Chapter 1

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Gohan P.O.V.

To say that Gohan was bored in his 12th grade social studies class would be an understatement. After all, when you're force fed information through your mouth, nose, eyes, and ears from the day you were born there is not much to left to learn in high school. His eyes began drooping as he listened to Mr. Prez drone on about the complexity of society, and the lack of appreciation for luxury and technology and blah blah blah blah who cares? He unintentionally let out a loud and extended yawn catching the attention of more than a few students and an irritable teacher.

"Am I boring you Mr. Son?" asked Mr. Prez.

"Oh…" Gohan looked around and saw that everyone was staring at him. "No sir, just a late night is all," said Gohan sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Mr. Prez pushed up his glasses, and a glint of light caught them, making him seem more intimidating. "Well maybe you can tell your classmates all about your party-hardy lifestyle in detention, unless you think you know enough to answer a few questions."

Gohan gulped.

"Yeah right!" said a male teen with long blonde hair in the seat behind Gohan. "Brains doesn't go to parties, or do anything social for that matter. He always goes straight home into the mountains."

Gohan sweat dropped. "Thank you Sharpner," He said sarcastically. Sometimes he wondered if his friend tried to embarrass him on purpose.

"Well, since you're so sure of your friend maybe you would like to take his place in detention for calling out in my class?" said Mr. Prez.

"N-no sir, Gohan tell the man why you yawned," Said Sharpner shakily. Sharpner was a tough guy, but their tall dark history teacher scared the crap out of everyone.

"Very mature Sharpner," said a female voice two seats from Gohan.

"Ms. Videl…" said Mr. Prez with a low growl. "Please refrain from speaking out of turn.

"Sorry." Said Videl quickly. Videl was rumored to be the strongest person in school, or so most people thought. The fact that this teacher had the gall to growl at her was enough to realize how serious he was getting.

"Now Mr. Son," started Mr. Prez. "As I was saying if you answer my little pop-quiz correctly I won't send you to detention, understood?"

"Yes Sir Mr. Prez." Said the boy hastily.

"Good. Question 1: What does this upcoming month hold in significance for this school?"

"It's Victory Month, where the world celebrates the defeat of the monster Cell and all of the high schools have a series of field trips to honor…um…what's his name? Mr. Satan? Yeah that's it, and all of the trips are supposed to represent the safety, advancement, and accomplishments of mankind." Said Gohan casually. He didn't really seem excited about it at all.

"Very good Mr. Son, although that little joke you threw in was unnecessary." Said Prez.

"But I didn't-"

"Next question: What are the planned field trips for Orange Star High school and how do they represent advancement and accomplishment?" said Prez pushing up his glasses.

"Well," started Gohan. "The first stop is Mr. Satan's new training facility up on Mt. Evil. It's supposed to teach us about strength and how experiencing pain can bring us closer to victory, as well as various other elements of martial arts."

Mr. Prez smirked. "Go on Son."

"The next stop is The Science and Technology Exposition where the top scientific companies from around the world present ideas to help advance mankind and present us with luxurious and useful tools and technologies." Said Gohan plainly. It's not that he didn't care. He was just so darn tired.

A few jocks in the back snickered. "Bet you can't wait for that eh nerd-boy? Lots of little tinkers for you to play with?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Tagg?" asked Mr. Prez politely.

"Yes Mr. President?" said the jock as he laughed at his two awesome jokes.

"Could you please SHUT THE FREAK UP SO I CAN ASK MY QUESTIONS!" said Prez as he roared like an angry Cyclops, causing the class the flinch in their desks.

"Y-y-y-yes Sir, a-a-a-absolutely Sir!" said the jock. Again, scary teacher man.

Prez turned back to Gohan and resumed his normal tone and impassive face. "Now Mr. Son…"

"Y-yes Sir?" said Gohan as he rubbed his sensitive ears.

"Last question kid: What sort of people are we scheduled to meet and for what purpose?"

"Well," said Gohan as he rubbed his chin. "I believe there will be plenty of martial arts masters like Might Guy, and Monkey D. Luffy. We'll get to meet professional licensed hunters, sword masters like the Kuchiki and Shihoin families, and various scientists like Bulma
Briefs and Lucca Ashtear." Finished Gohan, glad to be done with his teacher's pop-quiz.

Mr. Prez gave a smug smile. "Very good Mr. Son, very good."

*cough*"Teacher's Pet"*cough*

The class burst into laughter, much to Gohan's embarrassment.


The class's laughter died down slowly.


The laughter was even quieter now as the strange cackling continued.


The laughter stopped completely, as all eyes were on Mr. Prez.

"HAHAhaha…oh don't…hahaha….mind me class…hahahaha!"

Videl looked around; she didn't see anything even remotely funny. That last joke wasn't even very good. She slowly raised her hand. "Um, Mr. Prez? Are you okay?"

