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After one more check-up Tuck was released and FDR took him to "their place."

FDR didn't have a plan, but he had an idea that might just work. He would love Tuck as if the realtionship had been real, and tangible. It could work, but it would mean lies and lies. Pure deceit and betrayal, having an excuse of want, desire, and love. The thought that if Tuck got his memory back meant, he could find out about all of it. The possibility that he could be hated by the one, he loves the most. But at this point, all the negative was worth a chance at changing the past. For the mistakes of not saying the one true thing that glued all the lies together. FDR loved Tuck, with everything that he was, and would do anything for him.

"If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them," FDR said locking the front door to his apartment. The loft was beautiful with a breathless view. "What are we?" Tuck asked the million dollar question in a heart beat.

Tuck felt so scared, and confused. Everyone around had made him seem so fragile. Using soft voices and even softer touches like he might break any second. After waking up, FDR, and some others had come to support him. A little boy that was his son had hugged him tight. Yet he couldn't remember him or his ex-wife? or ex-girlfriend? Tuck didn't even know what to call her, because he couldn't remember her, and it frustrated him. Then there was FDR, he seemed so sweet and real, that it had calmed him. To know that he had someone to lean on as amazing as FDR, that made the confusing world a little better. But to have these feeling that made him feel weird and terrified, caused him to stop and think what was the right choice at this point, stay with a man he didn't know,, that made him feel something he didn't understand or go through this alone.

FDR seemed like the right choice at this point. Tuck would just have to figure it out, before anything went wrong.

"Whoa didn't even need time to think," FDR teased grabbing a glass of water and sitting down. "Ah!I'm sorry!" Tuck paniced

"Relax Tuck, sit with me, this is important, and I'm glad you asked." FDR admitted pulling the other close. If FDR was gonna do this it had to be all the way. If he couldn't have his best friend, than he would make him into his lover.

"Well, we are best friends," FDR started pulling the other closer still, and holding Tuck's hand in his. "But than I told you that I really liked you," FDR said, watching everything Tuck did. The smaller man continued to look from FDR's baby blue eyes to their hands intwined, not sure what to say or do.

"What did I say?" he asked

"At first shocked and unsure, but I gave you time, and you came to me," FDR said kissing the other's hand gently. "You told me, you loved me, than we when on our first date that friday."

"Whoa," Tuck said He moved forward and kissed FDR. Their lips met and brush softly. FDR taking charge and firming his grip on not only Tuck's chin, but also his waist. This was honestly new for both parties and FDR need to show Tuck his love. He need to prove everything he felt for Tuck right now.

FDR pulled the other down on to the couch. Their bodies so close the air molecules didn't fit.

Tuck felt his body respond and shivered as the pleasure run through him. FDR continued to kiss Tuck softly yet firm, causing him to squirm and moan. Tuck blushed and pulled away. "FDR?...I" tears filled Tuck's eyes, the beautiful blue oceans cloudy with confusion. "I'm sorry...I.." Tuck stuttered looking so confused.

"Shhh...Whoa! Tuck calm down tell me whats wrong?" FDR asked changing their positions. (FDR under Tuck). FDR wiped the tears away gently. Tuck pulled away from the hands and cried into the FDR's chest.

"I wish I could remember," Tuck whispered after his tears had stopped. "Don't do that to yourself, it'll eat you alive." FDR said hugging Tuck tight. "I'm going to make you fall in love with me all over again," FDR said making Tuck look at him. Tuck nodded and blushed. "All I want you to do is feel," FDR said holding the other tight gaina. "Don't second guess yourself, or regret, just feel it" FDR kissed Tuck's forehead.

"Let's go to bed," FDR said pulled the other up and tucking him in, once in the bedroom. "Sweat dreams," FDR said before kissing him on the cheek.

FDR left the bedroom to sleep on the couch, but lied awake, his guilty nawing at his heart. He was taking the only thing Tuck had left; his trust, and that was worse than anything, but to go back would destroy anything for the future, that Tuck had right now. He knew this would be a fight between what felt right, and what was right. At this point all FDR wanted was to show Tuck he loved him so if he ever remember he would know that FDR had truely loved Tuck.

Everything that he had just did couldn't be taken back once down this road it was no turning back. FDR would show Tuck everyday, starting tomorrow, how much he cared.

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