The World Ends with You Chapter 6

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Good news, Bad news

Time: 7:03 AM

Neku blinks his eyes a couple of times, rubbing them with his hand as he sits up. When his vision becomes clear, he sees Beat still asleep on the other sofa. Beat's arm is at his side, where Rhyme had been last night. There's now an empty space where the girl had been. Eri is also missing from the room. Neku looks to his left only sees Joshua laying on the sofa next to him. Shiki is gone as well.

Well, they obviously still in the house. But where? the orange haired boy thinks. They wouldn't leave the house, Rhyme especially. She must've been terrified while we were running through that huge storm yesterday. He turns his attention to the window, noticing the storm still raging. Luckily, the lightning seems to have stopped for now. The rain appears to have started pouring down on Shibuya even harder overnight. Whatever reason this storm has lasted so long is a wonder. Neku snaps his head to the kitchen when he hears sounds of metal dropping. He stands immediately, momentarily glancing at the Composer as he groans in his sleep before heading for the source of the noise.

"Oh! I'm so clumsy!" Shiki whines.

"No you're not Shiki," Rhyme tells her, "You only tripped and dropped the forks. I've tripped on my own feet before!"

"Yeah! So have I! It happens to everyone!" Eri agrees.

Neku slowly enters the kitchen and sees the three girls kneeling in front of the fridge, picking up the silverware. Shiki looks up and flushes in embarrassment. "Oh, Neku! I'm sorry, I tripped on the way to the table and-"

"It's okay," Neku reassures her with a smile, "I've done that in the past, and so has my mom when she was here." He crouches down and picks up the last fork on the ground, handing it to her. "By the way, what were you guys doing in here?"

Eri replies, "Well, we were thinking that maybe, since we can't go outside now, that we could make breakfast for you guys! A good one, as in pancakes!"

"Hee hee, I helped them make the pancakes over there." Rhyme points to the table, where a large plate of the sweet treat lay in the center. "Beat and I are home alone most of the time because of our parents constantly working, whether they are working somewhere else or taking work home. I'm the one who would make breakfast in the morning. We had enough ingredients here to make pancakes!"

"I hope that was okay for us to do," Shiki says, slowly looking over at Neku.

"Of course it's okay. I haven't had pancakes in a while- in here for breakfast at least. My mom usually just gave me cereal, but not pancakes. Sometimes I would just buy them at WildKat."

Eri smiles brightly, getting an idea in her head at that last word. "You guys feel like going to WildKat after breakfast? Maybe we could see Mr. Hanekoma and visit! You know, once this storm blows over and all." While Shiki appears unsure of the idea, no one else notices. Neku and Rhyme agree. Shiki does the same, only hesitantly. "Great! That's one thing we can do after the weather calms down!"

Shiki, wanting to change the subject, says, "Shouldn't we wash these forks? They were on the ground after all, thanks to me, and I'm kind of used to cleaning anything I drop. It's a habit."

"Sure, if that's what you wanna do, Shiki," Neku replies. "I can help you guys clean them. It's not a bother for me. I've had to help mom before, cleaning the house and all when dad wasn't home and she had a day off. Mom's kind of a 'neat freak', so I've gotten used to her." -pestering me about keeping my room tidy, he adds in his mind.

"Okay, let's get to washing these off!" Shiki tells them with a laugh, making her way to the sink.

"Should I wake Beat and Joshua up?" Rhyme asks them, then adding, "Beat's a heavy sleeper, so it will take a while to wake him up."

"Sure Rhyme! While you do that, I'll wash the forks you're holding," Eri says to the younger Bito sibling. When the girl is about to reply that she'll wash them herself, Eri reassures her. "It's okay! Just go ahead and wake up your snoozing brother!"

Rhyme nods and walks into the living room. When she is in front of her brother, she grabs his shoulders and shakes him. "Beat, it's time to wake up." Beat, still asleep, responds with a snore. "Well, I did say he's a heavy sleeper," the blonde girl reminds herself. "C'mon Beat." She shakes him a bit less gently. Since her older sibling is still not up, she sighs and resorts to just saying what would most likely wake him up. "There's curry ramen."

Beat instantly sits up at hearing his favorite food, causing Rhyme to jump back in surprise. "Where?" He notices there isn't ramen around at all and looks at Rhyme. "There ain't any curry ramen here, Rhyme!"

His sister giggles and says, "I had to wake you up Beat. Eri, Shiki, and I made breakfast for you guys! We made pancakes."

"Really? Sweeeet! Your pancakes are worth wakin' up for!" Beat grins and heads for the kitchen. He is a fan of his little sister's cooking, especially her pancakes. Her food may level with his love for curry ramen- and that's saying something considering his love for the spicy ramen.

"Ngh..." Rhyme turns to the other sofa, seeing Joshua struggle a bit in his sleep. He seems to be frowning, and he groans again, although slightly more quietly. "Joshua?" She walks over to his sleeping form and is about to wake the boy up when a hand touches her shoulder.

"Hey Rhyme?" She looks over her shoulder. It's Neku. "We're starting to eat breakfast. You might wanna get in the kitchen and take some pancakes before Beat eats the whole plate." He smiles as he says this. When Beat walked in, he grabbed a plate and fork and put a whole stack of what? Four or five pancakes? Neku thinks that the hungry Bito probably put more on his plate by now.

"Okay!" She turns to the ash blonde boy on the couch, about to attempt to wake him.

"I'll get him for you. You just get some food before your brother eats it all." Rhyme laughs and walks to the kitchen, leaving Neku and the Composer alone in the living room.

The orange haired boy takes a close look at Joshua. His forehead is slightly creased, and his eyes are shut tight. Many strands of hair are on his face. Neku looks at his left hand and sees that it's clutching the side of the couch firmly. His right is forming a fist. Joshua groans, and his hold on the couch tightens.

