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Night had fallen by now. Jesse and Lily had finally fallen asleep, along with Sophie, but the other occupants of the Waiting Room were beginning to worry.

"Shouldn't we have heard somethin' by now?" Faith frowned.

"I'm sure everything's fine" said Buffy, trying to ignore her own worried feelings.

"They're probably just bonding" Tara suggested.

"I dunno.." said Faith, unconvinced.

Luckily, before their heads could fill with too many unpleasant 'what if' scenarios, Xander appeared, beaming.

"Two girls!" he announced, as the group flocked over to him. "Two beautiful little identical twin girls."

Jesse stirred in Dawn's arms.

"Hi, Daddy" he yawned, too sleepy to be fully aware of what was going on around him. "Are the babies out yet?"

"Uh-huh. You've got two little sisters."

"Can I see them?"

"Not tonight, Buddy" said Xander. "They're sleeping, and there's still a lot of Doctor's around, you might get in the way. I've got some pictures of them, though."

Jesse had already fallen back to sleep, but the other Scoobies gathered around, jostling for the best position from which to view the small screen on the digital camera Xander had drawn from his pocket.

"Aww, they're so tiny!" said Dawn.

"They're adorable!" said Buffy.

"Have they got names yet?" asked Faith.

"Yup" Xander grinned, flipping to a single picture of the first twin. "This is Hallie Willow Harris. She's doing well, they say we can probably take her home soon. And this little one.." He quickly skipped to the next picture, since Willow had looked like she was about to pounce and start crying on him from the moment he'd said his daughter's name. "Is Amanda Tara Harris. She's gonna have to stick around here for a little longer, just until we're sure she can breathe properly on her own, but don't worry, she's a little fighter and.. Oof!"

Both Willow and Tara were hugging him tightly.

"Aww, Xander!" Willow sniffled, "You named them after us!"

"That's so sweet!" added Tara.

"Actually" said Xander, giving the wiccas a quick hug back before attempting to extract himself from their grip, "Anya named them. Not that I was against it or anything, but yeah, it was Anya."

"How is she?" asked Tara.

"Good" Xander replied. "She had a little guilty moment, but I managed to talk her down. She'll be fine once the twins get the all-clear. I should probably get back.. You guys are okay to have Jesse for a few days, right?"

"Sure" Willow nodded.

"Don't worry about Baby J, Xan-man" said Faith. "We'll take care of him."

"Thanks, guys" Xander smiled as he turned to leave.

"Give Anya our love!" Tara called after him.

"Will do!"

After calling Giles to inform him that he was now a Grandfather of five, the Scoobies gathered up the sleeping children and prepared to head home.

"Hey Faith, didn't you say you were going to stop calling Jesse 'Baby J' once he wasn't the baby anymore?" Buffy asked with a slight smirk.

"Oh yeah" The Dark Slayer frowned, as she scooped Sophie into her arms. While small for her age, the girl was still big enough now that only Faith (Or, when not Pregnant, Buffy, or Illyria if she'd been present) could carry her comfortably. "Shit, what am I gonna call him now?"

"Faith!" Buffy scolded, hands dropping to her stomach as if to cover the baby's ears.

"Oops. Uh, don't say that, Peanut.."

Meanwhile, back in the Neo-natal Ward, Anya had been moving back and forth between each of the twins, trying to give them both equal attention. Which, she realized, would have to be a forever kind of thing, and would include Jesse too. Oh boy, this multiple child thing was gonna be hard. Why did people have more than one kid? Anya had no idea.

She was currently sitting by Amanda's crib, the smaller twin's tiny hand curled around her pinky, but her heart jolted when she heard Hallie begin to cry. Anya gently tugged her hand out of Amanda's grip and slid her chair over to Hallie's crib.

"What's wrong?" Anya was trying not to panic. "I don't know what to do, I hate this stupid humidi-crib.."

"I think she might be hungry" smiled the Nurse that approached, moving to get Hallie out. "Do you want to try breastfeeding?"

"I thought she had to stay in there" said Anya, confused.

"We still have to feed and change them, dear" The Nurse chuckled. "This one's healthy enough to be out for a little while. So, do you want to try?"


The Nurse placed Hallie in Anya's arms, and the baby's cries quieted slightly just from that simple contact with her Mother. The Nurse was saying something, but Anya wasn't really listening, having become too caught up in the moment of holding one of her daughters for the first time.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Don't stress if she can't do it" The Nurse repeated. "Sometimes it's harder for preemies."

"Oh." Fortunately, there was no such problem. Little Hallie managed to latch on almost straight away. Anya grinned. "Not to worry. She's obviously very advanced."

"Obviously" The Nurse laughed. "I'll come back in a while to see how you're doing."

Anya grinned down at Hallie as she suckled, shifting her chair back closer to Amanda so the other baby wouldn't feel left out. She was grateful for the slight size difference between the twins, because she wouldn't have been able to tell them apart otherwise. They were definitely identical, sharing Anya's natural brown hair colour, and cute little button noses. And they were both named for people their Mother cared about.

"You have special names, Tiny Twin Humans." Anya knew that they couldn't really understand a word she was saying, but she felt like she had to tell them anyway. "Hallie was a demon. I know that sounds bad, but it's not. Mommy was a demon once too. Not all demons are bad. Hallie- her full name was Halfrek, but Daddy wouldn't have let me call you that, and it's not really a human name anyway.. wasn't really a bad demon. She only cursed people who neglected or abused their children. Which in hindsight, kinda raises the question of what the hell she was doing when your Daddy and most of your Aunties were growing up. But anyway" she smiled down at her eldest-by-a-minute daughter, "She was Mommy's friend when Mommy didn't have a lot of friends. Then she died because of something bad Mommy did. That's why I named you after her. And your middle name, Willow, is for your Auntie Willow, Daddy's best friend. She's Mommy's friend too, now. When you're older maybe I can tell you a few stories when we weren't so much. But we learned to get along, and I heard it was her idea for Auntie Faith to wish Mommy back to life, so without her, you wouldn't be here."

Baby Hallie had finished eating, so Anya covered herself, but she was not putting her down a second before she had to.

"And as for you" she shifted Hallie to one arm, putting the other back into Amanda's crib so the smaller twin could once again grip her pinky, "Amanda was a Slayer. She died in the same battle Mommy did. Mommy liked her. And Tara comes from your other Auntie. She helped get Mommy into Heaven, which I have to admit was a great effort considering she had three years of only mostly good to work with, balanced against my thousands of years of demon-ness. Also, one time she put the whammy on an evil Motorcycle Demon who tried to kidnap Mommy. That was cool."

"That's how you decided the names, huh?" Xander smirked as he returned, smiling as he spotted Hallie in Anya's arm, and Amanda's hand curled around her pinky.

"Yeah. That, and I was trying to go for a kind of 'strong women I know' theme, 'cause I want them to be strong.." She held Hallie out towards him. "You wanna hold her before the Nurse comes to put her back?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Xander grinned, taking the baby and cradling her against hi chest. "Hi, Hallie Willow! I'm your Daddy.."