"Hahaha! Oh I'm just fine. Ha-ha! *Ahem*." He said as he stopped and pushed up his glasses.

"I was just laughing at how easily Mr. Tagg got 5 days of detention and a 5000 word report of why rudeness is not tolerated in society." He said with a smirk.


As the lunch bell rang Gohan sprinted to the back doors of the building and strait to his favorite spot under the canopy near the huge oak trees outside of the school. He near instantly pulled a Hoi-Poi capsule from his pocket and pressed the button at the top. He tossed the capsule at the table in front of him and in a puff of smoke, a huge lunch, enough to feed 5 people appeared . Of course this would be considered a gluttonous amount for a normal person, but Gohan wasn't a normal person. This wouldn't even fill him half way, let alone satisfy his humungous metabolism, especially considering he didn't get enough sleep last night.

A few seconds before he started digging in, his friends walked through the door. Erasa Rubber; the friendly gossip girl and his first high school friend, Sharpner Pencil; arrogant jock who took a little warming up to but was a nice guy none the less, and her. Videl Satan, daughter of Hercule Satan, the man who supposedly beat Cell: the most powerful monster to ever walk the surface of the Earth. Videl was a nice girl, but she was…well…kind of arrogant…and bitter, and nosey, and a stalker, and obsessive…and really pretty.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Gohan right before stuffing half of a subway sandwich into his mouth.

"What do you mean Brains? It's lunch, we do what we do every day around this time, watch you eat enough food to end world hunger."

Sharpner never called him Gohan unless it was some kind of crisis. It used to be Nerd-boy, the name all the other jocks call him, until Gohan helped him save his dying chemistry grade and actually tried to be his friend. It makes a difference when people actually care enough to be friendly. Since then he has stuck to calling him Brains. It sounds less like an insult and more like a nick-name.

"I don't eat that much," said Gohan between bites.

"You kinda do Gohan. And I still haven't gotten used to it, I mean where does go?" asked Erasa.

She was probably the nicest girl in any of his classes, and quite honestly, if she didn't speak to him first he would have never known her or any of her friends. Out of all of his friends he knew he could trust her the most. Of course her bubbly attitude lead her to make a few high pitch noises when she got exited, which usually hurt his sensitive ears.

"I just have a high metabolism, if I don't eat this much I get really weak later." He replied sheepishly.

"That doesn't make sense. Why don't you just admit that you're a glutton, no human needs this much food," said Videl.

Well that was…typical. He attempts to do something normal, his 'friends' come along, and all of a sudden he's doing something abnormal and Videl has to ridicule him for it. He could be walking home from school, beating a jock in a race, or showing an exceptional amount of martial arts knowledge and she would interrogate him like a criminal.

'It's been this way for the past month since I came to this school,' Gohan thought to himself. 'Why can't she just leave me alone?'

"So Gohan," said Erasa, "Are you excited about the trip? I hear we're gonna meet tons of celebrities from like all over the world. "

"Yeah I guess that sounds cool," Said Gohan as he casually stuffed his face.

"You guess? We're gonna meet Bulma Briefs! How can you not be exited?" she asked.

"Yeah Gohan, this might be the only chance you get to meet Mr. Satan without signing up for his class," Said Sharpner. Of course that would be all he cared about on this trip.

"Sounds great," Said Gohan quickly. It's not that he didn't like talking to them, but he was eating. You can't expect him to say much.

"Come on Sharpy, let's let Gohan eat his mountain." Said Erasa "So what about you Videl? Are you exited at all?"

Videl sighed heavily. "I guess, although this first week doesn't exactly fill me with anticipation. I mean…just the thought of people meeting my dad and falling all over him embarrasses the crap out of me."

"What about meeting the other martial artists? The school system required that he let other martial artists teach some of the fighting classes," Said Gohan.

Videl raised an eyebrow, and then rolled her eyes. "Yeah so what? Who cares about them? Their nowhere near as strong as my dad. If I could beat them then they have nothing to offer me."

"You don't know that." Said Gohan sternly.

Videl glared at him. "How would you know? Last I checked you didn't know a thing about fighting."

Normally by this point, Gohan would have let it go and went back to his lunch. But this was just disrespectful.

He stood his ground this time. "It doesn't take a fighter to see arrogance, and it doesn't take a genius to know that no matter how strong, or smart, or pretty, or rich you are there will always be someone better than you at something." As he finished he ignored the shocked look on her face.

He could feel her glaring daggers at him, and 10 seconds later…

'Oh crap! What did I just do!' thought Gohan to himself. 'She's gonna find some way to kill me I just know it.'

"Um wow Gohan." Said Erasa, "That was some speech. I guess you are pretty excited huh?"

Gohan looked away nervously "Y-yeah sure, I guess I am."

