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Chapter 11 All the Way Home

The cave's exit closed, and the void opened up again. Humphrey grabbed the suits slightly before the void opened. Lilly then said, "What the heck is…" she was cut off when they where all sucked into it. When the void turned yellow they all braced for impact, except for Lilly who was screaming like they where when they went through the first time.

They hit the caves wall, but got up as if it was nothing, except for, of course Lilly. She just laid there groaning. When she came to her senses she quickly got up. "Who the heck are you people?" she said backing up as much as she could towards the cave wall.

"Friends," the Doctor said, "Very distant friends."

The cave's entrance opened and Lilly ran out. "Lilly wait!" Kate yelled to her sister and followed her out. Kate found her right outside the door. This place looked exactly like Jasper Park, but Lilly lived in a world with red skies so this must have been a terrible shock to her.

"Lilly calm down," Kate told her sister who was hyperventilating, "We'll tell you everything you need to know." Everybody came out after she said this.

Lilly closed her eyes and started rubbing her forehead. "What is this? Where are we? What's going on?"

"I know it's hard to believe," Kate started saying, "but there are other worlds out there." Lilly looked at her like she still wasn't getting it. "Parallel worlds. Worlds with us in them," Kate paused for awhile thinking of what to say. "Sometimes."

The Doctor spoke up next, "There are exactly 24 parallel worlds out there, or at least the one's we can access," he started. He pretty much said the same thing he and Rebecca told them, and he was extremely better at explaining this than they where.

"So, there are 12 of me?" Lilly asked when she finally got most of what the Doctor was saying.

"Well no, there are," he said as he looked at the paper that had the table, "6 of you," the doctor said slightly unhappy.

Lilly thought for awhile. Then she finally said, "So you guys are taking me to a completely different world?"

"Yes, almost any world is better than that one, but some worlds have things that aren't supposed to be there. They're too advanced for you guys to go to."

"Ok, so why don't we just travel to whatever world that would suit me?"

"Because we can only go to the worlds that this table tells us to go, but they only open on certain days. Today is day 7 tomorrow will be day 8, and for this world it will be the Alpha day. Which is where we're going."

"But isn't there already a Lilly there?"

"Well yes, but we were thinking of sending you to another world that doesn't have a Lilly, but let's just get through this world first then we'll talk about all of this later."

"Why can't we leave now?"

"Because after the void is used it has to power up again."

"How long will that take?"

"12 hours."

"So at about sun rise tomorrow?"

"Yes, this world should be safe enough, we can go see Kate. We are going to have to stay out side of the park, or at least Kate is. She can't set one paw in this park," the Doctor said.

"Ok well we actually aren't on the park grounds right now so we can just go around and find her," Kate said.

"Ya, that's one thing, the void isn't always in the same place in every world, like we had to walk a whole day, while here we can actually see the park."

"We should all stick together," Humphrey said, "There are hardly any wolves here, and Kate's on the outside of the park, so we really don't need to go into the park at all."

"Ya, I'm fine with that, and I know the area that Kate lives in. It might take us a couple of minutes to an hour to find her after we get to that area, but she lives on the other side of the park so it might be best if we leave now if you want to talk to her for a decent amount of time."

"Alright let's go," Kate said going around the outside of the park with the other four wolves. It took them almost 3 and a half hours to get there. They noticed that the closer they got to where the Doctor was taking them the more food there was. They finally got to the area that Kate was living in and noticed that there where animals sleeping everywhere they looked.

"I guess she lives here because there is a lot of food?" Kate asked looking around.

"Yup, this is where anyone would go if they got banished. The wolves from here go into this area to get food, but Kate has to live here, because of what happened," he Doctor said.

Humphrey noticed something strange about the night. They could actually see. "Hey Doctor, why can we see?"

"Look up," they all looked up and gasped.

"There are 4 moons?" Humphrey asked.

"Yup, two of them are a couple of days from being full and the other two are a couple of days from being half," he said as he looked up too.

"So the night is always this bright?" Lilly asked.

Well the least bright it would be is a full moon for you guys, but tonight it's almost 3 full moons."

"Dang, that's amazing," Lilly said.

"Lilly," Kate said, "there's one thing we haven't told you yet."

Lilly looked at Kate curiously.

"I'm your sister in my world."

Lilly's eyes went wide. "So that's why you rescued me?"

"Yes, I couldn't let you live in that awful world. I had to save you."

Lilly looked at Kate like she was a completely different person. She hugged her and started crying. "I have a sister."

Kate returned the hug and told her, "You have two sisters in this world right now."

Lilly laughed slightly, "Yes, yes I do."

"Ok, if we split up and look around we can find her quite quickly. I think we should all go by ourselves," the Doctor said. Then he looked at Lilly. "Except for Lilly. I think she should go with Kate."

"Ok, so about how far away from here should we look?" Humphrey asked.

"No more than half a mile away."

"Ok, whoever finds here first just howl," Kate said starting to walk away with Lilly.

The Doctor hugged Jenny and started to walk a different direction than Kate and Lilly. Jenny started walking too. Humphrey was walking 45 degrees away from Jenny, and the search for Kate was on.

