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Dark Past, Bright Future: Dark of the Moon

Chapter 1

A girl with chocolate-brown hair and bright, green eyes followed a soldier in uniform through the gigantic, hangar-like building.

"Why do you need me to go, Lennox?" she asked.

"Because, we need your intel," the soldier replied loading something into a truck with a small logo on it.

The girl looked at the logo on the truck. It was circular with three triangles sticking out of it, it had a skull in the middle and around the inner-circle it read "If I tell you I have to kill you" and at the bottom of the circle it read "NEST." The girl smiled at the logo and allowed herself a small laugh.

"Why would you need my intel, Lennox, I would think by now you'd have enough," the girl said.

Lennox sighed, "Yeah, most of the intel we do have came from you, Rachel, in case you've forgotten."

Rachel smiled, "Oh, that's right," she said sarcastically.

Lennox smiled, shaking his head, " I think I'm regretting letting the government put you on the team full-time now."

"I thought you just said you needed my intel? Honestly, Lennox, make up your mind," Rachel teased.

They laughed, as Lennox prepared a few more items. Rachel enjoyed Lennox's company, his wife -who Rachel had met once, via webcam- was lucky to have such a wonderful husband. She could tell how much Lennox loved his wife and daughter from the way he would passionately talk about them when Rachel asked how they were doing. Rachel wished she had that kind of relationship with a guy, but she knew that would never happen because of her self-appointed(by himself) bodyguard.

"Alright, we're leaving in ten minutes, make sure you have everything," Lennox told Rachel as she followed him to a door.

Before she could reach the door, she was lifted from the ground. A giant metal hand was wrapped around her.

"Ironhide! Put me down!" Rachel ordered the Autobot trying to push herself out of his grasp.

"No," Ironhide said hardly.

"Ironhide, she has to leave in a few minutes, put her down," Lennox said from the ground.

"No," Ironhide repeated. "Last time I left you alone you almost died."

Rachel sighed in defeat, "That was four years ago, let it go. I can take care of myself now, thank you."

"Why does she need to go, Lennox?" Ironhide asked, ignoring Rachel.

"Yes, Lennox, why must she go?" Rachel asked sarcastically.

Lennox shook his head, "She has to go, Ironhide, because we need her for this operation. What she knows might make it a lot easier for us to get what we need. Now, put her down."

Ironhide placed Rachel back on the ground.

"Thank you. Ironhide, Optimus and Ratchet are going with us. Haven't they proven they can take care of me? I promise, I won't get hurt," Rachel said.

"Yes, but if you do-"

"I won't," Rachel insisted.

"If you do, I won't let you out of my sight again," Ironhide said.

"Oh wonderful, my bodyguard full-time," Rachel teased.

She stopped when she saw Ironhide wasn't kidding.

"I promise I won't get hurt. Don't go soft, Ironhide!" Rachel called following Lennox.

"Not gonna happen," she heard Ironhide grumble as she walked away.

It had been four years since the events in Egypt. Rachel went through college and then was granted a full-time job at NEST. She had seen a lot of change in how the world worked after the Sun had almost been blown up. Energon detectors had been placed in major cities, hoping to prevent a Decepticon ambush. In those four years, Decepticons hadn't shown themselves, but Rachel had a feeling -as did the other NEST members and the Autobots- that they were just biding their time, getting stronger. Two new Autobots had joined NEST, a red Ferrari named Mirage and a blue Mercedes Benz E550 named Que. The Autobots helped regularly, as Optimus would often say "solving human conflicts." Rachel found it amusing that humans needed protection from themselves. NEST had been on various missions around the world. As Rachel was preparing to go with NEST on yet another mission, Bumblebee, Que, Sideswipe, and Mirage were taking care of an illegal nuclear site in the Middle East. Rachel loaded up the last of the items for NEST and followed Lennox into a giant cargo plane. As the plane took flight, Rachel had time to clear up exactly what was going on. She sat next to Lennox in the cargo hold.

"Now, I have the right to know what's going on," Rachel said.

"The General Council with the Ukrainian Department of Energy met with me. He said he feared something in a Russian facility could be alien. We were given the go to investigate it," Lennox said.

"Okay, and the name of the facility?" Rachel asked.

"Chernobyl," Lennox said in an undertone.

"Chernobyl? Like the nuclear power facility that exploded Chernobyl?" Rachel asked.

Rachel had heard a small amount about Chernobyl in a history class on world disasters.

"Yes, that Chernobyl," Lennox replied.

When NEST arrived at Chernobyl it was snowing. Rachel was sitting in the passenger's seat of the red and blue semi, Lennox in the driver's seat. A gate was pulled aside in the road as the semi and Search and Rescue Hummer drove through. Rachel could see the abandoned place through the windshield, already she got a bad feeling about being here.

"Alright, let's move," Lennox said.

The semi pulled to a stop and everyone climbed out. The place was even more creepy when Rachel got out. Abandoned buildings stood vacant off to the side, the remains of an amusement park were scattered around. The haunting thought of children being caught in this mess sent chills down Rachel, and not because it was cold. Some men walked from a white car and met Lennox.

"Mr. Voshkod," Lennox said.

Rachel walked up next to Lennox.

"So, uninhabited since '86, I hear it won't be livable for another 20,000 years?" Lennox said more than asked.

"At least," the man standing near Lennox said. "Ukraine was the most fertile land, it's a tragedy. This way."

The man motioned for Lennox to follow as he walked to a building.

"Gear up!" Lennox shouted to NEST. "We have 60 minutes on the ground, watch your radiation levels."

Lennox walked to Rachel.

"You stay here," Lennox said.

For once in her life, Rachel didn't argue with someone telling her to stay put. She nodded and climbed back into the semi.

So there you are, hopefully it was up to expectations, despite the fact its such a short chapter...trust me this took a long time to figure out where I was going to start and where to place everyone...yes so Rachel is full-time NEST now and Ironhide is still a liiiitle too protective of her. In any case, chapter 2 coming soon(again depending on how many I et done on my 3hour trip to tampa Fri and then the 3hrs coming back Sun -hopefully I wont be doing algebra the whole way -.-)