Chapter 4

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Was not…

Opening Theme: 'The Juggernauts' By: Zebrahead

Dispite his history as the feared Demon King, Piccolo was a quiet man who enjoyed the finer things in life. Like sitting under a warm sun while a gentle breeze blew as he would silently meditate. As long as the world was at peace, he might as well enjoy it right?

So there he was, sitting on the edge of a cliff over-looking a great green valley, his sensitive ears able to pick out the sounds of every bird in the trees around him. His legs were crossed with his hands on his knees as he hovered a foot off of the ground. His huge whit cape blew behind him.

'Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.' Thought Piccolo to himself, He was about to begin a little dream training when his stretched out senses picked up a familiar ki signature. One that he could never forget, and for the sake of his quiet afternoon, truly wished didn't notice him.

No such luck for this Namekian.

Piccolo felt the ki curve toward his direction, so it was too late to hide his energy. As rude as that sounded he really didn't feel like talking right now. The birds seemed to pick up on the ki as well since they began to take off in their own directions.

The person was visible now as the blue glow of their power descended roughly over to Piccolo's cliff and landed directly behind him. 'Well there goes my afternoon. No doubt he wants to continue trying to master his ascended form.' He turned around slowly. "What is it Goha…What happened to your cloths kid?"

Sure enough Gohan was next to naked, and covered in dark black burn marks. By the grace of God he still had enough of his pants left to cover what was necessary, and his boots were still intact. 'Now it makes sense.'

Gohan scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Um, Piccolo, could you give me some new clothes. I really don't wanna go home like this."

Piccolo sighed, and stood up before facing Gohan. Gohan may have been tall compared to his class mates, but Piccolo was a full blooded super Namekian who was at least 7' tall. The green man held out his hand over Gohan's forehead. His hand glowed briefly, and then Gohan's entire person was covered in white light.

When the light faded Gohan was completely clean and wearing an indigo-blue gi with a red belt. His white boots were replaced with dark blue boots with red stripes on the side. Instead of gloves he had red wristbands.

"Cool! Thanks Piccolo." Said Gohan as he looked over his new outfit. It reminded him a lot of his old one.

"No problem kid, now tell me, how the heck did you end up like that?" Said Piccolo as he crossed his arms. If there was one thing Piccolo knew about Gohan, it's that he was the strongest living thing on the planet, possibly the galaxy. If there was some new threat that could burn him, of all people, then-

"I was holding a bomb when it went off." Said Gohan plainly. "It didn't hurt or anything, just burned right through my suit."

'Oh.' Thought Piccolo. "Why were you holding an active bomb?" The question itself sounded weird, like he shouldn't have to ask it. But he needed details.

Gohan's face went from happy, to extremely serious. "That's a long story Piccolo. And I think you'll want to hear it."

"Lay it on me kid, I've got nothing but time."

"Piccolo, what do you know about Rokushiki?"


Near the wreckage of Jaguar Tower, two figures stood on the roof of a nearby building. One was of a man, 6' in height, wearing a black suit and top hat. His curly black hair was tied in a pony tail. On his face was a hokey mask, and next to his head on his shoulder sat a white pigeon.

The other figure was that of a woman, she wore a long-sleeved short black dress over a fishnet shirt and stockings along with black gloves and high-heels. Her blond hair hung loosely at her shoulders and she wore a black masquerade butterfly mask.

"So," said the woman. "What should we do now? Our original plan failed miserably."

"Actually," said the man. "It went very well. We were able to not only see the flaw in our plan, but know we know the perfect target for our research."

"You mean the Saiyaman?"

"Yes. Our original assumption was that he was merely a media hoax turned out to be a huge miscalculation." Said the Man as his pigeon fluttered. The woman noticeably flinched.

"Calm down Black Sheep, he's only preening." Said the man. "As I was saying, the Saiyaman is extremely powerful. So much so that he was easily able to take out Bull and Wolf without batting an eye lash. Truly remarkable."

"So what should we do about him?" asked the woman named Black Sheep.

"We'll kill him of course." Said the man.

"But he…Panther you can't be serious. He's too strong for us. We should stick to the shadows."

"I know, I know. We can't beat him now. But we have our own secret weapons." Said Panther. "Trust me, our scientists have the perfect solution to our problem. All they need is a test subject."

"And you're volunteering, no doubt?"