Whatever he's dreaming of must be pretty bad... but he shouldn't even be asleep right now. Composers can't sleep, or at least that's what Mr. Hanekoma told me, Neku reminds himself. Then again, why is he sleeping at all? What is he dreaming about? And if he can't feel... Well, what he looks like now is definitely a sign that he can feel. He moves the strands of hair out of the way and puts his hand on Joshua's forehead. His forehead's warm... Neku places his hand on the other boy's arm. Huh... He's warm there too. Could he be sick? . . . No, he can't. We should all be sick, considering how we ran through a thunderstorm yesterday. So, if we're not sick, why is he the only one who is?

Joshua sits up instantly, panting. He looks at his clenched fist and is actually surprised. I... physically reacted to a dream... More of a nightmare truthfully... He says mentally. He feels something holding his arm and looks up to see Neku, staring at him. "Y...Yes, Neku?"

Neku snaps out of his stare. He had been reviewing his questions in his head. "Huh? What?"

"I said, what do you need?" Joshua, trying to cover up those last few seconds where he appeared vulnerable, smirks. "I'm guessing your listening skills actually haven't improved, hm?"

"I didn't hear you! I was thinking. In fact, I was thinking of how to ask you about what you were dreaming of." This made the smirk disappear. "But I guess this is a good time to ask. So... well, basically, what were you dreaming about?"

The Composer responds quietly. "I was... 'dreaming' of my past. A trio I was in, before my time as Composer would ever begin."

"A trio... so, you had two friends?" Neku asks, clearly interested. He has- no, had- friends before. Joshua flinches at the word, making his ex-proxy frown. "What's wrong with that?"

"I did not let them in when we first met. They were both... acquainted with each other before me. The energetic one had said hello to me a couple of times before during the school year. The quieter one nodded to me, probably his way of greeting me. However, after multiple times, the more quirkier of the two had attempted to speak to me, suggesting that we 'hang out', or something along those lines. The calmer one also did the same, but... gave me a slightly better reason to accept their invitation."

"You remember their names?" When the Composer makes no move to respond, he adds, "and don't lie to me. I actually wanna know. It's kinda nice, hearing that you met people back then."

"..." The other boy sighs, feeling a bit frustrated with himself. Well, he just felt something: frustration. "I don't remember their names. It's been many years, Neku. Even a person with a great memory such as I would not recall." Neku rolls his eyes, but then nods. "I honestly wish I did however," he mutters softly. If it were any quieter, the ex-proxy would have missed it.

"Don't you have a memory of them that you could show me?"

"If you do not remember, I became quite tired after the first time I had shown you a memory. I've just woken up. I don't want to go back to sleep again. Come to think of it, I should not be sleeping at all. I may be the first Composer to actually take one nap in their time. Anyway, no I do not. Can't recall a thing of them, even their names. I only hear their voices."

"Oh... You have anything that could help you? Or maybe something with their names on it?"

"Nope. The Angels believe that it is 'useless to reminisce about the past' and 'a waste of memory for a Composer to remember the people they were connected to' before taking their position. They also think that anything or anyone a Composer remembers from their past could force them to react with emotion. You humans seem to do that sometimes."

"You mean like remembering a person or people you really miss (1) or some TV shows and games (2)?"

"Exactly. You humans and nostalgia are the example of this. Higher Ups believe those things are quite foolish."

"Feeling things isn't foolish, and feeling sad that something or someone is gone isn't foolish either."

Joshua shrugs. "Try telling that to the Angels themselves. But to get back on topic, no, I don't own anything that relates to the two persons. However, I remember their appearances quite clearly. I know exactly what they look like... but Neku, I really don't feel the need to continue this conversation. And, truthfully, the rule I mentioned that the Higher Ups have for us is something I should be following. I've been around for so long. Composers outlive the people they are connected to anyway, which is why the rule seems to be one of the more appropriate ones made by the Angels."

He stays silent and turns his gaze to the floor. Neku takes this time to think of what he had just been told. The Higher Ups and their damn rules. I'm glad Mr. Hanekoma told me more, and that I found those Secret Reports (3), or else I wouldn't understand some of the things Josh said. He looks up at Joshua, who keeps his eyes to the floor. He did have friends before, even if he won't say it. Those two people he used to be with... I wanna know their names at least. Maybe Mr. Hanekoma can tell me about them. After all, he's probably been here way longer than Joshua, considering the fact that he's the Producer. Then again, from what Josh said, Composers 'outlive' people, so the friends he had are dead by now. Why am I even so concerned about this? ... I have to ask him more about this.
"Joshua? How close were you to your two frie-"

"... Don't even complete that sentence." Joshua finally returns the boy's gaze. "They are... dead. I know that. I've outlived them, and for so many years in fact."

The orange haired boy realizes that the Composer had just voiced his thoughts a second ago. "You read my mind, didn't you?"

"Now what would make you think that?" the ash blonde responds with a smirk. His eyes droop slowly and he starts to fall forwards. Neku grabs his shoulders and makes him sit straight, shaking his body wake him up.

"You're tired, idiot. You just blew your cover. Do you always get tired when you do that?"

"Heh heh. Maybe," is Joshua's answer. Technically, it's not a whole lie. He does get tired when he reads Neku's mind, but not when he reads anyone else's. Take Shiki as an example. It's one of the little things that has started to puzzle him during his time in the RG so far.

"You never give straight answers for simple questions, do you?"

"That just adds a little mystery to it. After all, isn't mystery in a subject make things more interesting?"

"No. It just makes it harder to learn what you wanna know, which can really piss people- like me- off. This topic-"

"Joshua, Neku?" Shiki's voice calls. They turn to see the girl walking towards them. She stops in front of the two, smiling. "You might wanna hurry up and get your pancakes, because Beat's kinda taking a lot of them. If ya don't get inside, there might not even be any for you two!" She just notices the current position the two boys are in right now. "Am I... interrupting something?"

Neku realizes that he was still holding onto Joshua's shoulders and the small space between he and the other boy. He flushes and lets go immediately. "No you're not Shiki. We were just talking."

After a moment, Shiki giggles and replies, "Heh heh. Well, when you guys go to the kitchen and finish breakfast, I'll let you two continue... 'talking'." These two, just 'talking'. How gullible does Neku think I am?,the girl holding Mr. Mew thinks.
"It's true! Joshua was just reading my mind and got tired! I had to hold him up!" Neku says quickly when he knows that she doesn't believe him.

