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He walked her to his Hotel room. Maybe God was finally on their side because none of the kids were around (they had gone out, according to the receptionist).

The room was clean, perfumed and dark. He had left the Concord too early in the morning to open the blinds; but the maid had been there when he was gone to change the sheets and clean the room before moving to the next one.

"It´s nice", Emma whispered looking around as he locked the door behind her, "smells like you"

He chuckled, "it´s not much". Suddenly, the tension was so sharp it could be cut with a knife, the air, heavy. "I´ll, erm, go to the bathroom…" he announced clearing his throat and she nodded.

The door closed and she let herself sit on the edge of the mattress. This is actually happening. A rush of diffidence run down her spine; the whole business seemed so unapproachable now, she had no idea what to say or do. What if you´re not enough? What of he expects some kind of sex goddess? She was far from being something like that. Could she satisfy him? She was sweating; a cold horrible sweat ghosting her lower half.

A soft click behind her and the bathroom door opened. The yellowish beam of light casting against the curtains before her; and his shadow. Long, muscular… so sexy. Her chest rose and fell and he called her name in a murmur. She gulped.

"You ok?", he was facing her, his hair wet, the smell of the soap. He had taken a quick shower and Emma appreciated it from the bottom of her heart.

"I, uhm, I´m nervous", eyes wide with anticipation, trepidation, and anxiety.

"Em, you don´t have to do anything you´re not ready for"

"I´m ready"


"I am. Will, I drove ten hours to see you, I had a shower in a hotel on my way here, I walked across those crowded streets. Just for you. I´m ready", she was determinate, yet tense.

"Then there´s no reason to be nervous. It´s just us. Being together", his hands enveloped her shaky ones and leaning forward, he kissed her with smoothness.

"I don´t know what to do", she was stammering, her previous confidence disappeared under the spell of his hazel eyes. She felt so defenseless.

"Let it flow…", he kneeled down and cupped her face, gently, locking their lips once more, moving his mouth slowly on hers. Her response was quick and her hands found their way to his heart; it beat fast. When the position seemed to be no longer comfortable, he pushed her kindly onto the mattress, going with her all the way back. She was still jumpy; he could tell by the way her hands moved on him where she had no idea where to put them.

It would be slow. Very slow. He didn´t even press his entire weight above her, just his chest. From the navel down rested by her side, making sure not to brush any part that could make her jerk.

The kiss was leisured, calculated. He tilted his head, providing the exact amount of pressure; then he captured her upper lip and she bent her neck to give more, and then his tongue was brushing hers so very slowly. They built the atmosphere; he kissed her deeply and Emma responded with heavy breath, curling her arms around his neck, bringing him closer. Maybe it was her sweet scent, or his limbs going numb, but Will lost his balance and fell on her. A smile between kisses, his hand pillowed her neck and flesh paddled enthusiastically. He said slow, he planned slow; but there were his hands, trapping her on the bed, stroking her protuberant hipbones. To his surprise, she lifted her hips and unzipped her skirt. The room had become suddenly hot.

Somehow, Emma was thankful for the lowered blinds; she didn´t want him to catch the blush creeping up her neck. Will helped her out, sliding the light material down her legs to come back to her warm body.

"Doing good?", a nod and a weak smile were her response. Lips met again, wet kisses and his hands caressed the soft skin of her newly exposed skin, from her knee to the curve of her waist, beneath her blouse. Her chest engorged and he devoured her mouth. "You´re such a good kisser, Emma"

Her eyelids flickered, "Really?", she was out of breath.

"Yes, such a good kisser", small pecks were spread across her face: on her chin, her nose. And her trembling hands began unbuttoning his shirt.

"You´re in g-good shape", Rocky Horror had been forgotten for so long and with that the image of his perfect sculpted chest. She allowed herself to skim his torso. Muscular, toned, so warm under her touch. He twitched after her coy strokes and swallowed hard when her mouth kissed his flesh. "I always wanted to do that", was her cute explanation.

He chuckled, "Don´t ever stop doing it". She did it again and Will rolled them aside. The yellowish blouse still dressed her upper body and he craved for more skin. Slowly, she relaxed while hovering above him, her mouth was loosened on his and he took that as a cue to slither his hands underneath the undesirable garment. She pulled away, her gaze intense, her breathing heavy. It had become hard to do so. It tickled. Her entire body tickled. And his fingers were playful and gentle before resting below her breasts.

"It´s ok", it was really. It felt good; her virginal skin reacted with goose bumps every time his nails brushed her sides. Her chest was rising violently; the lace of the bra concealed her arousal. In fact she shuddered when accidentally closing her legs and sensing the wetness between them. "Will…", she was embarrassed; they hadn´t even started and she was already soaking.

"What is it?", he sat up, bringing her with him.

"I, uhm…", Why did you stop him? Now, no right words came her way, "I´m sorry… I just, uhm, freaked out for a moment"

"You don´t have to…", he stroked her pinky cheekbone and kissed the spot behind her earlobe.

"I know", was her puffed reply before surrendering to his touch again. This time, he fell on top of her, his hands rejoicing with places he had never seen. Gathering the courage, Emma undid her pants and he stopped. Immediately. She was being so brave; he guessed she was struggling with anxiety by the way her teeth clenched her lip. Finally, she pulled the denim down his legs, her hands followed the fabric tracks. He was toned. That ass, for Christ´s sake… She blushed when realizing she was still touching him.