"Absolutely, they have never let us down before." Said Panther as he held his hand out in front of him. As he did the muscles in his arm bulged and grew, veins surfaced, his sleeve ripped as his mass expanded. His fingers stretched and hooked black claws grew from his once perfect fingernails. Under his masked he smiled evilly. "The strong can only get stronger. As long as other fighters foolishly challenge my power, I will be alive to strike them down. Only the righteous may live, the sinners must all die. Such is the law of dark justice."

Even Black sheep smiled. Soon the Monarchy will bow to them. "Do you think the others will come back soon?"

"Bull and Wolf, yes. I ordered Weasel killed." Said Panther.

"I see."

Black Sheep and Panther stood in silence before a small crackling sound was heard behind them. They turned around a saw what appeared to be a glowing black line in mid air.

"I guess we're leaving now. Come Black Sheep."

"Yes sir."

Panther walked up to the black anomaly and pried his fingers into it before pulling it apart, reveling a rectangular portal in the air.

Panther stepped through casually followed by Black Sheep. As she pulled her foot in, the portal closed, leaving no trace of anyone or anything that could have been there.


Videl lay on her back in her queen sized bed, just staring at the ceiling. It was already 7:30, three hours since the incident and she still couldn't stop thinking about that one moment. That moment when the bomb went off in the sky, and she was sure that Saiyaman was dead. It made her cringe in discomfort just thinking about how sad she felt. Then out of nowhere he comes back and clears the sky, like a miracle, and then leaves without saying a word.

'Guess he didn't wanna deal with the press. I wouldn't have after that episode.' Thought Videl to herself. Due to her broken ribs, broken hand, and injured abdominal muscles, she wouldn't be moving for a long time. She'd recover in a few weeks, but not before the field trip. She didn't even know she wanted to go until she wasn't allowed to. 'Sucks.'

Mark was a different story entirely. His spinal cord had some serious damage, and after he'd woken up and found himself unable to move, he started to panic. When the doctors told him he may not be able to fight anymore, he used curses that Videl was sure came straight from a witch's mouth. In truth, she felt really bad for him, the thought of never fighting again made her worry about her own condition more than she should have. Earlier, when Erasa called she seemed almost traumatized. She wouldn't even let her answer her panicked questions.

Then the strangest thing happened. She heard someone, a male, talking to Erasa in the background. They spoke for a few seconds before Erasa spoke again. This time however she was totally calm. She was still shaky but she seemed almost…relieved by something.

'Today has been so weird.' Videl said to herself. 'It must be karma, I have been kind of-'

"VIDEL! VIDEL! WHERE ARE YOU!" yelled the panicked screams of her father down the hall. Videl really hated that it hurt to cover her ears. "I'm still in my room dad. Or did you think I got up and left."

Mr. Satan leapt through the door and ran to Videl's bed. "Sorry hun, it's just in your fragile state you could be-"

"Fragile?" she asked irritably.

"Okay, vulnerable. In your vulnerable state. Anything could have happened."

"What did you think happed?"

"Not important." He put his arm under her and helped her out of the bed. "The chief is down stairs, he wants to talk to you. Something that could help you feel better."

Help her feel better? What did he mean exactly? As they steadily walked down the hall and down the stairs Videl could see Mark in his wheel chair (which he despised with every fiber of his being) and the chief on the sofa opposite of him.

As they reached the bottom of the stair case the chief stood up and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small plastic bag with two little green pill looking things inside.

"Hello Ms. Videl, Mr. Satan if you two would please sit down."

"I'll stand thanks." Said Videl.

"Very well, um, the reason I came was well…Saiyaman stopped by the station after the incident and-"

"Saiyaman! Don't even talk about that fool in this house! It's his fault my daughter is hurt! It's his fault my son can't fight anymore!" Yelled Mr. Satan. Once again, Videl's injuries prevented her from covering her ears.

"Dad, you know that isn't true." Said Videl. "If it weren't for Saiyaman Mark and I would be dead. You should be thanking him."

"The heck I will! Chief hurry up and say what you were saying!"

The chief shuffled in his seat. "Yes well. He told me that he was sorry he couldn't help you sooner than he did, and he wanted me to give you these." He said holding out the plastic bag. "One for each of you."

"What are they?" asked Videl as she took the bag.

"He said they were some kind of rare bean that increases the speed of healing." Said the Chief nervously. He wasn't even sure he could believe his own story.

