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Chapter One: The Beginning of What Feels Like the End

Dominique Weasley stepped up nervously as her name was called out by the deputy headmaster, Filius Flitwick. By the time she reached the three-legged stool, she was shaking slightly. She wasn't used to the pressure. Before the Sorting Hat covered her grey eyes, she caught sight of her sister, Victoire, sitting with Teddy Lupin - a family friend. Victoire was in her fourth year at Hogwarts, Teddy in his sixth. Both were in Gryffindor house.
The Sorting Hat took a while to decide where to put her, and when she heard the result of her Sorting, she wondered why it didn't take longer to think.

Walking over to the cheering Slytherins, Dominique shot her sister a look of pure shock horror. Victoire looked back sympathetically. Dominique sat down amongst the green and grey and felt as gloomy as the Bloody Baron looked. She watched her cousin, Roxanne Weasley, get Sorted into Gryffindor and watched Roxanne's elder brother, Fred, hug her, congratulating her. She saw Victoire and Teddy pat Roxanne on the back and felt green (no pun intended) with envy. She had wanted a welcome like that. Suddenly, the girl sitting next to her nudged her elbow.

"Aren't you going to eat?" the girl asked, a little concerned. Dominique looked down at the table and saw, to her surprise, it filled with plates and plates of food. The Sorting was over, and it seemed she had zoned out of Professor McGonagall's Welcome Speech.
"Yeah, sure," Dominique said, gloomily piling potatoes onto her golden plate.
"What's up?" the girl asked, noticing that something was wrong.
"It's nothing," Dominique answered.
"No, something's up," the girl disagreed with her. "We should all be happy to be here at Hogwarts. I mean, I've dreamt of being here after I heard all the stories of my parents and their time here."
"I AM happy to be here at Hogwarts," Dominique said truthfully. "And I've been looking forward to it ever since my sister got her letter."
"You have a sister that goes here? What year?"
"Fourth, but-"
"Is she in Slytherin?" the girl interrupted.
"No," Dominique hung her head.
"Ahh," the girl sighed, almost understandingly. "You wanted to be Sorted into her house, didn't you?"
"Yes," Dominique said slowly. "And no..."
"What's the other problem then?"
"Never in a million years did I think I'd be Sorted into Slytherin," she confessed.
"Why's that?"
"I'm a Weasley," Dominique said. "And -
The girl interrupted, "Weasleys don't belong in Slytherin."
"Yeah..." Dominique looked at her suspiciously.
"I'm Alexandra Malfoy," the girl finally introduced herself.
"Malfoy, as in..." Dominique was a little lost for words
"Daughter of Draco and Astoria? Yes," Alexandra confirmed.
"Wow, okay, now," Dominique said. "Don't be offended, but I can't be seen talking to you."
"I'm not offended," Alexandra said pleasantly. "But remember, you've been Sorted into Slytherin for a reason. You belong here now, not in Gryffindor with the Weasley clan."
"Well," Dominique looked at her sceptically before beginning to smile. "I suppose I could give this friendship a go."
Alexandra smiled at her.

After a very filling meal, Professor McGonagall bade them all a good night, and there was a scramble from every house to get to their common rooms. Dominique and Alexandra sat amongst the other first-years, waiting for instructions. Some older students were still mingling about, talking to their friends from other houses, nobody really took notice of first-years. Suddenly, two older students made their way over.
"First-years, hi, I'm Madeleine Nicholson, and this is Lucas Everton, we're your fifth-year prefects. If you'd like to follow us, we'll lead you to the Slytherin Common Room," one of them said.
She was tall, and when she walked, her robes billowed behind her. The boy standing beside her was also tall, well-built, and had a mop of brown hair. The first-years all stood up, and followed Madeleine. Lucas walked at the back of the group.
"My father was a Prefect," Alexandra said as they walked through the Great Hall doors into the Entrance Hall.
"So was mine," Dominique said. They turned right whilst many other students were turning left towards the marble staircase.
"So you girls have family that went here?" Lucas joined in their conversation. They were now at the back of the group, having stopped for a little bit of sight-seeing.
"Dom still does actually," Alexandra said. Dominique shot her a look that clearly read as 'shut up'. Alexandra got the message because she hastily added, "But enough about us. What about you? Got any family here?"
Lucas nodded, "That one there." He pointed at the back of a tall boy who was with their group. "Just got Sorted today."
"Oh, aren't you glad he's in Slytherin?" Alexandra smiled.
"Very pleased," Lucas agreed. "Now, listen to Maddy, I'm terrible at these speech things, and you probably can't trust me to repeat information."
Dominique and Alexandra laughed.

"Well, first-years, just down this corridor is our common room. It's in the dungeon, which, though not as comfortable in the winter, there is a roaring fireplace inside. If you'll follow me, our password is 'Magic Draconis'," Madeleine explained. "Luke, make sure to repeat this to those at the back!" she called out.
Lucas rolled his eyes at Dominique and Alexandra. He raised a hand to show Madeleine that he heard. A little serpent was etched into the wall beside the opening. Dominique touched it as she walked past.
"This is the Slytherin Common Room," Madeleine explained. "This is where you'll spend most of your spare time - obviously, you can wander the grounds and visit the library in that time too. The curfew for first-years is eight o'clock, so make sure you're back here by then." She looked to Lucas.
"Um, you guys must be tired, so you see that little passageway there? Well, first-year dormitories are closest to the common room. Girls are on the right, boys on the left," Lucas pointed. Madeleine nodded at him in encouragement. "Um, well, have a good night's rest, and we'll meet you all back here in the morning." Muttering to himself, he said quite audibly, "Although I think it's the sixth-year Prefects who take you to the Great Hall for breakfast..."
"You did a good job, Luke," Madeleine smiled at him.

Dominique, despite being one of the last into the Common Room, was the first to reach her dormitory. She read the plaque saying 'First-Year Girls', and entered.
"Wow," she muttered. Matching the green light of the Common Room, the five four-poster beds had emerald green curtains. All the luggage was in the middle of the room, and Dominique looked around, trying to decide which bed she wanted. In the end, she opted for the one next to the window. You couldn't see much, but occasionally, one could spot a merperson or a Grindylow swimming past, and on the rare occasion, one could catch sight of the giant squid itself. As she was dragging her luggage over, Alexandra walked in.
"This is cosy," she commented, and pulled her trunk to the bed next to Dominique. The two girls decided to decorate their bedside tables. As they did so, the other girls came in, but before introductions were even made, each girl decided that they were extremely tired, and as soon as their heads hit the pillow, sleep came quicker than one would ever think it could come.

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