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Allen turned to look at Kanda for any sign as to what he should do. It was common knowledge that yokai were not welcome anywhere, especially a religious temple.

Kanda shook his head and gave Allen a look of defeat, letting him know that he needed to answer the monks question.

"I...! I can speak! Thank you so much Kanda, you don't know how much this means to me!" the Snow Spirit exclaimed as he jumped on Kanda overcome with joy. Kanda felt himself blush but he merely patted the boy on his head and motioned towards Komui who had been waiting patiently for his answer.

"Ye...yes sir. I am. Most of you humans refer to me as the Snow Spirit, and Kanda, Lavi and Lenalee are my friends." Allen whispered quietly, hopingto not incur the wrath of Komui. Komiu nodded to himself and then a giant grin appeared on the mans face.

"Hmm, well considering that Kanda-kun here has not tried to kill you or threaten you, I see no harm in letting you go without reprimand. Though I do ask that you don't go spreading the word about me. I have always wanted to learn about the yokai and hopfully reach a diplomatic ending to this feud.

So in exchange you tell me about yokai and I let this little incident slide." Komui said with a grin.

"Thank you so much sir!" Allen exclaimed before hugging Kanda tightly, afraid he might go away before he had had proper time to thank him for what he had done. Kanda nodded to Komui before leading the yokai out of the temple and into the busy market.

"Moyashi, I want to let you know that my father sort of found out I've been going to the forest to meet you. He doesn't know who you are but he wants to meet you." Kanda said while leading Allen through the vendors, his hand placed around the yokai's thin waist. Allen looked up from his excitement and gave Kanda a reassuring smile.

"If he's anything like that monk than I don't think there will be a problem. Why do you seem so worried?" the Snow Spirit asked at Kanda's apparent concerned face.

"Well, you know what a Shogun is right?" Allen nodded "See, my father, or rather, adopted father just so happens to be the Shogun of this land; including Yokai forest." Kanda explained before looking away, fearing the yokai's reaction. Allen looked at the samurai before smiling and looking up at the gray sky.

"Sing with me this song of snow, and all your troubles will be gone. Leave all thoughts and welcome the purity that is falling from the sky." the Snow Spirit sang softly causing small flaks of the white substance to fall lazily from the now white sky. Kanda glanced over to the yokai in shock and looked around them to make sure no one noticed how the snow has come about.

"Yuu-kun?" came a voice from behind them. Kanda turned around to see his father standing with his mother, both holding items from the market.

"Oh! Is this the one you've been meeting in yokai forest?" Tiedoll asked as he handed his wife the items he was holding and came to grab Allen's hand.

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