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I still could not wrap my mind around what I had just saw. My Bella...my kind, fragile, delicate, little Bella just destroyed a vampire, and without even lifting a finger. I knew that she obviouly had some power, but never could I have ever imagined that she was as powerful as she was. She was so menacing and ruthless.

Had I not seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it, and judging from everyone else's thoughts, they were thinking the same thing.

"Bella, that...was..one of..the..coolest things...I've...ever saw. You're amazing, what else can you do? You and I are going to have so much fun together. We can play pranks on the others and we ca..."

"Sorry to interrupt Emment, but perhaps later would be a better time to talk about pranks and such. I think now we should focus on what Bella did and how she did it." Carlise said as he looked at everyone seated in the family room, to make sure everyone was in agreement. We all nodded our heads yes.

"Carlise if its ok, I'd like to say something first" said Jasper as Carlise motioned for him to continue.

"For a minute there, I thought I was going to lose my Alice, and I can not imagine existing in a world that doesn't include her. I was prepared to follow her in death, but you saved her Bella and I can't thank you enough for that. From the bottom of my non beating heart, thank you little sister, for saving both of us" said Jasper as he held Alice closer.

"Thank you Bella, I'm truly grateful not only for saving me,but Jasper as well." said Alice as her and Jasper shared a passionate kiss.

"Bella, I think I speak for everyone when I say, what you did was nothing short of extraordinary." said Carlise as everyone agreed. Bella blushed scarlet red, clearly embarrased by all the attention.

"Thank you, all of you and Alice and Jasper, you are truly welcome." said Bella as she fiddled her thumbs.

"Do you know how you did that Bella" asked Carlise.

"No, not really"

"Do you remember thinking anything, or feeling anything while it was happening"

"Well I remember getting angry, very angry, and it seemed like the angrier I got the worse the weather became. I also remember thinking I wanted Victoria to let Alice go, and she did. She just kinda stood there afterwards with a blank look on her face, and I remember feeling really powerful as I watched her limbs being torn off. I can't explain it, I knew I was doing that to her, but I have know idea how I did it." said Bella as she furrowed her brow.

"I believe that the reason for the weather was related directly to your emotions and I also believe that you hypnotized Victoria" said Carlise.

"Hypnotized? How could I have done that?"

"Well it's a mental ability, mermaids poses a wide range of mental powers. You just didn't realize you were doing it, thats all"

"Wow, I just keep getting weirder and weirder...but I think I like it" chuckled Bella, which caused us all to laugh.

"I want to learn to control my powers. I'm starting to realize that they can be dangerous, and I don't even know all what I can do"

"Bella if you would like, I could give Eleazer a call and have him come, he could see exactly what powers you have." offered Carlise

"That would be great, thank you"

"In the mean time, Bella I'll be happy to help you with some of your powers, since it seems as though some of them are related to your emotions" said Jasper

"Yeah, that would be great, I need all the help I can get. I don't want to get angry during one of Alice's extreme shopping trips and accidentally zap her with a lightening bolt." laughed Bella

"Hey, no fair and they aren't that lo..."said Alice before she was pulled into a vision. I tried to watch with her, but she blocked me as soon as it started. She had been getting good at that and it irritated me to no end. When the vision was over, she seemed excited but at the same time kinda sad and worried.

"Alice what's wrong, what did you see" I asked automatically assuming the worst.

"I saw Bella's pregnancy in more detail than I did before, It's going to be a very difficult pregnancy"

"How so, is there anything we can do to prepare?" asked Carlise, always the docoter

"Mainly what made it so difficult is, the baby being half vampire half human, it was too strong for Bella's body. It being half vampire, its going to want blood, which means that Bella will have to drink blood, but don't worry in the vision you thought it was good."

"You're still blocking me, what are you not telling us" I said

"I didn't know if you wanted it to be a surprise or not, but I saw the baby" at that gasps could be heard around the room. She had saw the baby, our baby. I couldn't restrain the smile that broke across my face.

"Show me Alice, you have to show me" I said excited for the first sight of my child.

"Hey, that's not fair, why do you get to see our baby before me?" said Bella as she poked her lip out, in a pout.

"I have an idea, that will allow us all to see the baby, I'll be right back" said Alice as she dashed away, and was back in a few seconds with her sketch book. She began drawing and although it only took only one minute and six seconds to complete, it seemed like forever.

"Ok, is everyone ready" she didn't even wait for a response, before she revealed the sketch to us. A girl, we were having a girl, a beautiful, precious, baby girl. I couldn't pull my eyes away from the drawing, and I wasn't the only one.

"She's beautiful" whispered Bella, all the while shedding silent tears.

"Congratulations to you both, she is truly a sight to behold" said Esme, her eyes glistening with tears that would never fall.

"I hate to ruin the mood, but thats not all I saw" said Alice as her face took on a worried expression.

"In my vision I saw that, Jacob will imprint on your baby"

"HE WHAT?!" I roared, and in that moment, I truly hated Jacob Black.

