Chapter One- The new girl

Travis leaned back in his seat and sighed. He was in his homeroom class at the Royal Academy listening to Chaz drone on about how amazingly cool he was. The only reason he's here is because his parents are rich. He thought. He looked at Chaz. He had red-brown hair that was combed forward and spiked above his forehead, a goatee under his bottom lip, gold colored aviator glasses with blue lenses, a black, red, and white jacket, light blue jeans, a black belt, and black and white shoes. The worst part is that they had to share a dorm room, so he had to listen to him 24/7. He was absolutely full of himself and thought that he was going to be the most amazing person in the world when he graduated. Travis was different. He had the same hair style, but his hair was yellow, he had black eyes, and wore the school uniform, a light blue sweater vest, black coat with the school insignia on it, a white, short sleeved collared shirt, royal blue tie, black pants, light blue socks, and black shoes. Travis took out his cell phone to check the time. He had the best cell phone in the world since his parents were also rich, but he had earned a full scholarship to this place.

"Hey, are listening to me nerd?" Chaz asked.

"No." Travis said. The bell rang and everyone hurried to their seats. The Literature teacher, Ms. Elmira, came in. She has semi-circle glasses, brown hair pulled back into a bun held by pencils, with two locks of hair hanging down on either side of her face that stopped at her chin, a dress with a white torso, long black sleeves, and a black and white striped skirt that came to her ankles.

"Okay class, get out your textbooks and read pages 235-243 then answer the ten questions at the end." She said. "AND NO TALKING!" If there's anything she hates, it's noise. Travis takes out his textbook out of his backpack and reads the story. He then answers the questions, turns them in then takes out his cell phone and browses the web. About five minutes after, a folded up piece of paper lands on his desk. He unfolds it.

Anything interesting? Its Buddy's handwriting. Travis picks up his pencil and writes his reply.

Yep. Chaz's level of annoyance has gone up. He sends it back and few seconds later it comes back.

How much? He writes his reply.

OVER 9000. He sends it back and a few seconds later it's back on his desk.

HA HA! I see what you did there. Travis smiles. The bell rings, he grabs his backpack and heads out the door.

"Hey pal!" He hears Buddy say. He turns to see Buddy walking towards him. He has on the same uniform, has black dots for eyes, freckles, and blonde hair with his bangs parted on the right. "I didn't think that Chaz's annoyance level would go up that high."

"I know, but hey, can't say I didn't see it coming." Travis says. They laugh. They start heading for the science lab when Chaz walks up to them.

"You know it's rude to ignore people?" He asks angry.

"Yes," Travis responds. "but you act like you're some sort of god therefore, I ignore you." Chaz glares at him then snatches Travis' phone from his hand. "Hey!" He reaches for it, but Chaz put his hand on Travis' forehead, and holds the cell phone out away from him with his other hand.

"Give him his cell phone back!" Buddy says.

"Make me." Chaz says. Suddenly, out of nowhere a foot hits him in his side and he falls to the ground after being propelled five feet. Travis' cell phone is then snatched from the air by the same person. They have on the school uniform except instead of the coat having a collar it has a hood that is pulled over their face to where you can only see their nose mouth and chin, making it impossible to tell if they're a boy or girl. Usually, the girls have on light blue skirts that come to their knees with a black stripe at the edge but even though they have the choice to wear pants they all wear skirts. They hold the phone out to Travis and he takes it.

"Thanks." He says. "Are you new? I've never seen you before. They quickly nod then spin around and bolt down the hallway grabbing a black duffle bag, red and black backpack, and red suit case before disappearing around a corner. That was... strange.

"Holy cats!" Buddy exclaims. "They just took down Chaz with one hit!"

"I hope I never get in a fight with them." Travis says. They laugh and head on into the lab then sit at their station. The bell rings and everyone gets quiet as the science teacher, Dr. F comes in. He has crazy white hair, thick round glasses, a white mustache, white lab coat, red and yellow tie, red gloves that come to his elbows, black pants and black boots.

"GOOD MORNING!" He yells happily. "I hope you all remembered to bring the German Potato Salad to put in the rocket engines!"

"Um, Dr. F?" Violet asks raising her hand. She has long black hair that comes down to the middle of her back, black eyes, pale skin, and the girls school uniform. "You said that we would be learning about the uses of sulfuric acid today."

"That I did!" He says. "Besides, the people who were suppose to bring me some monkeys haven't arrived with the parts necessary for building a rocket!" He takes out some test tubes and chemicals. "Now take out your science notebooks a prepare to take notes!" Travis takes out his notebook and writes down the note Dr. F tells them to write. In the middle of class the door opens a little bit and person very quietly steps in and shuts the door behind them.

Wait, they're that person who helped me get back my phone! Travis realizes.

"Hello!" Dr. F says. "Are you here to deliver the monkeys and rocket parts?" They quickly shake their head.

"N-n-no sir." They murmur.

"Oh." Dr. F says. "Well then what are you doing here?" They hold out a sheet of paper, he take sit and reads it. "Ah!" He says. "Class, this is our newest student! Say hi to them!"

"Hi pal!" Buddy says.

"Hi." Travis says.

"Greetings." Violet says. The rest of the class says hi and the person heads for an empty station when Dr. F stops them.

"Introduce yourself and tell us your interests!" He says. They look at the class then him, then the class, then him, then back at the class. They suck in a deep breath.

Whatever they say next, is just a blur of words.

They then hurry and sit down at the empty station, take out a note book and get ready to write. When the bell rings, they quickly put their stuff in their backpack, jump up, and bolt out the door. Travis and Buddy hurry out of the lab and look around. Buddy tugs at Travis' sleeve.

"There!" He says pointing. There's a small group gathered around the person and Chaz.

"Who do you think you are kicking me like that?" Chaz asks outraged. The person says nothing. "WELL?" Chaz asks. Nothing. Chaz reaches forward and grabs the persons hood. He tries to pull it down but the person hold onto it with all their might. Tim jumps forward and starts to help Chaz. Tim is Chaz's biggest fan, which is kind of strange considering how nice he is. He has shaggy blue hair, a hat shaped like a dogs head, sea green eyes, and has on the school uniform. With his help, they manage to get the person's hood off.

Travis lets out a small gasp.

Standing there, is a beautiful girl with shining black hair done into a braid, big brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, freckles across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose, rosy cheeks, and full pink lips. Everyone freezes including Chaz and Tim. Chaz smiles.

"Hi..." He says. She punches him in the jaw, pulls the hood back on, and bolts down the hallway. Travis runs after her. He runs out of the school and looks around. He runs out to the school garden and keeps looking. He comes around the edge of a shrub and she her sitting there curled up into a ball.

"Hey..." He says. Her head whips up toward him. "You okay?" She sits there for a second before looking at the ground in front of her. "Look, I'm sorry about Chaz. He's just... stupid sometimes." She says nothing. He walks over an crouches beside her. "I... don't see why you were trying to hide your face. I mean its..." He stops himself. "Uh, w-what's your name?" She looks at him.

"Camo." She murmurs before bolting away.