"You read his mind?" Shiki asks the Composer.

"Yes, I did, although that was a few minutes ago, so I'm no longer tired. Oh, and that means that, Neku, you did not have to keep 'holding me up'." Joshua smirks when the ex-Player frowns.

"Well, what am I thinking about now?" Joshua looks at the girl and proceeds to read her mind. Neku only has to wonder what she's thinking.

When about ten seconds pass, the Composer says, "Ha ha, oh Shiki, why would something like that possibly be in your mind?" He laughs- and this time, it's genuine laughter. Somehow Neku knows it is, and that makes him grin a bit.

Shiki laughs along with him. "Well, it just popped up all of a sudden because of you two! I would like to think it will happen eventually!"

"What will happen?" Neku queries them, wanting to know what was so funny. The two look at each other again and burst into laughter again. He rolls his eyes. Obviously, he won't get that information from either of them right now. He'll just ask later. Then again, who knows what Josh saw in her mind? If it was enough to make him laugh this much, it was definitely weird, and probably something that would make Neku regret asking them about if he did. "You know what... nevermind."

When the two of them finally calmed down, Shiki says, "Oh! The pancakes! Let's hurry up! Don't want you two starving if we have to make more pancakes!" She turns and walks back to the kitchen a little quicker. Beat could be finishing up the pancakes... on her plate!

"C'mon Josh." Neku stands up along with the other boy.

As they walk to the kitchen, Joshua teases, "So, we were just going to keep talking, hm? Ms. Misaki had another idea in her mind of what we were doing, or what we were going to do later."

"Huh?" The ex- Player doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. However, after a little thinking, he realizes that maybe what Shiki was thinking was that they were... "What? No way Shiki would think that! She's too- what's the word- innocent to think that! By the way, her name's just Shiki, not 'Ms. Misaki'. I thought you were already clear on that and had been calling her by her name now?"

"Hee hee, I was, Neku. I was just making sure you were listening. Oh, and Shiki is not the 'innocent' one in the group. Rhyme is, if you gave much thought about this. At first glance you can see that she is. Her appearance practically describes her as a sweet and honest girl. Despite the fact that she does not remember most of the Game (4), it's a shame that she had to be involved in that tragic event on her fourth day. Selflessness is one of the traits that the citizens of Shibuya really need.

"Anyways, why don't we end these conversations for now until after breakfast. I am obviously not hungry since I am a Composer, but it would be nice to taste food early in the morning," Joshua says.

"As long as Beat hasn't devoured everything by now," Neku jokes. At that, the Composer giggles. Once they enter the kitchen, however, Neku instantly shouts, "There's no more pancakes?"

"Yo man, I'm pretty hungry in the morning! I gotta fill my appetite, an' Rhyme's cookin' does the trick!"

"Don't worry Neku, we're making more!" Rhyme tells him cheerfully.

Time: 8:20 AM

Place: WildKat

"Can't believe he's at it again." Mr. Hanekoma drops the day-old newspaper onto the counter with a sigh.

"I thought Shibuya got rid of the pest."

"I thought the same thing. It's been a month since the end of that Game, and I never felt his frequency pick up when he regained consciousness. I should have, that's the problem. I can't imagine why I never did."

"Could it have been because of your absence from the city?"

"It can't be. I can still feel all frequencies here whether or not I'm here or in the Higher Plane, including the Composer and Conductor's. The other Angels did not inform me of his return though."

The boy sitting at the counter takes a sip of his house blend before speaking. "Well, for whatever the reason, they kept that news from you."

"You should have seen the chaos he was starting during that Game." Sanae starts making his own cup of the House Blend.

"So, the math-obsessed Reaper of trash has a thing for making trouble? I'm surprised he's even still around. Must be pretty tough if Shibuya couldn't take him down."

Mr. Hanekoma slides the newspaper across the counter to the boy. "He's a lot of trouble. If I'd known about this sooner I would've went and gotten to him by now."

"Why not go now, exactly? You can sense his presence right now. Even I can, and I'm not from here. Go after the guy already."

"As much as I would and absolutely feel like doing so, I have another feeling that I'm being told I shouldn't. It's not the wisest decision, but considering how the other Angels didn't tell me about Sho's reawakening while I was in the Higher Plane, I guess they've got a reason. It's definitely an important reason, and I don't think I should be digging around to figure out what it is."

"You guys trust each other don't you? They might tell you the truth. They do, right? Like you trust them?"

For a moment, the Producer of Shibuya doesn't answer. After a few seconds, he replies, "I do. Not sure if the trust is mutual."

"That had better not be going against their rules, because I know how much you don't like doing that. However, taking into account all of the events in that Game a month ago, I'd say that's the most rule-breaking I've ever heard from you. Oh, and that's the most involving Shibuya."

The Producer sighs. "I think this conversation should continue another time."

"Alright, sir. Maybe I'll be able to see Shibuya again. Haven't seen him in many, many years. It'll be nice to-"

"I already know your history with him. He's got other friends now, even if he won't allow himself to believe it."

"Sure he does," the other Composer said disbelievingly, "but if that's the truth... I'm going to say I'll be impressed. When he and I... Nevermind. As you stated, you already know our history."

Sanae takes the now empty cup in front of the boy and refills it with more of the house blend. "Can't wait to see his reaction to seeing you. The first question that'll come to his mind will obviously be 'How are you here?', and I know him well enough to expect that. Then again, he'll probably use better words for the question." He chuckles.

"I feel his presence with a few other teens'. I can't imagine who they'll be. If one of them's one of those perky girls you'd most likely see in 'fantasy' games (5), I don't think he'd cope."

"Heh heh, well, I'm going to say that you're in for a surprise."

"Whatever you say, sir. As strange as it is to say this, I really missed Shibuya. He's doing the city good, I hope. Not like he knows I'm here, right?"

"He doesn't. I got a Punishment for allowing him into the RG. Technically I did the poor kid a favor, considering his Punishment."

"In my opinion, that is a hard one, especially for Shibuya. I'd never thought he'd get one like that. It's a new one for the Higher Ups, I'm guessing."

