before he put it in his belt buckle. Tsukune followed his lead, but his item said "Joker." The second that Tsukune put his item in his belt buckle, Satoshi's transferred over to Tsukune's belt buckle, and Satoshi passed out. Tsukune was surrounded by purple and green energy, then transformed. He was now wearing a body suit, the left side of the suit was black while the right side was green with a silver scarf attached to it, and his body was divided by a silver line. The red eyes on his helmet seemed to glow with an unknown power, while a silver head piece, resembling a W, appeared on the forehead of the helmet. Tsukune had become Kamen Rider Double.

"What happened to me?" Tsukune asked. "Don't worry, you are still you," A voice said as the right eye of the helmet lit up. "Who said that?" Tsukune asked. "It's me, Satoshi, my consciousness was transferred to the suit along with the Gaia memory," Satoshi told him, "now we need to beat the hell out of this ugly bastard so let's go!"

(Insert song Cyclone Effect)

Double looked at Saizou, who was stunned at the transformation, but soon recovered. "It doesn't matter what you transform into, I'm still going to kill you!" Saizou yelled as he attacked Double, who easily dodged and kneed Saizou in the stomach and kicked him in the face, then spun around and kicked Saizou in the stomach, making him stumble backwards.

"Am I really doing this?" Tsukune asked. "Yes, thanks to the Joker memory, your body has more power, but you can't control its power yet, so I used Cyclone memory to transfer my consciousness to your body and regulate the powers of the suit," Satoshi said, "now let's end this!"

Double then ran at Saizou and started to attack again, but was punched in the stomach and sent flying into a tree. "Tsukune!" Moka yelled as she ran towards Double. Double reached for something to balance himself and grab what he thought was a branch and pulled, but was surprised when he realized that he had actually pulled the rosary off the chain that was attached to Moka's choker.

Moka gasped before light enveloped her. Double covered his eyes to keep from going blind. As his eyes began to get accustomed to the light, he saw Moka's physical appearance was changing.

Her pink hair was turning silver right before his eyes. Her skin seemed to become paler. The nails on her fingers became slightly pointed, looking like they could cut things. Her fangs became more pronounced while her eyes turned crimson and the pupils turned into slits.

"Impossible! Those crimson eyes, that silver hair and the incredible demonic aura!" shouted Saizou, "you're an S-Class monster, a true vampire!"

Inner Moka looked at Double, then at Satoshi's body. "That is an interesting power," she said before her attention was turned to Saizou. "I don't appreciate lower class monsters trying to attack me," she said

"I don't give a damn if you're a vampire! I'll kill you!" Saizou roared.

Double got up and looked at Saizou. "I think it's time to end this," Tsukune said. "My thoughts exactly, Tsukune," Satoshi said, "take the Joker memory out and put it in the slot on your right hip to activate Maximum Drive."

Double took the Joker memory out of the belt buckle and put it in the slot on the side of his belt. "Joker: Maximum Drive! Joker Extreme!" It sounded as Double jumped into the air and came down, his body splitting in half before hitting Saizou with two drop kicks, his body fused back together as the kicks hit their mark. His attack connected soon after Moka kicked Saizou into the air, knocking Saizou through a few trees and finally stopping as he slammed in a large stone, effectively knocking him out.

(Song end)

Double reverted back to normal, allowing Satoshi to wake up. "That was an interesting experience," Tsukune said as he looked at the Joker memory. "Yeah, it was," Satoshi said as he stood up, "that was my first time transforming." Inner Moka looked at Satoshi curiously. "What are you, Satoshi Yamamoto?" she asked. "A human," Satoshi said.

"Hmm, very well," Inner Moka nodded as she walked to Tsukune and took the rosary. "Just be sure to watch over my other side while I sleep. I can't be out here all the time."

With a single motion, the rosary was attached back onto the chain Inner Moka wore. In a flash of light, Moka's power was brought back into her body. Her eyes drooped shut as they returned to their original shade. Her hair likewise returned to its pink shade.

Tsukune caught Moka before she hit the ground. "Moka wake up," he said, then, as if she heard him, her eyes opened and she looked at him

"TSUKUNE!" Moka cried out loudly as she hugged him tight, surprising him. "I'm so sorry about what I said! I really am!"

"It's alright Moka, I forgive you," Tsukune said with a smile

"Hey, let's get outta here," Satoshi said. "Okay, but what about Saizou?" Moka asked. "We'll stop by the infirmary and tell them where he is," Satoshi said as they all walked to the dorms.

Tsukune looked at Satoshi. "Hey, Satoshi, are you really a human?" he asked. "Yep," Satoshi said as he continued walking. "Wait, Satoshi is a human too?" Moka asked, surprised that both of her friends were human, "but that weird power that you used to help Tsukune can't be used by a normal human." Satoshi looked at both of them and smiled. "I never said I was a normal human," he said before he continued to walk to the dorms, leaving both Moka and Tsukune wondering what he meant.


Well, here is the first chapter, I know some people are going to bite my head off because of it, but I don't care. Now for those who do not understand why I gave Tsukune the power of Double, it will be explained in the future, along with Satoshi's secret, so read if you want to know the truth. Now reviews are accepted, even from those who will probably hate the story, but let me say this: If you are going to hate it DON'T READ IT! For those that like it, I will try to post more chapters in the future.