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Kaonashi knew what the creatures were. He had seen them, once, long ago. They were creatures, desperate to be filled, always hungering, but never being satisfied. They were the Empty Ones, the shadows that had lost their way in the dark to become lost and become nothing at all.

They were the dead.

What they needed was some warmth, some caring, and some way back to where they were supposed to go.

Kaonashi watched the eyes shift outside the window, waiting for an answer from him.

Zeniba, unfortunately, did not allow him to let guests in. Just as it guided them here, the enchanted lantern let the guests in when Zeniba was gone, few though they were. And, unfortunately for the poor creatures, the lantern wasn't going to let them in.

So Kaonashi decided to go out to meet them.

Even though he knew he wouldn't be able to get back inside - he had to be allowed in before he could go in - he decided to go out and comfort the shadowy forms outside the cottage.

When he stepped outside the door, he felt it magically seal behind him. And when he was outside, he walked up to the shadows and tried to find a good way to say hello.

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