His light chuckle made her face heat up, "You´re so adorable. Do you mind if I…?"

"Don´t ask me, Will… Just do it", the trust was so great it scared her. Not even bothering to wait, he boosted the blouse above her head, her small wrists got fenced in when he tried to toss it away."Oh!", Emma giggled and pulled harder.


She fought to get free, but Will´s lips were already doing amazing things to her neck, "Will, I'm trapped here", she breathed between a moan and a purr.

"I know. You look beautiful. I like you trapped", he teased licking her skin, "So hot". Taking the opportunity she was still smirking, his hand slipped down her back and unclipped her bra.

When she had become so self-conscious, Emma didn´t know. She felt inelegant; her body had never been a tool for hitting on somebody. Actually, she didn´t even know she had 'the tools', so she was absolutely unacquainted about how to use them. His lips closing around her nipples elicited a sharp wheeze off her. Her eyes widened, and his tongue twirled around the pink bud.


"Feels good?", he crawled to her mouth, skating his flesh in hers.

"Mmm… Yes, very good", she panted when feeling him straddling her hips, his erection palpable for the first time.

"Are you sure about thi-"


"Right…We´ll take it slow, ok?"

"Yes, please. I-I´ve never… got this far before", the message was implicit and Will kissed her softly.

"I know"

"Could we get under the…", maybe the covers casting their nudity would help her relax.

"Sure", he threw the white sheets over them and allowed to cover her entire body with his, his hips rested pacifically flanked by her legs. Her collarbone acted as a nest for his face, where wet and dawdling kisses were left. Her eyelids fluttered close and she hummed, feeling his curls under her fingers.

And then Emma felt him move South, across the valley of her breasts, her sternum, her navel.

"Where are you going?", she giggled; it tickled again.

"I was thinking about a little change", a peck on the black lace of her panties and her insides burned. Ticklish vanished instantly. She felt herself pulsating already. Her breathing quivered and she nodded, closing her eyes, feeling his thumbs hooking the side of her underwear to take them off. Her hips shifted, assisting him. "Em…", he whispered hotly against her flesh. Whiteness, curls, Emma herself just a few inches away. She couldn´t be more edgy and the need of tasting her was consuming him. But maybe that´d be too much. So he returned to her lips; to her soft, inviting lips; his hand finding its way to the spot he had neglected, hot and hidden.

It was deliciously wet and Emma moaned softly, obliviously rotating her hips. Her mind, though, was speed racing, completely dissociated from her body; that was why she didn´t even realized her fingers toying with the elastic band of his boxers. He guided her while undressing him. "Wait", she prevented him from moving closer.

"I know, don´t worry", he stretched aside to grab a condom from the night table drawer, not noticing the sheets came up with him.

Calm down, she told herself when seeing him. All of him. Still, she didn´t divert her gaze; but watched him rolled the condom down his length. The whole situation was thrilling, new; she didn´t want to miss anything, no matter how violently her insides would shake.


"Yeah…", she bit her lip, which Will kissed lovingly before lowering himself in her. So much heat and nerves. It was funny, after all those days of imagining what would it be like to feel another body so close and now experiencing it. His belly touching hers, her breasts against his chest, the brushing of their thighs… And he was inside her. Literally inside her. It hurt at first, her muscles adapting to his size, closing around him.

Will waited; waited until feeling her puff and relax, shifting a little to get comfortable. She was so tight it was hard not to follow his wildest instincts and move passionately on top of her. "You ok?", he asked worried with throaty voice, seeing she wasn´t saying anything.

"Y-yeah… It hurts a little…", a grimace crossed her features, but his feather kisses soothed her.

"Don´t worry", he didn´t dare to move an inch; her hands caressed her cheeks to finally go rest around his neck. They breathed unevenly in motionless silence. He lingered for a sign; she took in all the sensations around her. The smells, the sounds.

Slowly, her hips swayed a little and Will growled. A weak smiled lined her mouth and then a nod for him to move. With patience, a steady rhythm was found and Emma kissed him fully when catching with him. Panting appeared; jagged, low, choppy pants left her lungs. Will held her tight and she swathed his hips with her womanly legs. A groan, and then a moan.

"Will… ", the angle proved to be perfect. And her legs burned when his hand run across it to finally scoop her behind, anchoring her in to him.

She moved sensually above him, grasping his shoulders securely, moaning his name so very low, hot, on his skin. "I love you", he purred hoarsely on her mouth.

In the urgency of capturing his lips, her tongue brushed his and he froze for a millisecond before thrusting in her in abandonment. She arched and whined.

"Will… I…", her eyes were wide as ever; everything inside her burned; her head span and felt him throb.

"Let go, sweetheart", he begged ramming slightly faster. He wouldn´t last much longer if she kept moving like that, "Let go…"

She gasped loudly, her voice peachy as he never heard her before and Emma shook, clamping around him, hard, holding onto him tightly, pushing her lover to the edge with her.

"Em… Emma….", he kept calling her name, collapsing next to her; panting like running a marathon. His lips sealed hers, she was breathless. "That was… Are y-you ok?"

"I-I…", she didn´t mean to begin sniffing, but the intensity of the moment overwhelmed her. "I love you"

"Em, Em, don´t cry…", by the look on her face, he could tell she was shocked; gladly shocked.

"I just… I…", she covered her mouth, her eyes filled with gratitude and so much love.

"I love you too. You were amazing, so beautiful…"

"All that time wasted", she could only joke.

"And all this time to catch up".

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