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It couldn´t be her.

"Em…?" he called her name with hope, but the woman walking a few feet away wasn´t stopping. What would be Emma doing in New York? It made absolutely no sense. Why would you call her name? She´s in Lima. Far away from here. Why would she leave her town to go living a life she couldn´t handle or wouldn´t want to handle?

New York was dazzling. There were colors, music, people everywhere; it was thrilling, new, and entrancing. Will felt like a deer caught by lights, billboards, and shining LED screens. Everything around was exciting, the city made the hair on his forearms stand.

And yet he was just one more person in the crowd. After walking across the crammed streets, he began to wonder if anybody would make eye contact instead of side-stepping. It was New York after all, he shouldn´t be that surprised to find that lack of human interaction. New York. The city that never slept; the city that could make two strangers share a bed for a night and turn them apart as easily as it got them together. Quiet lifestyle had been his thing for long, for ever actually; and Will asked himself, walking to the theater, if he could leave it behind. Teaching, coaching, Emma…

Emma… Could he leave her? Really leave her and not see her again? Because if he was gone, he wouldn´t write, he wouldn´t call. Why would you hold onto something that could never be? Would you keep her hopes, even though you have no clue if she ever had any in the first place? If he left Lima, he would be gone for good. He couldn´t have both. Did he want both? The old kiss on the corner of his lips revived if he tried hard enough to remember it. She had smiled and left. That smile… She was so beautiful. And he had been a jackass, because he was certain she had walked away from him with tears rolling down her cheeks. But friends shed tears for friends that would leave. What kind of signal is that? None. She hadn´t sent any. And he certainly wouldn´t go back to Lima to profess his love for a second time and be rejected once more.

'One blink from you Will, and I would have been out the door' were her words a year ago; one blink from her and he would do the same without giving it a second thought.

The theater was deserted; the lights were blinding him; empty stalls, scarlet drapes; Loneliness.

He found his voice; it was buried between his heart and throat.


If You're Not Home, I'll Sit Here On Your Doorstep
Button Up My Coat And Wait

We'll Go Upstairs Close The Curtains And We're All Set

To Pick Up Where We Left Again

The Stars Collide
We Come Back To Life

We Come Back To Life

The Sparks Will Fly

One Look In Your Eyes

My Heart's Open Wide

I Know Time's Running Out Now

But We'll Hold Back The Sun Somehow
See The Sky?

We've Still Got Tonight

We've Still Got Tonight

And then calmness; claps and steps; heels clacking.

"April…?" his narrowed eyes widened as the figure came closer. He was speechless. What is she doing here?

"You were always a wonderful performer…" her voice was soft.


"You still remember my name", was her light joke; her thin arms hung loosely by her sides, "That was a beautiful song"

"W-what are you doing here?" he stammered with a grin, surprised. This can´t be real. That was the second time he thought he had seen her.

"I, uhm, I wanted to say…" Come on, you can do this. You´ve drove ten hours to see him because you didn´t want to get in a plane. Speak. Now. She licked her dry lips, her breathing was sharp.

He gulped and jumped off the stage, "Em-?"

"I don´t think we ever said goodbye properly"


Emma had thought about this, intently, over and over again. He wouldn´t go back home and even if he did, she wouldn´t wait for him forever. If Broadway was his choice (even though she had never proposed another one - herself), she wouldn´t hold him back; rather the opposite. And if that was the last time they´d see each other, Emma wanted to remember it for the rest of her life. She swallowed, hard; his perplexed gape adding to her anxiety. "Uhm, I don´t want to cry the last time I see you…" she was walking to him.

Will didn´t understand what was going on until her lips locked with his. He froze and she fisted the hem of his opened shirt. He felt her mouth moving upon his, her tiny nose rubbing against his.

"Kiss me, please", she whispered breaking the kiss but not the distance between their faces.

He looked at her. Her redden cheeks, her sparkling eyes, "why?"

"Because I don´t want regrets with you. You… you said 'we still got tonight'. Maybe, maybe we could have tonight"

He couldn´t have possibly heard her right. She´s asking me to…? He kissed her, maybe rougher than he intended, but Emma moaned and pressed in to him.