"Calm down Edward, nothing has happened yet, you and Bella need to take some time and discuss this together, and I do me TOGETHER Edward." said Carlise

"Fine" I gritted through my teeth. I'll discuss it with Bella, but that wouldn't stop me from ripping his head off next time I see him.


It had been a week, a week of school, homework, and intense training with my abilities. Each session left me goodness for Esme, she had been so helpful preparing dinners for me and Charlie. When I would get home at night, all I could do was eat, shower and climb into bed.

I wasn't even aware if Edward had stayed the night or not. I would fall asleep before he came and wake up after he left, if he had come at all. This morning, was different, I awoke to a single long stem red rose and a note written in Edward's elegant script.

My Dearest Bella,

You've worked hard all week, and now its time for a little relaxation and fun. There will be no training today. Instead I've made arrangements at a spa for you. You will be pampered from head to toe. After the spa, you are to head home and get dressed. For tonight we are going to a concert. I'll see you tonight.

Love Always and Forever,


A spa and a concert? Wow, he's really out done himself. Without wasting anymore time, I got up and got dressed. When I was done I grabbed my keys, and walked towards the front door. When I opened the door, I was startled to see not only Alice, but..Rosalie?

Ok Alice I could understand. I'm sure she had saw Edward's decision and maybe even helped plan the whole thing with him, but Rosalie? The devil wearing Prada herself, what was she doing here at my door, and with a smile on her face at that.

"Hello Bella, how are you? I hope you don't mind if I join you and Alice today." said Rosalie and if I wasn't shocked before, I was now. I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open. She was being nice to me and she willingly wanted to hang around me.

"Uh...I don't mean to sound rude, but is this a joke" I said

"No, not at all. I realize why you might think that, I haven't really been nice to you in the past, but I'd like the chance for us to start over. I also didn't get a chance to thank you, for saving my sister, you were very brave to stand up to a vampire like that, powers or not. Thank you for saving my family Bella." wow that was the most that Rosalie ever said to me without yelling.

"No need to thank me, like I said she's my sister and my best friend, I'd never let anything happen to her if I can help it, and I'd like the chance for us to start over also."

"Now that that's out of the way, we need to get going, we don't want to be late for our appointments." said Alice as she bounced up and down and clapped happily.

"Wait, our appointments? You guys are getting treatments too? What if they get suspicious of your cold hard skin?"

"Relax Bella, we go to the spa all the time and we're very cautious. We mostly go for the hot stones massages, their to die for." said Alice

"Ok then, it seems like you got it all figured out, lets go shall we." I said and closed and locked the door. Wow, hanging out with Alice and Rosalie, this should be interesting.

I hate to admit it, but I now understand all the hype about spas. I felt so relaxed, it was amazing. I really enjoyed myself and had an even better time hanging out with Alice and Rosalie. After getting to know each other a little better, Rosalie and I found that we truly enjoyed each other's company. We even had a few things in common. She even offered to work on my truck, and seemed really excited about the idea.

After I got home from the spa, it was time to get ready for the concert, and we all decided to get dressed at my house. While they were plugging in the curling irons and flat irons and putting out the makeup, I went take a quick shower.

When I was done Alice did my make up and Rosalie did my hair. I'm glad to say that, since it was two people working on me at the same time, "Bella Barbie" did not take that long, which I was greatly thankful for.

With my hair and makeup done, it was time to get dressed. Alice pulled out a beautiful blue dress from her garment bag. I was a knee-length, midnight blue pencil dress. It had a halter top, with a sweetheart neckline. It was elegantly adorned with swarovski crystals, and belted waist. My shoes were stilettos in the same color blue with swarovski crystals on the buckles.

"Alice, its beautiful, you really out did yourself this time" I said as I continued to admire the dress.

"As much as I would like to take credit for this, I can't, Edward picked out everything." If I wasn't so sure that Alice would be upset with me for ruining my make up, I would cry. This was all so much. Although I'm grateful for everything that Edward does for me, I'm still a little uncomfortable with him spending so much money on me, but I've learned to except it. He's just a generous person, and me being his mate, I'm often on the receiving end of that generosity. At first, I would protest a lot, but after talking to Alice one day and really thinking about it, I was being very rude and childish, so I've learned to accept gifts with a smile.

After I was dressed I looked in the mirror, and couldn't believe my eyes. Wow, I looked hot, like really hot. My hair was straight and very shiny and my makeup was very natural, just how I like it. With my new curves, I filled the dress out just right.

Alice and Rosalie looked really nice too. Alice wore a white, belted tube dress, with a cascade ruffle front, and she paired it with strappy stilettos. Rosalie wore a black bandage dress, with metallic chains draped in the front, and she paired it with knee high stiletto boots. Yeah we were hot.

As we were walking down the stairs, I heard some game on the tv, a sure indication that Charlie was home. I had been so busy, I didn't even hear him come in. As I reached the bottom step, Charlie did a double take. I tried to hide my laughter with a cough, but it didn't work.

"Wow Bells, you look great, all of you do. Where are you all going, to be so dolled up"

"Edward's taking me to a concert tonight"

"Concert? Well I guess I can extend your curfew for tonight. I know how long those things can go on." he said taking a sip of his beer.