"Oh." Said Videl plainly. As she reached into the bag and pulled out a bean. "I guess if he says so than-"


"Dad relax." Said Videl, "I trust him, he wouldn't lie to me like that." She was surprised at how easily she said the words, as she had never really considered Saiyaman her friend before. But she meant it.

"Videl, I forbid you from-Videl Stop!"

Too late. Videl popped the bean into her mouth and chewed. It was very…bland tasting, not as bad as medicine.

"No! Videl spit it out before it's too late!" Mr. Satan shouted as Mark looked on curiously, not talking for the first time in a long while.

She swallowed, before her dad decided to pull it out of her mouth, and…

She felt a jolt in her body, and the pain was just gone. Not fading, gone. And for some strange reason she wasn't hungry anymore. She felt her ribs, her hand. No pain at all.

"Videl? What happened?" said Mark.

"I'm…better! There's no pain at all. I can move all my fingers and my ribs don't hurt anymore!"

"Gimme one." Demanded Mark. This was not something to wait for. He needed it now!

"Excuse me?" said Videl in an irritated voice. "You could say please."

"He brought one for me so give it!"

"Fine! Here you ungrateful-"

"Don't say it." Said Mr. Satan as he frowned at the current situation.

Videl tossed the bag at Mark, which hit him in the face. After taking and eating his bean his face blanked.

"Mark, are you okay?" Asked Videl. She didn't have that type of reaction.

Mr. Satan pointed. "See! That stuff is no good! Now he's going to be addicted to that stuff and-

"Wait look!" said Videl. Mark slowly began to form his trademark (hehe trademark) smirk. He stood up slowly and looked at the three others with him. "Demon is back baby!"

Videl could only face palm.


Erasa's house was probably Gohan's favorite place to go after school next to Kami's look out. He found it incredibly relieving to talk to another teenager about his life outside of school. Although by the time he got there that day she was already in her pajamas. He would've just gone home but much to his embarrassment she insisted he come in anyway. He and Erasa were sitting in her room on her bed when she asked him the strangest question.

"Gohan, why do you lie to Videl all the time?" She asked innocently.


"When Videl asks you about your life, you always lie. Why is that? She's just as much your friend as I am and you told me."

Gohan shuffled at the edge of the bed. "Well it's sort of…different with you. I mean Videl asks for all the wrong reasons."

"How do you know that?" asked Erasa.

"I can feel it in her ki, she always asks out of anger or pride. I can't trust her with that side of my life yet." Said Gohan sadly. "I want to be able to but I can't."

Erasa stays quiet for a moment before asking another question. "What makes me so special? Besides the circumstances of me finding out you're Saiyaman, I mean." She added quickly. "You didn't have to tell me all that other stuff. About your dad, and your childhood, and your friends. Why me?"

Gohan just smiled. "Why not you? You're the most trustworthy person I know. Not to mention you were a friend to me since the day I got here."

"Awww! That's so sweet!" said Erasa as she scooted closer to him.

"Hehe, well…" Gohan was about to say something when Erasa grabbed his hand. "Um…Erasa? What are you-"

He didn't have much time to say anything else before she pressed her body against his. They looked into each other's eyes or a few seconds before the questions in Gohan's mind started to answer themselves.

'Is she gonna…' She was about an inch from his face when-

"So who's he?"

Gohan and Erasa broke their gaze and turned to see a rather angry looking middle aged woman standing in the doorway. She definitely didn't look like Erasa, but this could be…

"Oh, h-hey Tyre." Said Erasa nervously. "I didn't know you were still up."

"Yeah well I am. And your dad made it clear that no boys were allowed in the house under any circumstances while he was gone. That means your gangsta friend right there."

As totally weird as that sounded, Gohan was wearing some seriously baggy clothes. He usually did so to hid his muscles but…gangsta? Did it look that odd? He'd only borrowed them from Yamcha on the way here.

"But Gohan was just…"

"Just what?" asked Tyre. "I don't care what you were doing, just tell your friend to leave. Or do I need to get your dad on the phone?"

Erasa's eyes went wide. "Oh no. Nonononono! Don't please! He'll cancel my field trip!"

"Tell your friend to leave now and I'll think about it." Said Tyre smugly. She turned and walked out of the room with a mischievous grin on her face. When she left, Gohan snapped back to reality.

"Who was that?" asked Gohan. "Your sister or something?"

"What? Ew, no. that was my dad's cousin Tyre. She's housekeeping while he's on a business trip with my mom."