"It´s you… You´re really here", his voice was guttural while kissing her shoulder, all the way to her collar bone. She didn´t know whether to smile or to cry; her back shook slightly, "Why are you here? Emma, why are you here?"

"I told you", was her pathetic line. And he grinned when pulling away but holding her tighter, "You´re leaving. And I´ll miss you. So much"

"And you´ve come all the way here to tell me that?" there was a mockery tone in his voice.

Emma´s eyes widened, "I… I just wanted to wish you good luck"

"What do you wanna remember about tonight?"

"Us", the answer was implicit and she blushed.

"I don´t wanna remember it"

"What?" she breathed, beginning to panic. It made no sense. He just kissed me.

"I want to have every night with you, not just this one"

"Will… This… this is your dream. Broadway"

"No, this is not my dream. Don´t you see?" she didn´t, "I love performing, but the only reason I'm any good is because I always sing to you. Ask me to go with you and I´ll leave everything. Tell me you want me and I´ll follow you"

She remained quiet. Could you tell him to give up this?

"You still don´t get it, right?" his fingers found the delicate curve of her chin, "I wouldn´t be giving up anything if you ask me to stay with you. You´d be making my dream come true"

"I love you", she simply put and Will´s heart pounded hard in his chest.

"What did you just say?"

"I said I love you"

Their lips locked together passionately and Emma anchored herself to him. She almost lost him; almost lost him. Her heart ached just by that simple idea and pushed her tongue in his mouth. The grip around her waist tightened and her blouse slipped off her skirt.

Skin. So much more skin underneath his warm palms and Emma gasped.

"Sorry, I-", she shushed him with a kiss.

"You said 'ask me to go with you and I´ll leave everything'? Then stay with me please", she was selfish asking him to choose her, but it was everything he had wished. It only made his love grow.

"You´d have given me up to let me follow what you thought was my dream?" her skin muffled his voice.

"U-hu", she was already panting when he walked them back to one of the corners. His hands roamed desperately underneath her blouse, her ribs, the slim curve of her waist, the border of her bra, the contour of her breasts. She gasped, sharply, feeling herself burn when he didn´t move, "Don´t stop".

It was her teeth capturing his lower lip, and sucking it lightly, her legs wrapping around his hips. What estrange force had possessed her, Will didn´t know. The only thing he knew was he had pressed her small frame against the nearest wall and was rotating his hips between her enveloping legs, his hands cupping her oval to keep her steady, caressing the soft flesh there. That ass had kept him edgy for so many nights. She moaned his name, instinctively bucking on him, searching for more friction, anything; her panties soaked wet, the pressure amid her legs had never felt so delicious. They were rocking, madly, backstage, fully clothed, in the darkness. It was hot, hotter than anything she had done before.

"Will…" a hard kiss on his mouth, another one, equally hard on hers. Her name floated in the air when her lips left a wet track across his jaw line; occasionally, her tongue would poke out to brush his un-shaved chin. She swayed her lower half, meeting one particular intense buck of him and they moaned. She chewed on her inner lip, eyes clouded and yet so wide; this new discovery amazed her. She did it again, panting low on his mouth.

"Em…" his voice coming out so hotly made her hug him tighter, "Em, wait…" he was hard, very hard. And they were grinding, madly, backstage. That was unacceptable.

She stopped immediately, embarrassed, fearful. "I´m-I´m sorry…" How could you be so wild?

He hushed her with a soft peck, "Don´t apologize. It´s just… Em?" another peck, "we should continue this somewhere more comfortable"

"Oh…" she smiled.

"You know, where I can undress you…" blush tinted her face, "without worrying about some pervert watching you", and then a giggle left her lungs.


Slowly, he put her down and she straightened her pencil skirt. They stared at each other, lengthily, and Will helped her comb her curls, "there… perfect", she grinned at him and grabbed her purse, "Kiss me again", he demanded when the warmth of her body vanished. Her eyelashes batted and standing on her tiptoes, she pressed a chaste kiss on his mouth. Pulling away never occurred because he was already embracing her with candor, "Will you have dinner with me? In Lima?" a nod was his answer and after a few quiet seconds he spoke, "There´s just one thing missing"


"The 'not disturb' sign for my hotel room"

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