She would never love him the way he wanted her to.

He was placed into the category as here 'friend', whatever that meant for them. Their opinions were always very different from what they were supposed to be.

He and Elena would never be in a relationship.

As much as he wanted it to, it would never work. He always had that little voice nagging him inside his head that she didn't love him and as heartbreaking as it is, he knew that voice was right. She would never love him.

No, not in a million years.

No matter how many times he tells her they would be perfect, they both have that little voice that disagrees.

For once in his life, would it be so bad to just feel loved by someone he loves? Is it too much to ask? Is his love not enough?

It sure feels that way to him.

Like he would never be loved throughout his whole existence.

It's true, though.

If he got to be loved by Elena, he would make sure she knew how much he loved her but that would never happen, right? It would always be Stefan; that's what she said anyway.

She doesn't know how much it hurts to hear that. She thinks it's for the best, but doesn't take in his feelings or how hopeless he feels straight afterwards.

He hates her but he'll never stop loving her.

She's everything he ever wanted. And everything he doesn't.

Sometimes he forgets why he keeps trying to be better.

It doesn't change anything. He'll always have the pain of knowing that they'll never be together.

Sometimes, he wonders whether she feels the same way.