"How did you react to all of this?" Lilly asked Kate.

"Well this world looks a lot like my world,"

Lilly interrupted her, "No, I mean all of this world travel things?"

"Oh, well I was completely shocked."


"Because I have actually given thought about how my world would be like if I was never born, or if I died at some point. Then we went to the Zeta world, and I saw that things where almost perfect without me, that my parents where doing fine without me, but I meet them and they liked me, so I embraced the whole worlds things, and since they where happy, I was happy."

Lilly nodded showing Kate that she understood.

"So I guess my parents are the ones to blame for why I'm so calm now."

"Well I think that you might be the reason for which I'm not going crazy right now."

Kate smiled, "Thank you."

With Jenny 30 minutes later. Jenny was getting tired of looking around, mostly because she hadn't had a decent sleep since 3 days ago when she slept with the Doctor in her cave. She noticed a small sound when she walked by a small opening between some trees. She looked in between them and noticed a tan wolf lying down. The wolf looked exactly like, "Kate?"

She looked up to the wolf that called out her name. Jenny noticed something was extremely wrong with her. "Who are you?" Kate said.

"I'm Jenny; I came with some more wolves. We where just going to visit you, but it looks like you need medical attention."

Kate's eyes where red and you could see a rash through her fur. If that wasn't bad enough she started coughing like crazy. Jenny knew she needed the Doctor and fast. She stared howling. Humphrey was the first one to get there in a little more than 5 minutes.

"Jenny? You foun…" Humphrey stopped when he got closer to Kate. "Oh my gosh. We need the Doctor. Quickly howl again. If they hear both of us howl they'll know it's urgent."

Jenny and Humphrey started howling now. They hoped that the others would know it was urgent, after almost 10 minutes Humphrey and Jenny where extremely relived to see the Doctor.

"What took you so long?" Humphrey said gesturing to Kate.

The Doctor noticed Kate and the redness she had all over here body. "Sorry I was on the other side, but when I heard both of you howl I though something must be wrong." He examined her for almost a minute until he finally got up. "She's going to be ok, but I need to get several ingredients. Three of them are close by but one is all the way in the park, so it'll take me awhile to get back," he said as he started leaving.

"Please hurry," Humphrey told the Doctor.

The Doctor didn't stop but said, "I will."

About another 5 minutes later Kate and Lilly had finally arrived.

"Hey we heard you and Humphrey howl, is something wrong?" Kate asked when she finally found them. She took one look at the Kate on the floor and realized what had happened. "Oh, my gosh! Is she ok?"

The sick Kate spook up as much as she could, "Ok, how come all of you know who I am, but I've never seen you guys at all?" she looked at the two new wolves that had just arrived and she realized that one of them looked exactly like her. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kate," she couldn't stop herself till it was too late. "I mean…"

Lilly stopped her, "I think we should tell her."

"Tell me what?" Sigma Kate said not understanding anything of what there wolves where talking about.

"Let's all explain," Jenny said.

Then they started the complicated parallel world explanation all over again.

After about 50 minutes the Doctor had finally found the plant he needed. He still needed to go back and then find the other 3 plants so he wasted no time at all by grabbing it and heading back towards his friends. What he didn't notice in such a hurry were the black colored wolves that had been watching him since he got into the park. The strang thing about these wolves was that they looked exactly the same.

"This is definitely the wolf we're looking for," the one that was closer to the edge said.

"You sure? Because if we extract the wrong wolf we will have wasted another sedative, and you know how hard those are to get," the wolf behind him said with the exact same voice that the fist wolf had.

"Trust me. I'd remember that wolf anywhere."

"Ok, let's go tell the others," he said as both the wolves lifted their paws up to show a devise that was on their wrists. They did the exact same things on them and then they disappeared when a green light flashed.

Humphrey, Kate, Jenny, and Lilly had finally finished explaining to Kate about the whole world's thing. The only reason she believed them was because of Kate. They had the almost the exact same things in common, which made it easy to answer any questions that Kate asked Kate about herself.

"Do you want to come with us?" Kate asked out of nowhere.

"I don't think I should, I do like this place. It's got everything I need, plus it's not so bad living here, I just get a little lonely but it's perfectly fine."

"Ok, well just making sure, cause we're leaving a little after the sun comes up," Kate said.

They started talking about this Kate's life. Her life actually didn't sound too bad, after the whole killing a lot of the population thing, but it seamed extremely lonely.

Lilly noticed this and made up her mind, "Guys, I'm going to stay here."

This surprised them a bit but they understood. "Are you sure?" Kate asked even though she knew it was probably for the best.

"Ya, your other you needs me, plus it sounds like there's enough room for an extra wolf for Kate in this world. If Kate's ok with it?" Lilly asked the sick Kate.

"Yes, that would be perfect," she said with a tear in her eye, "I've always wanted a sister."

Kate smiled, "You've always had a sister."

Sigma Kate smiled, but started coughing. The Doctor came right when this happened. "Did somebody call a Doctor?" he said as he gave her the leaves and let her eat them. "I know they taste horrible but it will help you get better as soon as it hits your stomach."