"Oh." Gohan said as he stood up. "Well, guess I better leave then. I'll see you tomorrow on the fieldtrip." He said with a grin. He walked over to her open window and prepared to fly out.

"Wait!" said Erasa suddenly. She quickly got up and walked over to him.

"What is i-"

Before he could get the words out she pecked him on the lips. They stared at each other for a long time, before Gohan smiled again. "S-see you tomorrow then."

"O-okay. B-bye Gohan."

With that said, Gohan flew out the window and into the night sky, wearing the biggest smile he'd ever worn.

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'Aside from blowing myself up, this could be my best day ever,' Thought Gohan. 'Now all I have to do is go home and…crap.' "I have to face mom before tomorrow!"

Since the flight home was nothing but woeful complaining, let's skip ahead to the Son household.


"What were you thinking? Are you insane!"

Chichi Son was a real character to say the least. A real TV mom. Don't take offence good readers, but this is why Marvel Superheroes usually don't interact with their mothers. Chichi was overprotective, loud, strict, and very stubborn. You could probably get away with saying overly dramatic too. She loved her children from the bottom of her heart, but overkill is in the dictionary for a reason.

"Look mom, it was either me or the citizens and well…" Gohan struggled to find the right words without getting himself in trouble. "Um…"

Chichi just shook her head. "Um? That's not a word Gohan. If you're going to defend yourself use proper grammar." She put her hands to her hips and frowned. "I don't care if it's the hole freaking country! You have no idea what that bomb would have done!"

"Blow up?"

Gohan and Chichi both looked in the direction of the child's voice, across the room leaning out of a door was 7 year old Goten. His spiky hair in the same shape it's always in, wearing his blue pajamas.

"Goten," said Chichi calmly. "It's past your bedtime sweety, you shouldn't be walking around."

"You woke me up when you yelled." Said Goten innocently rubbing his half open eyes.

Chichi's eyebrow twitched while Gohan suppressed his laughter for his fieldtrip's sake. "Please go back to bed Goten."

"Okay, goodnight Gohan. That thing you did on TV was cool." Goten said as he went back into his room. When the door closed Chichi bit her lip and sighed.

"Alright, what was I saying?" She asked.

"You said I didn't know what the bomb was going to do, which isn't true." Said Gohan, adding in the last part nervously.

"Oh really?" Asked Chichi. "And how, pray tell, did you know what kind of bomb this was?"

Well, Gohan actually learned the name of the bomb by watching Sharpner play Purple Heart on the school computer, but he wasn't about to tell her that. "I learned it in history class; we were talking about modern warfare." Sort of true, it's close enough. "I recognized the serial number as an Absolution-XL and it would kill a lot of people. With my ki level I could easily survive the blast. It was them and me, or just me."

Chichi sighed again, "Fine, I guess I can except that."

Gohan did a mental fist pump.


'But? But What!'

"That still leaves the question of why the heck are you wearing those ridiculous clothes? You look like a hoodlum." Chichi scolded.

'There's always something else.' "Well you see, my Saiyaman clothes got burned in the explosion, and the cloths Piccolo gave me were cool, but-"

"Piccolo gave you black jeans, a huge t-shirt, and a sweat jacket? I find that hard to believe."

"No see, what had happened, I mean what happened was; Piccolo gave me a new gi, but I seemed kind of in appropriate go to Erasa's house in that. So stopped by Burma's place and got these."

Chichi nodded, up until she heard Erasa. "Um wait pause a second. Who's Erasa?" She said as she leaned closer to him.

'Crap, probably shouldn't have said that. Now I'll never hear the end of it.' "Um Erasa is…my friend from school and sometimes I…visit her while I'm, you know…in the city." Gohan expected to hear his mom chew him out over not coming straight home, what he got was twice as scary.

"EEEH! You have a girlfriend? And you didn't tell me? You evil child! Tell me everything!" She gripped his arm and bounced giddily in her seat smiling like Wal-mart on a sunny day. "Is she pretty? Is she nice? Is she taller or shorter than you? Can she cook? Does she want to get married? When's the wedding?"

"Mom! She's just a frie-," "I mean I think we're just friends. She was the first friend I made at OSH and she um…knows. About us."

Chichi's giddiness halted. "What?"

"I told her about us. About dad and what we used to do." Gohan saw the anger rising to his mother's face. "I didn't tell her about me being half alien, or about how I beat Cell. Mom I know you're mad but she's trustworthy and I really think I could say all of that and it wouldn't change a thing."

