Kids you got to love them right? Well here's a tip when confronted with being a guardian of two kids don't go bonkers, okay, it turns out that it actually can fail at looking after kids that is without killing them. This is the story on how I managed to fail on looking after two kids. For a week.

"Bloody hell Rosie you look like you just went through a wind turbien." Dad told me as blunt as ever.

"I said it right Mione didn't I? Turbien." Dad asked staring at my mum with an expectant look.

"Actually Ron." Dad sent her another wide eye look.

"Yes honey you did and he's right, Rose you look like you've gone through a ….. Turbien." Mum added making me feel oh so special.

"Thanks, you know I love looking like this." I hinted sarcastically while giving up on breakfast and walking back to my room to make myself presentable in hope that my parents would be happy. It's sad world when you realise that you're getting ready for your parents.

After half an hour of trying to get my untameable hair under control I gave up and headed downstairs trying to take another shot at breakfast. I was a step from the kitchen when a heard a poof followed quickly by a scream. I turned just in time to see a rush of red hair before being knocked into the wall by a strong bear hug.

"Rosie, Rosie its sooooooo good to see you again." Lily shrieked while releasing me. She promptly started bouncing up and down giddy on who knows what.

"Lily." I started leading her into the kitchen and sitting her down gently.

"You know that we only saw each other yesterday don't you?" I asked her. She smiled at me in an understanding way. "Yeah I know but yesterday was so long ago like a gazillion years ago." She gushed.

"Actually Lily-" I tried.

"Don't you dare go all smart on me now." She glared at me and standing up before adopting a fierce posture. I shut up knowing that she could be scarier than Grandma Molly when you got her annoyed. Or angry seriously it was kind of funny at first when she started yelling a Hugo for answering back but after 5 minutes it got pretty terrifying. Scratch that completely and utterly terrifying.

"Anyway Al sent me over here to tell you that he is bring Scorp over in." She held up her hand while she looked at her watch and I waited, impatiently. Lily had got her watch recently and had yet to work out how to read it. "As I started Al will bring Scorp here in 5 minutes." I stared at her flabbergast. I thought that she would at least give me an half of an hour.

"WHAT ARE YOU STANDING THERE FOR YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT MAKING SOMEONE PRETTY THAN ME. START TORTUING ME WITH YOU'RE STRAIGHTENING IRON. NOW." I yelled grabbing at my hair. Lily led me up the stairs to the bathroom and pulled a straighter three times the size of her clutch out.

"Now Rose don't move or talk unless you want a huge part of your scalpel burnt off." After five seconds of sitting still I got bored and started pestering her with the classical are you done yet? Her answer was even more elegant Shut, up.

When she finished whatever she was doing to my hair she got me to close my eyes while she applied weird stuff to my face. I don't ever plan on asking what she put on my face that day. Let's just say the past is the past. I sat there for what felt like hours but must have only been minutes because otherwise Al would have arrived with his 'friend'.

"Come on Rose time to pick out the outfit." Lily told me while pulling me to my room. The first thing Lily did just make my mirror disappears so I wouldn't be able to see my appearance.

"So what's the deal with you and Scorp?" Lily questioned while digging though my wardrobe. A pair of sneakers flew past me and I had to duck just in time.

"Nothing Lily." I answered wondering where this was going.

"Then why are you allowing me to dress you up." She continued. I stopped for a minute stumped before releasing the most obvious reason.

"Because I'm sick and tired of him attacking me about my looks that's why Lily, nothing else." I disclosed feeling incredibly proud of my answer. She just shrugged as she picked up one of my least favourite shirts. After she pushed my into her incredibly short clothes we went downstairs and Lily started on doing what she assured me was the last spell when Albus apparated in the middle with Scorpios Malfoy. There was a flash of light and inside of two seventeen year old boys in front of us there was two-by the looks of it- four year olds.

"Scorpios Albus." I squeaked looking from side to side.

"Yeah." Tiny-no-Mini Albus answered without a thought.

"I don't think I should talk to you. You're a stranger." Mini Scorpios said while crossing his arms over his chest and failing at an attempt to look stubborn.

"Yeah." Mini Albus said agreeing with him.

"But I'm not a stranger." I answer grabbing for straws while looking at Lily for help.

"You're not." They replied in unison. They were just so cute. No Rose stay on task. I looked at their faces again seeing there adorable wide eye looks of confusion. So cute but must resist.

"See boys Rose is one of you both Mommy's friends." Lily told them uncertain.

"Really" Mini Albus asked.

"Yeah." I answered feeling extremely bad for taking advantage of their naivety.

"Okay, Mommy's friend can we go please outside and play now?" Mini Scorpios begged.

"Sure." As soon as I answered they both ran out the door at top speed. I turned on Lily.

"What spell did you use?" I asked deadly quiet.

"I, I don't know." She stammered out.

"Lily." I warned her.

"Really Rose I don't know. They just came in here when I was doing to do the glitter spell on your hair and I started changing the words before waving my arms around." She confessed looking shaken up.

"YOU WERE, never mind back to the problem at hand. There is no point dwelling on the past, we need- no have to figure out how we are going to keep their present state a secret from our parents." Lily shot me a confused look.

"Do you want to your parents that we transformed Albus and Scorpios into four years olds?" She visibly gulped I took that as sign of confirmation.

"So what are we going to do about?" She asked but I had no answer. I heard a Bang then a loud shout. I looked at Lily and she stared back before we raced outside afraid of what we might find.