OK So I hope you like I cant get this pairing out of my head, so i decided to right about them. I hope you like.

It happened so fast. The lie slipped from his mouth, and he couldnt take it back. Everyone believed it the doctors, even Collins believed him. Lauren saw right through it but pretended and nodded at all the right times, being the worried best friend. But the lied didnt feel like one, just an unaccepted truth, or maybe a truth not known yet. FDR had fallen hard and now he was letting it show. He was letting everyone see that he loved Tuck. He was opening up show emotions that he had hidden away after his parents death.

"FDR! what did you get yourself into?" Lauren cried

"I dont know, its not really that bad is it?" FDR replied pacing the waiting room, trying to calm down.

"Well... I dont know, you tell me Franklin, not only did you lie to you boss but aparently you pulled your partner into it by saying you guys are in a relationship" Lauren agrued. FDR flinched at the use of his full first name.

FDR hadnt realized what he did. The word just came out, "I'm his boyfriend," they were smooth and easy a heart beat didnt even go by to show that he was lieing.

"FDR I know that you wish it to be true, but you need to see reality for a second, what's gonna happen when they find out you lied, what's gonna happen when Tuck wakes up," Lauren sympathized rubbing and squeezing FDR's upper arm.

"I dont know," FDR whispered. The two were alone together in a corner, waiting to be called by the doctor.

"FDR what happened?" She asked looking at him worried. Knowing that right now he needed to pull his mind to order and talking would help him.

He looked scared and nervous, she new he was having a rough time. Sitting and not able to help the one you love, to sit and wait for an answer feeling useless making you feel worse because, the one you love is hurting.

"The assignment should have been a quick in and out job, but something went wrong, we were inside to long and then bullets started to ran down. I saw Tuck on the ground bullets through him and a guy over him ready to blow his brains out..." FDR's voice cracked his hands started to shake, but Lauren gripped them tight nodding for hims to continue. "Everything after that was a blur, I shot out, then someone was screaming, but it was my own. I felt so much anger and saw red, then we were coming here. I was holding his hand trying to get him to focus but he kept fading farther and farther away." FDR finished.

"Here for Tuck Smith?" (sorry for the last name I had to make something up) the surgeon called out. Collins, FDR, and Lauren went up to him. "Is anyone family?" the doctor asked.

"Me!" I said practically jumping out of my seat, not looking Lauren's way knowing she wouldnt agree with my choice. "How?" He asked trying to confirm. "We're lovers," I replied trying not to blush and keep eye contact. He looked at me skepictiaclly, but nodded an understanding, "I'm not aloud to do this but since you the closes thing to family it'll have to do. Mr. Smith has head trama, bullet wounds through and through his shoulder and right side, but he'll live, he's just in a coma. Now we are seeing good signs of life, but we dont know yet when he'll wake up, it could be tonight or in two weeks and we dont know what he'll remember," The doctor said.

FDR let out a breath, "that's great news,he's going to live" he said smiling. "Thank you sir," FDR said hugging the doctor tears coming to his eyes. "When can we see him," the bruntte asked.

"You can see him now if you would like, straight down the hall last door on the right," the doctor answered before walking away.

"Well now that I know my employee is ok, I'll leave him in your hands, Franklin," Collins said winking before going. Once she was out of sight FDR took a deep breath, his shoulders sagging a bit.

"Well I dont know which is worse the possibility that you plan will work, or the fact that I'm hoping it will," Lauren sighed "I know for sure we are going to hell," She finished.

FDR chuckled rubbing his face in exhaustion. "Well at least we'll have each other right?" FDR joked, causing Lauren to smile.

"Dont look at it like that, Lauren, think about it like this, Tuck is ok, he's going to be ok, and he's going to wake up," FDR exclaimed relieved his love was gonna be ok.

Lauren and FDR walked the undenially long hallway. Things were only going to get complicated and maybe on the way a few happily ever afters would occur. But for the moment Lauren and FDR we trying to figure out the next step in the plan was, but it all depended on Tuck. Lauren grabbed FDR's hand squeezing it tight her nails biting into his skin, but he barely winced. His mind too destracted by Tuck and his condition. He felt back that he brought his partner into this drama, because as much as FDR needed Tuck, maybe that's how much Tuck needed FDR.

OK So i hope you liked it I really want to continue but I also want to know that my readers like it so enjoys XD