The World Ends with You

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This chapter will begin after The World Ends with You.

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As usual, the streets of Shibuya are crowded. People hold shopping bags that hold different items from Edoga, Mus Rattus, D+B, or any other store you can find in the area. A million voices fly through the air, and there is never a moment of silence until night falls when the shops close. Everything is normal, the way it should be.

Neku stands in the middle of Tipsy Tose Hall, licking the soft serve swirl Shiki bought him from Sunshine Stationside. Normally, ice cream wasn't his kind of treat, but since Shiki always paid for it and gave it to him almost everyday whenever they spent time together he had gotten used to the taste. He even started to like it. She had started to force him to eat things he had never tried before (or at least, had tried but did not like), one of those things being ice cream. Beat and Rhyme had also attempted to convince him to try the dessert, but he refused, saying that it wasn't on his list of favorite things to eat. After Shiki called him, saying that they should hang out today, the two had gone to the statue of Hachiko. She walked out of Sunshine Shibukyu with one soft serve in her left hand, her right hand behind her back. Neku was about to ask what was in her other hand when she ordered him to hold out his hand. He did so hesitantly, and Shiki closed his hand around the soft serve swirl she had in her right hand. Neku wanted to say 'no thanks', but she told him that he should just try the dessert, since him throwing it out would be a waste of money. She also added that he could at least try something new for a change and change his tastes, which includes food. Neku sighed and tasted the soft serve swirl, and was about to comment on it when Shiki received a text message from Eri, which said that she had designed a new outfit and wanted to see if Shiki was willing to create it. Shiki, taking this as another opportunity to spend time with her close friend, took off with her own ice cream in her hand, yelling over her shoulder to Neku that she would meet him at Tipsy Tose Hall since it was closer to Eri's home.

Neku raises his hand and puts it to his ear, expecting to feel his headphones covering it. The music filling the streets, mixing with all the voices, suddenly becomes louder. He doesn't feel anything besides his ear and some of his hair.

"Right, I threw my headphones on the ground," he remembers. How could he have forgotten that? It's been exactly 3 weeks since the final Game had ended. He lowers his hand and puts it in his pocket, continuing to lick his frozen treat. He looks through the crowds to see if he could spot Shiki.

"It's already been fifteen minutes Shiki. How much longer could it take to come back here," Neku asks to no one. He checks his cell phone to see if he had received any messages from her. When he sees that there are no new messages, he sighs. It is 3:15, and Neku is bored already. Just before he puts his cell back in his pocket, it rings. He had received a new message, and it is from Shiki.

Sorry Neku! I'm gonna hang out with Eri for the rest of the day. She just designed this absolutely adorable outfit and we're spending some time shopping for fabric, thread, and accessories to match it. We'll hang out tomorrow, okay? Have fun, Neku~


"At least I don't have to go," Neku says while putting his cell phone in his pocket. He does enjoy spending time with friends, although he hasn't gotten used to shopping yet. He eats the last piece of the cone, finishing his dessert, and then realizes something. 'Have fun, Neku', he repeats in his mind, That sounds familiar for some reason. I know I've heard someone say that way too many times. I know it. He just can't figure it out. In the back of his head, he hears a familiar giggle as well. Now I know I've heard that noise before...

All of a sudden, his head aches in pain. He clutches his head with both hands, the pain feeling unbearable. No one notices him. Everyone is too busy, chatting about things like other people, their problems, or maybe even Tin Pin. No one sees the boy with the massive headache, whose head feels like it is being split in half. Even when his legs give out, no one glances at him. Neku clenches his eyes shut, waiting for the pain to end. The pain becomes even more intense, and he grips his head tighter. He breathes deeply, hoping the pain will leave sooner. He closes his mouth so that he won't make any noises or shout. He didn't want to receive any more odd looks like when he woke up in Scramble Crossing (when he was brought back to life), knowing that people will hear him if he did shout or scream. He is in pure agony now.

He opens his eyes when he hears absolutely… nothing. There are no sounds, no voices, no music. This is something that only happened at night, when people living in Shibuya were asleep. This would never happen during the daytime. Neku stares at the ground, and when he looks up slightly, he sees a white mist slowly go by him from his right. He turns his head and, very slowly, looks higher. A white mist is moving through the crowds of people. Everyone is still moving around but are not making any noise. Neku observes the mist, and sees that the top half of it forms someone's figure. All he can see from where he is positioned are the arms and head of the figure, or at least the back of it. The strange figure goes in the direction of Shibu-Q Heads, and is almost out of Neku's sight. As the figure gets farther away from him, Neku feels the headache go away. He gets all of his strength back, and he hears the crowds and music once again.

What, or who, was that? From what it kind of looks like, it reminds me of someone... but who? Neku thinks. "I might as well follow it... Not like Shiki's coming back today." He runs through the new crowd that has formed in front of Shibu-Q Heads and Stride. As he passes Stride, he hears Shooter shouting excitedly that he doesn't lose as long as he has 'Red Kaiser' with him. 'Doesn't lose', that's such a lie. For a brief moment, Neku remembers beating Shooter at Tin Pin a few times during his second Game. He smiles for a second at the memory.

When he runs past Shibu-Q into Udagawa, he feels his head start to hurt again. There are only four people in Udagawa besides him. They look at him strangely, wondering why a boy would be running into Udagawa when there are only two stores to shop at, and then return to their conversation. Neku stops running and begins to walk to the back of the street, which is CAT's mural. He halts immediately at what he sees. Once again, the music stops. The four people on the other side of the street leave Udagawa, and Cyco Records and Wild Boar are closed since the two shop owners had gone on what they called a 'vacation' for five days. So, the whole street is silent, except for Neku's breathing.

