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Things you should know

Yokai: demons in the shape of a human, they have their own language and are the most feared and hunted beings in all of ancient Japan.

Language: Yokai- their language will be in this font (note: when yokai speak, the humans don't know what they are saying)

"Aww come on Yuu-chan! You know that I didn't mean to get us lost~!" Lavi exclaimed while trying to avoid another swing of Mugen. Lenaleesighed and stared up at the forest canopy, the gray skies adding to their impending doom.

"Come on Kanda, we might need Lavi to help us get out of this forest." she tried to reason and seemingly succeeded because not two seconds later, Kanda was leaning against a tree with a bored look.

"Lavi, did you happen to make markers throughout the forest so that we could find our way back?" The whistle and turn of the head gave her her anwser. With yet another sigh Lenalee joined Kanda.

"Our mother calls out to us, singing a song of the Earth. Her melodies will teach us, truths beyond this life. Many will not hear her call, choosing to close their hearts. The truths be told in music, silence loaths them all. And though my journey is long. And my sacrifices never seem to cease, I can not stop singing. The earth has blessed me with song. So I choose to sing, through my suffering, only death can silence me. The music must be sung.

The burden of honestys' ours, we bare it alone in our hearts. We've heard the truth in music, try to tell them all. Many still choose not to hear, even with questions made clear. Their comfort lies in silence, and our songs they fear. And though our journey is long, and our sacrifices never seem to cease, we connot stop singing. The Earth has blessed us with us with song. So we choose to sing through our suffering we'll be heard through harmony. The music must be sung!...Even alone I must sing, the song of the Earth." a haunting melody emminated throughout the winter forest.

'What the..?" Kanda muttered under his breath.

"Whoa! Lets go see who sang that! Come on come on please?" Lavi pleaded with enthusiasm. Lenalee sighed once again and followed Lavi who ran into the forest once again. Kanda muttered incoherent words and began to slowly follow Lenalee and the baka Usagi. The forest was peacful and quiet, the soft snow flakes falling slowly from the grey sky. Their feet made crunching sounds in the snow along with a trail of three sets of foot prints.

"Baka Usagi! If you just got us lost again, I will cut of your balls and stuff them so far down your throat that you can see them coming out the other side." Kanda hissed and he unsheathed Mugen. Lavi sweat-dropped and slowly stepped away from the homicidal samurai.

"Stop it you two! How many times do I have to tell you? We can't fight when we're lost in the Yokai Forest in the dead of winter!" Lenalee exclaimed as she hit both boys upside the head.

"Gomen." Lavi replied with a pouty face while Kanda just 'che'd' and sheathed his katana before continuing through the snow covered forest. For the next few minutes the trio walked in silence with Kanda in the lead this time; a sudden snap of a twig brought them out of their thoughts.

"Shhh...look over there." Lenalee whispered as the three quickly hid behind a rather large fallen tree. In a small clearing just a few meters away was what appeared to be an old woman for she had short starke white hair that spiked out to the sides. Kanda grabbed the hilt of his katana and pulled it out of its scabbard a few inches, preparing for a fight.

"Nee, tamcanpy? Should it snow harder or should I let it calm down. We don't want those men to find again." the old woman said to a golden bird that hovered around her head.

"Hmmm, she looks human to me. Why don't we ask if she can show us the way out of this forest?" Lenalee asked before standing up slowly. "Kanda, why don't you follow closely behind so that if it turns out that she is a yokai, then you can kill her."

Kanda nodded and slowly followed Lenalee towards the old woman. He had his hand ready at the hilt and he sharpened his senses so that he could feel any other attacks.

"Um excuse me..." Lenalee began but was cut short. The old woman turned around sharply and revealed not an old face but a young face with a red scar running down the left side of their face. Lenalee's face showed the shock while Kanda looked just a little less bored. After a moment of staring at each other all three travelers concluded that this person was actually a boy.

