Sorry for another short chapter, the next one should be longer, and it will also include more of the Sindicate.

How am I going to get out of this? I think to myself, she literally left me with nothing, not even so much as a hacksaw to saw off my foot with. I could have picked the lock if she had given me a metal fork to eat my takeout with, but she was smarter than that, she'd even removed the wire handle from the Chinese food container. I don't know when she's coming back, or what I'm going to do when she does, there's no way I'm touching her again, not even if she begs me, not even if I want it, and I know that I'm going to want it because I always do. We all had weaknesses, Damage was highly vulnerable to radiation, he couldn't even stand near a microwave without his powers going by the wayside, Ice Queen needed moisture in the air to be able to freeze things, Tantrum had a healing factor but she wasn't immune to the fire she created, if she didn't focus her energy in just the right way she could really hurt herself, it happened before during a particularly stressful standoff with Control Freak, she has since healed to her former beauty, but for almost a week she strikingly resembled Freddy Krueger.

They all think that my weakness is my lack of powers, and I suppose they're right in some ways, but my real weakness is her. It's true, she's never going to go straight, and for the first time since we kissed on that rooftop she was truly my enemy. But God is she irresistible, the feel of her skin against mine, the taste of her mouth, the sound of her sighing my name in pleasure, it makes me feel weak in the best way, and the things she shared with me, about her dads, she didn't trust anyone that much… no, I can't think that way, I have to let her go, I have to hate her, but damn it I can't do it. If she were here right now I'd last thirty seconds before ripping her clothes off and burying myself inside of her again. I was powerless against her and she knew it. Damn her.

I groan in frustration, trying to think of how I was going to get out of this. I know that in her twisted way she's trying to protect me, but why couldn't she protect me by helping us stop Sue? I know she hates the Peace Patrol, but there are bigger things happening than her grudge. I just wish I knew what Sue was planning, I can tell that it was something big, I could tell by her look of confliction on her face when I confronted her about it. I think long and hard about what to do, but the situation still seems hopeless, the only thing he can think of is to try reasoning with her again when she gets back. As I think of things I can say to her to possibly get her to set me free, I hear something that snaps me out of my thoughts. It sounds like a faint, distant pounding, I turn my head toward the sound and knit my brow in confusion, wondering what it could possibly be.

I don't react much at first, mostly because there's not much I can actually do at this point and also because I'm not sure if I should be threatened or not. I don't even know what time it is, for all I know it could be some sort of demolition going on in the general proximity. But when I hear another bang, louder this time, closer, I jump into position. Readying myself for what might be coming, then I hear another pounding, even louder this time and I think I see the bricks in the wall starting to chip. And I realize that something is trying to get in, but what? What's happening? Was Rachel behind this? I don't have much time to think as I hear another pounding sound and my eyes go wide in fear as one of the bricks break loose and fall to the floor, another follows, then another until soon I can see the figure trying to break into my prison. I only breath a sigh of relief as I see Damage enter through the hole he made in the wall. I should have known one of them would come for me eventually. Sam could get a track on me with his powers.

"Jesus, why are you naked?" Puck says, wincing in disgust as he enters the room.

"That's seriously your question now?" I respond sarcastically, taking the sheet and wrapping it around my hips. "Not if I'm okay? Not how I got here?"

"We all have a pretty good idea of how you got here," Puck says bending to grab the chain and breaking it easily in his hands. "It was Headcase right? We figure it was only a matter of time before she tried to get her revenge, I have to say this isn't quite what I expected. I mean it smells like Chinese food and sex in here."

I blush a little at Puck's comment, hoping he doesn't put two and two together.

"Wait a minute…" Puck says knitting his brow in contemplation. Oh no, here it comes. "Why does it smell like sex in here?"

"I don't know, maybe she was having sex in here before she kidnapped me," I say, trying to keep my cool.

"No, that's not it," Puck deduces further. "Oh my god… did she… did she rape you dude?"

"What? No," I protest, thinking immediately that maybe I shouldn't have.

"Is that a hickey?" he says confusedly, squinting his eyes a little in the dim light.

"No," I say, placing my hand over my neck, I can feel my ability to lie fading fast as he interrogates me. "She hit me."

"Just once? In the neck?" He says skeptically.

"Look can we please get out of here?" I say, changing the subject. "I have to get back to the headquarters, something big is happening.

"Alright, lets go, everybody's worried sick."

"Really?" I say as I follow him out.

"Well, Sim was worried," Puck explains.

It's dark out, but I can tell once I get outside that she had me holed up in some abandoned housing project on the outskirts of town, clearly she wanted to keep me close. I pile into Puck's car and he immediately speeds back to the headquarters.

"So, what's this big thing that's happening?" Puck says.

"I don't know, she wouldn't tell me any specifics, but I could tell that she was hiding something from me, something really bad."

"Okay, does she usually share the Sindicate's innermost secrets with you?" Puck says.

"No but…"

"But what?" Puck says, cutting me off. "Seriously dude, what exactly is going on with you and Headcase?"

"What do you mean?" I say, trying to conceal the fact that my blood has just run cold.