Chichi's face was now red and for whatever reason, her eyes were red too. "WHY! Why would you risk driving her away like that?"

Gohan blinked in confusion. "What?"

"If you tell her everything too early you'll drive her away! Then I'll never get grandchildren! Slow it down for your children sake!"

Gohan sweat dropped. "My…what?"

"Look Gohan I like that you like this girl but…are you sure she's trustworthy?"

Gohan nodded. "Mom, she's a gossip queen and she hasn't even batted an eyelash at the chance to tell Videl, her best friend, who won't stop questioning me about my personal life."

Chichi raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? Well from what you tell me about her she needs an attitude adjustment. Someone needs to put her in her place."

Gohan's head lowered. "Yeah well, someone did today. She lost badly in the fight against those terrorist. He broke her hand and a bunch of her ribs."

Chichi gasped. "Oh well I didn't mean-,"

"No worries mom. I gave her a sensu bean, she should be fine now."

"Oh good. Well hopefully she learned a lesson from all of this." Said Chichi.

"Me too."

They sat in silence for a few seconds before Chichi asked another question. "Do you think you'll be able to control yourself up on Mt. Evil or do you need a doctor's note?"

Gohan shook his head. "No need, I can totally handle myself. Besides, I'm more excited about the survival test during the trip. We get to spend a week camping in the wilderness."

"But you do that all the time," Said Chichi. "What difference would this make?"

"My friends will be there." Gohan said happily. "That's what makes camping fun. That's why Goten and Trunks have so much fun doing it."

"Oh, well what about all those other things they make you do?" Chichi said, "I mean you'll have to spar, you have kendo classes, hunting classes, outdoor activities, swimming, mountain climbing, and the list just goes on and on."

Gohan nodded. "You're right, but I'm sure people will just be surprised by how athletic I am, nobody just comes up and asks: "Hey Gohan how'd you do that stuff? Are you some kind of alien?"

"Good point, but you've got some friends in high places at that science expo thingy. Bulma and Vegeta will be there." She practically spat Vegeta's name.

"Yeah, but that's not really that big of a deal. If they know they know. I'm not dumb enough to exploit that and I not going to let anyone take advantage of me, so why worry?"

"As long as you're sure." Said Chichi. "Did you already pack?"

"I packed yesterday." Gohan said proudly.

"How many books?" asked Chichi. Reading regularly was a requirement in the Son house, not that Gohan ever didn't read.

"5, Chrono Trigger, Ocarina of Time, The Thousand Year Door, Radiant Historia, and The Dark Brotherhood."

"Good for you. Do you have all of the capsules I gave you?"

"Yes, ma'am." 'And a few of my own special ones.' Thought Gohan.

Chichi smiled at him. "Great." She stood up from her chair and began putting away dishes. "Your brother and I are really going to miss you these next couple of months."

Gohan smiled and got up from his chair and headed to his room. "Goodnight mom."

"Goodnight sweety."


Gohan stood at the top step right outside of his house. Him mother and Goten standing in the doorway.

"I guess this is it." Gohan was wearing his usual school clothes and bag. Only instead of books and binders, it was full of capsules, and cases. He was ready for his field trip. A whole month and a half away from home.

"Do you have to leave Gohan?" Asked Goten. Ever since Gohan started going to school, Goten was left as the only child on the mountain almost every day. Now it would be longer.

"Yes Goten, It's part of my final grade. It's either this or a 10000 word essay. This is the fun option."

"Can't I come, pleeeeeeeeease?" Begged Goten. You could see the tears welling up in his eyes. It was heart breaking.

"No way Goten." Said Chichi sternly. "You have your own work to do. Besides, you'll see him in a few weeks at the Science expo, Bulma said she would take you."

"Okay." Goten said sadly. "Bye Gohan."

"Bye squirt. I'll be back before you know it." Gohan bent down and picked Goten up to hug him.

"You take care of mom alright?" said Gohan. He paused after those words. He sounded almost like…

Chichi walked up and hugged them both. "Don't do anything reckless alright?" She said holding back her own tears. "I want you to remember everything I taught you about the world. I have a feeling you'll meet some people who don't live like we do."

"I will mom." Gohan put Goten down and backed away from the house. He lifted off the ground slowly, and took one more look at his home, his brother waved at him.