"It is." Facing away from the other Composer, Sanae refills his own up of coffee. He grimaces at the punishment the other Angels had given Joshua.

"By the way, he's not a kid. You realize how old you, me, and him really are?"

"Of course I do! I've been here longer than he has. Heck, I met him when he was just a kid, and that was waaaaay back..."


Time: 12:42 PM

Place: Kigemyūjikyo Street (6)

"Mother?" A lone boy looked around the quiet, peaceful street. Unknown to him, Kigemyūjikyo Street, or Kigemy as others have called it, was empty at this time of day. All of the residents that lived in this area were at Scramble Crossing, shopping like normal Shibuya citizens do everyday. So, of course, there was no one around to see him calling for his mother. His father would never answer, so he would call for his mother instead.

He was afraid of being alone in Scramble Crossing because of all of the people and noise in the area. Oddly enough, he had been seeing strange people he could see through, and they looked like they were playing with animals (7). However, he never got close, because those 'animals' would disappear, and the people he saw would sometimes give him a sad look for some reason. Then they ran off. "Mother, where are you?" He may have been only 9 and smart and tall for his age, but he still had no knowledge of the daily schedule his parents had, going home rarely and going to work for most of the day.

"Hey kid." The boy saw a larger shadow cover his and jumped. Slowly he turned around and yelped.
For a second he had a terrified look on his face, but the little boy tried to be brave. "W-Who are you? Where is my mother?"

"Unfortunately I don't know. But, I'll gladly take you to my shop and give you some food, if you're hungry."

"And... why should I follow you? You're a stranger!"

"Yes, I know I am to you. Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

"Promise?" The boy held out his pinky finger.

"Heh heh. I promise." The man made a pinky swear with the boy. "C'mon. My cafe is a few streets away from here. You ever went to Miyashita Park?"

The child's face brightened with a smile. "Mhm! She took me there once and let me play on the swings!"

"That must've been real fun. Lucky for you, we'll be passing by. Want to go on the swings again? You could even meet other kids your age there!"

"Yeah! I'll feel hungry by the time we get to that cafe of yours!"

The two walked down Kigemy to the intersection where the street and Neko street met. When they reached the end of Neko street and turned the corner to the huge tower, the ash blonde boy's grip on the man's hand tightened slightly. The man glanced down at him and asked, "Something up?"

"It's just... walking through Scramble Crossing scares me a little unless I'm with mother. I don't really know you so I don't know if I'm really safe from the people and those animals."

That raised the man's eyebrow. "What do you mean animals and people?"

"There are these people and animals I can see through. I see them all around the city, but mainly at the Crossing. There's a lot of them there. And then the animals show up and the people start beating them up. I can never get close enough to see, but if I was lucky enough to get close, the other person someone's with disappears. After a few seconds, they reappear out of thin air. When that happens, the animals go away. I told mother and father about what I can see but father doesn't care. Mother, on the other hand, seems to, but just dismisses what I say and says I'm 'imaginative'.

"But the point is, I'm just scared of what I keep seeing. If I told anyone else, they wouldn't believe me, I know it! I just don't get why you're interested in this though, mister."

"Heh. Kid, I believe you."

The child looked up at him with wide, lavender eyes. "You do?"

"One hundred percent. That's a special talent you've got there. You're definitely special if you have the ability to see those things." The older man ruffled the boy's hair, which was surprisingly soft.

The reaction he received was the boy fixing his hair immediately once the hand was away from his head and saying "Hey! Watch the hair!"

In response, the man laughed. "Oh, and by the way, the name's Mister Hanekoma, just so we're clear."

"Hm... Okay, then. The name's Yoshiya Kiryu. But mother and father call me Joshua." (8)

"Joshua huh? Well, don't worry, Josh, I won't let anyone of them hurt you. We're gonna get to my cafe safe an' sound."

Time: 8:28 AM (Present Time)

Place: WildKat
"Well. That must've been way back."

"Actually, the first Composer shouldn't even have been here. He wasn't prepared for the job. He was one of the first Players in Shibuya back then and defeated the first Game Master in the city for the opening Game with his partner. He was deemed Composer since he had more potential, and his partner became Conductor. They both took the positions, but the Composer didn't last as long as Josh has. While he had potential as I said, he wasn't that powerful. I'm a bit surprised that I had to let him take the job in the first place, but Shibuya needed a Composer of its own, and he had been the only person at the time who could do it. The Conductor did last for a few years longer, but that was it. The Player who had defeated the Composer was in fact Joshua. He acted the same as he does now. I know that he did when you and that other boy knew him."

"He probably does. Shibuya would obviously be strong enough to take down someone as powerful as that. What about his partner?"

"The partner played the Game again. However, he lost halfway through, when he was erased. Josh was told this while he was in the Room of Reckoning during his first few days as Composer. He wasn't fazed at all by the news, unfortunately."

"That's not a surprise. I was like that during my first days as well. All Composers are anyway. What's so different about Shibuya now?"

"Josh is starting to act like a human. By that, I mean sleep, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and feel emotions. He's started to since he came in contact with his most recent Proxy and-"

"A Proxy?" The other Composer interrupts with a raised eyebrow. "And who would this Proxy be, if I may ask?"

"Neku Sakuraba's his name. He lives close to where Josh used to when he was a kid. I think you'll be able to sense him like I do right now."

"... So, that's who he picked? Funny. I didn't think Shibuya would pick a guy like him."
"If you saw him before that Game began, you'd see why. Anyway, Joshua had sent word to me about it telepathically while he was out with Neku and his friends yesterday. I got the news just before I was told that I had to go to the Higher Plane and see the other Angels."

Finishing his cup of House Blend, the boy says, "That's not what I'd expect from him. His Punishment, does that have anything to do with the change?"

"I can't say. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. A change like this has never happened- and I mean it when I say never. Why it's happening to Joshua though, I don't have the slightest clue." Sanae looks at the clock. "Around this time, I'd usually be getting customers. And yet for some reason, no one else besides you came..." He frowns. What is keeping customers away?

"Obviously, it's not me forcing people away. I look as normal as any other citizen in this city would, with the exception of one or more shopping bags in hand, of course."

