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*Bree-ann is sitting next to me, she has dozed off in her chair*

God Dammit Bree-ann wake the hell up! *Shakes furiously*

Bree-ann: Wha- Huh? *Looks around and sees Camera* Oh… Hai…

*Shakes head in disappointment* ANYWAY, well, in response to PotterNinja's statement:

By the way, you never untied One Direction...


*Bree-ann looks behind me and sees the One Direction*

Bree-ann: NIALL! *Tackles the still tied up man who has been here for days now*

Bree… Maybe you should untie them…

Bree-ann: NO! *Hugs Niall, causing him to wake up. Bree-ann takes off his gag*

Niall: *Cough* Help me…

Bree-ann is in control of you… For the rest of the band though… *Snaps fingers and Niall is now the only One Direction person here.*

Niall: At least the others don't have to deal with this bitch… *Cough*

Bree-ann: I am not a bitch. *Frowns*

Niall… Bad move man…

*Bree-ann drags Niall off the stage thingy and takes him somewhere. Screams can be heard a little later, he is clearly either in a lot of pleasure or pain.*

Poor Niall… So anyway, I better start the chapter… Enjoy!

*Ps: Dib-Demi will be making an appearance at the end*


"Most of them. Carlisle would have to be the only exception. He has never drained a human. I guess Rosalie would also have to be an exception... But... Well you can ask her." That made me wonder what Rosalie has done.

Even Edward though?

"Yes, even me." His voice was laced with remorse, he tried to hide it but it was still apparent in his voice.

That made me feel a little better... I wasn't the only one... But Daphne... Will she understand?

"We don't have to tell her..." Edward explained, looking into my eyes again, searching.

"Can we go home...? I'm in dire need of a shower. Washing in the river doesn't work for me." I laughed a little, at my own statement.

Edward chuckled, getting up and wiping some leaves off of his jeans. I stood up, and began racing home, trying to put the past behind me.

Edward began to follow me, after a few minutes and quickly caught up to me; he didn't pass me but simply ran beside me.

We skidded over the river and I stopped as soon as we reached the other side. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.

"You'll be fine." Edward reassured me and walked at a humans pace, up to the door.

I reluctantly followed. He opened the door and made a gesture for me to go first. Instead of staying and talking to my family, I shot up to my room. Like the coward I am.

I sat on my bed, hugging my knees, my head against the headboard.

I know they had all done it… But I just… I thought I could not harm a person… not kill a person, I corrected myself.

I took a deep, unneeded breath, trying to calm myself. Maybe a shower would help. Those are always calming, right? God now I'm talking, answering and suggesting things to myself. Can vampires go mad?

I straightened out my legs, throwing them off the side of the bed and standing up. I walked over to the door and shut it as quietly as possible. I then slipped off all my clothes and walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I jumped in the shower and turned on the hottest the water could go. God, this is a reason I love taking showers. They are so relaxing.

I spent 20 minutes just standing there, enjoying the warmth. Before the hot water slowly started going down to cold. I sighed, getting out of the shower and grabbing for a towel that was hanging on a rack. I ran the towel over my body, collecting water and just then, someone knocked on the door that led to my bedroom. The person didn't have a heartbeat, so it couldn't possibly be Daphne.

"Erm. Just a second." I told the person, quickly opening the bathroom door and looking through my closet for something I could put on quickly. I finally settled for a black dress that went to my knees, it was comfortable. I walked to the door and opened it, there stood Alice, wearing what looked to be hiking clothes but with some adjustments.

"You have to pack." She informed me, looking at my outfit and nodding in approval.

"Pack? For what?" What the hell did she mean, pack?

"Pack. So we can move. Duh." … She wanted me to leave Daphne? Jacob?

"Alice, I am perfect ably able to tell her." Carlisle said, his voice sounding panicky as he appeared next to Alice.

His face was filled with concern and worry.

Alice shrugged and walked off, soon the sound of zipping and Velcro filled the house. The sounds of packing. Moving. Leaving. I could think of a billion different words for it but could not process the fact that we were actually doing it.

"Cassie, you see," Carlisle placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "We need to move because well… Now that you have killed someone, we need to move as not to cause suspicion."

I gave him a blank stare, still unable to process the words.

"What about Jacob? Daphne? We can't just leave them Carlisle…" I stiffened at the thought of leaving my best friend and newly found mate.

"Jacob owes his duty to the pack and Jacob agreed he would take care of Daphne…. It seems one of the wolves imprinted on her… Seth was it?" He mused, his eyes drifting off into space.

"I can't leave them Carlisle…" My face went into a frown as I thought of leaving Daphne once again.

"It's whats best." I couldn't help but agree… It was best, I could hurt her.

Hell, anyone here could hurt her. I knew Seth and the rest of the pack would take care of her… I just needed to force myself to leave. That's easier said than done.

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*Bree-ann comes in and she has bloody gloves on and she takes them off. She sees Dib-Demi in her chair*

Bree-ann:… What are you doing in my chair?

*Cassie comes in, randomly.*


*Edward comes in behind her*


Edward, you like One Direction?

Edward: Bella forced me to listen to the album. *Bella comes in after a few minutes, panting for breath*


God it's getting crowded. One Direction is no longer here- but Niall is…

*Looks at Bree-ann* He is still here right?

Bree-ann: No… He sort of… 'Left'. *Does air quotations.*

Okay then…

Dib-Demi: Yay! Now that rubbish band no longer can sing! *Jumps up for joy*

*Edward, Bella, and Cassie look at Dib-Demi with their eyes narrowed*


*Dib-Demi realizes and sits back down, silently begging with her eyes to be let go and not slaughtered like Niall just was*

Cassie and Bree-ann: Aww….. *Clearly sad that they can't hurt any of my guests*

Bella and Edward: *at the same time* we won't.

*They look at each other with confused looks*

OKAY! Before Dib-Demi becomes vampire chow, how about we end this?

*Carlisle comes in, in his medical outfit, carrying the now fixed body of Niall, who is now turning into a vampire because there was no other way for him to live*

Bree-ann: GOD DAMMIT! *Stomps out of room, clearly mad that Carlisle fixed him.*


Get him out of my room! I don't want to get blood on my floor!

*Carlisle, Cassie, and Edward walk out followed by Bella*

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