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Phantom Thiefs

Tokyo City

Saturday Night 9:43p.m.

There was Peace,Silence on this Saturday night of Tokyo City. Everyone was getting ready for bed. Even the villians of Tokyo City.

There was sirens in the distance,

police cars were driving around the city, surveying the areas and making sure
there is nothing out of place

a few miles from where they are, a huge museum was locking down and on top of
the roof in the shadows; five figures wearing masks were blending with their
dark colored suits in their respectable color

They were waiting for the museum lights to turn off and have the guards fall
asleep during their job so they could go in and strike.

After the place was locked down and the lights were turn off, they checked
through the window to see if the coast is clear and they went through the
secret passageway toward a very rare artifact needed for stealing.

They went through the passageway quietly like a mouse you can hear a pin drop;
after they got through, one of them checks to make sure no one is there and
they headed toward their destination.

They managed to find the place they were looking for and when one of them
tried to get there, the leader stopped them and took out a spray and sprayed
the room and it showed lasers defending the artifact and there were hidden
cameras keeping an eye on it.

The one in blue took out what looks like a sticky gun and blasted it toward
the cameras and it blocked out their sight and they broke.

The red leader gave the one in green hand signals to get through the lasers
and get the rare necklace resting in the glass.

The green one agreed and dodged every laser with their ninja like moves and
took out a weapon and cut the glass in a circle and gently placed it on the
floor with its gloves and used a pair of pliers and carefully picked up the
necklace and put it in its knapsack.

After the success, the green one got through the lasers and the five figures
went back to the passageway and onto the roof and when they did that, the
sirens started going on and they quickly jumped roof to roof getting away from
the scene without being scene.

Somewhere far away from the distance, five girls were at a huge mansion having
a slumber party and living there while their familes were on vacation for the

One has orange hair and pink eyes, one has yellow hair and blue eyes, one has
raven hair with green eyes, one has brown hair and neon blue eyes, and one has
black hair with light brown eyes.

They were all wearing pajamas in their respectable color talking to one
another while eating snacks.

"Wow I've never been to a sleepover before" Dawn told the girls

"Yeah me neither this is my first time" Nexa also told the girls

"Well be glad you came to the sleepover because don't forget, we're staying
with Miyako here in her mansion while our families are on vacation" Momoko
told the girls

"Don't forget Momoko I'm from another world and my family don't go to
vacations a lot because of their jobs" Nexa explained to Momoko reminding her
she travels from world to world with her friends to protect them from evil.

"Oh yeah right sorry" Momoko told her as she lightly bonked her head

"At least I'm not wearing anything girly or I will die or barf so much I'll
have to skip my meals for the day" Kaoru told the girls as Dawn agreed with

"But Kaoru-chan, you should wear something girly more often, you'll look so
cute!" Miyako exclaimed to her.

"Hold on Miyako-chan if Kaoru-san doesn't want to wear anything girly, she
doesn't have to its her choice" Nexa told her since she respects both Dawn and
Kaoru being tomboys and Kaoru mouthed thank you to her and she mouthed your
welcome and smiled.

"Well I'm bored let's watch a movie today" Momoko said changing the subject.

"Good idea Momoko-chan, lets watch The Notebook" Miyako suggested

"Ew no way are we gonna watch that!" Dawn and Kaoru exclaimed

"How about we watch I Am Number Four, its a really good movie and I also read
the book about it and they're both really good" Nexa suggested to the girls
and Momoko agreed with her since she also read the book that Nexa showed her
and liked it

"Does it have any horror in it?" Kaoru and Dawn asked Nexa.

"No but it does have a lot of action though" she explained to them

"We'll watch it then" Dawn and Kaoru told her

"Cool what about you Miyako-chan?" Nexa asked her

"Well I guess we could watch it" she replied a bit sadly since they didn't
want to watch the movie she suggested

"Don't worry Miyako we'll watch the Notebook another time" Momoko reassured
her friend

"Okay then" Miyako cheered up quickly, "I'll go get the popcorn ready"

"I'll help you get some drinks" Kaoru told her

"I'll get the candies" Momoko told them as the three of them went into the
kitchen to get the snacks

"So I am Number Four is a really good movie?" Dawn asked Nexa

"Yeah it really is, you'll love it trust me and yes it does have action" Nexa
told Dawn

"Awesome, hey while the girls are getting the snacks, tell me about your
adventures going to the other worlds" Dawn asked her

"Sure I'll tell you" Nexa told her as she began telling her about her