"That's something I'm sure of. You want another refill?" the Producer of Shibuya asks, gesturing to the boy's empty coffee cup.

The other Composer shakes his head and props his arms on the counter. He closes his eyes, his hands cupping his cheeks to hold his head. "Nah, I think two cups was enough for the morning. It's not like I have to go to the bathroom like humans."

"True. So, what're you gonna do when Josh and Neku drop by later?"

At that, his eyes snap open. "They're coming here?"

"Yeah. I got another message from him a while ago, saying that he's heading over here after they eat pancakes at Neku's house and the storm calms."

"His house?"

"Relax, will you? I said they, as in, him, Neku, and Neku's friends." Sanae chuckles when the Composer lowers his eyes to scowl at the counter top. "Don't be so annoyed that he's hanging out with 'em."

"It's not that."

"Okay then. Let me rephrase that. Don't be so annoyed that he's hanging out with Neku."

"Hmph. As long as they don't do anything... crazy enough to get him killed. Bet that Neku kid is reckless."

Time: 8:46 AM

"At least we have our bellies full of pancakes and milk," Joshua says to the group as they finish the last of the pancakes on the plate. Empty glasses of milk are now in the sink, ready to be washed... later. "Rhyme, your pancakes were quite superb." Coming from him, that actually means a lot, Neku thinks.

"Those pancakes were absolutely amazing, Rhyme!" Eri tells the blonde girl sitting to her left with a smile.

"Yeah! I'm surprised I haven't gotten a stomach ache with everything I've eaten!" Shiki agrees enthusiastically.

Beat swallows the mouthful of pancake in his mouth before saying, "What'd I tell ya? Rhyme's the best cook I got in my family! Mom's pancakes ain't as good as Rhyme's, an' tha's the truth!"

"Ya know, if you ever entered a pancake cooking contest, yours would definitely win first place," Neku says, smiling at the younger Bito sibling.

"Hee hee, thanks everyone! Maybe someday I'll be a chef! I could start cooking more food to feed you all!" Rhyme giggles, her face a little pink from the compliments.

"Oh, uh, Neku? Shouldn't we clean up the mess now? We don't want to leave these dirty dishes here and the cups in the sink all day," Shiki asks the boy of the household."

"Fine. I never clean anything in the sink like my mom would, but since I have you guys for help, why not," Neku responds with a sigh. He points to the two drawers near to the left of the refrigerator. "My mom keeps the wash towels in there. She... owns a lot. Plenty enough for us to use."

"Let's get started! The sooner we're finished the better!" Eri says cheerfully. "Who knows? Maybe the storm will end when we're done!"

Time: 8:59 AM

"Mr. Hanekoma, I am glad to see that you have returned," Merodi says as she enters the WildKat. She sits at the counter in front of the cafe owner, two seats away from a brown haired boy.

"Good to see you too, Mare! Didn't know you cared so much!" Sanae greets the Conductor with a grin, which gets larger when he sees the small smile returned from her. "Want a cup of the special House Blend?" The girl nods, and CAT starts making a cup of the blend right away. "How's your time in the UG going? You bored? Did you leave and spend a few hours in the RG?"

Merodi smiles slightly and replies, "Well, I was not bored. However, I did want to spend some time outside of the UG, so I entered the RG after a confrontation with Sho Minamimoto. I spoke to a few citizens. I believe that one boy had attempted to say hello to me. He was embarrassed though, most likely because he had never spoken to a girl he liked." Sanae chuckles at this, passing her the cup of coffee. "I am compelled to say that he was somewhat attractive." The Producer smirks at her, and realizing what she had said, her face heats up. "I never knew his name. I'd figure that out in one minute, but my own affec- admiration is directed to someone else." Sanae decides to ignore Merodi's slip up.

"Ha ha, if I know Joshua well enough, I'm sure he's not oblivious to you. The only other person he has that's really close to him right now is Neku." Since Merodi is currently staring at her cup of coffee, Sanae takes this chance to glance at the boy two seats away from her. At the sound of the Proxy's name, the boy's eyes are glaring at the counter.

"Ah yes, Neku. He is a nice boy for the Composer to have as a close... friend. I plan on changing that." At that, Mr. Hanekoma raises an eyebrow.

"What do you mean by that, exactly? There are a few ways to interpret what you mean. And my first idea is that you're going to break them apart. That's not what you're talking about, right?"

"Of course not. I'd never do that to the Composer, and not to Neku Sakuraba either." Merodi sighs, remembering why she actually wanted to talk to Sanae in the first place. "However, I think that I'd like to get to the reason why I am here."

"Alright. You mentioned Sho when you came in here, didn't you?"

"Yes. I had to find Mr. Minamimoto and speak to him. Sadly, he did not want to talk, and I was forced to fight him until he could not retaliate. When I had weakened him to the point where he finally gave up the fight, I told him that the Higher Ups wanted him to ascend and return to the Higher Plane in order to keep him from causing more trouble in Shibuya by watching over him. If he did not, he would be erased personally by one of the Shibuya Angels." Merodi sips some of her coffee, allowing Sanae to reply.

"The... Angels told you this?"

"Yes. Didn't they tell you about that?"

"Nope. Not at all."

"How... odd. I expected them to inform all of their Angels of the decision."

"Maybe they don't trust you as much as you thought. The Angels of Shibuya are hiding things from you," the brown haired boy says, interrupting the conversation. He drinks the last of his coffee before looking at the girl and the cafe owner. "The Composer here should be... wary of the events transpiring here."

Merodi appears confused. "Who..." She shakes her head and sighs, knowing that she would get off topic once again. "I shall ask later. Mr. Hanekoma, did you receive any news from the Higher Ups? Anything that will help with the situation?"

"Unfortunately, the other Angels do not want to cooperate with us. Because of that Game and the rules me and Josh broke, they didn't want to help at all. I got the sense they were mad, so that caused the fast weather change here, I'm guessing. They wouldn't let me leave til three in the morning since they had to talk to me for a long time. They spoke to me about both of our Punishments. Joshua's though..." Mr. Hanekoma trails off, trying to figure out how to explain this to the girl who was quite dedicated and held much 'admiration' for the Composer.

