Title: New Beginnings: The Seventh Year

Chapter 13: The Calm before the Storm

            Draco stared at the mirror as he brushed his teeth. Harry was in the shower cubicle behind him, humming to some tune that Draco had never heard before. He shook his head at how silly Harry could be sometimes. At least he's not nervous about today's match, he thought, as he rinsed his mouth. As he finished cleaning his mouth and washing up, he felt a pair of hands encircle him and saw Harry dropping a kiss onto the back of his neck, his lower body wrapped in a towel.

            "Too bad we can't fool around." Harry sighed. Ron had asked Draco how the Slytherin team kept their energy up so as to be so aggressively 'assaulting' their rival teams. Draco had stupidly replied that the rule was a two-day sex abstain enforced before each match so that the players will work their frustrations off during the match itself. Ron, with wide eyes, nodded and called a team meeting, and had a team glaring at him with that announcement. Draco smiled when he remembered how frustrated Seamus was the night before when Dean pushed him out of his bed and made him sleep in his own bed.

            "Somehow I think today's game will be quite brutal, even if it is on our side. Even though the Slytherin team found totally unsuitable beaters after those two left. For Merlin's sake, that little squid they found couldn't even beat the bludgers during the first few practices that I watched. The seeker can't even catch golf balls well. I felt sorry for the team." Draco scowled with disgust when he remembered the recent practices that he spied on hiding under Harry's invisibility cloak. It was a complete waste of his time to watch a team suffering from the loss of their two beaters and trying to recover from the loss of their seeker as well.

            "It just means an easier victory for us. We may not even use all our good plays and can keep them for the other matches." Harry leaned against the sinks and stretched, blatantly displaying his body for his lover to drool over, which was working as Draco's eyes were glued to his chest when he realized that his lover is nearly naked in front of him, covered with only a skimpy piece of towel around his lower body. Draco's breathing quickened and he licked his lips, as his eyes trailed up to meet Harry's emerald eyes, which were glinting mischievously. Draco's mind went back to the time he woke up after falling asleep from their 'first' bonding …

Begin flaskback

Draco's eyes fluttered open to look at the scenery scene shown by his canopy. Harry was still asleep, with his head on Draco's shoulders. He had never felt so at peace with himself. He briefly wondered about the whereabouts of Day, before his thoughts drifted to the bonding that happened a few hours ago, and the meeting with the founders. Sometimes, even with all the new powers that the two of them are gaining, it is still rather hard to accept that they were the heirs to these great people who built the school. Draco grew up thinking that Harry was special, but he had never ever expected himself to be part of the label of being 'special', even if it is a little known secret.

Draco then thought back to the last few months that he had spent by Harry's side. They were no doubt the happiest few months of his life, in which he had real friends and people who cared about him around him. However, Draco was not one to believe in the happily ever after, especially with all the training lessons they had been going through. Voldemort had been too quiet, even if the attack on Day just happened. Even Harry had expressed his worries on the issue, as experience told him that Voldemort had been too quiet these few years. There must be a really big attack coming up somewhere. In preparation for it, there were some more planning put in place besides the security measures that Sirius and Remus had told them at the beginning of the term. In the case of an attack on Hogwarts, the nine of them in this specially warded dorm would know what to do. The only problem they would face in view of an attack was where they could go to after leaving Hogwarts.

Draco finally felt Harry stirring, as brilliant green eyes fluttered open to look into grey mesmerizing eyes, as the two soul mates stared into each others' eyes, conveying love and affection to each other using their mind link. Harry dropped a gentle chaste kiss on Draco's lips and nuzzled his face into Draco's neck.

Wordlessly, both boys closed their eyes to relax in the calm before the storm that both were certain to be blowing up in the near future.

End flaskback

"If I can't have sex, you two can't have sex. Harry, stop displaying yourself and go get yourself dressed. Shoo…" Seamus' frustrated voice brought Draco out of his thoughts as Harry winked at him, while being pushed out of the bathroom by Seamus. Seamus then came back into the sinks and started washing himself up.

