A/N: So, this might be a pretty long fic. As the title says 'Role Reversal', is where the roles of Naruto and Jiraiya switch with Sasuke and Orochimaru. Personalities are unchanged; it's mainly the events and actions. Now, starting from Part Two of the Chūnin Exams! (Note: Some battle scenes have been altered of course.)

"We have to sign a waiver? Why, it's not like anybody's going to die, right?" Naruto complained in the line.

"You'd be surprised. Look at those guys over there." Sakura pointed to the Suna Siblings. "I heard that Gaara had killed over 20 people and the other two are supposed to be really strong. I think it's because they're the kids of the Fourth Kazekage."

Naruto took a look over to them; they did give off an intimidating feeling. "Hey, move it!" a voice yelled at him making him realize he was up next.

Sasuke and Sakura had already gone inside; they were now signing the paper, while the other shinobi pushed Naruto in front of the stand. A female worker, apparently for the exams, gave him the document, giving him the pen.

Looking at it, he blindly signed it. The worker smiled, taking the pen, saying, "Thank you, now go over there. There you will receive your scroll."

The blond sprinted to the other line, because Sakura and Sasuke have started a habit of leaving him behind. "Sakura-chan! Sasuke!"

It appeared as though they already got the scroll, making Naruto skid to not hit them. He didn't want another kiss with Sasuke, good thing he stopped in front of Sakura's face. Up close, she looked even cuter. Naruto was going to say something before Sasuke pushed him father away from her. "We got the Heaven Scroll, let's go to the gate."

Sasuke noticed Gaara yet again, he had too much of an intimidating sense around him. Smirking to himself, he had determination in his eyes; I'm not going to lose to you, Sabaku no Gaara!

He thought about his sharingan for a while, during his walk to the starting gate. Sasuke was sure that soon, he would obtain his third tomoe. Looking around, he saw those that were not much of a challenge. Team Asuma, Team Kurenai, some foreign teams, etc. He almost forgot that he was still with Sakura and Naruto. His blond teammate snapped his fingers in front of his face. "Hey, Sasuke, wake up!"

"Sasuke-kun, is something wrong?" Sakura wondered, while tilting her head.

He was about to assure her that nothing was wrong, until Mitarashi Anko started to announce the start. "Oh, shit! Run, guys!" Naruto shouted, urging them to speed up.

"Three," She started, making them run faster to their assigned gate.

They were apparently going too fast, running into the gate door before she announced the next number.

"Two!" Anko continued as they peeled themselves off of the fence.

"One!" Every started to go through, leaving Team 7 dead last. Anko came up to them, putting her arm around Naruto. "You guys want to win, right? If you do, hurry up, this seems like a special exam," she said in his ear.

"No time to lose!" Sakura raised her voice, pushing both of her male teammates into the forest. Anko was still visible on the other side, waving to them, mouthing 'Good luck, you'll need it.'

Still holding onto the scroll, Sasuke looked around, trying to sense other teams. Naruto seemed confused. "Sasuke, what's going on?"

"Clear." the Uchiha smirked, closing his eyes. "It's best not to stay here while having a harsh competition."

"Yeah!" Naruto grinned.

They all ran straight ahead, ignoring anything that wasn't moving or relevant. Then, Naruto noticed something, and told the other two," Hey, guys, I think someone is near."

The raven haired boy told him it was probably Team Asuma, nothing to worry about.

"Ahhhhh!" a scream was heard in the distance. "What was that?" Sakura wondered.

"A human scream. I guess that it really started," the blond chuckled. He quickly got out of that and quickly stated, "I gotta take a piss!"

When he was done, Sakura scolded him, and Naruto received a powerful kick from Sasuke, that knocked him to a nearby tree. "Sasuke-kun, I don't think he deserved that."

"Yeah, Sasuke-kun!" Naruto yelled.

"You aren't the real Naruto. The real one never adds Kun to my name, and you didn't behave like him, either," Sasuke explained.

"How'd you know, you brat!" he transformed into a different form, his true body.

The impersonator was actually a shinobi from Amegakure. He had dark hair, with something weird covering the lower part of his face and a blindfold with eyeholes.

The ninja was about to attack when Sasuke used his Great Fireball technique, creating some ashes in the air in the aftermath. The enemy completely dodged the attack. When he appeared behind the Uchiha, Sakura instinctively yelled, "Sasuke-kun!"

"Relax, will you?" he said, while turning to impale the ninja with the kunai in his hand. He only got some of the left arm. "Shit, I missed!"

The enemy quickly fled, revealing where Naruto was. Even though he was saved, he yelled at Sasuke, "I could've gotten away by myself!"

"How about a code word?" Sasuke suggested. "Just in case we get separated, we can ask for the code word. If they get it wrong, just assume it to be an enemy.

"The code will be the song, 'Nin Machine', okay? Then, you have to answer with, 'A large amount of loud enemies is the friend of the shinobi, hide and remain silent. A shinobi must understand the proper time, when the enemy is tired and ill prepared."

"That's impossible to remember! Can we choose an easier one, like 'Kunai' or something else?" Naruto complained.

"Hard? I've already remembered it!" Sakura said.

"I'll hold the scroll!" Naruto told them, grabbing it.

"Better not lose it," Sasuke and Sakura said in unison.

When they all stood up, they felt an attack, not enough to knock them down, though. Sasuke hid under a bush, that's when Sakura approached. Getting up, he took out his kunai, telling her to recite the password. "A large amount of loud enemies is the friend of the shinobi, hide and remain silent. A shinobi must understand the proper time, when the enemy is tired and ill prepared," she answered.

So, Sakura is accounted for, but what about Naruto? He turned his look toward him.

"Oh, I got it!" Naruto said. "A large amount of loud enemies is the friend of the shinobi, hide and remain silent. A shinobi must understand the proper time, when the enemy is tired and ill prepared."

Sasuke smirked, this wasn't Naruto. The real Naruto would be too stupid to even remember it.

He threw several kunai knives and "Naruto" dodged all of them.

"Someone who can remember the code word and dodge my attacks is not the real Naruto." The Uchiha looked.

"Naruto" then transformed in a puff of smoke. He turned into a man, in his mid-twenties with a wide build and a wide hat. He spoke with a medium low voice, "How'd you know I was a fake?"

"I knew you were listening, that's why I made that code word. There's no way Naruto could remember something like that. So, where is he?" he responded.

"What? Where am I?" Naruto groaned, and then he saw a giant shadow of a small animal. "A simple toad?"

That's when the toad grew larger, about 5 times its natural size. "Oh, crap!"

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