"What? What is wrong with the Composer's Punishment?" Merodi asks, concern evident in her voice. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees that the brown haired boy has also suddenly shown interest in the conversation again at the mention of the Composer, his head barely turned towards them and his eyes looking at Mr. Hanekoma.

Joshua's Punishment is one that would hurt himself, as well as others around him. Mr. Hanekoma knows that the one person it will definitely affect most is the one he hand-picked as his Proxy.

Time: 9:30 AM

"I can't believe this storm isn't over yet!" Neku groans as he flops onto his bed. Beat, Shiki, Eri, and Rhyme are in the living room, watching TV. Neku had insisted that they occupy themselves with television since there wasn't much to do in the house. He wasn't in the mood to watch with them, so he headed to his room when they were all finished cleaning dishes. Joshua... Neku didn't know where the hell he went. He could be wandering around the small house. The guy probably hasn't watched TV in a long time, so that wasn't something he'd do. What would he even do if he's cooped up in that room looking over the whole city? Seems pretty boring in my opinion. I bet he gets pretty lonely up there... not that I care. He rolls onto his back looking at the ceiling. He moves his hands to his sides and feels something under his right hand. He picks up whatever it is and takes a look at it. It's his original Player Pin. He inspects it and then notices the feather on the back. It's the Pin Joshua gave him for the slam off yesterday at Stride- the one that beat the crap out of Shooter and Yammer's pins. Why would he give me the Pin anyway? It's a strong one, definitely. He never asked for it back.

BOOM! Lightning flashes and thunder claps in a split second. The sound reminds Neku of a gunshot (9), and also reminds him of the times he's ever heard gunshots near him. He jolts at the sound and hears a scream coming from downstairs. "Rhyme, don' worry! I gotcha!" Neku hears Beat say to his sibling. The scream came from Rhyme instead of the other girls. He stands, dropping the pin back on his bed, and runs out of his room. He rushes to the living room after going down the stairs two steps at a time, and he sees the blonde little sister hugging her brother. Shiki and Eri are both rubbing her back comfortingly, and Neku walks over to them.

"Hey Rhyme, are you gonna be okay?" Neku asks her quietly. "You afraid of the thunder storm?"

"Mhm." Rhyme turns her head to him. "I wasn't before but when we ran through it outside..."

CRASH! Everyone jumps and Rhyme buries her face in Beat's chest with a whimper. Suddenly, all of the lights in the house shut off in an instant, leaving them all in total darkness.

"Damn, a blackout!" Beat curses, hugging his sister closer.

Shiki takes out her phone and uses the light as a flashlight. She manages to see Neku and asks, "Say Neku, do you have any candles around?"

"Yeah, it would be a lot better to use candles instead of our cellphones," Eri says.

"I think they're somewhere in the cabinets in here. I'm not sure which one stores them though." Beat stays on the couch with Rhyme, comforting her. That left Neku, Shiki, and Eri to find them. Shiki checks the cabinet near the kitchen entrance, Eri looks through the larger one next to the TV, and Neku decides to search through the smallest one against the wall below the staircase, each of them using their cell phones as a light source. Because of the size of the cabinet, it doesn't take long for Neku to find nothing. "They're not in here. I'm gonna go look in the cabinet in the the bathroom upstairs. Maybe the candles are there."

He carefully walks up the stairs, making sure he doesn't trip on a step like he used to when he was younger, and walks through the dark hall to the bathroom. The hall seems longer than it actually is when the lights were off, giving Neku a strange feeling that he was in a creepy, paranormal film. He passes his room door, then his parents', which is still closed since yesterday. I really wish that mom and dad let me get a flashlight. Sure, it never really rains in Shibuya, and it practically never has thunderstorms either. It would have been a good idea to buy one anyway! Neku thinks. A rush of cold air hits the orange haired teen. Funny, it usually feels cold whenever a ghost is around, Neku remembers as he shivers for a moment. He glared in the dark. I really hate that feeling. A very faint flickering light at the end of the hall catches his eye. What the... He quietly makes his way over to the corner of the hall, and around that corner is the bathroom. The light is noticeably brighter. Rather than just stand there, Neku quickly steps out and faces the source of light and jumps when he sees a pale face. When that face breaks into a smile and laughs, he regains his composure.


"Didn't think you would be scared easily Neku."

"I'm looking for candles. Instead I find you imitating a stalker-spirit in a dark house trying to freak me out for whatever reason you have in that crazy head of yours."

"Isn't it nice to get a little scare once in a while? It's a little fun to get your heart pumped up, especially in an environment such as this. 'Creepy, paranormal film' indeed."

"Did you read my mind again?"

"Of course not, Neku. I just happened to compare this dark area to that because it seemed appropriate. However, it seems that you were thinking the same thing considering how scared you looked a moment ago." Joshua chuckles, covering his mouth with his free hand to stifle his laughter. "You really should have seen your face, dear!"

Haven't heard him call me that in a while. Neku can't help but smile a little at the sight of the Composer right now. He masks his enjoyment by saying playfully, "Shut up! As I said you were being a stalker! How was I supposed to know you'd be up here doing... whatever it is you were doing."

When he calms down, the ash blonde boy replies, "Oh, looking for these candles that you came here for. You have quite the collection in there. Your dearest mother must've bought them all, I believe? Unless candle collecting is your hobby, but who could ever think that of you?" He walks into the bathroom, takes something off of the counter top, and hands it all to the orange haired boy. "You know, you should have noticed that I am currently using a candle right now."

"You had the candles the whole time... Why didn't you just come down to the living room and give us these?"

"Because I didn't want to," Joshua lies, taking Neku's other hand and putting the matches on his palm. "Let's go to the others, shall we?"

"Rhyyyyyyme! Ova' here!" Beat shouted as he stood in the middle of the street, Towa Records right to his left. He waved to me, and I wave back laughing, running to catch up to him. Everyone else walked by, not looking at us. I saw Neku and Shiki on the sidewalk, leaning against the wall of Towa. Shiki was smiling at me and Beat. Neku looked like he didn't care. I know he does, deep down. He's just afraid to show it.