"Up so early?" Draco asked casually, as he picked up his towel, walking towards one of the shower cubicles.

"Can't sleep much without Dean, thanks to your big mouth." Seamus growled, with his toothbrush in his mouth, glaring into the mirror at Draco, as he saw Draco grin insolently.

As the water in the shower cubicle started, Seamus looked at the mirror at his own image, as he continued to brush his teeth. His appearance did not change much in the past few months. However, he felt that he seemed to have matured greatly mentally in the past few months. In the previous years, his life in the Gryffindor tower was limited to having fun, studying, bitching about potions lessons, and at the end of the year, maybe there would be an influx of house points earned by some terrifying adventure undergone by some of his housemates, which was happening right under his nose. It was until last year when he realized that his dorm-mate was not a really normal one, like Dean, but someone who did not go searching for trouble, and attracted trouble like a crazed bludger. He was never so involved with security meetings that Hermione stressed they should have, till a few months ago. The general consensus was that since the adults were not willing to share the information with them, treating them like children, they would come up with additional security measures to ensure their escape should the castle be attacked, and keep the secrets to themselves. Although none of them agreed with the notion of running away, except Draco, they agreed on the importance that their key concern was to stay alive so as to plan and fight a battle on their own terms. The cooperation in the whole group was good as every one knew what they were supposed to do. When Day was brought into the plans, she built up on the cunning component that was more lacking in the planning, even when Draco and Ron were good strategists.

Then his mind turned towards Dean, as his thoughts went to a certain ring pouch in his drawers. He knew that they were only together for a few months, but those few months were the best, especially after these few years as he spent so long pining after Dean. He bought the rings on an impulse when Dean, Neville and Ginny and himself did some shopping under the strict monitoring of Professor Lupin. Dean was at the other end of the shop looking at some leather necklaces when he picked that pair of rings with the professor grinning at him, He came back and was immediately asked by Draco on what he bought, as Draco was famous for having a shopping fetish. When he discreetly shown Draco the rings and told him that he was just waiting for the right moment to give them to Dean, Draco's eyes lit up and he actually hugged Seamus, till Dean and Harry noticed and frowned at them. Seamus quickly slipped the pouch into his pocket. However he had the feeling that Draco told Harry because a few hours later, during dinner, Harry kept looking at him with a joyful grin.

He walked out of the bathroom and saw that Dean was up, as he dropped a kiss on Seamus' forehead when he passed him to go to the bathroom. Seamus shot him a quick grin to tell him wordlessly that he was forgiven for kicking him out of bed the night before. As he changed into his Quidditch robes, his eyes went to his drawer. He opened it and placed the ring pouch into his pocket as well, without wondering why. He just felt that there would be a perfect moment coming up on that day.

When the whole group was ready for breakfast, they all journeyed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, with the Quidditch players dressed in their crimson Quidditch robes. They entered the Hall to cheering from their house. As Harry sat down, he glanced up to the Staff table and the missing black dog and Professor Lupin reminded him that they left the night before on a mission for the headmaster. Since today was a Saturday and the next day was Halloween, with the students returning home on Monday morning, they were able to leave for their mission early. Harry was disappointed that Sirius would have to miss his match, but Dumbledore stressed the importance of leaving early, and Harry had no say in the matter. He just hoped that the two of them were safe on their mission.

As the time neared for the team to go down to the pitch to assemble, the Quidditch players got up from their seat at the house table. Harry had purposely brought two of his Gryffindor scarves, his daily and Quidditch scarves. He stood up and in full view of everyone in the hall, took his daily scarf and placed it around Draco's neck, publicly announcing his claim on the blond. Draco gave him a grin and pulled him down for a fast peck on his lips and a whispered 'good luck, although you don't need it' into his ear.

Nobody saw a discreet nod from a male Slytherin seventh year to a female Gryffindor Qudditch chaser and the answering nod back with a small smile.


