(March 18th 2012) Brisance - The shattering effect of a high explosive.

He listened with glee as his explosives reached the brisance point.

Laughter pushed past his poker face and let himself enjoy the simply brilliance of watching Nakamori and the Task Force being pranked.

Preoccupied by his own delight, the thief didn't notice the figure walking towards him. The figure's footsteps were barely audible, not unusual for someone of his size.

"You should be more careful KID, or you're going to get caught." Conan informed the magician. KID jumped and whirled around, struggling to pull up his poker face.

"So even you can be surprised." The shrunken detective said smirking. KID glared at him and stuck his hands on his hips.

"I wasn't surprised." He retorted, poker face now successfully recovered. Conan smiled in a way the sent shivers down his spine.

"You're losing your touch." The child-that-was-not-a-child informed him, pointing to the white top hat currently residing in his hands.

He patted the top of his head, finding his head hat-less. He hadn't even felt it being taken off, maybe he really was losing his touch.

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