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"Hey Sakura," Naruto called, looking at the overview of the series so far.

"What?" She answered, walking up to him.

"How come the relationship Rin, Obito, and Kakashi have are exactly the same as the relationships our characters have?"

"Well, the creator of the show, Kishimoto-san, had a preppy girl best friend and a silent, popular guy for a guy best friend. He really liked the girl, but she went with the guy, so he relives it every episode of the show. That's why he doesn't have major female leads."

"So, he hates girls?"

"Nope, but his wife doesn't want him to keep including teams like that, so she doesn't really let him write about them," she said, before leaning in to whisper to him, "rumor has it, he would have done the same to the Sand Siblings."

Naruto's stomach dropped. "I'm gonna be sick."