"That's warm enough." His fingers leave the surface, wet and shaking droplets off them. She coos and reaches out for the water with her little hand, perched in the safety of her Daddy's arms.

When he stands she spots the bright yellow duck in the corner of the bath, sat next to the big orange starfish. "Peep peep!" He laughs, nuzzling her soft curls and gingerly steps in over the wall of the tub, holding onto her tightly lest either one should slip and fall.

The water's barely up to his ankles, but it rises when he settles in. She slips down from his grip and slides down his chest, taking a moment to free her foot from his swim shorts. She crawls over to where his feet touch the other end of the tub and reaches for her toys. All it takes is an excited little yank to send the duckies and the fishies tumbling into the water with a splash.

He laughs some more, wetting her shoulders with water from his cupped hands. The ducky squeaks, and she turns to look at him, sending him a single-toothed grin. He smiles back, and sends her a kiss. She sends him one too, then hugs that duck.

Her Daddy pulls her back to him where he can clean her face. There are protests when he cleans her nose, and she screws her eyes shut when the water rains down on her curls and into her face. He does his best to wipe anything that tries to get in her nose, just so she wouldn't breathe it in. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" A smile is his reward, and he kisses her wet hair.

Bath time with Daddy was always fun. He'd pretend he was Godzilla trying to eat her ducky, and she would squeal in terror and laughter, all at the same time. He had to catch her every time she slipped en route her escape from the mighty Godzilla, each one of those catches ending in a raspberry to her tummy and more giggles.

And sometime later she would crawl up to him and shower him with kisses. "Dadadada~" He holds her close, then presses a kiss to her forehead. "Hn?"

Then there is that look- The one where she puts that little finger in her mouth and smiles like a kitten about to pounce on the fish in the bowl. "Pee~ pee~"

It is too late when Shisui lifts her out of the water.

"You little rascal," he mumbles, shaking his head, his baby girl still in mid-air as he holds her up. She kicks her legs, giggling, the duck squeaking whenever she tightened her hold on it.


He can hear the distant hum of the vacuum cleaner turn off. Then, footsteps. "What now?"

"She did it again."

That face she sends her Dad only convinces him of her naughty little misdeed. But despite all that, he'd break into a smile and take her from her Daddy to seat her in the sink. "Little trouble maker." It is murmured into her hair soon after he kisses those wet locks.

Shisui kisses his shoulder in passing, out to get a clean sponge from the closet.