'So mom felt it too. I hope whatever it is it can be handled by Gohan the human.' Thought Gohan as he shot off into the sky to Satan City Train Station.


"And that's basically what happened." Finished Videl. She was telling Sharpner and Erasa about what happened to her and Mark the previous night. They were currently on the bus to the train station. They were speechless to say the least. Especially Sharpner. "You guys believe me right?

"Well Videl," Said Sharpner. "It's kind of…well…"

"Of course we believe you. Broken bones don't just heal themselves." Said Erasa.

"You were convinced easy." Said Sharpner to himself.

"By the way," said Videl. "Where's Gohan. I mean I know he said he'd meet us at the train station, but why not come straight to school? It's closer to his house."

Erasa shrugged, "Dunno, maybe he needed to take care of something at home first."

"So?" Said Sharpner, "I'm sure it'd be harder to catch the train like that, since it leaves like 15 minutes after we get there."

Videl looked away slightly. "You don't think…would it have something to do with what I said yesterday?" She glanced up at Erasa for reassurance.

"What? No, no of course not Videl," Said Erasa waving her arms. "I'm sure whatever he's doing has nothing to do with that." She put a hand on Videl's shoulder. "Like I said, it could easily be an errand he's running."

"You know," Said Sharpner. "You seem to know a lot more about Gohan than you let on." He smirked at his observation. Erasa always seemed to be right on the money about what Gohan was doing outside of school.

Erasa blushed. The onetime Sharpner, of all people decides to be smart. "Well, you know…" She struggled for the right words, absent mindedly fiddling with her fingers. "We just talk sometimes I guess."

Videl raised an eyebrow. "Talk about what exactly? What do you know that I don't?" Videl's worried face was wiped away by her interrogation face. To Erasa it was always scary, but to be on the receiving end of it…*shudder.* "Erasa, spill it. What's going on with you and Gohan?"

Erasa looked around nervously. She really didn't know what to say to get out of this. She looked over to Sharpner…who wasn't there anymore. 'Coward.' "Well um…Videl, Gohan and I are really good friends. He…tells me about himself because he trusts me. I couldn't compromise that by telling you." Erasa faced downward and looked at Videl from the corner of her eye.

Videl's face softened slightly. 'Okay, turn down the bad cop routine Videl.' "Why can't you tell me? I thought we were friends?" 'I must be getting desperate to play this card.'

"It's not that simple. It's not like you're untrustworthy, but you haven't been a very good friend to Gohan either." Said Erasa quietly. She really wasn't one to tell the bare truth to her friends.

Videl frowned a little more at that. "What? How so?"


[Attention everyone, we have arrived at Satan City Train Station. Please make sure you grab all of your items from the bottom of the bus as I will not retrieve them after it leaves. Have fun and remember that just because your camping, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to each other in the woods. Yes, I know it was vulgar but it's the truth.]

… "That was weird." Said Sharpner appearing once again from his hiding place. "Although that lady driving the bus is pretty hot." He said putting a finger to his chin.

"Whatever Sharpner," Said Videl. "She seemed kind of rude to me. She had the nerve to call me a shrimp." Sharpner and Erasa did their best to hide they're chuckles but it didn't work. "What!" Said Videl, "I'm not that short."

"Videl, your 17 and your 5'4"." Said Erasa. "You're short."

Videl rather ironically (and uncharacteristically) pouted and crossed her arms. "Says you, I just haven't had a growth spurt in a while."

"Um Videl," Said Sharpner, doing a bad job of controlling himself. "You've never had a growth spurt. You've been the same size since we met you." The walls broke down and Sharpner laughed his lungs out.

"Shut up Sharpner or I'm gonna break off your-"

[HEY! Annoying kid in the back, get your a-…butt, off the floor and get off the bus! We got places to be today! And I really don't want this to be my first experience on this dumb trip!]


"Alright everybody, line up so we can get this show on the road," Said an irritated female voice. Videl noticed it was the same as the bus drivers. So she could only assume that she would accompany them through the whole trip.

'That sucks. Well whatever, not like she's teaching a class or anything.' Videl thought to herself. 'Now where is Gohan? I'm gonna be pissed if he misses this train.'

"Hey Gohan," Shouted Erasa. She was waving into a crowd of people. When Videl turned around to look she saw him as well. Same red pants, same baggy white shirt, same dorky vest, and for some reason, the same tiny duffle bag.

