Sometimes, he gave into his imagination. He could think of a place, a time where this was more than a hopeless, futile, desperate attempt to garner even the slightest amount of attention. He could make a place in his mind full of love, mutual love, not this heart-wrenching one-sided affair.

Sometimes, he wanted to end it. Wanted to sever this tie that was slowly killing him, yet somehow kept his heart beating. But he never would. Not when this was all he had, all that kept them connected, for if they lost it, he would lose him. And that was a risk he never wanted to take, not even if it broke his heart in the process.

Love. Something he so confidently paraded around the women was now more foreign to him than he ever could have imagined. Something he had lived off of was now slowly eating away at his sanity, numbing his mind and body until all he could feel was the pulsing heat of the man beside him. This was love, love he had never even dreamed of before, love that made him want to sing with happiness, but he knew.

Zoro, the idiot, the marimo, thought nothing of him. Not like that. Zoro's mind didn't dwell on him for a moment past their brief affairs in whatever cheap hotel they could find on whatever island they had stopped at, because Zoro didn't care.

Sometimes, Sanji wished he couldn't care either.

This was never supposed to have a Sanji part. It happened anyways /headdesk