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Chapter 1: In the Beginning

November 6, 2032

12: 48 P.M.


Kylie Possible Drake sighed as replied to her aunt Hana Stoppable Adams as she saw her younger cousins run by, "No. I think I'll wait on kids."

Riley walked up at that raising an eyebrow, "No kids? But Kylie your 25…"

Kylie shot her younger sister a look, "I'm 23, my birthdays in three days…"

Riley rolled her eyes, "I'm just saying you're getting up there…." This earned her a slap upside the head from Kim, who had snuck up behind them with Ray in her arms.

"Hey Mom," Kylie greeted as Riley greeted, "Hey. Was that necessary?"

Kim handed Ray to Kylie, "Yes. Watch your brother. I have to talk to Mom."

Kylie holds her babbling baby brother as she tries to protest but her mom was far gone.

Kylie sighs as looks down at baby Ray as his eyes began to watered, "Please no." Ray began to whimper, "Please…." Kylie held up a toy bunny Hana had handed her, "Look at Bun-Bun…."

Ray let out a wail as Kylie moans. Riley rolls her eyes as she grabs Ray from Kylie and he stops crying.

Kylie glares at Riley and Ray, "That baby hates me and I don't get why."

Hana laughed at her niece's pain, "Maybe you're just not a baby person?"

"Kendall and Kristen loved me though," Kylie protested as she looked over at her now 5 year old twin siblings playing with their cousins Jack and Casey, Jim's kids, and Zack and Lacey, Tim's kids.

"Maybe this one can just see your evil soul," A voice teased behind them.

Kylie turned and sent a playful glare at her younger brother, Rick, "Richard…"

"Oh, no. She's using my first name," Rick joked acting terrified, "I think she might kick my ass."

"Rick!" Hana and Riley scolded as they covered Ray's ears.

"Kick his ass, Kylie!" Zack cried.

"Yeah! Kick his ass!" Jack added.



Kelly, Jim's wife, and Meg, Tim's wife, were there in a flash scolded their sons in a flash.

That's when Jim and Tim walked up laughing to Kylie, Rick, and Riley, (Hana had left when she had the chance.)

"My money's on Ky!" Jim smiled.

Tim waved his arm dismissively, "Please Ricky would totally win!"

"James Thomas! Timothy Jonathan!" Anne scolded as she walked up, "No betting on your niece and nephew!"

Ryan, Matt, Hana's husband, and Ron looked at this display, "Possibles…."

"So, tomorrow is your and Kylie'sanniversary. Whatcha doing?" Matt asked curious.

"I'm thinking Paris or London. We got off 3 days since her birthdays two days after it," Ryan replied sipping his beer.

"Just keep her happy son," Ron added as he lifted Kendall up into his arms.

"No problem there Mr. Stoppable, I mean what could possibly go wrong?"

Famous last words.


March 30, 2003

3:29 a.m.

London, England

Fifteen year old Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable snuck quietly through the vents of a highly thought of museum.

Well quietly for them.

"I don't see why the police really couldn't hande this?" Ron complained as scooted after Kim.

" We're here. So stop. Let just stop the guy and go home. We have that test in Barkin's class tomorrow!" Kim responded as she dropped down from a vent opening into a hallway.

Ron followed landing on his butt with a thud, "When don't we have a test for Barkin? I swear he shows up at the worst possible time as a sub."

"Ron," Kim scolded as she picked the lock to the main room of the building.

"Since when can you pick locks?" Ron questioned as the door clicked open.

"Tweebs," she flung the door opened as she found a man in a dark clothes and hair laughing as he held up an ancient pot.

Kim and Ron remained quiet as usually the villain in question began spouting out his evil monologue, "I told Raion I could get it! I told him! Now the Order of The Beast shall feel our wrath and Global Justice can do nothing! And all it took was a little work!"

That was enough for Kim, "Stop right there!"

The man jumped and looked at the dark figures in the shadows of the room, "Kylie Drake? But how?"

Kim and Ron share a confused look, "That's a new one," Ron commented.

Kim rolled her eyes and stepped out of the shadows into the light, "Sorry, not this Kylie girl. But your still in trouble."

"Kim Possible! Ron Stoppable!" The man cried still a bit terrified.

"Finally someone knows me!" Ron cheered as Rufus stuck his head out of Ron's pocket, "Oh boy."

"Not as bad as Kylie and Ryan Drake…" the man murmured, he shook his head and told them, "it's a pleasure to see you in your prime Kim but I have not time to play with you to see your skills."

The man turns and presses a button on his watch and a large yellow-orange portal opens beside him, "I must be off." He walked into the portal.

"Come on!" Kim called to Ron as she ran into the portal.

"Kim! You know scary portals are never good!" He called but never the less followed Kim thru the portal of doom.


November 7, 2032

10:30 a.m.

Global Justice

Tanya Load, eighteen year old super genius and employee of Global Justice, was updating her files when something popped up in her screen, "huh?"

"Something wrong?" Masahiro Ike asked as he and Maria DeSoto walked in covered in smoke.

"What happened to you?" Cam Du asked as he looked up from his book.

"Lynn and Ward didn't want to come quietly and they had flame throwers," Maria explained before turning back to Tanya, "So what's up?"

"Energy surge in England," Tanya explained, "We better check it out."

"Well aren't Ky and Ry there right now?" Cam asked not wanting to fly, "Can't they check it out?"

Tanya, Maria, and Masahiro all looked at him like he was an idiot, "Do you want to call and interrupt their anniversary for the, what is it now, 4th time?"

Cam shuddered and quickly went into mission mode, "Alright, Nightwing, Hawkeye, with me. Chip on standby with tech support." They nodded to their code names as Tanya tease, "Gotcha Junior!"

Cam sighed as he, Maria, and Masahiro left the room to head to the hanger, "Stupid, Kylie with her stupid codenames…."

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Useless notes

Codenames for Global Justice Team

Team Kano

Kylie A. P. Drake- Tigress

Ryan A. Drake- Leo

W. Cameron Du, Jr.-Junior

Masahiro S. Ike-Hawkeye

Maria J. DeSoto- Nightwing

Tanya R. Load-Chip

Possible/Stoppable notes

Tim married Meg Parker and had two kids, Zack and Lacey.

Jim married Kelly Jackson and had two kids, Jack and Casey.

Jack and Zack (both 13)were born a week apart, Casey and Lacey (both 7)were born 3 months apart.

Hana married a man named Matt Adams and is pregnant with their first child.