Where Butterflies Never Die

Chapter 1

Shadowblade looked up at the sky, her black armor shining in the bright sunlight. Memories started to play in her helm, His smooth voice when she was around him, his kiss, his hugs, every time he protected her, and every 'I love you' they said. She clenched her fist when she thought of her worst nightmare, watching Starscream be killed by Megatron. Tears started to form in her optics. She wiped them away as she saw a blue and gold butterfly fly by. She stared at it for a while as it flew around her in circles. It seemed bigger than a normal human butterfly. She held out her claw and the butterfly landed on it. Shadowblade looked at it, "It's as big as my claw." She thought in shock. It fluttered its wings and took flight. Shadowblade smiled as I flew away. She turned away from the beautiful canyon sight and walked back into the autobot base.


Miko and Rafael were talking to their guardians Bulkhead and Bumblebee; Ratchet was fixing the Space Bridge; Arcee was just sitting around; Bloodstain was trying to flirt with Arcee (which wasn't working); and Optimus prime, looking for Shadowblade.

Jessica sat on the opposite of Jack on the couch, reading a book. Jack moved closer to her.

"Don't even think about it, yet." She said not taking an eye off her book.

Jack moved away from her, but then realized she said "yet".

"So, watcha reading?" Shadowblade asked meeting optic to eye with her friend.

Jessica folded the corner of the book and put it down on the coffee table in front of her. She looked behind her and saw Optimus sneaking up behind Shadowblade. Jessica giggled.

"What?" Shadowblade asked.

Before Jessica could say anything Optimus wrapped his arms around Shadowblade.

"I should've known." Shadowblade said rolling her optics.

"Apparently Optimus has a crush on someone." Rafael laughed.

Shadowblade blushed. Optimus Prime blushed harder and broke his hold.

"You want me to tell you about the book." Jessica asked trying to change the subject.

Shadowblade looked over at Jessica still blushing.

"Yeah sure." Shadowblade said.

Raff and Miko sat next to Jessica to listen about the book. Even Ratchet wanted to hear about this story. The autobots gathered around to hear about it. Jack moved over to sit next to Jessica. She blush a little.

"The story." Shadowblade said making Jessica lose focus on Jack.

"Oh yes the story." Jessica began.

"The book begins off with this girl living in a small town; her parents don't understand her problems at school. The only person who understood her was her boyfriend, Jake; a normal 16 year old like her being bullied."

"Why did you say "was"!?" Rafael whimpered.

"I'm getting to that." Jessica said impatiently.

"He was her friend for 3 years then was mysteriously murdered. They never found out who murdered him." Jessica clarified.

Rafael shivered.

"A week after his death she finds a blue and gold butterfly." Jessica went on.

Shadowblade froze and thought of the butterfly that she saw.

"The same time and color, this is weird" She thought.

Jessica continued, "She soon sees the butterfly every day and thinks her boyfriend's spirit. I'm at the part where the butterfly gets injured."

Shadowblade just stumbled as the story Jessica talked about intertwined with the memories of her and Starscream.

"You ok Blade?" Optimus Prime asked.

"I...I'm fine." Shadowblade hesitated.

She shook her head and walked out of the room, not caring about the looks she was getting.

She sighed and thought: "I need to read that book."

But then she felt herself shut down. Her optics closed and she collapsed. Memories started to play in her helm. Her past, something she didn't want to dream about.

Next chapter will be a flash back to her origins. I have been dying to write a story about Shadowblade, Bloodstain, and Jessica. And by the way Jessica, Bloodstain, and Shadowblade belong to me, everyone else belongs to Hasbro.