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Chapter 5: The evils of computers

November 8, 2032

9:32 a.m.

Small villiage in Brazil

Kim groaned as she sat in Ryan and Kylie's car. They wouldn't even let her get out to help them find that Chad guy. She was stuck eating cookies behind the driver set in the super high tech car.

She was always so active she hated waiting while others did the work. She glared annoyed at the dash board extremely bored till she noticed something on the floor board and pulled it up revealing a laptop. She opened it smiling as the using name was in, KP Drake, but not the password.

KP Drake? Probably Kylie's. But what would her password be? Kim always used something no one thought of, the day she and Ron became friend. But she knew next to nothing about Kylie expected she worked for global justice, she was part of some team, and she hung out with Ryan…

She stared at the text box and shrugged as she typed in ryan, praying for something to happened.

Luckily it did. The computer opened with happy tune and a picture of Kylie, a blonde young man, a brown haired young woman, a pair red heads children, a boy and girl, and a baby with red hair.

"Her family," Kim concluded. She noticed she had internet and opened an engine and typed in her name. Her jaw dropped as a wiki page with Kim Stoppable popped up.

"What?!" Kim stared at it, "This must me a joke." Till she glanced down and saw several of websites that were listed said the same this. She clicked on one and glanced at home page that was apparently devoted to her.

She looked around and found basic stuff that over her life briefly up to up to her graduation. Then it cut off. Kim was shocked that she had ended up dating Ron. She clicked on 'where is she now?'

A picture an older Kim popped up with an older Ron. They still looked the sane but older and only slightly graying. Below it was a picture of a blonde young man, a brown haired young woman, a pair red heads children, a boy and girl, and a baby with red hair. The same from Kylie's background.

Kim glance at the words under the picture. Kim's step children, Rick and Riley with their half- brothers and sister, Kendall, Kristen, and Ray.

Step-children? Kimwas so confused as she noticed a picture below the one of the children and went down and jaw dropped as a picture of Kylie Drake and Ryan popped up. They were smiling in the picture and hugging. She glance below at the words.

Kylie, Kim's daughter, with her husband Ryan Drake.

Kim let the laptop slide off her lap as the knowledge that the woman she'd been around the entire time was her daughter.

Now that Kim thought about Kylie looked like her and Ron. How did miss that?

Kim jumped as the door opened and Kylie looked in, "Kim, we're going to grab some lunch before heading off. Come on."

Kim just stared at Kylie noticing her messy blonde, her bright green eyes, she had freckles on nose and cheeks, and a slight smirk on her face. Kylie was a mix of Kim and Ron, but she did favor Kim.

"Kim, you alright?" Kylie asked as she placed her hand on her arm as Kim jerked back and slipped out of the car and stared at her.

"No," Kim told her, "I'm not, Kylie."

Kylie looked at Kim confused, "What are you…." Kylie blinked as she saw the computer at the floor board. Kylie's face twisted to angry, "What did you do?"

Kim took a chance to trip Kylie and race away trying to run from a future see didn't want to see at the moment.


Kylie jumped back up as Kim ran off. A growl erupted from Kylie, a feline growl, "Paladin."

A red-orange tiger appeared beside her and chases after her tackling her to the ground.

Kylie sighed looking at the computer real quick, "Shit." Kim knew everything she didn't need to know at that point.

Kylie ran to where Paladin had tackled Kim ignoring the looks she was getting from the people, "You idiot! How dare you endanger my life by-" Kylie stopped as she noticed was out cold, "Shit." She glared at Paladin as he was absorbed back into Kylie.

Kylie felt her pulse as she pulled Kim into her arms and pressed her com button, "Ryan meet me at the car. Now."

November 8, 2032

9:32 a.m.

Unknow location

Ron looks down at the photo of him, Bonnie, and their three kids in disbelief.

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