Title: The More I See You
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PG (though it'll probably go up to NC-17 toward the end)
Word Count:
431/856 (so far)
Dave/Kurt {Kurtofsky}
Spoilers: Everything up through the end of season 2.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Tis Ryan Murphy's brain child and I take ownership of nothing there. :)
Kurt gives Dave a makeover and basically makes him his perfect man in the process.
A/N: So I actually started this months ago, back in October. It's written for a prompt on the gkm. Hope you like! :D

Senior year was turning out to be surprisingly… interesting. After the whole drunken incident at the gay bar the previous month, Kurt had urged Dave to finally come out not only to his parents but to the school as well. Kurt figured that if Dave could be himself at a bar and could see that not all homosexual men were just one type (fabulous gay, like Kurt Hummel of course) then he could have the balls to come out to everyone else, too, and still be his super badass self. After coming out, everything else would be easy for him.

All in all, it wasn't that bad at school. Azimio was still Dave's best friend, saying he didn't really "give a shit" if Dave was gay, just that he didn't "want the dude to make a move on him, too." While people were pretty weary about him being gay, most people weren't about to mess with him, knowing Dave could tackle them in a split second if they did; the hockey douches and football jocks combined knew that for a fact that he'd tear them a new one if they did anything to him.

When Kurt heard later that day about what had happened – and good lord did news spread like wildfire in that school – with Dave, Kurt had taken it upon himself to seek out the jock and congratulate him on such an accomplishment, hug and all. Dave stiffened as Kurt held him and Kurt, sensing just how awkward the taller boy was feeling in his embrace, released him after a moment, still smiling and praising him. Dave muttered a thank you, staring at his feet as he did so. Kurt merely took Dave's chin in his fingers briefly to raise the other boy's eyes back up to Kurt's own. "Hey. That's amazing, Dave. Really. You should be proud of yourself."

Dave fixed him with a gaze, the smallest of smiles gracing his face. "Thanks."

Kurt studied him for a moment, skepticism all over his face. "Okay, this may come off as a bit… crazy to you, but might I propose a… makeover of sorts?"


"No, no, nothing too drastic, just a bit of a metamorphosis to enhance your natural features."

"You're making it sound pretty girly, dude."

Kurt sighed. "No, I just… I just thought you might want to make the most out of our senior year, make it the best that you possibly can."

"What, uh… what were you thinking, exactly?"

Kurt only grinned back at him and Dave's eyes grew even wider as his face fell.