Spike new family

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It was days since our favorite dragon left ponyvill and was alone. After incident with nearly burning it down the town and his friends were to afraid of him so he left going into the Ever Free forest. It hadn't been easy for him ether he spend most of his time running away for the monster that lived here.

"So what's on the agenda for?" Spike asked walking along keeping an eye out for these beasts.

"Well Spike we have to find something to eat." He told himself as he went deepper into the forest.

"I've got to stop talking to myself." Spike sighed feeling very lonely.


"What was that?" he cries running from the sound as it was getting closer and closer before stopping.

Spike keeps running and looking behind himself to see if it still chasing him it wasn't and stops his mad dash.

"Pew. That was a close one." he say as he slowly turns around and comes face to face with a large purple and blue dragon

"Who are you hatchling?" the older dragon ask looking down at the frighten little dragon hatchling.

"Mm my name is Spike how are you?" Spike asked very nervously looking up at him. He had big wings, long horns, and spines half way down his back and he didn't look happy.

"I am Inferon and this is my territory young Spike. What might I ask are you doing here on your own might I ask." Inferon said calmly not wanting to scare him any more then he was.

Spike tells him what happen and looks down at the hatchling with sad eyes. Then garbs Spike tail with his mouth then puts him in his pouch and flies off.

"Aaa! Where are you taking me let me out!" Spike yells he sticks his head out to see where he is being taken as the ground rushes below him.

"Your coming to stay with me." the older dragon say in relaxed way.

"Really?" Spike calls out as he's taken to Inferon den.

They soon arrrived on cliff over looking the vast forest and Inferon takes Spike out by the tail and goes in. Spike looks around checking his vantage point and sees another dragon that had to be in his teens farther in. Unlike the one holding him he was a mix of dark and lite green with short wave like spikes from his head to his tail with wings.

"Dad you find anything on patrol, hay who's the hatchling." he said fling up to see Spike better.

Inferon puts Spike down and the other lays looking him up and down makes like he's about to breath fire on him Spike hind behind Inferon leg and the other teen laughs at him.

"Zoom stop is your new hatch brother Spike. Spike this my son Zoom it's ok to come out." He reassure Spike.

"Oh well hay little dude I guest I'm your big brother. Sorry about scaring you." Zoom say to Spike.

"Hi Zoom." Spike greets as he coming out of his hinding place.

The two of them talked Inferon laied down in a nest and watched the to as they began tp play and wrestle each other. Soon Spike and Zoom grew tried went reast on their Dad.

"Why don't I got get some food while you two rest." Inferon said smile at them.

"Yah" the shout.

"Alright alright I'll be back shortly stay closet to the den." He told them rise and heading out.

"Wow the really nice." Spike say leaning back in nest.

"Yeah he's great." Zoom say laying on his belly.

"Well I'm going to take a nap don't go anywhere." Zoom yawns.