Videl kept her stare locked on Gohan's nervous face. "Let me get this straight Gohan." She started. "You expect me to believe that just because of some proverb you pull out of nowhere that I should be worried about losing to some 2nd grade martial artists."

Gohan almost choked. 'It's like talking to Vegeta. Seriously, what's up with her today. I've never seen her this arrogant.'

"That's not what I'm saying at all, it's just-"

"Because my father defeated Cell, saved the world, and has been teaching me to fight since I was 7. Already I have more life and death experience than most people get in the military. Oh, and I happen to have gotten third place in the last Satan City Martial Arts Tournament. So don't tell me how strong I am."

Gohan's expression went from nervous to sad.

"People like you may have something to learn from some volunteer fighters, but you couldn't possibly know what it's like to be the best. That proverb is just an excuse for weaklings to not try as hard."

Gohan shook his head. He pressed the capsule button on his huge lunch tray and in a puff of smoke it turned back into a capsule.

Erasa looked worried. "You okay Gohan?"

"Yeah Brains," said Sharpner. "I've never seen you not finish lunch."

Gohan looked over at them with a fake smile. "I'm fine, just gotta go get a book from the library, it's uh kind of important."

He pocketed the capsule and walked away. Videl looked away from him and said, "So that's how you act in defeat? You can't defend yourself so you run away? I didn't know you were such a coward Gohan."

"I didn't know you were such a jerk Videl." Said Gohan without looking at her. "I thought with all the good you do, that you'd be a better person." With that said, he walked back inside the building.


Videl P.O.V.

"What the heck Videl!" yelled Erasa. "What is wrong with you? You've been acting weird all week, and now you just drove Gohan away."

Videl, while surprised by her normally cheerful friend's behavior, refused to change her facial expression.

"You heard what he said Erasa," she said. "He basically told me that I was weak, and that I wasn't good enough."

"No, he told you that you couldn't call yourself the best just because of how strong you think you are." Said Erasa. "And he also tried to tell you, nicely, that your attitude is really getting out of control. I haven't seen you act like this since the Jr. Tournament."

Sharpner had long since snuck away, deciding not be a middle man in the drama.

"There's nothing wrong with my attitude."

"Yes there is. If there wasn't, our lunch table would be full."

"Gohan is the one that started it, and he's the one that left."

"Gohan cares about you, did you see how sad he was when you acted all high and mighty."

"Well he's the one who pulled out that proverb like I needed his guidance or something. What idiot told him that stuff?"

"His dad," she said angrily. "Who was a great man. Just as great as yours in fact."

"Was?" Videl asked skeptically.

Erasa raised her eyebrows. 'Darn, I said way too much.' "Um, I should leave now. You really should think about what he said." She picked up her things and walked sadly inside.

As the door closed behind Erasa, Videl's expression remained stoic. 'Who cares what he thinks?' she thought angrily. 'That advice may work for normal people, but he has no idea what it's like to have so much expectation riding on your shoulders.' Videl's expression grew into sadness. 'He has no idea how much pressure there is for me to be the best. One day I may have to take my father's place as protector of the world. I don't even wanna know what all that pressure feels like.'

She picked up her things and began walking back inside. 'I wish I could just live life and not have to try so hard.'

Just as she was about to leave a when familiar face walked through the doors. He was tall and dark with short curly black hair. The smug look on his face was all too but unrecognizable. "Hey little sister."

"What do you want Mark?" Videl replied. This was not a good time for him to show up.

"Dad sent me here to come pick you up early. He wants to talk to you about your class trip, and needs you to help him get ready.

Videl gave an exasperated sigh, "Fine. Whatever. Just let me go to my locker."

Mark just smirked again. "Whatever you say, and I told you, I prefer my middle name."

"You mean your stage name?"

"Just call me Demon." He said pointing to himself.

"I'll pass."

She quickly stepped around him and walked to her locker.

"I'll be waiting in the parking lot, I brought the Phoenix."


Gohan P.O.V.

Later that day

Gohan stood on the roof of the school, facing the west. His feet were positioned on the edge of the building. He looked down sadly. 'What is wrong with her. Can't she see I just wanted to help her? Maybe it's time to give up being all nice. She obviously doesn't want to be friends.'

He sighed, and positioned himself to jump off.

"Gohan wait!" yelled a female voice from behind.

Gohan turned around quickly. 'Crap , somebody saw me!'

The somebody turned out to be Erasa. 'Oh that's a relief.'

"Gohan you forgot your text book in the library." She said handing him his English 5 text book.

"Oh thanks." He places it in his bag.

"So you heading home for the day?" She asked worriedly. He hadn't said anything since lunch.

"No, I still gotta do a few rounds in the inner city before that. What about you?" he asked.