I returned my gaze to Beat, who just stood there, waiting for me to catch up with a huge grin.

But... what was that moving on the ground? It was red... I stopped at that moment.

It's going under Beat! It's...!

A Noise

What? ... Wait, yes! It's a Noise!

Fear strikes my heart, and the joy I felt moments ago disappeared.

I ran as fast as I could up to him, trying to save him. He appeared to be confused when he saw the look on my face. I pushed him out of the way, the Noise just underneath the two of us. When I opened my eyes Beat was on the ground. He was safe.


Rhyme opens her eyes, her heart pounding. She notices Beat laying next to her, asleep once more. Shiki and Eri have done the same, laying on the other couch and sleeping as well. The younger Bito sibling doesn't know where Neku went, and only assumes that he is upstairs with the blonde haired boy, Joshua.

I... We're all asleep? I don't remember feeling tired, and the others didn't seem to be either, Rhyme thinks as she glances at the three sleeping teens. Shiki, Eri, and Neku were all looking for candles. Maybe they fell asleep on the job, or they were still tired?... No, we all slept for the whole night... She stands up and notices a blue-white light behind her. Rhyme turns around and finds its source underneath the window. She cautiously walks up to it, and as she gets closer she starts to see the outlines of a figure. Once she is directly in front of it, Rhyme now sees a girl, one she has never seen before.

"Hello, Rhyme Bito," the glowing girl says, "I believe we have not formally met."
"Who are you?"

"My name is Merodi. My question to you is if you are alright."

"I'm fine. I just had a... strange nightmare."

"It was no nightmare, I assure you. It was a memory, perhaps. One that was... 'erased' from your mind." One that I've returned to you, because of the change that is occurring in the true Composer's dear heart.

"What?" Rhyme asks, confused.

"I suppose I have to explain it to all to you, everything you cannot remember from those three weeks."

"Well... I do have a fuzzy memory as to what happened the month before this one... but Beat has told me that we were just hanging out together like we always do."

"And that is the truth? If so, have you asked him what the two of you have done when you were 'hanging out'? Did he go into specific detail? What exactly do you remember?"

The Bito sister takes a few steps back, beginning to feel uncomfortable with the questions being thrown to her. "Why does this matter to you? I barely know you besides your name... Merodi. Why do you know me? Where did you come from, and how did you even get in here? Has Beat met you? What about Neku, Shiki, and Eri? And maybe Joshua?"

Merodi inwardly sighs. Now she was being asked questions. "I am only trying to help you remember what happened. I know you because of Daisukenojo Bito, or Beat. However, he does not know me, just as Shiki Misaki and her friend Eri do not. Neku and I have encountered each other once. J...Joshua and I have met more than once." It is a lie. However, Merodi could not recall a time where she and the Composer had met in a more normal situation that did not involve the Game or their positions. "Any other questions?"

"Yes... Why are you glowing?"

"Simply to give off light. I'd much rather be able to see in the dark than be blind in it."

The sounds of two voices- Neku's and Joshua's- could be heard from upstairs. They were getting close to the steps.

"We may meet again, Rhyme Bito. I am not sure when, but I will help you. Ah, and tell Joshua that I said hello... when you two are alone." Merodi fades away, just when Rhyme says, "Wait!".

Neku and Joshua finally come downstairs, walking to the two sofas. When they see blonde sister standing in front of the window, Neku calls her. "Um... Rhyme?"

"Dear girl, I believe you were afraid of the thunder now... Why must you stand where you can see it so clearly?"
"Oh, well... I'm just trying to face it. Maybe I could help myself if I faced my new fear. I won't have to worry about it later..."

Time: 10:10 AM

Neku channel surfs, laying on the couch closest to the TV in the living room. (Sort of) lucky for them all, the power came back on just two minutes ago. However, there aren't any interesting shows to watch at the moment, therefore leading Neku to start flipping through channel after channel, wishing that some show or movie would be eye-catching.

He looks around out of boredom to see what everyone else is doing. Shiki and Eri are playing with each other's hair... again. Beat and Rhyme are sitting on the other sofa across from him, playing cards with the deck his father kept in a small box on the corner table near the front door. Neku knows his dad doesn't have time for card games, and he himself is no longer into them. So, they decided to give the cards a bit more use.

Once again, Neku sees no sign of an ash blonde boy anywhere. He asks aloud, "Anyone see Joshua?"

"He walked up the stairs a couple of seconds ago, not sure why though," Shiki replies as she braids strands of Eri's hair, "You must reaaally be into channel surfing if you didn't notice," she laughs.

"Say Neku, why don't you go check up on Joshua up there? Don't worry about the TV down here, since Beat will do all the channel surfing until you get back!" Eri says with a smile, handing the remote to Beat while putting the cards in his hand on the ground, face up.

"Hey, me an' Rhyme are in the middle of a game!"

"Beat, we're playing Go Fish... Besides, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. If I'm looking at these right..." Rhyme looks from her deck to Beat's. "I would have won, since I have most of the cards you do and you would have been left with just a King of Hearts after five turns."

"Aw man, Go Fish sucks!"

Neku walks up the stairs and finds his bedroom door wide open. The lights are on inside. Neku steps into the room and sees the boy he is looking for sitting on his bed.

"Hello Neku. Having fun with the power on?" Joshua casually asks.

"Why are you in here? Why can't you stay in the living room with everybody else?" Neku questions, ignoring what the other teen had said.

"Oh, I just wanted to see your room in person. Your admiration for CAT is very evident in here. You fancy yourself an artist as well perhaps. The sketches I've looked at certainly make you seem like one."

Neku looks over at his desk and sees his many sketches and drawings laid out on top. "You went through all of that. Why exactly would you want to?"

"Just curious. I've never been inside of your own bedroom before, and it was too dark to see all the details clearly earlier, considering there was a blackout all over Shibuya. These drawings of yours are quite... interesting." Joshua trails off as he takes a drawing off of the desk.

Neku takes this as criticism, thinking the other teen said this sarcastically. "Okay, go ahead and say it's not good enough. That was one of the earlier ones I made, back before the Game." He waits for the Composer to respond. When there is no reaction, Neku says, "It's not great, okay?"