Kate swallowed the medicine and felt her throat get instantly better, then here eyes weren't dry anymore, or red. Then her rash started going away almost instantly.

"So did you guys tell her about, you know," the Doctor asked the group.

"Ya, we told her everything," Jenny said going next to the Doctor.

"Oh, and Lilly's staying in this world," Humphrey said going next to Kate.

"Ya, we're sisters in this world now," Lilly said walking over to Kate who had managed to get up.

"Well we still have awhile before the sun rises but it also is quite a walk before we get to the cave again so we should leave soon."

"I'm sorry Doctor," Jenny said feeling bad.

"Why?" the Doctor asked curiously.

"Because ever since we got to this world all you've done was looking for stuff, how are you not tired?"

The Doctor laughed, "I am, but you get used to the feeling of it after awhile. It's ok, don't worry about it."

They all started walking around the park again. Lilly and Kate came along just to say goodbye. They still had slightly less than two hours before the void would open up again, but Jenny insisted for the Doctor to sleep. He didn't argue, went into the cave and laid down. Jenny was extremely tired too so she laid down next to him.

Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, and Kate stayed outside the cave talking about what they would do now.

Alpha Kate said, "Well, me and Humphrey are the next in line to lead the Western pack, so I guess that's what we'll do."

"Wow, you never told me that," Lilly said impressed.

"Ya, well it didn't seem important at the time."

"Kate you're one of my sisters. Anything going on in your life would be important to me, especially something as big as that." Kate got sad all of a sudden. Lilly noticed this, "Kate what's wrong?"

"Well we might never see each other again."

"But don't you have a Lilly in your world too?"

"Yes, but I don't want to meet a sister then never see her again."

"Ya, it will be hard for me too, but you got me a sister that I can see every day. That's the best thing anyone could ever get me, and you have your sister you need to get back to."

The sun started to come out, which meant, it was time. They heard the brick move and they started heading in. Before Kate went in she turned back to Lilly and herself. I'm going to miss you two."

"We'll miss you too," Lilly said. Then they both said "Thank you," to her in unison.

Kate smiled and went in. Humphrey had woken up Jenny and the Doctor already. They grabbed their things and got ready to go home.

"I'm so glad that we didn't go to any world that was too complicated," the Doctor said out loud. There where some worlds that could have been extremely dangerous to go to, or they could have gotten caught, but it seamed like luck was on their side… for now.

"Well," the Doctor paused looking at the wolves, "Ready to go home?"

"Yes!" they all said at almost the same time.

"Well here we go," he said as he pushed the brick slightly.

The void opened and after a few second they where all sent though. Back to the Alpha world. They still crash landed but they couldn't care less.

Humphrey walked out of the cave first and said, "Home."

They still had to walk all the way back towards the park with would take the whole day but he didn't care. "Let's all agree to never do that again," Humphrey told everyone.

"They all said agreed."

12 Days Later

The Doctor and Jenny had finally gotten married the first chance they got, which was about two days ago. Garth and Lilly where now the leaders of the Eastern pack, and Humphrey and Kate where going to become the new leaders in the morning. No one really asked questions to the four wolves since they returned only a day after they told everyone they where coming back. They just told Winston and Eve and anyone they knew that they got lost and it took them and extra day to get home.

Everyone noticed Humphreys side and asked questions about it, but he just told them that the Doctor found some extremely rare leaves that could heal third degree burns and grows hair. They actually bought it, even the other doctors in the park.

On that day for some strange reason Humphrey, Kate, Jenny, the Doctor, Lilly, and Garth had decided to hang out together. They where just eating a caribou and talking about their new lives with each other, when a green light comes out of nowhere.

The Doctor froze in place, "No, that's not possible!"

"What's wrong Doctor? What was that?" Jenny asked when she noticed the Doctor making a big deal about it.

He was looking at the direction it had come from and he hoped beyond hope that it was not what he thought it was. They finally saw a dark grey wolf running at them. It took him awhile to notice who this wolf was but once she got close enough Humphrey realized it was Rebecca. "Mom?"

When she got close enough she said, "Quickly, all of you are in great danger!" she said slightly out of breath.

The Doctor noticed the device on her wrist. "We're not allowed to use those anymore," the Doctor said slightly afraid.

"I know, but it was," Rebecca corrected herself, "it is and emergency! We have to get all of you guys out of here now! Everyone needs to grab onto each other."

Garth and Lilly where slightly freaked out by this strange wolf that was freaking out about who knows what. Humphrey grabbed Jenny and Kate. Kate grabbed Lilly and Garth just decided to do whatever she was saying so she grabbed Lilly.

The Doctor was paralyzed. Rebecca said to him, "Doctor! If we don't leave now Kione will kill you all!"

At the word Kione the Doctor grabbed onto Rebecca and Jenny. "How did he find me?"

Rebecca started moving things on the device and said, "How did they find you, and I don't know," as she pressed a small yellow button in the center. Then they all disappeared in a flash of green.

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