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A few things you would like to know: 1. this takes place at the end of the series. 2. I will be using old quotes and stuff from other Slade-related episodes. 3. I do support RobinxStarfire 4. *possible spoiler* Slade has been causing Robin to have frequent headaches and relapses of experiences with Slade because of a...*spoiler*...and it will be explained more later :D okkkay I've talked long enough!

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Slade was never gone. Not when the Titans beat him before, not even after the world's near destruction at the hands of Trigon.

No, Slade was still there. And he wants the leader of the Teen Titans more than ever.

Chapter One

Again, Robin ached. This pain, he thought. Will this pain go away?

"Robin, what's the matter?" Starfire asked with a concerned frown, flying over to comfort her friend. "You've been clutching the sides of your head, are you all right?" The teen hero smiled and shook it off.

"Thanks Star, but it's fine. I'm alright. Just a little headache."

"Well OKAY then!" Beast Boy yelled with massive amounts of junk food in his arms. "We can proceed to tonight's ALL NIGHT GAME PARTAY!" Raven groaned and continued to read her book. Cyborg in the meantime was setting up the game system and controls.

"Yeah, baby this is gonna be one awesome game night!" All of a sudden, the alarms blared, red lights flooding the Titans Tower. Finally, Robin thought. Something to distract from.

"Titans, trouble!" Robin leapt forwards out the main room, followed by Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg.

"Awww, but we were gonna play all night..." Beast Boy complained before turning into a hawk and following the Titans.


In the city, Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth were wreaking havoc. Gizmo was ransacking the electronics store; Mammoth was trashing cars outside of the electronics store; across the street, Jinx was terrorizing a clothes store.

"Guess it's not your lucky day!" she sneered as she crushed clothes racks on top of the girls working there.

"Titans, GO!" Robin's voice echoed down the street as the Teen Titans approached the villains. Beast Boy transformed into a cheetah and raced down towards the trio. Gizmo exited the electronics shop, followed by Jinx out of the clothes store.

"Well, well. Thought the snots would never come!" Gizmo cackled as he activated his metal spider legs.

"Attack formation Alpha!" Jinx shouted as the Titans neared. Cyborg and Beast Boy ran towards Gizmo, Robin and Raven went to Mammoth and Starfire cornered Jinx. Cyborg blasted sonic charges at Gizmo while Gorilla-Beast Boy aimed to squash the techno-villain with clenched fists.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Raven yelled, manipulating a street lamp to wrap around Mammoth as Robin threw grenades at him. Starfire shot star bolts at Jinx and she shot hexes at Starfire, causing both to fall back, but also pieces of the building to fall on top of Starfire. Gorilla-BB leaped on top of Gizmo and tore off the device on his back, causing the little bald kid to fall into a trash dump. Raven telepathically picked up Mammoth by the mid-section and Robin high-kicked him, knocking him on top of a car. Starfire's eyes glowed green and she zapped Jinx against the wall of the building, causing the top to collapse on top of her.

"The expression you use is, 'Your luck has run out' yes?" Starfire giggled. Beast Boy transformed back into a human and joined up with Cyborg, Raven, Robin, and Starfire in the middle of the street.

"Not that I don't like the fact that we just kicked major bad guy butt, but…" Beast Boy started.

"But it seemed too easy," Raven finished. The others nodded. All of a sudden, the villain trio got up and threw a smokescreen.

"Hey! Get back here!" Robin shouted as he pulled out his stick and swirled away the smoke. But the H.I.V.E. students had disappeared. The only thing left was a metal emblem that Robin knew only too well: Slade's "S" mark. The masked boy reached down and picked up the metal "S". Starfire walked over and put her hand on Robin's shoulder.

"I know what you must be thinking Robin, but Slade is not here. He was destroyed in the battle with Trigon, remember?" Robin looked at Starfire.

"He also survived an attack from all five of us, still survived, fell into a volcano after battling Terra, and still survived. Who's not to say he survived Trigon?" Starfire said nothing.

"Dude, forget about it. They probably had some old Slade badge from before. He was the one who hired them remember?" Beast Boy interjected. "Come on, let's get back to our ALL NIGHT GAME PARTAY and put this little thing to rest!"

"Booyah! I'm up for that!" Cyborg replied. Robin half-heartedly followed the team back to the Tower

Back at the Tower, Cyborg and Beast Boy crashed head to head wildly clicking the buttons on the game controllers while stuffing their faces with food. Raven and Starfire watched the boys, Starfire with great eagerness and Raven with unparalleled boredom. Robin, meanwhile slipped out of the room and went to his own room, where he sat at his desk, intently observing the emblem he had retrieved only earlier, like it would change or explode at any moment.

"What are you up to, Slade?" he muttered.


The next morning, the leader of the Titans found that he had slept at his desk the whole night. Groggily re-entering the main room, Raven caught sight of Robin.

"Hey, not that last night wasn't the epitome of fun, but where'd you go?" she asked. Robin looked away, walking towards the computer. Raven sighed. "Look. I know this is all confusing and frustrating for you to handle, but don't isolate yourself. You can talk to us." Robin paused, then turned around to look at Raven.

"I'm sorry. I should know better than anyone not to isolate myself, considering it was a mistake I made in the past," Robin said with a heavy drawl, and then sighed. Starfire yawned and stretched on the couch next to Raven. Just then, the alarm went off, causing the three sleeping Titans to jump up and off of the couches.

"Titans, let's go!" Robin ordered.

:D oohhh S emblem! it's the key to a lock that will come later, and unlock a secret meant for the befuddled Boy Wonder!

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