Epilogue - One Year Later

Dominique was surprised that she had managed to get through her whole second-year without any dramas. It was the complete opposite of her first-year. Now that James Potter was at the school, all the attention shifted to him, and Dominique could get on with her life in peace. Admittedly, there were a few people out there who still liked to pick on her, but she had her friends by her side, and she couldn't be happier. Let them think what they want to think, she told herself.

She reflected on what had changed during her two years at Hogwarts. When she had started as an excited eleven-year-old, she thought that Hogwarts life was going to be great. In her first year, she managed to be Sorted into Slytherin, relive her past, have a fallout with her family, have many arguments with her friends...who for some time weren't her friends...she had unmasked Lucius Malfoy, saved her now best friend from being magically damaged...yes, Dominique thought, she was happy that life was slowing down now. Her relationship with Uncle Ron had changed vastly over the past couple of years too - he was, at first, very cautious about everything he said around her...perhaps afraid that she would spread his secrets to the Slytherins...but he had loosened up to openly admit that even some Slytherins weren't so bad.

Her grandparents, Arthur and Molly, still hosted fortnightly family dinners, where Dominique would join Fred and Roxanne prank various members of the family. Uncle George sometimes helped them, while Aunt Angelina turned a blind eye, apparently oblivious to the whole set-up. James had, as he had predicted, gotten onto the Gryffindor Quidditch Team as Chaser and, though his mother specifically told him not to, he still teased his younger sister about it. Lucy and Molly still drove their parents crazy with worry by being adventurous - like climbing a tree. Uncle Percy often voiced his concern of where his children got the adventure genes from because neither he nor Audrey were at all the exploring type. Uncle Charlie had taken the past year off work - which was still dealing with dragons in Romania - to help Hagrid with the animals that he used for Care of Magical Creatures. Uncle Ron was making very subtle attempts to convert Hugo, who was a Puddlemere United fanatic, into a fan of Chudley Cannons, but every time he brought it up, the rest of the family shot him down. He just laughed at them, telling them that one day, the Chudley Cannons would come out on top, to which, the family told him to dream on. Aunt Hermione had started giving Rose some of her old school books to read, with the hope that her daughter would become the brightest witch of her year. Uncle Harry was still Dominique's favourite uncle - he constantly brought her, and his children of course, gifts, and gave her tips on how to become a better Seeker. Aunt Ginny was still the Daily Prophet's Quidditch correspondent, where she enjoyed exposing the talents of all her nieces and nephews. Albus often helped to write her articles. Teddy had finished his seventh-year with flying colours, and went straight to the Ministry to join the Auror department.

Louis was still anxiously awaiting his Hogwarts letter which, as Dominique constantly reminded him, wouldn't be coming for another three years. Victoire had passed her OWLs and was now in the NEWT period, studying to become a Healer. Fleur still floated around Shell Cottage, cleaning and looking after Louis, but she had also joined her husband in his line of work at Gringotts, though only part-time. Bill was still enjoying his role as the curse-breaker of Gringotts, so when they offered him a full-time job as a wizard representative, he turned it down, even though the pay rise would mean that he and his family would never have to work again.

The Malfoys were now living in a world that accepted them for who they are - genuinely nice people. Dominique and Alexandra's friendship strengthened the bond between the two families, and Ron even shook Draco's hand now, even though he made it clear that he still did not like or trust the other man. Scorpius, who had lived with his Aunt Daphne and her family for some time, came back home to a welcoming family. His grandfather's death was always a subject of concern, but as he was never close to the man, he didn't dwell on it. As his first-year loomed nearer, he focused on enjoying life as it came at him, and comforting his mother because she often burst into tears, grieving his loss from the house before he had even left.

Dominique smiled to herself and looked around the Great Hall. Familiar faces jumped out at her, and she nodded to those she usually talked to. Callum gave her a wave from across the room, which she returned. She would have to catch up with him later. She looked up and down the Slytherin table. Spencer, Cassidy and Tessa were chatting animatedly. Alexandra was conversing with Ethan. 'Some things never change,' Dominique thought. The double doors opened and a line of nervous first-years came in.

She spotted her cousins easily. Rose was leading the line - she was the shortest one there, but the way she walked made it feel like she owned the place. Dominique laughed. Albus was talking to Scorpius, at the back of the line. She glanced at James over at the Gryffindor table, but he was deep in conversation with a fellow Lion, and had failed to notice his brother entering the room.

Professor Flitwick called out the names of the first-years and one-by-one, they all got Sorted. Rose got Sorted into Ravenclaw. She skipped toward Callum's table happily. Scorpius was Sorted into Sytherin. Alexandra gave him a big high-five. And Albus?
He was horror-struck. He looked at his brother, who smirked at him and mouthed, "I told you so." Dominique felt for him, she was in his situation not two years ago. He walked slowly over to the Slytherin table, unable to believe it. He sat down next to Dominique and glanced up and down the table.
"What am I going to do?" he muttered so that only Dominique could hear. "I really thought I was going to be in Gryffindor...I really wanted to be in Gryffindor."
She didn't reply, but reached out to hug him.
"It's okay," she said softly. "You're with me, and as long as I'm here, you don't have to worry."
"I know," Albus sighed. "James is going to give me so much grief though."
Dominique grinned, "Bring it on."
She let go and gave Albus a high-five.
"Thank you. I don't feel so lost with you here," he said. She smiled at him and he turned to watch the rest of the first-years get Sorted.

The End.

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