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Cassie Flanagan was on her way home from the pub that she and her twin brother Victor had frequented before he left for the US. She still liked it at the bar, because it made her feel closer to her brother even though he was thousands of miles away. Many things had happened the previous year other than Victor leaving: Seamus had gotten married, Matthew had been promoted to Sergeant Major in the British Army particularly young, and Luke had been promoted to Petty Officer in the Royal Navy. In fact, the only kid in the family that had nothing happen to them was her. But her father was confident that something would happen to her this year. He'd said to her,

"Your time will come, Cassandra. You just be patient."

Being patient for something interesting to happen was not something Cassie had ever been good at. That was her Black Irish heritage making its presence known.

When Cassandra got to a place where she could take a short cut home, she decided to take it. Unfortunately, she took a wrong turn into a dead end alley.

"Damn", she muttered. As she went to turn around she saw a group of three men. And they were walking towards her.

As they got closer, she asked

"What do you buggers want from me? I have nothing worth stealing."

One of them, obviously the leader of the little group said

"You Miss. We want to steal you."

After that a fight ensued. Even though the odds were against her, Cassie still put up one hell of a fight. After finally managing to knock her out and loading her into the carriage, one of them said,

"That one sure was a jezebel. Must be the Irish blood."

"Let's get back to the House. And preferably before she wakes up."

When Cassie next came to, she was in a cell and chained to the wall by her ankles. She got on her feet and explored what she could of the cell she was in. Before she got around, several guards came in.

"What the bloody hell do you blokes all want?"

All of them remained silent as they were forcing her into manacles. After they finished up, the men forced marched her out of the cell. She didn't make it easy for them, so what would've taken five minutes, took much longer. One her captors got her to where they wanted her to be, which was a room that had a chair with straps to hold her down. Soon after they'd managed to strap her down, the men took the manacle off her right arm. Of course Cassie managed to get in a punch or two in, before they tied it down again. As the group filed out, Cassie yelled once more,

"What do you want?"

A sinister chuckle from behind her was her only answer. Cassie tried to get a look at the owner of the voice, but was unable to do so due to the strength of the straps restraining her.

"Whoever you are, show yourself!" She demanded her voice hard and emotionless.

"You really are not in the position to make demands but since I have to get closer to you to administer the dose, I guess that now is as good a time as any."

As the owner of the voice came into view, Cassie observed him closely. He was obviously on the younger side of things. He had that confident walk about him; he was obviously born into money, and a lot of it. The only thing marring the upper crust countenance was a broken nose. In his hands was a tray with a syringe filled with some sort of liquid. In the poor light, it looked like…blood.

"What's in the syringe, blood?"

"Very good, but it is so much more than just blood. This is the sacred blood of kings."

"That's all very well and good, but what does it have to do with me?"

"You, young lady are the last chance for my group to get what they want."

Getting seriously afraid now, Cassie asked,

"Who are you guys and what do you want?"

"We are Freemasons and what we want… it'll become clear what we want in two weeks or so."

"What are you going to do with the "blood of kings"?"

"Why inject you with it of course. Have no fear, I'm a doctor." The man said with a malicious grin on his face.

Two more men appeared behind the doctor. She recognized one of them as the leader of the little group that had taken her. Before she could say anything, a rag was stuffed in her mouth to stifle her yells, as the syringe pierced her skin and the blood was injected into her.

Cassie tried to fight the fog that the blood had put her in. It was making her particularly sleepy. Shortly before losing consciousness, she heard the "doctor" say,

"Take her to her new cell. Make sure she has everything that she could ever want."

Soon after that, she lost consciousness, and didn't know what was happening to her or what had been done.

When Cassie finally regained consciousness, she was able to tell that it was night. Even though there were no windows in her cell, she could feel it in her bones. After that, she noticed that she was in a different cell from before. This one was much bigger; there was an actual bed and a little table with a chair. And on the table was some actual food. Without even thinking, Cassie ran towards it and immediately started wolfing it down. Once she was done with the bread, she reached for the ale to wash it all down with. Just as she was about to take her drink, several familiar smells were approaching her cell.

"Whoa since when did I have such a sharp sense of smell? And why do I feel like I'm still hungry, I just ate all that food, I shouldn't be hungry." She thought to herself.

