Phantom Thieves

Chapter 27

The boys and girls were walking on the streets of Tokyo City and on their way to an apartment complex that the reds had found online that was affordable for them to get thanks to Miyako's wealth.

"I can't believe you guys found a good place for us to live there!" Hiroshi exclaimed to the reds.

"Let's just hope its not a trashy site though" Shiro mumbled while crossing his arms.

"Relax bro, we looked it up and we managed to find a room for us there that's super cheap and has 5 rooms for each of us so that way, we can get our own bedroom" Kaito explained to his brothers.

"Do you know the name of the apartment?" Riku asked him.

"Its called the Lotus Flower Apartment Complex, I heard that its one of the most nicest apartments ever and the people who own the apartments are really nice" Kaito explained.

"But why is it called the Lotus Flower Apartment Complex?" Naman asked him.

"I read that they always plant lotus flowers there so that's why" Kaito said.

While the group walked, they passed by a book store and Karen came out of the book store and waved at the girls.

"Hello girls!" Karen said.

"Hi Karen!" the girls greeted as they went over to her.

Karen gave them each a hug and then turned her attention to the boys. "So you must be the boys that captured my girls' heart correct?"

"KAREN!" Kaoru and Kyoko shouted at her.

"Now don't deny it you two, its obvious that they captured your hearts" Karen grinned at them as she saw Kaoru and Kyoko slightly blush.

"Why yes, we're the boys who captured your girls' hearts, I'm Kaito and I'm the boyfriend of my beautiful cherry blossom, Momoko" Kaito said as he wrapped an arm around Momoko's waist and kissed her cheek while she blushes.

"My name is Riku and I'm the boyfriend of my sweet angel, Miyako" Riku said as he hugged Miyako's waist and kissed her forehead while she slightly blushes and giggles.

"Names Shiro and I'm the boyfriend of my sexy fighter chick, Kaoru" Shiro smirked as he puts his arm around Kaoru's shoulder and kissed her neck while she slightly blushes and try to punch him hard.

"I'm Hiroshi and I'm the boyfriend of my feisty hot skateboarder, Kyoko" Hiroshi grinned as he grabs Kyoko's waist and gives her a quick peck on the lips as her face became red and she punches his arm.

"I'm called Naman and I'm the soon to be boyfriend of my shining brave light, Nexa" Naman said as he hugged Nexa from behind and kissed the top of her head.

"So that's who you boys are! You girls are so lucky to have such handsome young man as your boyfriends and Nexa-chan, you should consider Naman's offer to have him be your boyfriend since he looks like he could be your shining knight in armor" Karen squealed with delight.

"We're taking it slow Karen-chan, we just have to learn more about each other and we'll be together soon" Nexa explained to her.

"Oh okay" Karen said. "Now you boys better take good care of my girls and if you do anything to break their hearts, you'll have to deal with me okay?" A scary aura surrounds her.

"WE PROMISE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM AND WE WILL NEVER LEAVE THEM!" the boys exclaimed to her as they slightly gulped from her scary aura.

"That's wonderful! You boys and girls make such a cute couple together, make sure you invite me to your weddings when you're older, my future grandchildren are going to be so beautiful!" Karen exclaimed in joy as she thought of their weddings and children. The girls were blushing as tomatoes from what Karen said and sweatdropped while the boys were smirking and hugging their girls.

"Anyway, were you guys going on a group date together?" Karen raised an eyebrow at them while grinning.

"N-No Karen-chan! We were going to the Lotus Flower Apartment Complex so the boys could live there" Momoko told her.

"How come your boyfriends want to live at the apartment, were you boys planning to move out of your parents' home?" Karen asked the boys.

"Actually ma'am, we don't have a home and no parents. Our apartment got burned down and we're temporarily living with the girls now and we're getting a room at the apartment since its cheap so we won't live on the streets" Kaito said with a grim expression.

"Oh you poor things! You boys must've been through a lot lately" Karen said in pity. "If you boys ever need help, you can always ask me"

"Arigato Miss Karen" Riku said in a polite tone.

"Do you boys have any jobs to work at since you need to pay for your apartment?" Karen asked them.

"Actually no we don't have any jobs and we only have enough money to buy the apartment" Hiroshi said.

"You boys can work with me if you want, I always feel lonely working at my book store and it'll be nice if I have some company with me" Karen offered.

"Y-You'll hire us!?" Naman said in slight shock.

"Why of course! You boys love my girls so much and I gotta know more about you so I'll learn more about you boys!" Karen smiled at them.

"Arigato Miss Karen!" the boys bowed down to her.

"Just call me Karen, the formals are making me feel old" Karen said.

"Alright!" the boys said.

"Well I'll let you guys go to the apartment complex now so you won't be late and boys, work will start at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow so make sure you be there and don't be late" Karen told them.

"Okay Karen!" the boys said.

"Bye Karen!" the girls as they left with the boys.

"Bye girls and make sure they treat you well!" Karen shouted as she waved bye to them.

"Don't worry they will!" the girls exclaimed as they waved back.

"You girls have finally found your true love, its been 3 years since you girls became the PowerPuff Girls Z and even though you girls retired because of the villains leaving the city and your memories were erased of becoming the PPGZ, you managed to find some boys who love you for who you are. Let's hope that none of you girls remember that you were superheroes or that you're dating the RowdyRuff Boys Z" Karen thought as she went back inside the book store.