Neku only stares at what he sees.

Exactly three meters away from him is Joshua Kiryu, Shibuya's Composer. The snobby brat he had to deal with for a week. The ash-blonde haired kid who purposely annoyed him for amusement. The boy who had shot him twice. The boy who killed him.

Yoshiya Kiryu, the boy Neku Sakuraba couldn't forgive, but trusted.

The Composer stands in front of the mural, appearing to be staring at it. He doesn't move, which means he hasn't felt Neku's presence yet. Neku doesn't know what to do. He is staring at the person who killed him. What can he say? Should he say 'hello', 'how the hell are you here', or 'how are you in the RG'? If he wasn't so surprised right now he would ask so many questions, although his greeting would have the word 'hell' in it. The boy looks the same as he did when he was Neku's partner. He still has the same hair, the same clothes... He sees Joshua raise his hand and place it on the mural. He can't see Joshua's expression, but he wonders what it is. Neku remembers that he had done the same thing before his death. The only difference right now is that Joshua isn't killed by a gun.

He watches as Joshua lifts his head, turning to the left. The ash-blonde boy stares at the top of the Wild Boar shop, and Neku looks in the same direction. He doesn't see anything at the top of the building. He quickly snaps his gaze back at Joshua, who starts to fade slowly. Neku feels his heart suddenly quicken.

Neku, all of a sudden panicking, shouts, "Joshua!"

The other boy barely turns his head to him at the sound of his name. Their eyes meet briefly, and Neku can see a small smile on the Composer's face. He expected to see a smirk, but the smile surprises him. Neku takes a few steps towards Joshua cautiously, in case he was walking into some kind of trap. I guess, it isn't, the orange-haired boy thinks, Now I can at least say something to him. He stands in front of Joshua, who faces him.

"Nice to see you again, Neku," Joshua says, putting his hands in his pockets casually. He is still solid, although Neku can just barely see CAT's mural behind him. "Miss me at Hachiko?"

Neku frowns at this. "It's been three weeks since I said that! I can't believe you would finally come after a month passed, you ass! Why didn't you come when I invited you to the mural?"

"Oh, Neku, have you already forgotten that I am the Composer, and that I am supposed to be watching over Shibuya from the UG? I should not even be in the RG right now at all. Sanae had warned me that I could attract Noise with my own presence here, but he 'allowed' me to do as I wished. The reason as to why I didn't show up and meet up with you and your 'friends' was because I did not want to be seen by anyone other than my dear proxy." Joshua giggles. "Also, I can tell that your two friends, Shiki Misaki and Beat Daisukenojo, would possibly want to attack me the moment they see me. Or at least, attempt to hurt me in any way possible. Now, Miss Misaki may not be so brutal, I know Beat will strangle me or harm me if he gets the chance."

Neku scoffs at this. "First off, their names are just Shiki and Beat. Beat doesn't like his last name for some reason. Second, Shiki isn't harsh enough to try to do anything like that. She is way too nice to do something really harmful. Beat, well, he would punch your face in. Either way, they'll both consider hurting you since you practically shot me in front of them. Just so you know, I won't let either of them hurt you."

"Oh? And why would that be? Are you worried about my well being?" Joshua smirks.

"Hell no, why would I care?" The orange haired boy sighs, calming himself down when he felt a spike of anger inside him. "I just don't want them hurting a friend..."

The smirk on the other boy's face disappears at the last word. No one has ever called him that word in so many years. It is one of the things that surprises him. "A friend... hm? I suppose so."

"Nothing's wrong with being a friend, is there?" Neku asks, crossing his arms. He blinks for the third time since the conversation started, and jumps when he sees that Joshua is starting to fade faster. He can see CAT's mural more clearer behind the Composer. Joshua's smirk returns at the reaction. "You're going to come back, won't you? At least let me show you to Shiki, Beat, or maybe Rhyme."

"What's the point if they resent me for shooting you and seemingly killing you?"

Neku thinks for a moment, and finds a better reason. "Maybe... you can make friends with them. Somehow, as long as you don't act so damn annoying around us." Joshua is almost gone completely, but Neku can still hear the boy's chuckle. "Meet me at Hachiko tomorrow, at six o'clock. I'll bring them, if they can come. As I said, I won't let any of them hurt you. That doesn't mean I won't hurt you. Don't be late either. And don't miss this opportunity to actually make friends."

"Hee hee hee. Well then, I guess it might just be worth a try. See you soon, Neku Sakuraba." The last thing Neku sees of the boy is his smile. It was that smile again, the one he saw when he found the boy at the mural. The smile that was more friendly rather than irritating. The boy disappears completely, and Neku turns to leave the street.

He stops, and walks back towards the mural. Neku stands in front of it, where Joshua had been. He puts his hand on CAT's mural and grins. What memories this thing brings... One of them is my death.

"And the Game," Neku says out loud adding to the thought. He remembers the events of the Game clearly, although he had forgotten about Joshua for a while since he had not seen the boy for a month. He would say he wanted to relive those moments in the Game, but reconsiders after all of the terrible things that had happened.

And yet, the Game had made him a better person, and if it hadn't been for Joshua shooting him, Neku would still be the same alone, anti-social bastard he was originally for most of his life.