"Hey guys." Said Gohan as he pushed his way past several business men and traveling sales women. "Sorry I'm late; I had to have a talk with a friend of mine before I came here." That friend happened to be Piccolo, whom still did not have an answer to his question about Rokushiki. It left him pretty wary about what might happen to the city while he was gone, so he asked Android 17 to take his shift as local super-hero. Since the Android owed him several favors, he couldn't refuse.

"What friend? You have other friends besides us?" Asked Sharpner rather naively. The others sweat dropped. "What? It's a legitimate question."

"No it's not Sharpy," Said Erasa.

{Okay everyone.} The female voice from before was now speaking through a megaphone. {When your name is called step forward and get your train ticket.}

(A/N: I'll spare you the long list of annoying OC names and get to the good part.)

Until a few seconds go Gohan didn't pay much attention to the voice at the megaphone until the list got closer to his name. 'Oh man, is that who I think it is?' Gohan thought. 'Why is she here? That must mean that…'

{Sharpner Pencil, Erasa Rubber, Videl Satan…Gohan Son, and Zails Tagg. Please come up and receive your tickets.}

All five students walked up to the front of the line. Now he was sure it was her. She had neck length blond hair and a pretty but plain face. She was rather tall for a woman, and wore a denim skirt with a matching sleeveless top. The most noticeable feature however, was the cold piercing light blue eyes. Other than her hair color she looked exactly like her twin. She only looked at him for about two seconds before turning her attention back to her list.

When Gohan turned his attention back to getting his ticket, he noticed the man handing them out was, familiarly short. Gohan recognized his ki immediately. Only instead of an orange gi, he was wearing a green jacket with orange sleeves, white pants, gold-yellow boots, and a red and blue cap. The only thing different about him was-

"Oh I'm so excited!" Squealed Erasa. "I can't wait to see all the cute boys from the other schools!" For some reason Gohan didn't like that very much. For more reasons than one. "Oh, of course I wouldn't like try to, you know, get to know them or anything." She said quickly. "I have my eye on someone else." She said brushing up against Gohan's arm. He liked this much better than her other idea. This of course did not go unnoticed by the ever watchful Videl.

"Excuse me…miss? Miss Videl?" Said the short man trying to snap Videl back to reality.

"Huh? Oh sorry." Videl said as she took her bronze colored ticket and walked towards the train, but not before looking back at Erasa and Gohan. 'What the heck? Why don't I know about this?' The thought angered her, more so than she liked, so she pushed it away.

Gohan had just walked up to get his ticket when the man finally acknowledged him. "Alright spill it Gohan," Said the man rather smugly. "Since when do you go to school?" The short man clearly had an air of mischief about him. Gohan really hoped he wouldn't push it. "Come on bro tell me." He said with a laugh, "We don't have all day."

Gohan couldn't help it, he smiled too. "I'll tell you when you tell me why you're wearing a bouffant." He said while taking his and Erasa's tickets. The man's face went from happy to shocked.

"What! This is my real hair! It took a long time for it to grow back too." He said placing his hands on his head. "That's just rude, assuming I can't grow hair. Get on the train why don't cha?" He said pointing behind him. "I'll see you on the training course."

Gohan simply laughed and walked with Erasa the group waiting to board the train. When they had gotten far enough away, Erasa finally asked her question.

"Who was that?" She asked. "He's a guy handing us tickets and you act like you've know…wait. Was he-"

Gohan nodded. "That's Krillin alright." Gohan said while smiling even more. "He's like my uncle or I guess more like a brother. I've known him almost my whole life."

Erasa smiled too and grabbed Gohan's hand. "I guess you must be excited about him coming with us on the trip." Gohan nodded, although his face now held a small blush.

"If he's coming, there's no doubt that things are going to get really tough on everyone as far as athletics. He might end up pranking a few people too." Gohan laughed. "But he's really a nice guy."

"Are you worried about him, you know, revealing too much?" Erasa asked.

"Naw, Krillin's not that weird. He wouldn't compromise the future of his family by exposing himself as a Z-fighter." Added Gohan. "Although…" Gohan's face became puzzled.

""What?" Asked Erasa, she didn't like when people cut themselves off. It was hard to follow.

"I can't really picture his wife holding back at all." Said Gohan. "She's the blonde one with the megaphone."

Erasa's eyes widened. "Really! Wow, I would have never even guessed."

"Guessed what?"