The same group of men from before entered her cell. But instead of taking her anywhere, they just chained her to the wall, both her arms and her legs. While they were doing this, she became focused on their necks, for reasons unknown to her as of yet. She could hear their heartbeats, each of them at different rates, some faster than others. One of them said,

"Hey, her eyes are all black. Tell Farrell that it worked, that they have what they want!"

"My eyes aren't black. They are brown. And what is it that he wants so badly?"

Then Cassie noticed something else. She noticed that there was a little mirror in the cell. The reflection was not what she had expected. Instead of her normal reflection, she saw someone with eyes that were entirely black. As soon as she realized this, Cassie became wracked with pain, mostly in her mouth and her hands. When the pain eased momentarily about five minutes later, she looked in the mirror again and was horrified. Instead of her normal teeth, in her mouth were sharp, pointy teeth, with the canines being particularly prominent. Then remembering the pain in her hands, Cassie looked down at them. She jumped about a mile upon seeing that her nails had grown into about three inch long talons. Once she saw Ferrell she yelled,

"What did you do to me?" Anger was evident in her voice.

Ignoring her question, he examined her with a practiced eye from the other side of the bars. He seemed to be pleased with himself. This only served to make Cassie even angrier. Yelling even louder she said,

"What the bloody hell did you to me?"

Her voice had dropped several octaves, which only amused him more.

"I turned you into a being of a higher order. You should thank me."

"Thank you for what? Kidnapping me, taking me away from my family, they probably think that I'm dead!"

"They do think that you're dead. There was a fire in the area you were in last night."

At that, Cassie snarled in anger and tried to slice through the bars. Unfortunately, the chains on her arms and legs kept her from getting anywhere near the door. Growling, she said,

"What did you turn me into?"

"I just injected you with that blood. You turned into a vampire. Oh and by the way, the drinking of blood is necessary and not a myth." He said in an offhand manner as if it wasn't a big deal.

Cassie threw the flagon of ale at him through the door.

All Farrell did was laugh as he left. And soon after that, Cassie blacked out due to the now body wracking pain.

The next two weeks were a living hell for Cassie. Even though the Masons gave her all the food and drink she could ever want, they didn't give her the one thing she needed: blood, and preferably human blood.

To entertain themselves, some of the younger Masons had taken to tormenting her by doing all sorts of things. By the end of the first week, it became obvious to Cassie that she could see in the dark as well if not better than during the day. Also by that time, due to the number of times they'd shot her when it should have been fatal, she realized that she couldn't be killed or at the very least, very hard to kill. A little while after that, she started to hear snippets of conversations in her head. They were obviously male voices, and in light of what had happened to her in recent weeks, Cassie was pretty sure that she wasn't losing her mind. She was hearing the thoughts of others. She needed to escape, and soon, because she heard of the plans for her, and Cassie knew that she didn't have much time.

Then one night after she had been in captivity for about two weeks (she had been marking the days on the wall with her rather sharp nails). Ever since she'd heard of the plans that the Masons had for her, Cassie had been focusing all of her energy on controlling the new physical attributes, namely the claws and her teeth. Since her eyes were already dark anyways, she put the least amount of energy into controlling that reaction. Even though she'd only been this way for a few weeks, she knew that having this level of control in that short a time frame was uncommon under the best of circumstances, which these certainly were not.

It was time for the evening meal. The Masons had still given her food and drink, but never the sweet nectar that was blood. Today she noticed that they'd sent a dumb brute of a guard. The joke was that he was as big and as strong as an ox, and almost as intelligent. It didn't matter to Cassie. This guard was her ticket out of here. She then began to use what her father and brothers called her feminine wiles. In a soft voice she asked:

"Could you please take these chains off so I can eat?"

"My superiors said…"

Cassie then said, in a slightly seductive voice:

"Your superiors don't need to know this ever happened."

After a few more sultry looks, the guard smiled crookedly. Relenting, he said:

"Ten minutes. No more than that."

Cassie waited impatiently as he unlocked her chains first from her legs. And no sooner had he unchained her hands, she had swung her legs under his and his ass was on the stone floor. He got up slowly, but she managed to knock him out.

Knowing that she had a very narrow time window in which to escape, Cassie figured,

"Well, guess I should take a drink for the road. Bottoms up."