Said boy narrowed his eyes and pulled out a small dagger with a delicately decorated hilt. "Who are you? What is your business here?" he asked with a glare. Lenalee and Kanda both looked up at Lavi to see if he had understood what the small boy had said.

"Don't look at me guys,I know multiple languages but that one is not one of them." Lavi replied with his hands in the air, a gesture of defeat.

"Put down your katana, I have no need to fight you so long as you are not here to fight me," the boy said gesturing towards Mugen while dropping his dagger. Lenalee got the picture and turned towards her stubborn companion.

"Kanda! Put Mugen down!" she hissed reaching for the treasured katana. Kanda immediately glared at her and then brought his glare over to the boy.

"Che, baka Moyashi." he huffed and sheathed his sword reluctantly. This action seemed to calme the boy down and he immediately smiled.

"My name is Allen Walker, nice to meet you." Allen introduced himself which again the three travelers could not understand. With a sigh, he decided that speaking their language was for the better.

"I repeat, 'My name is Allen Walker, nice to meet.'" Allen said again, this time in the native Japanese language which no doubtedly surprised at least Lenalee and Lavi.

"Che, so the Moyashi can talk after all." Kanda sneered. Allen pouted and crossed his arms, turning his head the other direction. "The names Allen, not breansprout!" he shouted before turning back to glare at Kanda. Seeing that the two boys where oon the verge of a word war, Lenalee stepped between them and looked at Allen.

"We were hoping you would know the way out of the forest, we don't really want to get eaten by a yokai," she explained with a smile. Allen looked at Lenalee in shock and then he began to giggle, trying his best to hide it through his hand.

"Whats so funny?" Lavi asked as he came to stand next to his two friends. Allen however, continued to giggle before he regained his composure.

"Sorry, sorry. It's nothing really. Anyway, follow me, I can lead you to the exit." he replied while walking towards the direction that the three had come from. Kanda narrowed his eyes in suspicion before following with his hand on the hilt of his katana. The group walked in silence, the only sounds were the howling winds and the crunching of the snow under their feet.

"Just follow that path and you'll be out of the forest." Allen said while pointing towards a small path.

"What about you? Aren't you coming out as well?" Lenalee and Lavi asked in unison. Allen just smiled and cocked his head to the left.

"I live in the forest. No need to worry about me." he replied before turning around the go back into the forest.

"Hold it Moyashi." Kanda commanded, said 'Moyashi' turned around immediately.

"My name's Allen not beansprout!" he exclaimed with a pout. Kanda only smirked, grabbed Allen by his right arm and dragged him towards the forests exit.

"Come one Allen, you should come live outside of this cursed forest. Once you pass the seals that ward off even the most powerful yokai, you can be free." Lavi said as he began to pull Allen towards the line of seals that blocked his world from theirs.

"No please don't!" Allen exclaimed as he tried to escape Lavi's strong grip. Lenalee noticed his panicked expression and gave him a confused look. Kanda on the other hand got the picture almost immidiately, 'God, how had we missed that?' he thought to himself as he started towards Allen.

"Oi baka Usagi! Stop!" Kanda growled as he started towards Lavi who held Allen right next to the seal. Unfortunately he was too late, Allens' foot slipped (clumsy as always) and landed right onto the seals. With a piercing scream, Allens' vision turned from white to black before slowly returning to normal. The pain flowed through his body as he fell to the ground with a thump.

"Shit!" Kanda hissed as he bent down to pick up the panting yokai. Lavi and Lenalee both gave their companion a confused look before it clicked.

"Oh God, Allens' a yokai!" Lenalee shouted, backing away in fear.

"Baka! This yokai led us to the exit! We have to repay him somehow." Kanda yelled, holding Allen bridal style. "Where do you live Moyashi?"

"Haah...to...to the left and...deeper into...forest." Allen breathed before closing his eyes and lying his head againt Kandas' warm chest. Lavi and Lenalee exchanged looks before following Kanda back into the forest.

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