Gohan and Erasa looked to their left to see Videl and Sharpner (Who was eating a rather large pretzel and was pretty much ignoring them).

"You two sharing secrets again?" Videl asked sternly. If Gohan didn't know better…'Didn't Videl have blue eyes? They're all green know…no wait they're blue again.' (Envy joke. Videl has no super powers).

"No Videl we were just talking." Said Erasa. "Nothing you need to worry about." She knew what was going on, time to act clueless."

Panther strode through the dark hallways of a building unknown to the public, or even the military. Black-Sheep walked exactly three steps behind him at all times to signify his position power, keeping an eye one white pigeon sitting on his shoulder. Everyone who knew Panther also knew that if that bird ever left his side, it meant he was about to fight…or kill.

It wasn't that she didn't like him. They'd been working together for years and one may even call them friends. But it seemed like the more they subjected themselves to these 'experiments' the more his personality seemed to slip away. He went from a proud seeker of justice to a cold blooded assassin in 10 years, 1/10 of his predicted life time. She wondered if he even cared about justice anymore.

"Kalifa," Panther said monotonously. "Something is bothering you?"

Black-Sheep, or rather, Kalifa, took of her butterfly mask as the door to the next room opened on its own. "Just thinking sir, about the Saiyaman." She pulled a small case from her pocket and opened it to reveal a set of glasses. She put them on without missing a step.

Panther took off his hockey mask as well, revealing the face of a young Italian man with a short beard and sharp eyebrows. His ebony eyes gleamed in the dim light of the buzzing room full of bustling scientists and men in suites. He walked past several embryo tubes full of growing discolored human bodies.

In fact the entire room was full of them. This was Jaguar Inc., a laboratory located below Mei Queen Castle, on an unmarked island in the pacific. In other words…

"Welcome home Mr. Lucci," said a short fat man as he walked into their path. "And you too Ms. Kalifa." He stated with a perverted tone.

Lucci inwardly scoffed but kept his face blank. "Hello Lord Jaguar. I'm sorry to inform you that the mission was a complete failure." He said monotonously. "While we were able to test the young Satan girl's abilities we were unable to capture her."

Jaguar was not amused. "What! You mean I let your colleagues tear up my building, lose my money and put me in dept for no reason! All because you couldn't capture one girl!"

"It seems that way. But there was an unexpected interruption." Said Lucci.

"Oh?" Said Jaguar sarcastically. "Really? Something strong enough to stop my most powerful experiments from defeating Satan's daughter?"

"Yes." Said Lucci, unfazed. "The Saiyaman."


"So he is real?"

"Yes sir."

…"I see." Jaguar scratched his chin in thought. "And what did you learn."

"He is stronger than any of us. His speed is beyond our comprehension. His internal energy is powerful enough to destroy entire buildings in a single blast. And he was able to survive an explosion from an Absolution-XL, while holding it."

"You don't say."Jaguar smirked widely. "He could be exactly what we need."


"Tosen!" Yelled Jaguar suddenly. His voice reverberating all over the laboratory.

Lucci and Kalifa stood at attention, but they could feel it. That slowly approaching feeling of energy. They could sense his ki.

In a blur of motion a midsized dark skinned man appeared just to the left of Lucci. He wore a white jump suit with black highlights and a thick blindfold over his eyes. His blue-black braided hair was tied into a pony tail behind his head. Attached to his back was a katana which hung from a black sash. This was Kaname Tosen, seeker of ultimate justice.

"Tosen," said Jaguar. "How is our latest project going?"

Tosen's eyes were not visible but you could feel the intensity in his quiet tone. "Fair, although Master Aizen is still unable to control the darker half of the subjects'…inner demons."

"Not that you moron!" Said Jaguar stiffly. "The newest one. You know the one we found in the ice caps?"

'Ice caps?' thought Lucci. 'What does he mean?'

"Oh," said Tosen. "He…it is still under speculation. The creature is in a state of suspended animation, yet it still gives off massive amounts of energy."

Jaguar huffed. "And?"

"We have been able to replicate and clone the DNA, but… the test subjects always die. Their bodies cannot contain the power."

Jaguar sighed. "Not even with the culture fluid compound?"

"I'm afraid not."

"I see…" Jaguar pulled out a cell phone from his back pocket. "Lucci, Kalifa, you are dismissed for now. Tosen get your soldiers ready." He began dialing the phone. "I have a favor to force in from the Red Ribbon Army."

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