"I'm gonna go talk to Videl. I need to figure out what's wrong with her. She hasn't acted like this in years." Said Erasa hanging her head.

"Please do, and let me know if I can do anything to help." He said as he turned back to the edge of the building. As he positioned himself on the edge Erasa spoke up again.

"Wait…shouldn't you change before you go?" She asked.

"I guess so." Gohan pulled back his baggy sleeve, revealing a grey Capsule Corp. brand watch with a red button on the side.

"Be careful, okay?" Said Erasa.

Gohan smiled, "Not gonna be a problem." He pressed the red button on the side and a red glow surrounded his body and his baggy school clothes were replaced with a skintight black body suit with a bright green tunic over it. He also had a white bandana with ties that extended to his hips, and dark black goggles that resembled sunglasses attached to his face. To top it off, his hands and feet were covered by matching white fighting gloves an boots.

"Hey Goha-I mean Saiyaman, what's that thing around your neck?" asked Erasa.

"It's a voice altering device." Said Gohan in totally new voice.

Erasa looked completely surprised. "Wow. You almost seem like a whole 'nother person. Where'd you find a voice like that?"

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck. "Hehe, well I sorta borrowed it from my dad. Pretty cool huh?"

"That's what your dad sounds like? Wow, that'll really help you with your secret identity."

"Yep, and I-" *beep*beep*beep*

Gohan pressed his earpiece in. "Go ahead chief."

[Saiyaman, there's a hostage situation near the Jaguar Tower in North-East Satan City. We tried to go in but there are too many hostages and they're currently carrying bombs. This is out of our hands and the military can't get here fast enough.]

"I'm on my way chief." Said Gohan. He removed his finger from the earpiece and leapt off of the building, and took off at the speed of sound to Jaguar Tower.

As he faded into the sky, Erasa looked out to the city. "Please be careful."


Videl P.O.V.

Videl was sitting in the passenger seat of her brother's jet-copter the Phoenix when she got the call from police headquarters.

"Okay chief," she said into her watch communicator. "I'll be there as soon as possible."

Mark suddenly leaned over to her seat. "We'll be there soon chief, no since in letting the little devil handle everything by herself."

[Demon? Oh thank Kami your there. We need all the help we can get this time around. Something is seriously wrong here. And these guys…there just inhuman.]

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it chief we got this." Said Mark.

Videl quickly shut the watch-com off. "What do you think you're doing? I can handle this without you Mark, I've been doing it for years."

Mark just smirked again. "I know, but I wanna meet this Saiyaman guy. No doubt he'll be there, and I'm gonna put him in his place. This world doesn't need pretenders."

"He's not a pretender he's just annoying." Videl said defensively. "It's not like he doesn't help people."

"Just last night you said you were tired of him taking your job, now he's your friend?"

Videl frowned and turned red to the roots of her hair. "Of course not! I want him to leave, not quit. There are plenty of places I can't be that he could go to."

Mark shook his head. "You're so complicated; just get your gear on already."

Videl grunted and pulled her navy blue bullet proof vest over her white t-shirt. On the vest was the symbol for the Satan dojo, an S with devil horns. She also put on yellow tinted sunglasses; complete with computer tracking, ear piece, and microphone. She also put on her steel knuckle fighting gloves. Lastly was the utility belt. Normally this would be unnecessary, but this was likely a terrorist situation and she may need a few tools.

"You sure you need all of that?" said Mark in a taunting voice. "A real warrior wouldn't need weapons."

Videl scowled at him. "They're not weapons, they're tools and unless you can disarm a bomb or scale a wall with your bare hands you should bring some too."

Mark rolled his eyes and did his usual teasing smile, but put on his gear and belt regardless.

Videl was looking over the city when she saw smoke rising up from a tall building.

"There's Jaguar Tower," said Mark. "Looks like we missed most of the action."

"People getting hurt is not "action" it's a disaster, and that smoke means either a bomb went off or the terrorists started a-"*WHOOOOOOSH*

She was suddenly cut off by a sonic boom and a rush of wind. Looking forward she could see the green blur head towards the tower.

"Saiyaman." She said plainly. "Hopefully with him here we can wrap this up quick."

Mark frowned venomously at the direction she was facing. "Glory hound. I'll show him who the real hero is. I don't know what kind of tech he uses to fly like that but his tricks won't save him here. This is no corner store robbery."

With that said Mark lurched the jet-copter down towards the city and sail smoothly up the street between the buildings. Right before stopping like a dime in the clear area behind the police force.

"This is gonna be fun." He said with a demonic smirk.

A/N: And there's chapter one. Some of you may have noticed how I didn't mention the other schools. That's because this only features Orange Star High. I wanted this to be less of a High school fic and more about Gohan and his friends meeting and Learning from other people, hence the title. I know this Idea is pretty old, but I appreciate every reader, especially when they leave reviews.