The ash blonde haired boy looks up at him. "I feel that... this picture reaches CAT's standards, and is easily imprintable. It could even be mistaken as CAT's work if spray painted on the wall."

"Wait, are you actually being serious right now?"

"Yes, I sincerely am, Neku. Are you deaf now? Did you lose your hearing while I was in here without you?"

"I'm not deaf, I just can't believe you really said that about my drawing. No one would ever picture you as the complimenting type. They'd think you were snobby and prissy, which you are."

"I'm simply telling the truth. Others would see me that way before they know me, wouldn't they? Judging from afar, perhaps."

"Yeah, but up close that's how you really are. They'd know it because of your voice too."

"Hee hee, I suppose some of my physical attributes may also be feminine."

"Skinny black jeans, short curly-ish hair, girly eyes, girly pose, may I go on and on about your freaking giggle?"

"It's simply my attire Neku. I can't say your clothing is feminine, but it is a bit unique to what people usually wear in Shibuya."

"My mom doesn't technically agree with what I wear. I just ignore her when she points that out though, not that I care what she thinks. I'm going to wear what I want when I want."

Joshua lays back on the bed, setting the drawing flat next to him. "Oh, like how you believed that you could do what you wanted when you wanted?"

"That was before, Josh." Neku had to wonder how they were having such a normal conversation at the moment. First we're talking about my picture, then we get off topic and say how Joshua is like a girl, and now we're talking about what we wear, Neku thinks. He watches the Composer as his hand moves to pick up something.

Joshua glances at the tiny circular object and says, "You didn't return this to me? Did you think it was a gift?"

"No, you just didn't ask for it back. I guess I sort of forgot about it though. I left it there before the blackout came." Neku walks towards the bed and sits down, moving the picture onto the desk. He flops back next to the other teen, shaking the bed slightly. Joshua turns the Pin so that they have a view of the side with the white feather on it. "Why would you give me that Pin? I should've asked you this yesterday, but now is a good time to ask I guess."

"You said yourself that you needed another Pin. So, I offered one. Your welcome."

"But why would you do that?"

The ash blonde boy sighs. "I didn't have a motive Neku. I simply allowed you to use this Pin in order to win the Slam Off against Shuto and Yammer."

"I didn't really do anything though. It was all because of this Pin-"
"- that you managed to win the match. You see, this Player Pin acts on its own because I made it that way. I used my powers to make it, and no, it didn't tire me. You could let the Pin do all the work of knocking out the others, although you'd have to act like you are still controlling it. Also, you seemed to be losing in the beginning of the Slam Off anyway, so this Pin saved you."

"So I should say thank you?"

"Yup. Well, I sort of deserve it, but a person like you wouldn't do that, now would they?"

"Guess not. But I'm not going to say thanks, if that's what you're expecting from me."

A giggle. An annoying and really girly giggle. "You've got enough time to say it. Wonder how long it that will take."

"I don't know, and I don't care Joshua. I'm not going to say it to you."

"Oh well, as I said, you've got plenty of time." At repeating this, Joshua grimaces a little. He doesn't have as much time as his proxy does.

"Yeah, I know I do. Although you've got unlimited time to do anything, unlike me."

Sad thing is, I really don't, Neku. While the orange haired teen doesn't notice, Joshua just barely tenses. It's quiet for a few minutes and then-

He's lonely
What?! Neku hears the two words in his head. Joshua couldn't have heard, since he didn't react at all. Neku knows that he heard someone say the words though. Who could have? Everyone else was downstairs!

But then again, it could be a Player, right? Imprinting him? He, being Joshua, was lonely. Now, that could be true couldn't it? The last time Neku was in his room, he thought Joshua was actually lonely while he watched Shibuya and her people. He said he didn't care, but that didn't mean he couldn't ask the Composer himself. He remembers that Mr. Hanekoma had also stated that the ash blonde teen was lonely on the third day of his week with Joshua as his partner. Neku wonders if Joshua will admit he's lonely...

"Hey, Josh?"


"Are you... lonely at all?"

"Oh? I would like to know what would make you ask that."

Neku turns his head to look at Joshua. "Remember the day when you tricked me into going to WildKat to see Mr. Hanekoma? Well, we were talking while you weren't watching. I asked him about the WildKat cafe, the mission, the phone, and... you. He said you were 'lonely all your life', and that you could see the Games while they were happening." He doesn't get a response, so he continues. "Mr. Hanekoma said you saw the Reapers too, and that a lot of people didn't listen to you. Is all of that true?" Joshua stays silent and Neku watches and waits for an answer. When the other teen turns and Neku looks into the purple eyes, he sees something in them. Sadness, possibly?

"Sanae shouldn't have told you, Neku. You don't need to know."

Yet Neku has a feeling he wants to know. Huh. Maybe he does care. He's still not going to say that out loud, though. Joshua might mock him for it and laugh.

Word Count without Author's Notes: 11, 653

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(5)~ I am referring to the 'cheerful and peppy-ish' girls in Final Fantasy series (a series I adore). Two examples are Rikku and Oerba Dia Vanille.

(6)~ The name of the street Joshua original lived in (is a mixture of music-related Japanese words.

Musical= Myūjikaru

Origin= Kigen

Composer= Sakkyokka (kyo)

I took a while just to find a good name. There's probably a better one out there, but this was the result of my thinking: Kigemyūjikyo. The name is meant to mean "Origin of the musical composer". By origin, it means home, or where the composer came from. However, in this story, Joshua was not the first Composer of Shibuya, while in the game, it is left ambiguous.

(7)~ Because of Joshua's young age at the time, he never knew what Noise and Players in the Reaper's Game are. This is why he only calls them animals and believes that the Players are really just normal people playing with them (despite all the violence he can see when the two are battling. He never truly learns what they are until later, when he meets Mr. Hanekoma and he begins to understand what he can see.

(8)~ This is just how Joshua introduces himself to Neku in the beginning of the game. He used this introduction with Hanekoma, so he is only repeating this to his Proxy when they become Partners.

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