            "… And Harry Potter catches the snitch, finishing this atrocious game at 450-20 with the Gryffindors winning! I'm not putting you down, Harry, but it seems that the team didn't really need the snitch to win! This three-hour game is rather brutal, not because the Slytherins are cheating, but it seemed that the Lions are determined to place all the Slytherin players in the infirmary. The Lions are all hugging their seeker, even their junior team, which was let out to the pitch to play for half an hour just now when Captain Weasley realized that there is no way their team could lose. And they are finally separated from their seeker, who had been on a winning streak since he came to Hogwarts and… do I see their chaser Finnegan heading out to the Gryffindor audience? And he stopped in front of Thomas, his boyfriend of a few months. His team members seemed to realize that something is happening and surrounded him… does anyone have a pair of omniculars? Thank you Professor Dumbledore… and Finnegan is taking something out from his pocket… it looks like… he opened the black thing and … Potter is waving his wand at Finnegan, as he dismounted from his broom in midair, it looks like a levitating spell… Finnegan looked like his kneeling down in the air and… good Merlin! He's proposing to Thomas in front of the whole school on the Quidditch pitch! And Thomas is grinning and nodding and pulled Finnegan towards him and they kissed! And… ouch… Professor McGonagall… that hurt! Oh… well, that's the match between Slytherins and Gryffindors and a successful marriage proposal! All the best wishes to the couple and… ouch… yes Professor, I'll shut up now. Quietus."


            The party in the Gryffindor Tower was harmful to the ears. It was not only a victory party for the Quidditch match but an engagement party for Seamus and Dean as well. Dean was stunned that Seamus pulled such a trick after the match ended and everyone was stunned by the fact that the person who was notorious for playing the field had just proposed to settle down. Draco and Harry were stunned by the spontaneity exhibited by Seamus. Seamus was about to propose on his broomstick when Harry impulsively helped by casting the levitating spell on him so as to allow him to kneel in midair. Even Seamus was stunned by how he himself had acted, although he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with Dean.  The whole wager of who Seamus would settle down with was settled and Neville came back with 5 pouches of gallons, as most people betted that Seamus would not propose to Dean before graduation. He happily handed the money out to Draco, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and kept the last pouch for himself. All Seamus did was roll his eyes at the smirks that everyone threw him and Dean and pulled Dean up to their dorm room, with a few bottles of butterbeer, with whistles following their exit of the common room.


            Harry's shirt was unbuttoned as a half-naked Draco was in his lap, sucking at a particular part of his neck. Harry's head was thrown back against the couch of their Study area as he moaned to the sensation of Draco's hand in his unzipped jeans stroking him. The others had gone to bed and they had placed a silencing and repelling spell on the circular room, when one thing led to another. Draco shifted to lick Harry's nipple as Harry started to unbutton Draco's pants. He somehow managed to strip Draco of his pants and boxers, while Draco shifted himself to allow Harry to pull his garments down further. A look at each other's eyes and Draco used his wandless magic to prepare himself for Harry's entrance. As Harry joined himself to Draco, all the two boys could feel was the feeling of their chest brushing against each other and the love and contentment of the feeling of being 'together'. As Draco rocked both of them gently towards a climax, he could not believe that in the months since he had nothing, he seemed to have gained everything, and that he would never be alone again. When both cuddled for a moment after their climax, tears spilled from Draco's eyes.

            "Dray… I didn't hurt you, did I?" Harry asked hesitantly. Draco shook his head as tears continued to leak from his mercury eyes. Harry concentrated on the emotions that Draco was radiating, getting contentment, love, happiness and a whole load of positive feelings. "You are happy?" Draco nodded. "Because you are here?" A nod. "With me?" Another nod. Harry smiled. "I'll always be with you. I'm never leaving you alone. It's hard to believe, because I'm feeling the same here and … I love you, Draco." Draco smiled and gave Harry a small kiss on his lips, while sending another wave of love through their link.


            A feeling of uneasiness woke Harry up. He sat up in bed as Draco's eyes flew open, and he too sat up. Something woke them up. It was three seconds before realization came to their eyes to the fact that they had just received a warning from the guardians of the castle. Both scrambled out of bed as they realized that their worst fears just came true.

            Hogwarts was under attack.


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