I woke up to a loud snore. Startled I looked to where the noise had come from. I jumped, next to me was no mini Scorpius.

'OH MY MERLIN.' I shrieked at the top of my lungs. The normal sized Scorpius screamed and jerked back off the bed he was snoozing on.

'OM MY FLIPPING, WHY ARE YOU HERE?' He screamed back at me mirroring my expression of unhappy surprise.

'WHY ARE YOU HERE?' I answered him jumping up.

'THIS IS MY ROOM!' To that I had no reply so I flung myself out of the-his room and ran down to the kitchen where sure enough a full sized Al was sitting eating breakfast.

'Hey Rose. What's up?' He asked with a mouth-full of pancakes. I was just about to interrogate him when the delicious scent of Lily's homemade pancakes wafted through the air. I got a little side-tracked. 'Lily can I have someā€¦.' She quickly filled a plate up and handed it to me. Before I knew it the all the pancakes had disappeared, Lily quickly fixed that problem. I knew I had some reason to be down here but Lily kept on cooking and cooking and I may have forgotten.

Twenty minutes later (and a considerable amount of pancakes) Scorp came down. He refused to look at me and kept glancing to the ceiling like it would swallow him up on his command. Lily shot me a sly glance before looking back at Scorp, than me, like I had something to do with his odd behaviour while handing over and plate of pancakes which he applied a generous amount of maple syrup to.

'So Scorp how was your sleep?' Lily innocently asked. Scorp choked causing Al to give him a wack on the back and make a bit of maple syrup coated pancake that was stuck in his throat fly out and land on my plate. I moved back in disgust staring at the one bit of mushy Scorp pancake lying on top of my prefect layout.

'Sorry Rose.' He muttered weakly. Rage stirred inside of me. My pancakes how could he? I screamed a good old Scottish war cry before attacking Scorp with a cushion I had grabbed from the couch.

'Ow, Rose, OW.' Scorp cried from behind my furious blows.

'You-little-prick. My pancakes MY PANCAKES.' I yelled. I stopped for a minute to asset the damage, Scorpius saw the opportunity and tackled me to the ground and started viscously tickling me.

'Who's the brave one now? Rosie, who's now?' He mocking called.

'Me.' I voice thundered. Scorp turned and I caught a brief flash of my father along with mother, Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny and both of Scorp's parents standing there flabbergast.

'What do you think you're doing to my daughter?' My father, deadly quiet, asked.

'It's not what it-' I started.

'You mean you and Scorp haven't admitted to be completely in love with each other and kissed,' Lily said sadly, 'and the whole fight this morning in front of al and wasn't a cover up?' I vaguely remember nodding along with Scorp. I was too focussed on the words about Scorp being completely in love with me to notice much.

'You're in love with me?' I asked incredously, Lily must be wrong. Strangely Scorp flushed an awful shade of pink. He stammered at bit to my surprise before rejecting the whole concept. I fully agreed with him of course but I couldn't help but feel a little let down.

'Would you two just kiss so Lily can get along with making more pancakes?' Al asked annoyed. 'Scorp you've liked Rose since you first saw her bushy hair and Rosie, Darling Rosie, you've had a crush on him since he first told you were wrong and I know for a fact that both of you would every much like to kiss each other so just do it already!' He shrugged to my mortification like it was no big deal. I had only told him that in the deepest secretary and being heavily intoxicated. Uncle Harry and Autn Ginny's eyes widen slightly at Albus treatment of the situation.

'Albus Potter please stop giving them ideas.' Dad whispered furiously. 'Stop pressurising her. She's never kissed anybody before and she's way too young to.' People telling me what to do had always made me annoyed but this made me angry. My face tingled pink. Does everybody think I've never been kissed? So just to piss dear daddy off and prove him wrong I reached up and locked my arms around Scorpius neck and bought my face up to his and softly kissed him.

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