"You do?" I just couldn't picture my dad, going to a concert. He didn't seem the type.

"Of course I do, I was young once. Who's performing anyway?" that was a good question. With all the excitement, going on I never thought to ask who I was going to see in concert.

"umm, I don't know"

"It's a surprise, but I just know you'll love this performer" said Alice, winking at me.

"Ok, you girls have fun and be safe" said Charlie, turning back to the tv screen. We walked out of the house and climbed into Alice's porsche. We set out driving towards the Cullen house. I didn't give it much thought, I just figured that we were meeting the guys there, but pulling into the driveway, I could tell something was off. I could see lights flashing from the house.

"Hey guys, what's going on" I asked pointing to the house.

"We're going to a concert" said Rosalie

"I know that, but what's up with all the lights"

"Well, we said we were going to a concert, but we never said where it was going to be" Alice said with a smirk. Really? They paid a someone to perform at their house.

"Are you serious? I can't believe Edward would do something like this" I said trying desperately to hold back my tears.

"Believe it Bella, he loves you more than you can even imagine, he would do anything for you. Now dry those tears, you'll ruin your make up and Alice will kill you." Said Rosalie as she handed me a tissue. I dried my eyes, careful not to smudge my make up and took deep breaths to calm myself down.

The sight of the family room was nothing short of amazing. All the furniture had been cleared out and its place was a large stage, with the curtains drawn. There was theater style chairs in front of the stage. Lights were everywhere and there was even a fog machine.

Esme and Carlise like always were by the stair case, and Jasper and Emment were checking the lights.

"Hello Bella dear, you look beautiful" said Esme as she gave me one of her motherly hugs.

"Yeah little sis, you look hot, I'm sure Eddie boy will enjoy the view" said Emment wagging his eyebrows. I couldn't do anything but shake my head and laugh at him.

"Let me get a few pictures of you guys" said Esme. We gathered together, and took picture after picture. First with just us girls, then just the guys, and then all of us together. Needless to say, it was a lot of pictures.

"Esme, I think you have enough pictures" said Emment

"Yeah, it's almost time for the concert to start" chirped Alice.

"Where's Edward, shouldn't we wait for him" I asked.

"Oh, he's getting the other part of your surprise, he'll be here shortly" said Carlise

"Couldn't we wait for him" I asked.

"No, I'm sorry, but the artist performing is on a strict schedule" said Esme

"Come on little sister, there's a seat with your name on it" said Jasper, leading me to my chair. I sat in between Alice and Rosalie and Jasper and Emment sat on their other side.

Not long after we sat down, the lights dimmed and the fog machine was turned on. The curtains went up and all I could make out was a silhouette of a man. The lights shone directly on him, before the music started. OMG, they got Michael Jackson to perform. I still couldn't see his face, with his hat on and face down.

I watched as he danced to Billie Jean. His dancing was even better in person. He moved fluidly on the stage. When he started singing, I couldn't contain myself any longer and jumped out of my seat to sing along with him. This was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, well besides meeting Edward and my vampire family.

When Michael Jackson took off his hat, and through it, I all but lost my mind. Just look at him with that bronze hair. Wait? Since when does Michael Jackson have bronze hair? Looking more closely I saw that it wasn't the king of pop, it was Edward.

"Edward" I cried out. This was truly unbelievable, my boyfriend rocks. He smiled at me and kept singing and dancing. It was amazing, he sound and danced just like Michael Jackson. How did he learn to move like that?

He went through hit after hit including: Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal,Beat it, and Bad just to name a few. For the final song of the night, he started making his was off stage. He walked up to me and held my hand as he sang right to me.

Once all alone
I was lost in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
You suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before but now it's clear
You took away the fear
And you brought me back to the light

You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No more tears, no more pain
'cause you love me
You help me understand
That love is the answer to all that I am
And I'm a better man
Since you taught me by sharing your life

You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life

You gave me strength
When I wasn't strong
You gave me hope when all hope is lost
You opened my eyes when I couldn't see
Love was always here waiting for me

When he was done, I couldn't contain my tears anymore, as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you Edward, this whole day was amazing"

"Anything for you,I'm glad you enjoyed it Love"

"I didn't know you could sing, and where did you learn to dance like that"

"Well being a vampire has its advantages sometimes. We can mimic almost anyone vocally and when it comes to dancing, I'm a fast learner." he laughed. I still couldn't believe it all, and I had witnessed it. This will be something I will cherish forever, I just wish there was a way for me to remember it in detail after the change.

"Oh Bella, I almost forgot, I recorded the concert. I'll make you a DVD of it, be right back." said Alice as she dashed away. All I could do was laugh, she must have read my mind, or in her case she probably had a vision.

When she had finished with the DVD and I had given my thanks, I bid everyone a goodnight and climbed into the car with Edward.

"Thank you again Edward, this means so much to me"

"Love, I just wanted to do something nice for you, you needed it, you've worked hard all week." he said as he leaned over and captured my lips in a kiss. He was amazing, he had did so much for me, and all without expecting anything in return. Maybe he should get a surprise too. Hmmm, I may have to ask the girls for help on this one.