Not yet feeling comfortable with going for the jugular, Cassie decided to go for the wrist. Lengthening her nails, she slashed the unconscious guard's wrist. Not wanting to waste any more time, she forced herself to drink the blood.

After the first few swallows, Cassie got more used to the taste.

"My God! The power that comes with this… is awe inspiring"

Finishing up, she wiped her mouth on the back of her arm. Not caring if the guard was still alive or not she walked out of the cell.

Using the guard's memories, she weaved her way through the Mason house, dodging everyone. Once outside and a safe distance away she thought,

"I will exact my revenge on these people who chose to play God with the lives of others. But I know I need to plan my revenge out carefully. If I don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention, I can't always rely on the off chance that I can get my hands on human blood. I'll have to find a secondary blood source, most likely some sort of farm animal. But what to do after I exact my revenge? Definitely get the hell out of England."

121 years, and 10 months later…

February in the New Mexican Rocky Mountains was cold as hell. Trying not to think about how cold he was, Will Zimmerman rounded the corner of one hangar to head into another.

"Will, you got anything yet?" came Henry's voice

"Henry, the only thing I've got, despite the coat I'm wearing, is frostbite. This place is abandoned and has been for years."

"Well we got a reading here which said that there was some sort of Abnormal here…"

"I know Henry, but even you couldn't get a precise lock on the location any further than this airfield."

"I'm doing the best I can to refine the search. Wait… Will head to the hanger to your 10:00."

Rolling his eyes, Will indulged his friend. He headed over to the new hangar. Not expecting anything other than what was in the other ones, he wasn't as careful in the examining of his surroundings. Soon after getting inside the new hangar, he saw movement to his left and the slam of a gun barrel to the side of his head, knocking him down for the count.

"Will, do you copy? This is Henry. Come in Will. Aw, Crap! Doc, Kate we need to meet at the northwestern hangar, Will's not answering the walkie."

As they all made their way to that particular hangar, they maintained radio silence. Once they all got to the left side of the hangar, Magnus told Henry,

"Get out that thermal imagery radar try to try and see what's in there."

As they got closer to the opening of the hangar they managed to see Will and a humanoid figure crouching next to him with their back to the other three. Reaching for the walkie that was just out of reach, it flew into the figure's hand, which was quickly disassembled into pieces. Backing away from the opening, Helen said,

"Obviously humanoid Abnormal, with telekinetic powers."

"So we must be even more careful than we usually have to be."

After a few more minutes of careful planning, Helen, Kate, and Henry came into the hangar, and the figure still had their back turned away from them. Just as they were about to make their presence known, Kate stepped on a branch. The figure's head twitched and all of the sudden all three of them were taken into the air and were imprisoned in rope traps. Helen had managed to get a shot off before being caught entirely by the trap, getting the figure in the shoulder, wounding it.

This got the being's attention. She (upon finally showing her face) began to swear in many languages starting with,

"Sranje! Gamóto!" and leading to even worse phrases in many other languages, most of, but not all of them, Helen recognized and could speak herself.

After about five minutes of intense invective, the girl began to repeat herself. Interrupting her Helen said,

"Quite the impressive stream of obscenities, I particularly liked that final phrase in Serbian."

Turning around, the girl said, in a deep voice, baring her teeth.

"Did you? Did you also enjoy shooting me?"

Helen finally got a good look at the girl. Dark brown hair, roughly Kate's height, eyes black with rage, and now that she'd taken her coat off, she could tell that what should have been a rather nasty wound, was healing right before her eyes. She only ever had seen that kind of healing on someone else who she shot on a regular basis.

"You're a vampire"

The girl laughed saying,

"Highest marks."

In the meantime Will was lying on the floor of the hangar, waking up again. He had been unconscious for a while, he had no idea for just how long and he opened his eyes wide, taking everything in before he remembered what had happened. His head was aching and he was still a bit out of it but he got there slowly. He carefully got up and after the couple of seconds he spent swaying on his feet; he got a grip and could move around without having to fear of blacking out again.

Helen frowned. She had thought that Nikola was the last and only vampire on earth. So how was this possible? Surely, he would have told her if he'd have known. There were so many questions flooding her mind and she tried to bring them in order before asking them. She decided to start with the easy ones.

"What's your name?"