"I mean why didn't she kill you? She clearly had the chance, but instead she chains you up, takes off your clothes and brings you Chinese food? What the hell kind of super villain does that?"

"I don't-

"And what's with the hickey?" He says, cutting me off again. "Was she touching you inappropriately or not? Because if she was this bitch is crazier than we thought."

I breath deeply, I could just tell him that she raped me, but for some reason I can't, maybe because if I do he'll simply find more holes in that story later, or maybe because I'm just sick of lying, the truth is out of all of the people in the Peace Patrol, Puck was the most likely to keep my secret, and if he knew the truth then he would know how I could come to the conclusion that Sue had a massacre in her plans.

"Damage, Headcase did try to kill me," I start carefully, "She brought a gun to the founder's day ball and paralyzed me with her mind control powers and pressed it to my chin, she was ready to pull the trigger."

"Not that I'm not thrilled you're alive, but why didn't she?" Puck asks. "And how did she know it was you at the founders day ball? You went as your secret identity right?"

"She knows my secret identity Damage," I blurt, and he looks sideways at me for a second in shock before refocusing on the road.

"How does she know that, I mean I know she's a mind reader but that hasn't stopped the rest of us from keeping our second lives secret from her. She's never gotten close enough for long enough."

"She knows everything about me," I continue, revealing the information slowly, refusing to rip off that bandaid in one quick motion. "She knows my thoughts, my memories, my real name, everything. She knows me inside and out."

"How does she know all of that?"

"Because Damage," I say slowly, my voice cracking in fear. "I have been close enough for long enough. I've been very very close to her for the past five years."

"How close?" Puck says, his voice going deep and serious, his expression darkening.

"Damage, you have to know that it's never gotten in the way of my job-

"How close Gadget?" Pucks repeats more firmly.

"The reason she couldn't kill me at the ball was because… because she has feelings for me, very strong ones. And I… I have feelings for her too."

I can feel my whole body lurch forward and the seatbelt dig painfully into my bare chest as he slams on the breaks.

"Are you crazy?" Puck scolds. "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"It was before I joined the Peace Patrol," I explain. "I didn't mean for anything to happen, it just did."

"You betraying us just happened?" he says angrily.

"I didn't betray you," I argue. "I've always been loyal to you guys, the way I feel about her is completely separate from anything I've done for you, I mean I put her in jail didn't I?"

"So you're going to pull that out of your ass now, well congratu-fucking lations you did one thing right, but if you haven't noticed she's out now and instead of helping us put her back in you're fucking her? Some loyal friend you are."

"Look, I'm telling you this for a reason, I don't care if you're mad at me, I don't care if you hate me, but we have to find a way to stop Sue."

Puck's expression softens then, but only slightly. "How do you know that she's planning something?"

"Because Headcase wouldn't try to kill me unless Sue ordered it, she's never been interested in killing me before, just you guys."

"Well maybe she knows you're fucking her evil minion," Puck says bitterly.

"That's what Headcase thinks," I offer, making Puck's jaw tighten in anger. "But there's more to it than that, I know it. She's so scared Puck, I've never seen her this way before, but she won't go against Sue."

"What do you expect Gadget, she's a fucking psychopath."

"She's not like Sue Damage, I know she isn't."

"Wow, she must really be good in the sack," Puck shoots back, and it's all I can do to keep from punching him, I can't help it, in spite of her crazy I'll always have this inner urge to protect her just like a normal girlfriend.

"This isn't about me and Headcase. I just need you to trust me on this."

"How am I supposed to trust you after you telling me something like this?" he argues.

"Why else would I tell you the truth?" I explain. "Listen, you can't tell the others what I told you, I just need you to help me take Headcase in, if the rest of us can get to her than we can make her tell the truth."

"You would do that to your girlfriend?" Puck says snarkily. And I swallow hard at the thought of it.

"I have to do whatever it takes at this point," I say a bit sadly. "But we're just going to intimidate her into talking, you're not going to hurt her."

"How the do you know that?"

"That's not how we do things. Besides, if you do I'll fucking kill you," I say firmly, and I can tell by the look in his eyes that on some level he believes me, Puck was one of the few in the group who knew what I was capable of, I've saved his ass more than once.

"How are we going to get her back to the headquarters?" Puck says calmly.

"Once she realizes I'm gone she'll come after me, she's hellbent on protecting me from Sue."

"That would be sweet if it weren't so fucked up," Puck says. "But won't she be able to read your mind and find out what you're planning?"

"I have ways around that," I say. "I just have to think really hard about something else, it can't be anything random because she'll know that I'm tricking her, it has to involve the situation at hand, I just have to leave the details out of it."

"But won't she read my mind too?"

"Only if she knows you're there. Once we capture her it won't matter."

After a moment of hesitation he nods once and puts the car back in gear, continuing his drive toward the headquarters. "What happens if she tells them the truth?"

"I just have to risk it, it's just good to know that you won't."

"Of course I won't, I'm not a traitor," He says the last word with noticeable spite.

Please forgive me Rachel, I think to myself, knowing that she's most likely not reading my mind right now, otherwise she would comment. You made me do this.

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