"Cassandra Elizabeth Flanagan, though I prefer Cassie."

Now that Helen had a name to go off of, things could go easier.

"How old are you?"

Cassie smirked slightly at that question. Henry and Kate exchanged a look. Did vampires take lessons in smirking like that?

"I am about 141 years old. Give or take a few months. One kind of stops counting after the first 100, don't you agree Doctor Magnus?"

That got the attention of the three of them. They hadn't given their names yet. Either she was a real good guesser, or she was… Helen then asked,

"You're a telepath aren't you? Along with some telekinetic ability?"

"Yes I am. And you can tell Henry and Kate that if I was going to kill them, I would be looking for a place to hide their bodies by now."

Helen rolled her eyes. Vampires always were a little on the melodramatic side, which led her to another question.

"I didn't know there were any other vampires anymore… How long have you been one?"

"I've been a vampire since 1890 no thanks to some English Freemasons who thought they could play God with the lives of others. They kidnapped me off the streets of London and then made it look like I died in a fire to explain the lack of a body."

Helen, being familiar with the Freemasons and had dealt with her share of trouble from them over the years, was not surprised that they would do such a thing.

"You're from London?"

Cassie shook her head.

"I'm from Ireland, Dublin to be exact. My Dad moved the family to London when I was about 10." While saying that, she intentionally let her brogue become obvious.

That would explain her use of some of the more anachronistic swearwords. What had been profane in her home era, some of it had changed.

There was only one more question that Helen hadn't yet asked Cassie.

"Do you feed on humans? Because I can help you with that."

"Yes I do feed on humans sometimes. And how can you help me with that?"

"Medication. It's worked before."

Cassie seemed to think over the answer, studying Helen in silence for some time before she eventually decided that she was telling the truth and meant her no harm. For now anyway. She slowly released Helen from the bonds then.

"Thank you." Helen smiled reassuringly, rubbing her wrists briefly, "It won't do you any harm and I do not want to hurt you again, either. I want to help you. If you'll let me."

The girl remained silent, not sure of what to make of Helen and her words. She couldn't quite understand why she'd want to help her. They did not seem too fond of the idea. Quite frankly, she couldn't blame them and she nearly snarled at them but decided against it. Helen seemed eager and honest enough to mean her words, and after a quick mind scan, Cassie freed the other as well.

"Come to the Sanctuary with us." Helen offered then, still smiling at the girl.

Henry and Kate exchanged a quick look. This would not end well. They already had enough trouble with Tesla but another vampire around? This could not be a good thing.

"Doc are you sure that this is a good idea? You know better than anyone how much trouble one vamp can cause without even trying."

"I gotta agree with Hank here, Magnus. One vampire is trouble, two vampires could be…" Kate started.

"Two vampires would most likely be a mushroom cloud waiting to happen." Will finished.

Cassie turned around and said with a smirk,

"So good of you to join us. How's the head?"

"It hurts no thanks to you."

Noticing Will had picked up his gun, Cassie warned,

"If you think you can outdraw me, you are seriously mistaken."

Will replied,

"There are four of us and only one of you. No one, not even a vampire can beat those odds."

Cassie kept on smiling, as if she knew something that all of the others still didn't.

"What if I still had superior firepower?"

"Unless you can grow extra arms…" Will trailed off as the noise of an airplane engine revving jarred their ears. Only Cassie seemed unfazed. She then started talking.

"About damn time you made your presence known. What took you so long?"

She turned around and faced Will asking,

"What if I had six .50 caliber machine guns ready and waiting to fire?"

Then the Sanctuary team got itself a treat that none of them had ever seen. An airplane from World War 2, rolling out on its own, made a noise that almost sounded like a reply to Cassie's question.

"You do not need your beauty sleep. Besides, we have company and an offer of a new home. You like that, old girl?"

Meanwhile Will, Kate, and Henry were thunderstruck. Helen as always recovered her sensibilities first to ask,

"What is that?"

Cassie smiled saying,

"This happens to be a sentient Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter."

With three of the four still not believing their eyes, Cassie decided to simplify it for them.

"Just think of Herbie the Lovebug, only with an airplane."

Turning to Helen, Cassie asked,

"Is the offer still open?"

"Yes it is. I'm looking forward to investigating that airplane of yours."

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